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  1. budget garage in blackburn worked on alot of jap cars many subarus,evos,supras mates sti to..to be honest he hasnt done a gt4 before but did say it wouldnt be a problem.many mechanics where i live not familiar with the gt4's i know most ofem.hopfully he should do a good job he did work on my previous gt4 was good didnt have a problem..

    which garage is it? have they done any GT4's before?

  2. im not sure but could be ive seen the high rise spoiler attached to the boot spoiler from fensport but this whole thing is made of fibreglass even the boot spoiler wich makes it lighter..thers normaly a crease where the spoiler sits on the boot spoiler but this is all flushed in.it looks great has the led's in the centre of the high rise spoiler to and the boot spoiler as normal..bought from a chap in kent was breaking his st185 grabbed it with both hands i was looking for this spoiler for ages took me a while to find

    Looks good, where did hunger the spoiler from? Is it the same one that fensport sell?

  3. damn thats somthing different never seen or heard about a rwd ae92 il chek it owt nice one john ..

    thanks john a serious conversion u got ther always wanted a 3sgte corolla..ive owned 7 ae92 corolla gti's il get sum pics on the corolla section.my friend just done a 4agze conversion but urs is insane..

    very nice mate, looks a really clean car

    cheers bud, you should check out dawesy page he is putting a 3sgte engine in the back of an ae92 Corolla

  4. yes the st185 rc and the cs have them but are not activated similar to the st205..il leave a link for you to check out or anyone who has the cs or rc model..il bare in mind the restricor plate good idea thanks i was told about boost creep with a 3inch system 2.5 inch would have been perfect.

    il put some pics up of the build found a mechanic chargin me 450 pound but is quiet busy at the moment. ive bookd it in 2 weeks time should be done hopefully il try get some videos up too..300 hp is fast i thougt it was fast enuf alrdy lol..cant wait thanks for your reply and time :) oh heres the link for the water sprayers and injection


    heres another link that shows you how to activate the st205 water spray and injection very similar to the st185 hope it helps anyone out there.. http://www.gtfours.co.uk/what/wrc/wi/wi.htm

    Waterspray and injection? I thought they were just st205 wrc options.

    The full 3inch system will cause you boost control issues, you'll likely get creep due to the lack of back pressure, you'll also lose bottom end drivability. Any good custom exhaust manufacturer should be able to make a restrictor plate, 2.5inch inner diameter.

    The standard bolts should be ok as you've bought new ones, the standard ones stretch so are single use. With the power levels you'll be running they won't cause you any hassles.

    With a good boost controller, which the profec b is, you could run 1 bar (15psi) all day after fitting a metal head gasket, if you fitted a fcd or management system you could take this to 1.2 bar, the preferable way would be management. You would be putting out round about the 300bhp range

  5. lol you could say that this car cost me a fortune as it is im new to this forum..thanks for the reply..neways im based in blackburn lancashire ive bought the metal multi layer head gasket 1mm thick and all the rest of the gaskets and oil seals..im using standard bolts for the head bought bran new would they be ok??car was running standard boost before gasket went never messed around with vsv pipes all intact.ony mods at the time were 3inch exaust strait through after the cat custom made with hks back box not decated.. stage one racing clutch dont know if its paddle but pulls strong definetly not standard..hks air filter baileys dv and had a major service along with millers 10w 60 and all the rest at the time.. i have all the following parts listed to go with the car with new head gasket..

    boost gauge,greddy profec b boost controller,3 inch decat,1mm gasket,blitz bov,hks fcd,castrol edge 10w60,oil filter,fuel filter,iridium spark plugs grade7,aliminium radiator,heat wrap 4mm vaccum hoses etc timing belt and tensioner,and all the other belts..

    fuel cut is at 17psi on the rc models what boost should i run??how much bhp do you think id achieve ruffly the car is 235hp standard fastest st185.ive chekd the shafts in the turbo no play what so ever seems very good..oh and il be activating the water spray for the intercooler and the water injection too..i realy do hope its just the headgasket hoping theres no other issues..

    This reads half like a for sale post and half like a help me post lol

    Where abouts are you based and hopefully a member will be able to recomend a local garage to you.

    The st185 head gaskets are paper so hopefully it's just that which has gone, a minimal skim of the head, check there's no burnt valves since the heads off then put it back together with a metal head gasket and ARP head studs, flush the engine through to clear the water and oil ways then the jobs a good un.

    That's best case and most likely, what modifications and boost levels were you running previously?

  6. hi people needin help here done my head gasket in dont know the extent of the damage.cores of the radiator got blocked and damaged the gasket car is on its on its way out..starts up sounds like its missing at first or maybe the compression until u give it sum gas the car starts to ease up on idol and runs normally..after about 10 mins the car starts to smoke white in color and starts to run ruff.there is also sludge under the cap and it the oil stick..im guted cars a gold mine best st185 in black being the top model RC low miles water to air charge cooler..i want the car on road asap just looking for a good mechanic ive bought top of the range parts all the goodies too much to list..if theres any information anyone could give me it would helpfull..im just worried the head being cracked or any othe issues i should be worried about if theres anyone whos had the same problem or with any knowlede please let me know thank you..

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