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  1. Have u tried changing oil and filter?? 07828863559 ring me i will explain what steps you need to take!!
  2. hi guys, can anyone tell me which fluid I need to put in my automatic transmission gearbox, I am thinking of draining it and replacing? I have a Toyota avensis vvti Vermont auto.. 2001 model y reg .. is it dextron ll or dextron lll type..? also can you tell me is it simple to change???
  3. the reason I think its not the disks is because on high speed when braking is applied I don't get vibration, also the steering does not shake or vibrate.. also at the time the car is coming to come to a stop,i get this vibration noise and it sounds like the abs has kicked in! but I will have a look at disks or even get them changed then take it from there!
  4. i definetly know its not the discs, i think it might be the abs speed sensors on the wheels! any idea how to test each one with a multimeter!
  5. ok guys! the problem I am having is with the abs brakes, when I am braking the brakes seem to work fine, only when the car is coming to a stop 5-0 mph I get a vibration noise at the front of vehicle and also a slight judder on brake pedal! the abs light is not staying on at dash, so no fault showing.. could it be abs speed sensors? if yes how do I test them? what are the possibilities? I have changed the brake pads also I have greased the sliders on the caliper housing because they were seized! also I have changed the caliper dust boot!! but problem has not gone.
  6. hi guys,since I have put this topic on Toyota forum the car has not yet give me problems with starting yet! so thumbs up at moment..
  7. hi guys! I will try putting a new starter motor, will let you know the outcome! by the way mines a petrol engine, don't think that will make a difference. I was doing some research online and someone said they had the same problem with their ford vehicle and they changed the main relay I think or the fuel relay and problem solved..so I'm a bit baffled.. lol..
  8. hi dog7, thanks for your reply! I was thinking about putting a new starter motor but still not sure because when the car is hot,the starter motor is turning but does not fire up! so what do you say,is it still the starter motor...
  9. hi everyone,i have a Toyota avensis 1998 model and I have problems starting it when it gets hot! no problem when cold, I have took it to several mechanics but cant find a problem. I have changed the crank sensor but no luck! the diagnostics showing crank sensor..so I put a brand new one in! the car turns over put doesn't seem to fire up, there is spark I have checked.
  10. at last I found the problem! it was the globe or pickup I think that's what its called,it is located inside the oil sump tray.it was blocked with a lot of carbon so I cleaned it up and now I have no probs!
  11. Can anyone tell me after driving 3/4000 miles why my oil light comes on and when I continue to drive the engine starts going noisy. After changing the oil filter and oil the car is fine for another 3000 miles and then the same problem happens. I have changed the oil switch and it has not solved the problem. I have been told it might be the oil pump, but why doesn't the oil light stay on all the time then?
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