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  1. mrpj

    USB port and a standard CD player

    Maybe it will take another 5 years for me to try out the 3.5mm input.😇
  2. mrpj

    USB port and a standard CD player

    I've finally dragged myself into the 21st century and, for the first time, since buying the car, now use a u.s.b. stick more often than not, to listen to preloaded music. To be honest, I've never used the c.d. player so don't even know if it works. Always listened to the radio. However, I think it is now in a more accessible place, but whoever decided that the glovebox was a really convenient place to site the u.s.b. socket really needs their head examining! You have to virtually stand on your head when inserting a u.s.b. device. I think I spotted a 3.5mm aux. input next to it but without having a torch at the time wasn't sure.
  3. mrpj

    Light failure indicator

    German Osrams in mine from the factory. That doesn't mean they are superior though being German.🙄
  4. mrpj

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    Because FB always has to have the last word and hates to be contradicted!
  5. mrpj

    Light failure indicator

    And a warning light doesn't stop the driver's obligation to check all the lights are working, on a regular basis.
  6. mrpj

    Light failure indicator

    Unless it's been changed, there isn't any form of warning about lamp failure.
  7. Hopefully not fitted in a reflector light unit?
  8. Make one using 12mm m.d.f. and cover it with readily available black car carpet. I think it cost me no more than £20 Well over £100 for the Toyota part! There's another thread somewhere where this is covered.
  9. mrpj

    Part behind bumper hanging

    Not 100% sure, but something like these.
  10. mrpj

    Part behind bumper hanging

    From what I remember, when changing a foglight lamp and not wanting to crawl on a cold floor to have a look right now, it's secured by hex. head steel screws (10mm socket/spanner). There are plastic inserts into which the screws locate, I renewed a couple of these because some heavy handed French person must have been a bit too ambitious at the factory and stripped the threads.🙄 I think there are plastic push in clips too with a large diameter collar. The extent of any fixings damage needs to be confirmed too. It should be a d.i.y. job assuming all the parts are to hand. I'm sure I have some clips. If so I'll take a picture of them. You should be able to cable tie it up initially.
  11. mrpj

    Knocking/Rattling/Jiggling Rear RH side

    Yes, they would, without doubt, have loaded the parts cannon first!
  12. mrpj

    Knocking/Rattling/Jiggling Rear RH side

    Never experienced the rattling. However, my daughter has a "pebbled" drive at the front of her house. Many times, after visiting, there is a collection of pebbles in the "mudtrap" which are just the right size for the tyre tread to pick up then deposit forwards, once on the move. I'm gradually removing the drive and collecting it at home by retrieving the pebbles every so often.🙄
  13. mrpj

    Climate control auto mode likes the windscreen

    Leave the a.c. on. the climate control will take care of the temperature. Plus,the a.c. helps with demisting. You don't have to remember to give it a regular run either. I set mine to 20 degC, auto, with a.c on permanently. I occasionally have to increase the temp. setting if it is a bit too cold in the cabin. That also gives the blend doors and actuators something to do!
  14. mrpj

    Dash cam hard wiring

    Could you not have a look in the fusebox, remove a fuse and check? You will be removing a fuse anyway to intall the piggyback. I would suspect that they are low profile mini fuses. A mini fuse will fit too if they are (same blade sizes but longer). Make sure the piggyback is the correct orientation when fitted.
  15. Might be worth a try. I've found it to be more effective than 3M and it may be cut to size. I have a dashcam mounted using it and it's remained in place on my windscreen for months. If it doesn't work long term then it's not much money wasted and it could be used for other things too.