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  1. Hence my question. Glad it's sorted though.
  2. Have you definitely checked all the fuses including those inside the cabin? Was the battery disconnected and then the problem occured after reconnecting the battery?
  3. Too late now Jacob but a look on eBay might have proved useful. There are sometimes good prices for genuine parts from Toyota dealers there. Some months ago I paid around £85 for a set of front pads and two discs, Toyota boxed, delivered. However, your information could well be useful to someone.
  4. mrpj

    Radio code??

    Can you borrow or do you own a 12v jump start battery pack? If so connect that to the battery terminals (the correct polarity!) before disconnecting. Whether the radio does have a code or not, probably not, it is a good idea to do the above to retain the computer memory when changing a battery.
  5. Exactly, it's not that expensive for the genuine article. You know it should fit and it is an important part of the engine lubricating system. Why risk trying to save a little money in the short term and risk any problems by using a non original filter?
  6. Which "ordinary" unleaded contains anyway. These "go faster" fuels are just a con and an enormous marketing success. Yes,some engines are built for and need higher octane fuel. Not the Yaris though.
  7. My advice, for what it's worth and if the battery or batteries are the originals (2016 car), just replace them. There will be how tos on Youtube and if, like other Toyota fobs, it will be quite easy. If in doubt just change them anyway.🙂 Thank goodness I have a real key
  8. mrpj

    Yaris auto g'box

    For their sanity your friend must steer well clear of the MMT.🙂I owned a "60" plate for a short while and after realising how bad this particular transmission is traded it in for my current vehicle. This one has the Multidrive - S (CVT). Chalk and cheese. Although there are many uninformed haters of CVTs I have found mine to be fine. If your friend can stretch to a Mk 3 then they have to do as FB suggests. I can't comment on the durability of Toyota's CVT, no problems with mine in five years. A 11 plate is older and probably done more miles so possibly heading fo problems, that's a big possibly though!
  9. 1. That's to accomodate a 3/8" square driveto remove the filter housing drain plug. There should be a plastic "tube" with the new filter (it takes quite a push to insert it)that pushes into the hole and in turn opens some sort of valve. Don't forget a container to collect the oil that runs out of the tube. Not necessary if you don't mind a bit of spill when removing the housing. There's an o ring seal, for the plug, which should also be in the filter kit. 2. Yes. It's some kind of fibre. 14mm socket for the plug. Careful tightening because it's into aluminium, theads easily stripped. Just a "nip" should be enough. Make sure that the large o ring for the housing is fitted into the same groove as the original. There are pretty pictures on the genuine filter box to show all this.
  10. I have observed that the original blade fited to my car will accomodate a rubber replacement. I purchased an Optifit blade but this is not refillable. Fortunately I kept the original blade and have now refitted this to the car with a new rubber insert. I also purchased a rear blade refill from
  11. Is the gauge showing nearly empty? If so, I'd I'd put some fuel in as soon as and not rely on a warning lamp. The computer could well be very pessimistic too and the actual range is much more. It's only an indication. Also see FB's post from March 2017.
  12. mrpj

    Oil leak.

    I came to update and you have already asked the question. Thanks for the interest Dave. The short answer is no.🙄 I suspected it would be because there isn't an oil leak. Maybe a "mechanic" who is in urgent need of a Specsavers appointment! I'll try to be brief. I cannot fault the way the dealers have followed up on this. Phone call from them on Thursday to confirm the collection, car collected on Friday morning, phone call from them on Friday evening. First question, "Has any form of rustproofing been sprayed under the car?" You know where this is going. "Yes, chassis aerosol spray, not long after purchase." (five services by them since and only now been reported) It's been determined that there is no engine oil leak by using an oil UV additive and going through the procedure for that. A UV lamp has detected nothing. It would seem that he has spotted some anti-rust overspray collected where a rear main seal leak would reveal itself. Did he not think to check by touching/rubbing it? I don't disbelieve them at all. It's been kept over the weekend, checked again yesterday morning and will be delivered back on Monday morning. If I want to it can be checked again in a month or so just to make 100% sure. So a good outcome. Top marks to the dealer and a fail for the mechanic who incorrectly reported/diagnosed it.
  13. mrpj

    Oil leak.

    My pleasure Dave. Sorry it's not worked out satisfactorily re the Yaris. Good luck with the Jazz. Father in Law had one and a 2001 Civic prior to that - excellent cars.
  14. mrpj

    Oil leak.

    Hopefully it will be sorted - again - Dave and they can determine the cause too, rather than the symptom. My driver's airbag was replaced during a service last Febuary (2018) after over a year since the notification letter from Toyota. The dealer miraculously found the replacement the day after I contacted Toyota GB.🤣 Mine goes in this Friday for "investigation" re the oil leak which, in honesty, I can't see any evidence of. i.e. oil drips under the car, oil on the gearbox/engine underside nor any need to add oil - ever. I'm fairly sure there was non spilt during it's service, again no evidence of that. Plus the filler is at the opposite end to the rear main seal.