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  1. All they will do, like anywhere else, including a main dealer, will connect a machine to the high and low pressure points in the pipework. That does everything once the correct parameters are inputted. However, when it comes to proper diagnosis and repair, no, not them! Not even a wind up toy.
  2. mrpj


    "To start, you are using incorrect oil weight." Do you mean viscosity? the weight of the oil has no significance. However, it will have a different weight on the Moon than it does here on Earth. It will have the same mass though.
  3. mrpj


    Which is really useful if any "key workers" need parts or repairs for/to their essential transport.
  4. mrpj


    Many, quite sensibly, don't use Twitface! But thanks for the information.👍
  5. mrpj


    He could be missing? I sent him a PM two days ago, no reply. He usually does respond quickly too. I sourced what I need elsewhere. Maybe Lindop's are shut temporarily?
  6. "try not to get scratched etc as it may be a entry point for corona virus" Really? A link to any information relating to that could be useful. According to available information, it enters via bodily water droplets when breathed in from an infected person.
  7. "get led bulbs so you avoid having to do it again" Which are probably not road legal in the U.K.. As a result the l.e.d. lamps might well need replacing temporarily for any subsequent M.O.T..
  8. I can't specifically help Lee, but have you checked Youtube etc. for any videos?
  9. mrpj


    You need to find out why the fuse blew too. They usually blow for a reason. Too much current above the fuse's rated capacity could well be a short or intermittent short. Can't think of any "hidden" fuses on a Yaris. As Hugh asks, it could be useful to others if you identify which one it is and where it is.
  10. And don't forget to inform your insurance if go faster seats are fitted.
  11. mrpj

    Oil what type?

    Sorry Mike, but is there any requirement for all that red text? It's very distracting.
  12. mrpj

    Oil what type?

    I resemble that remark! I usually buy, as already mentioned, Toyota 0W20 from eBay. Usually around £35 for 5 litre. It does vary a little in price though.
  13. mrpj

    Oil Change Tool

    Probably where someone has relied solely on a jack to support the vehicle. It's not even necessary to drive all the way up ramps for access to the filter and/or drain plug. If a vehicle falls off ramps then there is something being done seriously wrong!
  14. mrpj

    Oil Change Tool

    No need to be scared - ramps or properly supported on stands!