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  1. Yes, mine is, as far as I am aware, in the 6.5 years of ownnership.
  2. It's possibly subjective in what some might describe as "light". Compared to a Bowden type cable system, i.e. a mechanical connection to the throttle, a drive by wire system will probably feel lighter. There's only a spring(or equivalent) to overcome and no other friction, e.g. cable. The accelerator pedal in my Yaris is light compared to some other cars I've owned.
  3. Enjoy. At least their lamps do stay brighter longer. Older members will remember. Sorry, I'll leave the room!
  4. Some time ago I did ask on here re alloy wheel paint codes. I was reliably informed that they are/were not available and any franchised dealer alloy repairs were "farmed out" and a colour match estimated by comaparison to paint colour cards. Referring to Devon Aygo's post it would seem that codes were available but not accessible in the parts catalogue. Not only should dealers provide the code, if requested, Toyota should also make available rattle cans and touch up kits of the correct code and colour! I eventually found and used a BMW wheel colour, which was a very close match, and spray painted two wheels on the same side of the car. At least they were a perfect match for each other!
  5. eBay? Send message to Parts-King he might be in a position to advise/supply. As flash22 asks, which moulding?
  6. Or, do you have, or can get hold of, a large enough container to fill with water? Then place the whole wheel/tyre in that and look for any bubbles. Unless it is a fairly substantial leak I've never had any success with spraying water, soapy or not, onto a wheel/tyre. Apologies if you have checked, but are you 100% there is nothing stuck in the tyre? e.g. a small nail, screw etc..
  7. Without trying to come across as a smart Alec, did you open the bonnet during inspecting the car Letree?
  8. There's even been a non a.c. version aux. belt fitted too which would possibly indicate it's an intentional "modification"! As above, reject it. The seller had to have been aware of that? What sort of "dealer" is this? A so-called reputable chain, franchised dealer, one man band etc.?
  9. I don't know how deeply buried the Auris sparkplugs are but I use a 250mm long, unbranded socket like this one on eBay. Saves messing around with 3/8" extensions too. Note, this listing will not be the correct size!
  10. I don't know which makes ECP have but try and replace like for like. e.g. Denso for Denso.
  11. It's not made clear whether it's a built in satnav or standalone portable unit?
  12. Car stationary, handbrake on and in neutral. The revs. should increase immediately with minimal delay, that is, and rapidly. Then quickly return to idle.
  13. mrpj

    AC moisty smell

    I still wouldn't use it in a vehicles a/c system though. Possibly a bit like the fill your tyres with nitrogen con.
  14. mrpj

    AC moisty smell

    Why not try a "bomb" then? The same procedure there, don't sit in the car and let it air for some time afterwards. Aircon on max., fan on max., system on recirculation. All windows shut. Let off "bomb" and exit. Leave until finished then open all the doors for 10-15 minutes without entering the car. I would have thought that ozone masks the symptom, not the cause. It might well remove the smells for a while but not kill bacteria,mould etc. in the system? I have heard of instances using an ozone genrator to pump it into the car's interior. I certainly wouldn't go for it, if there was anywhere carrying out this "service".
  15. mrpj

    AC moisty smell

    Rather than spend £20 or your currency for someone to use a "bomb", do it yourself. If it doesn't solve the problem it hasn't cost very much. Or similar from a different source.