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  1. To check that you have the correct cover, would you like me to post a picture showing the clip arrangement of a Mk 3 mirror cover? This might possibly indicate whether the one you have is right.
  2. As mentioned above,the diameter should be o.k. but the tyre width prevents the boot floor sitting correctly. Even my 175 tyres are too wide, the floor rests on the tyre. That's why I made a raised deck to enable carrying a "proper" spare wheel/tyre. Decks may be purchased from Toyota but cost the same as a spacesaver!
  3. mrpj

    Somebody please help

    Or even a bad 12v battery with sufficient charge to run the dash etc. but not enough to turn the starter motor?
  4. As above, the Yaris has that too, a clear plastic protector stuck behind the lower rear door openings extending to the wheel arch. Nothing on the doors though - cheapskates.😎
  5. Could that be the initial problem? Insufficient oil and oil pressure warning resulting in excessive mechanical wear. Which could result in dirty oil and a subsequent fault. It should be safe to assume that the "stealership" have used the correct oil and a genuine filter but what oil and filter have you used? Hopefully not tried to save a few pennies on a cheap filter and poor or wrong oil.
  6. mrpj

    Whining noise

    That does sound like something "rubbing" to me. I know this is way off the mark and totally irrelevant but it sounds like the noise sometimes heard when brakes on a pushbike are being applied.
  7. That does ideally require specialist equipment which only Toyota posess.😎 In reality, though, they don't often misalign themselves.
  8. Mine too! Tried it on last Feb. when there for inter. service and MOT. I would still stay away from the big chains though.😂
  9. You could "join" the 5+ Club and receive a 20% discount on servicing and MOTs, if you wish to use a Toyota dealer. Full price at the moment is £165 intermediate and £295 full. £132 and £236 respectively after discount. You need to check if the dealer will honour the discount first, I belive it's not obligatory for them. I would personally stay away from the big chains (sharp intake of breath, you need this and that the other doing, sir/madam, whether it needs doing or not!) and if an independent is peferred use one from personal recomendations from people who have used them.
  10. mrpj

    Yaris 3 mudflaps

    Car is a bit mucky, but ------
  11. That's good. It probably is a MOT fail having an unsecured battery. At present I assume it is only the cables holding it in place. Don't use them again.😕 As Devon Aygo says, there should be a "special" clip securing that trim piece. I thought it was near the bottom and requires turning through 90 degrees before it can be released. I could be wrong, quite often I am, but I could have read somewhere that it is adviseable to replace it if the trim has been removed. I thought there are normal push in clip(s) at the top. If that black stuff is glue that's very naughty and irresponsible of the previous owner, to say the least!
  12. They didn't replace the strap at all?😨 Just noticed, on my picture, that the white plastic wrap around is not in the stay clip.🙄😁
  13. It's a plastic clip which is attached to the battery securing bar. Can be seen in the video FB has posted. Whoever(or should that be whomever?) replaced the battery has possibly "lost" the clip. It's quite firmly attached though and having recently replaced my battery it would be very unlikely to have just fallen off. I can't believe that someone posted a video on how to open the bonnet! First "open the door".🤣