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  1. I'm going to do the same at the next service, 8 years, Feb. 2022. Not yet at 60k miles but at that age there has to be some deterioration. Preventative is usually better than stuck at the roadside with a broken aux. belt!
  2. Just checked my service book. Under "Additional inspections (All)", it has "First at 60,000 miles/6 years" and "After every 10,000 miles/1 year". No specified change interval listed, only inspect. The exceptions being GT86 and Verso 1.6D-4D, same time interval but slightly higher mileage.
  3. I think those pictured with the longer blades will fit but sit higher in the holder. I suspect those in the link are the correct type. My car is a Mk 3 and does use the low profile fuses.
  4. mrpj

    Coolant Leak

    It does sound like a head gasket issue, as Tony indicated. Has the cooling system been pressure tested? Never bought or even used one, but there are kits which can be purchased to take a sample of the coolant mixed with an "indicator". Changes in colour of the "indicator" could suggest combustion gasses in the coolant.
  5. In spite of my classic car being MOT exempt, I still have a MOT every year. I use a testing station/garage where the tester is an "old school" mechanic (they buy/sell classic cars too). He knows his way around an old car and uses common sense for things that a younger, less experienced tester would go fully by the book. I remember, some years ago, an example of a "young" fresh out of tester school tester, was checking the headlights of an old classic. Many old cars have a floor mounted dipswitch. Yes, in an attempt to switch on full beam he broke the indicator stalk!
  6. https://www.national.co.uk/information/puncture-repairs Looking at those pictures I would suggest a "legal" repair is not possible. etyres have a printable gauge for determining whether a repair is possible.
  7. Thanks. Ordered one yesterday Bob. I think I used one previously.
  8. Because of the puzzling edit feature, I can't edit my post! Spot the difference. Valeo on the right. According to them "original". Not in this case. That's like the original, on the left.
  9. I've just replaced my front wiper. Also tried to fit a new blade to the rear. Whether this is a one off, no idea? The intended new blade is a Valeo VR38. In spite of the Yaris Mk 3 (2011 on) listed that it fits. It is the correct length, 300mm, but the diameter of the pivot is too small and it does not "click" in position to lock it when returned to operating position. Refitted the old blade tremporarily because I wouldn't trust the Valeo blade to stay on the arm! This one but not purchased from them. https://windscreenwipersdirect.co.uk/vr38-valeo-rear-wiper-12-300mm.html When entering car details they do list that as the correct one for the rear.
  10. And only release the pressure momentarily to ensure the axle stands are fully supporting the vehicle. Leave the jack in position as a back up. If I am removing a wheel(s)I ensure that/they are also positioned under the sill(s) as a further back up.
  11. And I would suspect that the dealer will use a third party, mobile, windscreen fitter and only supply the glass?
  12. Enjoy the new car Anthony. Hopefully you don't live in the top flat of a high rise. That would need one heck of a long extension lead!
  13. Yes, I would change the engine oil and filter for peace of mind. Car is 12 years old and possibly only been used for short trips. Toyota recommend 1 year or 10,000 miles too, whichever comes first. A wise decision to change the tyres which are probably the originals and showing signs of age. Condolences re Father in Law.
  14. Add a small amount of ultra violet leak detector fluid. It turns the oil slightly pink/red. I did, to check, when a main dealer incorrectly diagnosed that the rear main engine seal was leaking. No it wasn't, they admitted as such when I told them that it would be a warranty claim! That was the last main dealer service I had.
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