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  1. mrpj

    MMT box fluid/oil change?

    You are not wrong there.🤐
  2. mrpj

    MMT box fluid/oil change?

    Similarly, a "sealed for life" bearing is, but only for the life of the bearing.😐
  3. mrpj

    Anyone know what this is?

    As already said, that looks very borderline to be legal. Try checking with a printed out gauge - see link.
  4. " I tought its a electric /hydraulic unit that operated the clutch and gear changes." No hydraulics as far as I know. Just glorified wiper motors.
  5. It is a recommendation that brake fluid is changed every two years but it will not be in your gearbox. If it's a MMT then it is an automated manual gearbox. i.e. a conventional 'box with electricly operated clutch and gear changes, all computer controlled. Whether it has the same oil as a non automated version, I wouldn't know but it is doubtful that brake fluid is in there.
  6. mrpj

    Fuel additive performance boost

    Two words - Snake Oil. If these go faster, run cleaner etc. additives were any good I'm sure the fuel companies would add them and make a big song and dance. Placebo effect.
  7. mrpj

    Notification drop down.

    Found the "problem" - it's partly a Firefox thing. Now blocked.
  8. mrpj

    Stop start

    I wouldn't expect it and be surprised if the battery was "failing" in a 2016 car. Probably not being charged sufficiently by not driving far or long enough. Also bear in mind that it takes more out of a battery to start in colder weather and possibly more use of lights etc..
  9. mrpj

    DRT-H61 Drive recorder

    Exactly. The lady recorded in my dashcam tells me it's started recording. Useful to know.
  10. I keep getting a drop down box asking if I want notifications. I have do not send notifications selected in my account settings. How do I stop it? It's annoying and distracting.
  11. mrpj

    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    That's the reason they give but it's more than likely to make more money out of customers. It's not that heavy and would save a miniscule amount of emissions. I'd suspect the compressor, bottle of gloop and their holder weigh as much as a spacesaver. My Icon+ had the "repair" kit but I made the supply of a space saver and accessories a deal breaker. I now have a full size spare because after experiencing driving with the spacesaver fitted, once for 10 miles, that was my choice. However, a spacesaver has to be a better option than the "repair" kit. I've never used one but, as TP49 says, it is limited by the type of puncture. I too would hate to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, at 3 am, with a big split in a tyre rather than a small gloop sealable hole.
  12. mrpj

    Toyota's extened warranty.

    I did eventually receive a reply re the Extended Warranty, lost the e-mail.🙄 I get what you are saying Mike and I'm not being purposely awkward. You are correct re the Ts & Cs and the exclusions. I would categorise the CVT as a mechanical component, i.e. has to be covered. However, the reply I received was very non commital and vague - must have been written by a Polititian. It stated that the degree of cover depended on which level was paid for. I thought there was one level, one Extended Warranty to cover Toyota vehicles, dependent on model, current mileage etc., which met their criteria? This looks to be the only one on offer? Two options, £345 limited to 30k miles over two years or £450 unlimited mileage over 12 months (for my Yaris). Maybe this is what the e-mail referred to? The two years MOT and Roadside in addition look attractive. Plus, as bluerav4 says, MOT failure rectification too. I'm still on the fence.😎
  13. mrpj

    Toyota's extened warranty.

    Not wishing to come accross as argumentative Mike but CVT is not listed in the what's covered. Therefore to turn it on it's head, in relation to the list of what is covered, it is not because only manual gearbox is listed as covered. They really should make it clearer. I have been through the Ts and Cs of the warranty, as have you, and there is no mention of the CVT there in either what is exluded or what is covered. Mainly wear and tear items are, as you say, excluded. I have further e-mailed for a second confirmation from them re the CVT. I'll copy their reply if and when I reeive one. As has already been mentioned, the petrol Yaris is ultra reliable so I'm leaning towards not taking out the extended warranty. I read through a Toyota blog about the warranty and in the comments someone asked the very same question re the CVT. The Toyota answer was totally vague and stated to consult with your dealer to check! Not a yes or no but a sloping shoulders response.
  14. mrpj

    Toyota's extened warranty.

    I asked them about that because in the what is covered list manual transmission is there but not CVT. Hence the below quoted from my initial post. Copied from an e-mail response re the CVT being covered. " Hi, I can confirm that the transmission fitted to your vehicle will be covered for mechanical failures by the Extended Warranty. Thanks, Claims"
  15. mrpj

    Toyota's extened warranty.

    On 1st March it is the fifth anniversary of my Yaris' first registration and the end of the 5 year warranty. I am planning on keeping the car for a while longer and considering Toyota's extended warranty. I do have written conformation that the CVT is covered in spite of that not being mentioned in their list of what is covered. Does anyone have any experience of his warranty? e.g. have you made a claim using it and was that claim successful? We do read that extended warranties are usually not worth it, primarily third party car warranties where every effort is made to wriggle out of any claims. e.g. not covered, wear and tear etc.. Is the Toyota warranty any different?