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  1. No, they aren't and probably don't, but there's nothing untoward in someone having an opinion. Or is that frowned upon now?
  2. I suspect they probably are covered. However, if there is an issue which caused the potential failure, e.g. a split or holed gaitor from which the grease has leaked out, then probably not.
  3. There are lots of CVT haters around so they will post negative things about them. Quite possibly never even driven or owned one! Toyota name it "Multidrive" and as already mentioned, not to be confused with their awful "Multimode (MMT)". No regular fluid change specified, I can't even remember, without checking, if there is a change interval in my service booklet. I like mine but they do perform differently and sometimes give the impression of a slipping clutch in a manual tranmission car.
  4. mrpj

    Bye Bye Bye....

    Holy 14 years thread revival Batman! To advertise some possibly dodgy app.?
  5. Plastic cover above the footwell for "access".
  6. A bass speaker and amplifier for the hard of hearing?!
  7. If you are a MOT test(er) then you should know that fitting l.e.d.s in a reflector headlight housing is illegal! Whether you have been "flashed" or not makes not one iota of difference.
  8. If Konrad is buying/has bought that Viofo camera then it uses a capacitor not a battery - far better and more reliable. If it's the A119 then I have an original version installed in another car without using parking mode though. I just power it from a lithium battery power bank. (It's a very old car!) If the fuse type hasn't changed over the years then the fuses are micro low profile, like these
  9. I can only suggest a switched power supply from fuse 15, CIG. Feeds the12v accessory socket. Located under the dash, passenger side. Assuming things haven't changed through the years. As for a permanent 12v you need to go through each fuse with a multimeter or test lamp to locate a suitable fuse which is live with ignition off. I would advise care in this choice, particularly a fuse which supplies any safey related item(s) or sensitive electronic equipment - e.g. engine computer. You could always find a way through the firewall and connec a suitably fused direct battery connection or fuse under the bonnet.
  10. Without wishing to endorse any products, there are many Youtube videos on how to polish this out using kits which are readily available. It does look quite daunting initially because fine grit abrasive is used first, then gradually reduced to a polish.😨 I haven't yet had the need but will look into these when and if the time comes. I'm sure it will because my car is kept outside and has the full sun (when it appears!) from mid morning to evening. I'm glad of that sometimes because it evaprorates the damn internal misting which occurs occasionally. No doubt no sun will only slow the deterioration.
  11. I can only comment on the Yaris door "protector strips" like those in this eBay listing If those on your door are similar, then they are probably stuck on using 3M double side adhesive tape. As the door is being replaced they should come off using a scraper. Carefully because they could bend. The adhesive tape will also have to come off the plastic. New 3M tape is readily available. Can't remember how wide it should be but two lengths per strip are required. Measure and ensure the positioning of the existing are noted first. Instructions for fitting (removing too), not necessarily Toyota, are easily found online. If they are not the same then ignore the above! FB beat me.
  12. mrpj

    Confused !

    Pedant alert - Continuously Variable Transmission.😎
  13. mrpj

    Gearbox oil change

    Remove the filler/level plug first.😎 Quite embarrasing if the drain is removed first and the filler is stuck! You are too.😐