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  1. mrpj

    fues 10amp

    Strange. I posted a reply yesterday that has become invisible. I suggested that, if they are aftermarket parking sensors, that's where I would b checking initially.
  2. I used it all the time when driving. To look cool, I would recline nonchalantly, resting my left forearm on the rest and drape my right hand and wrist at 12 0'clock on the steering wheel.🤠 No I didn't or do!
  3. I did fit an Armster to my Yaris. Certainly not cheap! Fitting was easy but - I was not impressed by it's quality. On mine there was insufficient friction in the hinge which meant that when positioned upright, it gradually dropped and with a light brake application it just flopped down. the friction is non adjustable, I asked them. The centre console of the Yaris is not that rigid either, that's what it is attached to, as a consequence the rest could be moved from side to side very easily. Handy storage though. I also found that access to the handbrake was poor when the rest was in the down position and some sort of contortion required. A bit silly having to raise the rest every time the handbrake was applied. I sold it and have never even contemplated another.
  4. mrpj

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Sorry Bernard, yes I must have read your post which does show that a bit of "laziness" on my part could be more beneficial! It is a neater install though Made me laugh. An owner or more competent person would probably be more careful. I wouldn't trust their "technicians" to do anything.
  5. mrpj

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Similarly to Michael, the cables are routed very much the same, but mine is powered from a dedicated battery, under the front passenger seat. Therefore I have the power cable hidden under the centre console too. Also, although it is an option, I don't use the 12v socket, but hardwired via a fuse "piggyback" from the 12v socket fuse in the box behind the glovebox. Suzanne doesn't say which model, if she has,sorry, but my Blackvue fits nicely in front of and hidden by the rear view mirror. It does have an app. and wifi, setting up the position etc. was easy. As for the rear camera, mine is a two channel/camera version, the rear co-axial cable is routed to the right side and behind the headlining front, behind the top of the A pillar trim then behind the door seal's tops. It tucks in behind the B pillar trim and C pillar trim. Then, again the headlining to emerge above the tailgate window.Excess cable is fed in behind the headlining allowing enough slack to allow the opening of the tailgate. A neater solution is to use the rubber "tube" through which the tailgate wires run. I was too lazy to do that.😂 With regards warranty, I would suggest that any issues caused by fitting the dashcam would not be covered, otherwise no problem.
  6. However, an engine does not benefit from starting and stopping. Running continuously offers less wear than intermitently. The starting causes more wear. ie. no oil briefly at start up. That's one reason I don't favour those silly stop/start systems!
  7. Exactly, I don't trust this type of sites because some, as Bob suggests, will not publish negative reviews. No names!
  8. Hence my suggestion to check them!😎 Bearings usually rumble unless they are totally destroyed, but that would have been fairly evident before reaching that stage.
  9. I would personally avoid any of the big chains, others might disagree though! Could you maybe ask around locally for recommendations of a local independent? Yes, main dealer prices are ridiculous. I've decided, now at almost 6 years, to use a local, recommended independent. I used main dealers right up to 5 years old to avoid any possible hassle in the event of a warranty issue.
  10. Anything stuck in your front brakes? Have you checked underneath to see if there is anything glaringly obvious?
  11. What Gerg says. It looks like the lacquer is lifting. If that is the case, then it can only become worse as water penetrates and creeps underneath.
  12. mrpj


    Whilst on the subject of servicing, Toyota seem to be very reluctant to list what each service includes for the fixed price option. This information used to be readily available but I have searched t'internet and can only find pricing for various models and service levels, not any included items for that fixed price. When the prices were last increased and depending on which service, brake fluid change, pollen filter change were included. They used to be voluntary extras. Checking on my usual dealer's service booking and when going through the process, these are now shown as extras, e.g. pollen filter and brake fluid change (full service), I think each were £50! £50 for a pollen filter change, they're 'avin' a laugh!
  13. It might just need a reset, no guarantee that this will wok with an Auris, or that this is the problem, but maybe worth a try. Click "How To Reset"
  14. The same to you and your's Mike.👍
  15. That's strange because, whether it still is, mince and tatties used to be a popular Scottish delicacy.