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  1. Thanks for that, Konrad. From what I could see using the camera, my seat base looks to be secured in exactly the same way. They are very useful pictures. I'm probably not pulling hard enough! That copper coloured "frame" does look quite weak and easily bent though. I'll try again.👍
  2. Thanks to both. There are definitely no fixing bolts/screws so it must be the "sharp tug" method. As mentioned, I have looked with a small u.s.b. camera. However, tried the tug and the seat base will not release. It just bends even when gripped where the fixings can be seen. Careful prying at those points also doesn't release the fixings.
  3. Of no help to you but I asked this ages ago and didn't receive any answers. All I could find by searching Youtube etc., was the same as you, is that it just needs a sharp tug upwards to release two fixings. I've tried this and applying some leverage with a pry bar, to no avail. I don't want to break anything by using excessive force. I've even inserted a small usb camera where the fixings are located but that didn't reveal anything constructive.
  4. Just my opinion, but personally, even if it costs more and for peace of mind I would use Toyota's CVT fluid.
  5. " Cvt has a torque converter not a clutch plate " Really? They have a clutch which locks up at certain speeds. No torque converter, as in a "conventional" auto. box.
  6. Dan, why are you mining all that information just for a quote? Date of birth, why that? Surely the cost isn't age related? Vehicle or personal cover? For anyone who uses Tesco for shopping and uses their Clubcard vouchers, full personal (covered for any car as driver or passenger)12 months RAC cover, i.e. roadside, at home, recovery etc. was £48 in Clubcard vouchers when I renewed last March.
  7. I'm not sure I would. It will possibly be nothing more than a barren wasteland, inhabited by cockroaches.😕 Yes, that disconnect the pos. is bad advice - in my opinion - neg. every time. Unless it's an old pos. earth vehicle.😉
  8. Why the pos. battery terminal?
  9. Thanks for that information, Mervyn. At least you were able to extract some sort of answer. That will be their get out, the clutch will be classed as a wear and tear item. I wouldn't say it is fragile though. Time will tell.
  10. mrpj

    Phone holder

    I use the cheapest and just vibrate my head in harmony with the phone!🙄
  11. I had the same non commital from Toyota. They just would not confirm or deny. I was considering the extended warranty for my Yaris but decided against it because of this fudge re the CVT.
  12. I would first determine which coolant is already in the engine. I would replace like for like, i.e. red for red, pink for pink. I can't remember where the warning/advice is, I'm sure it was Toyota, but it is not prudent to mix them up anyway. If the system is not completely emptied and flushed of the old coolant there will be residue of whichever type is in use. I seem to remember my older 2010 Yaris had red coolant. My current Yaris has pink.
  13. mrpj

    Bonnet Bra

    Selectively quoted, but I mistakenly thought that this was going to be a really interesting thread.🤣
  14. mrpj

    Newbie MMT question

    I hardly experienced the "jerky" gear change that many complain about. I personally think it's a matter of getting used to this transmission e.g. trying to predict when the gearchange is going to happen and adjusting the revs. just like with a "conventional" manual. Also it is possible to force a change up(sometimes)by easing off the accel. pedal. My biggest complaints were - The stupidity of the control module, e.g. changing up a gear when ascending a hill when a lower gear was needed, not changing up from first when pulling away, this caused more than one trouser change moment at roundabouts/junctions! When that happened and selecting "M" the gear wouldn't change up even then. I ended up driving in "M" mode all the time which sort of defeats the object. The concept is good but the application is dire. It was a futile attempt to achieve a lower emission band and a better than the fully manual consumption figures, in my opinion.
  15. mrpj

    Newbie MMT question

    Pete has already said this but a copy and paste off t'internet "Parking: Unlike an automatic car, the P gear is absent in a MMT car. The car should be parked in the following fashion. In an up-sloping incline, put the gear to M1, or E, apply handbrake, and switch off the engine. In a down-sloping incline, put the gear to R, apply handbrake, and switch off the engine. On level ground, put the gear to R, apply handbrake, and switch off the engine. R or E/M1 substitute the P function in a full automatic. " Yes, as he also says, footbrake applied and select gear desired. Footbrake also, if memory serves, to start. I've owned one, Claire, a 2010 car too. I have to agree with Mike this has to be the worse transmission I've ever driven, or tried to drive. Toyota realised their error and used a CVT with the Mk 3 Yaris. If you can afford to "trade up" a year then do so. I took a financial hit with the one I had, it was that bad. A shame really because it was an excellent car otherwise. Added to the fact it is now 9 years old and could well be requiring attention in the not too distant future. That will be potentially very expensive.