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  1. In spite of my classic car being MOT exempt, I still have a MOT every year. I use a testing station/garage where the tester is an "old school" mechanic (they buy/sell classic cars too). He knows his way around an old car and uses common sense for things that a younger, less experienced tester would go fully by the book. I remember, some years ago, an example of a "young" fresh out of tester school tester, was checking the headlights of an old classic. Many old cars have a floor mounted dipswitch. Yes, in an attempt to switch on full beam he broke the indicator stalk!
  2. https://www.national.co.uk/information/puncture-repairs Looking at those pictures I would suggest a "legal" repair is not possible. etyres have a printable gauge for determining whether a repair is possible.
  3. Thanks. Ordered one yesterday Bob. I think I used one previously.
  4. Because of the puzzling edit feature, I can't edit my post! Spot the difference. Valeo on the right. According to them "original". Not in this case. That's like the original, on the left.
  5. I've just replaced my front wiper. Also tried to fit a new blade to the rear. Whether this is a one off, no idea? The intended new blade is a Valeo VR38. In spite of the Yaris Mk 3 (2011 on) listed that it fits. It is the correct length, 300mm, but the diameter of the pivot is too small and it does not "click" in position to lock it when returned to operating position. Refitted the old blade tremporarily because I wouldn't trust the Valeo blade to stay on the arm! This one but not purchased from them. https://windscreenwipersdirect.co.uk/vr38-valeo-rear-wiper-12-300mm.html When entering car details they do list that as the correct one for the rear.
  6. And only release the pressure momentarily to ensure the axle stands are fully supporting the vehicle. Leave the jack in position as a back up. If I am removing a wheel(s)I ensure that/they are also positioned under the sill(s) as a further back up.
  7. And I would suspect that the dealer will use a third party, mobile, windscreen fitter and only supply the glass?
  8. Enjoy the new car Anthony. Hopefully you don't live in the top flat of a high rise. That would need one heck of a long extension lead!
  9. mrpj

    Oil Change

    Yes, I would change the engine oil and filter for peace of mind. Car is 12 years old and possibly only been used for short trips. Toyota recommend 1 year or 10,000 miles too, whichever comes first. A wise decision to change the tyres which are probably the originals and showing signs of age. Condolences re Father in Law.
  10. Add a small amount of ultra violet leak detector fluid. It turns the oil slightly pink/red. I did, to check, when a main dealer incorrectly diagnosed that the rear main engine seal was leaking. No it wasn't, they admitted as such when I told them that it would be a warranty claim! That was the last main dealer service I had.
  11. That's why I asked Tom. If it works for Joe, that's fine. I only use a damp (water!) cloth to wipe the rubber insert's edge. Vinegar should work. That is the old and trusted medium for windscreen cleaning too. https://www.wd40.com/uses/
  12. I can't remember or find the Youtube video. Bear in mind it was the U.S.A. and a very basic fuel burning test. It compared Ethanol free, E5, E10 and E85 being set of fire, observing and comparing the black smoke from each! One guess which gave off no smoke? He said it was because the oil companies added stuff, they couldn't dispose of cheaply, to the Ethanol added fuel. I'm not saying it's the same here because we all know our fuel producers are squeaky clean.
  13. I'll bite - just one of many advising new tyres on rear.https://www.etyres.co.uk/blog/should-i-fit-new-tyres-to-the-front-or-the-rear/ (front or rear wheel drive makes a difference) Many tyre manufacturers give similar advice. My car is usually reversed in off the road. When I leave the front door the first wheel I see is rear left, walking round to driver's side it's the rear right I see first. I'll be more polite! That information from Anthony is unusual and it surely depends from which direction the vehicle is approached? My pre driving examination takes in all four wheels/tyres and weekly pressures check ditto.
  14. Nice job Robert. I did the same, ages ago, and like you, used 9mm MDF. I did attach a couple of timber braces underneath secured with scews from above. The screw heads are concealed under black car carpet I glued in place. I also stapled in some sound deadening between the braces. Drilled a hole, like you, at the rear, and finished that off using a rubber grommet glued in place. My template was cut from strong cardboard. It was less than £30 for the complete thing.
  15. Fairly rural location with limited Petrol forecourts nearby. Totally agree with RUToyota. At my two nearest there were no queues earlier. Only the usual two or three cars taking fuel at each. One Shell and the other Essar (operated by Morrisons). I noticed that the Shell had not changed their prices but the other had suddenly increased unleaded by 5p/litre. I wonder why? They've lost my custom in future. I did however, queue for two hours yesterday to top up my tank, 4 litre I think, plus 4 x 20 litre jerrycans. That should keep things going for 6 months! (No, I didn't)
  16. Wouldn't surprise me if the were watching using a drone. They're good at that!
  17. Yes. I was wondering exactly that. "Oh no, halogen lamps are banned, must buy 100 x H4 halogens etc. for the future while I still can." It wouldn't surprise me in the least if some bright spark decided a legislation change is necessary which allows l.e.d. lamps to be fitted into reflective light units. Then ban halogen headlights to save a few Watts.
  18. The sale of Halogen lamps is to end. However, like a lot of things similar there has been no information about exemptions, eg. vehicle lighting. A quick search found this from Osram - https://www.carlightblog.com/2018/10/05/no-halogen-ban-for-car-lamps/ No last minute panic buying required, hopefully, if Osram are correct. It would ahve been absolute madness anyway to ban the sale of vehicle halogen lamps! Although that article is from 2018 and refers to the EU. It wouldn't surprise me if some plantpot civil servant hadn't considered vehicles.
  19. Thanks Bob, that's the exact same cluster in that eBay link. It's just pre facelift, without the grotesque front grille! Yes, two nuts onto studs attached to the body. I suspected there was another fixing because it will not release with the nuts removed. The piece of bulb is at the bottom of the cluster to the left of the bottom l.e.d.! I'm inclined to live with it because it isn't affecting anything. What a silly design having that push stud behind the moulding. I'm reluctant to release the moulding because once removed never refit properly.
  20. Mk 3 2014 Yaris. It has the l.e.d. tail/brake light string. Does the rear bumper moulding have to be removed or partially released for taking off the rear light assembly? There's one accessible nut to remove but from memory there is another fixing behind the bumper. I don't know how, other than gravity assist, part of the glass bulb from the offside reversing light (wedge lamp) has fallen off and lying at the bottom of the assembly! Bizarre.
  21. How are you obtaining the figures? Don't rely on the car's computer. Which engine Diesel or Petrol? Kyle beat me to it!
  22. I have a similar selection box (not chocolates) as Cyker for the same auction site. They are specifically for Toyotas. I've used them, for example, to replace those securing the underside of the front bumper moulding and the access panel for the front fog lights. That was about 5 years ago. No issues with breakage or being affected in that exposed place. Also had to replace the "push rivets", on the underside of the rear bumper moulding, from the same set. In fact they are more durable than the originals which were in very poor condition.
  23. That's exactly how mine is routed. No need to remove any trim. Only required pulling the top parts of the door seal rubber down to conceal the cable behind them. No airbag(s) impeded whatsoever. Excess cable is hidden under the headlining at the rear. Some use the rubber conduit for the cables into the rear hatch which makes for a neater apperance. I didn't but left enough exposed cable to allow the rear hatch to open fully. Blackvue 2 channel cameras. Installed about five years ago to replace a single front camera. No issues at all.
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