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  1. Happy Birthday right-on!

  2. Perhaps something has changed since our problems with Hodgsons - I would hope that they have taken on board some of our suggestions to improve their customer service. If you don't have any problems with the car, then you probably won't experience problems with any dealer. I experienced problems and simply asked for the directors name on this post.The problems were not sorted out in a timely fashion by Toyota Customer Services - by the time they got their act together (more than 3 months) we had decided that enough was enough and we would not be buying another Toyota. I waited 16 months to respond to the last post in 2006. In that time we have had NO problems and EXCELLENT service - but we have used a small independent dealership with only two branches. In the past I have found that this type of dealer give far better service than any of the large firms - no matter what the make of car. Incidentally, the car was not bought from Hodgsons, but from the dealer in Durham City. I have 4500 colleagues - 1 p1ssed off customer can spread the word a long way. A 'shiney customer hub' is no good if the staff cannot diagnose the cause of a problem. Wrong! Like I said, the Yaris we got was not that that was ordered. We were told that that one was on a boat somewhere between Japan and the UK with an unknown delivery date that would probably be months away! To close, hopefully you will not experience any problems - it was 14 months ago.
  3. It did last time - car seemed to stuck on a boat somewhere between Japan and UK - we didn't get the car we ordered! :censor: Toyota Then the car was so unreliable and Toyota service so :censor: we got rid after 2 years. Renault was flawless for 14 months and 16k miles.
  4. No problems with Renault dealer up to now! Car was late being delivered in April 2006, so they lent us a courtesy car until it arrived. Hit head -on by Toyota driver while on holiday - Renault written off in June 2007, so another ordered. Dealer is lending us cars until delivery AT NO COST TO US. I have no complaint about Renault dealership - unlike Toyota!
  5. If you remove the bolts from the fuse box, it will move (just) far enough back to get to the bulb.
  6. You should have no problem with that combination - You'll hardly know it's there.
  7. We now have a Modus, and it's definately better to ease off when in Manual - the change is much smoother. In Auto, it's not easy to predict when the change will occur, so, I agree it's best to leave the computer to it. Richard
  8. Drive like snellgrove suggests and you will see nearly 70mpg with the D4D diesel at 60mph.
  9. If it's similar to the Renault, then it is a manual gearbox, with electrically controlled shift and clutch. Operated as a manual, the Renault version makes for a very smooth change (a touch slow), so long as you ease off the gas when changing gear. Richard.
  10. I have seen it done years ago. Just one question - Why? I must agree with Karma - if something else it out of balance, it must be bent! If it's because you have fitted after-market alloys - make sure that you have fitted the centering rings (Spigot rings). If you don't have then, they are available from Revolution Motorstore in Gateshead. www.revolution-motorstore.co.uk or 0191-4770785
  11. I wonder if anyone else has had this or similar problem? I no longer have the Yaris (lost all confidence in Toyota and local dealer). When it was with Mr T early April, they also replaced the Common Rail and I only did another 500 miles (trouble-free) before getting rid. We are going to Norway soon and didn't want a dead engine half way down the side of a Fjord! Can't be bothered to complain to Toyota - I don't think they are really interested.
  12. Don't know about the Toyota Freetronic - On a Renault with similar 'box (QuickShift), the clutch takes care of itself. For a hill-start, hold the handbrake and apply a little accellerator - you will feel the clutch bite - just let go the handbrake, and press the accellerator more.
  13. Give it a chance! I had a Yaris D4D (2004) and avaraged about 55mpg overall (until engine problems became apparent) - worst was 45mpg (while towing a trailer), best was about 78mpg! You need to allow at leat 3000 miles to get best economy from any modern diesel. I get 57mpg average from Renault Modus over first 800 miles from new - I expect that this will continue to improve over next 2000 miles or so..
  14. Excellent - my Toyota is nearly as reliable as Wylee Coyotes tricks! Getting rid tomorrow!
  15. http://www.machinemart.co.uk/product_107_g...pment/index.asp Machine Mart have a decent range - other auto tools as well.
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