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  1. anyone know where the obd port is i havent had time to look yet i know its on the drivers side somewhere
  2. is there any way i can get hold of diagnostic software for my yaris i know all the vw seats and skodas use vag com what software do toyota use ?
  3. 1. Markoibook, Black T-Sport Phase 1, 51 Reg, Reading/Newbury/Swindon 2. Razor, Black T-Sport Phase 2, 05 Reg, Glasgow/Ayrshire 3. Siray123, Thunder Grey T-Sport Phase 1, 01 Reg, Cumbria/Newcastle 4. Chuck04, Thunder Grey, T-Sport phase1( RULE), 01 Reg, Eastbourne/ Bournemouth..not very standard 5. Matty, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 03 Reg (soon to be personalised), Notts 6. Clarky, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 51 Reg (a tad non standard) 7. yaris t , Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 02 reg , leeds 8. Kempo, Thunder grey T Sport, Phase 2, 05 reg, Stevenage 9. ToTo_17, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Budapest/Hungary 10. zebidi, Thunder Grat T sport, Phase 2, Oxford 11..Biffstergray,caribean blue p1 tsport.(a few mods)Dorset 12. edli83, Balearic Blue T Sport, Phase 2, 53 Reg, London 13. chrisb black TS PH1 51reg Bristol 14. jaxx, TG T Sport 52 plate, used to be a bit less than standard 15. cmarshall, Thunder Grey T Sport 02 plate, Bournemouth, becoming less standard every week 16. chriscanavan, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Manchester Far from standard 17. Opel, Chilli Red T-Sport, Phase 1, South Cheshire, totally box standard. 18. lee_ts51, Thunder Grey T-Sport Phase 1, 51 Reg, West London 19. jay dh, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Swindon/bournemouth/essex, near standard 20. meeker, Chilli Red T- Sport, Phase 1, 02 reg, Gloucestershire. 21. Thunder Sport, Thunder grey T sport Phase 1, 02 reg Near Glasgow 22. yaris1971,T-SPORT Thundergrey phase 1 2002 Dagenham ESSEX 23. earpl,T-sport, thunder grey, pahse 1 03, theres a rat in me kitchen. 24. Mancubas, Blue T-Sport, phase 1 51 reg, manchester 25. Yvvan, Thunder Grey T-Sport, Phase 1, Essex Uk & Belgium, 2 minor mods. 26. Paddyboy15, Carribean Blue T-Sport, Phase 1, Bristol. 27. ferrariboyuk, Thunder grey T Sport, Phase 2, 05 Reg, Brentwood Essex. 28. Reece. I suck a the internet (phase 2) 29. Tara. T-Sport 03 plate, Black (phase 1) Near Livingston 30. ChrisB1976, Grey T-Sport, Phase 1, Y reg (2001) plate, Leicester 31. TomF, Black T-Sport, 02 Phase 1, Guernsey, not exactly standard 32. Cooperman/ thunder grey,5 door phase 2 model, isle of wight. 33. Vitzpower Thinder Grey, Phase 1, Southend-on-Sea (Essex) 90% standard 34. Elgan, Chilli Red 05 Plate, Standard BEAST!!!! Wrexham, N Wales 35. jennyt125, Carribean Blue, Phase 1, 02 reg, as standard, Cornwall 36. R6TH M, Eclipse black, Phase 2, 2005, few mods, Lisburn, Northern Ireland 37. ArthurPewty, flame gold P1 TS, 51 plate, Cardiff, S.Wales 38. Annee20, Chilli red t sport, Phase 1, 02 plate Sheffield 39. deakodude, Thunder grey, P2, 54 plate, 40. Yaris WRC, Black, Ph1, 2003, rice racer, Antrim, Northern Ireland 41. twiby24, chili red, P1, t-sport, sheffield and doncaster 42. Rich B, Black,P1 t-sport (standard at mo), 51 reg, Bristol 43. Aman, Chilli Red,PH1, 51 plate, Hayes,West London........ 44. Lozza, Thunder Grey 52 plate, Walton on Thames, Surrey 45. Mjreid, Thunder Grey, 03 plate, Bromley Phase 2!! 46. Mark_N, Black, Phase 2, 05 reg, Gateshead. 47. Raywong, Thunder grey, P1, 02 reg, Milton Keynes, Nottingham 48. JapBlack, Eclipse Black, P2, 04 plate, Glasgow 49. Emmie123, Thunder Grey, 01 Plate, Chesterfield 50. tim_mabin, Chilli Red, Phase1, North Devon 51. j.a.kelly, Balearic Blue, P2, 53 Plate, Manchester (second one - 1st got written off) 52. Marco-TS, Met blue, 51 plate, South Manchester. 53. Northernstar, Blue, 51 Plate, Aldershot, Hants 54. MrB, Chilli Red, 02 Plate, Stoke, Staffordshire 55. Mr Bump, Thunder Gray,P1, 01, Daewoo Vitz RS, Mancland. Defo Not Standard! 56. TK, Black, 01 plate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire ( few mods) 57. Earpl, grey phase 1, everybody dance now 58. yaris t bone thunder grey phase 1 52 plate , south wales
  4. im interested do they come with a kevlar belt
  5. yaris t bone


    check tyre pressures mate
  6. i was on my way to work today and i hit a stone and put a hole in the petrol tank where can i get a petrol tank today or asap i will take pics later and post them up
  7. yaris t bone

    Full Lock

    and they do come under wear and tear ;)
  8. yaris t bone

    Full Lock

    it could be your cv joints get them checked out mate
  9. if i was you i would get it replaced asap because the tyre is only designed to get you to the garage im sure the max speed limit on the space saver is only 40 mph too