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  1. just driven from manchester to eastbourne (a good 280 miles) and i still have quarter of a tank left woooo. have to admit that i didnt go above 70mhp all the way down just to see what the mpg would be like. have to say im rather impressed. seen as i was only gettin 225 miles to a tank a few months ago.
  2. yeah but it has been the same for hte last 3 years. looks like it time they put the price up like everythin else. cant really blame them still worth it tho
  3. im there :D anby day apart from the 14th for me tho as i have my works party that night
  4. urgh, i hate spiders with a passion. small ones dont really bother me i can get rid of them no problem. just big ones like that :s no thanks
  5. i might be able to make this. i dont start work till 3pm but i dont finish work till 3am tonight. so all depends on if i wake up in time lol
  6. most petrol stations round my way are 110p and 111p with tesco 99ron at 116p. i got well excited when i saw it lol
  7. Anyone any idea how to change these? just taken a look and they seem to be in a special adapter. but i cant see an aftermarket adapter for the rear speakers, just the front
  8. have to say i had a great time. so much for just paying a flying visit to say hi to you all for the afternoon lol. just glad that tesco do £7.50 tents. so whens the next one? lol
  9. black t-sport on parkfield avenue in astley. parked on a drive round the corner from me. anyone?
  10. yes they have a GT badge on the front as my mate has the 2.0 ltr 170ps one
  11. lol a typical day in the airport. you got any jobs goin with qatar? lol
  12. jo n, best not put her full name lol
  13. haha u must be mad. u should know my supervisor pretty well as she used to work on qatar check in. we were over there today
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