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  1. just driven from manchester to eastbourne (a good 280 miles) and i still have quarter of a tank left woooo. have to admit that i didnt go above 70mhp all the way down just to see what the mpg would be like. have to say im rather impressed. seen as i was only gettin 225 miles to a tank a few months ago.
  2. yeah but it has been the same for hte last 3 years. looks like it time they put the price up like everythin else. cant really blame them still worth it tho
  3. im there :D anby day apart from the 14th for me tho as i have my works party that night
  4. urgh, i hate spiders with a passion. small ones dont really bother me i can get rid of them no problem. just big ones like that :s no thanks
  5. i might be able to make this. i dont start work till 3pm but i dont finish work till 3am tonight. so all depends on if i wake up in time lol
  6. most petrol stations round my way are 110p and 111p with tesco 99ron at 116p. i got well excited when i saw it lol
  7. Anyone any idea how to change these? just taken a look and they seem to be in a special adapter. but i cant see an aftermarket adapter for the rear speakers, just the front
  8. have to say i had a great time. so much for just paying a flying visit to say hi to you all for the afternoon lol. just glad that tesco do £7.50 tents. so whens the next one? lol
  9. black t-sport on parkfield avenue in astley. parked on a drive round the corner from me. anyone?
  10. yes they have a GT badge on the front as my mate has the 2.0 ltr 170ps one
  11. lol a typical day in the airport. you got any jobs goin with qatar? lol
  12. jo n, best not put her full name lol
  13. haha u must be mad. u should know my supervisor pretty well as she used to work on qatar check in. we were over there today
  14. Emirates, Singapore Airlines or Qatar then? lol I work as a Passenger Service Agent at Manchester Airport for Airbase Flight Support. where every day is like an episode of airline lol. Used to work for Currys for 6 years as a Customer Service Agent cant say it was the best 6 years of my life. kind of a waste really lol
  15. !Removed! hell talkin about short notice. ive missed it now lol. oh well bring on the next one and hopefully ill be there
  16. have a look round on other forums like the Evo and scooby ones. I think my yaris was done at Prodrive and they had a proper pro set up there. a full 4WD RR. The RR they used was made by Bosch and cost about £100k
  17. hmmm looks like a mobile RR? if so i havent heard many good reviews about their accuracy. plus every RR will give a different result
  18. well im supposed to have a 2meg connection. but its havin a pants night tonight
  19. its a royal pain in the *****. i took my to toyota in the end to get them to do it. the main problem i had was gettin the connector off the back off the bulb. when i went to toyota they just undid the clip and pulled hte bulb out with the wire harness connected. and ive done it myself twice like that since and it seems to work lol. just be careful not to break the bulb as u remove it
  20. i can recommend centrafuse as well. i had it running on my car pc when i had my yaris. great piece of kit and really easy to use
  21. oh and goin of the number place. mine is the same apart from the last 2 letters lol
  22. damn u, i decided last night i was gonna get them wheels. and seeing them pics isnt really helping lol. they look damn good on the car
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