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  1. Hi , I have a 54 plate verso 4D4 T3 and seem to have the EGR symptons so i want to remove and clean it. I cant find anywhere which shows how to do this showing the location of the valve. Can someone point me in the right direction. thanks
  2. Hi thank you for the help. the problem i have is the power loss problem and when ticking over the engine sounds uneven on the revs. read about these problems and some said about cleaning the valve. just thought is cant hurt giving it a clean. the car has done 70k
  3. Can anyone direct me to where i can get a step by step on how to remove the EGR valve of a 54 plate verso please.
  4. Hi, Hope someone can help. We took our Verso diesel on a 04 plate to our local garage to have a new clutch fitted which they did. We collected the car and after driving it a few miles we noticed the stirring was very hard when you turned left, almost like the power stirring was not working. we turned around to take it back and as we turned we could hear a clicking sound. when we got back to the garage they had a look and explained that something hadnt been aliend correctly and we had better leave it with them as it could damage the stirring. Picked the car up the next day and all seemed well until about 4 days later when we noticed that the VSC and TRC OFF lights had come on as well as the engine management light. Took it back and they claim that it was a loose ABS switch which they put back and reset the lights. Today about 2 weeks the lights are back on. My question is: when a clutch is fitted on this car is there anyway they could have damaged something that will cause the computer to put these faults up, bearing in mind they did admit they had not got the alignment right first time round. we are taking it back on monday and feel they will fob us off .
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