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  1. I don't really have any technical problems, it just looks ****. 1) Grey fonts are rubbish, change it to a simple black. 2) Remove all the black and grey backgrounds, it's depressing. I made a site like this 15 years ago when I thought I was a hacker, then I grew up and realised it wasn't user friendly. I agree with previous observations that the site has become comparatively slow and cumbersome but by using a series of filters in AdBlock Plus I've managed to remove most of the superfluous trimmings surrounding the actual forum and so improve page-load times. FWIW I have Firefox, Safari, IE, and Chrome available on the same machine so don't try and bull**** me about browser settings. This skin is simply rubbish and management need in the very least to provide an alternative 'Classic' skin for those of us who don't enjoy eye-strain. If someone wants to forward that to whomever 'Steve' is then go for it with my blessings, however I believe criticisms have more chance of being addressed (and not simply deleted) when they are aired in public.
  2. It's dreadful. I don't post much but find this site very informative and used to look in every day on my phone. Have given up now. T Please email me when a choice of skins is available, I'll pop back then.
  3. I get this happening every few weeks in winter, normally going uphill in 0degree temperatures. Happened today going through a tunnel on the flat though - I was accelerating, engine had just warmed up but the turbo intake was blocked by snow. Restarted the car and it happened again immediately, twice. Got out and cleared the turbo intake and all was good again (EM light stays on though). So my heavily scientific research indicates something to do with breathing...
  4. We had a few more feet last night, coming home at 5am I was leaving tyre, exhaust and towbar trails in the fresh stuff before the snowploughs started. Had to go in front of a colleague to make tracks he could drive in!
  5. Another metre forecast to fall this week... At least we're prepared for it here though, makes quite a difference. The tyres you have a highly rated by locals here but bit too expensive for me!
  6. I wasn't too fussed about the "Pirelli Scorpion Ice + Snow" tyres purchased last year so picked up two "BF Goodrich Winter Slalom KSI" this year and stuck them on the front (keeping two Pirellis on the rear). Am already quite impressed with their grip but without any noticeable sacrifice in terms of noise or comfort. Here's a little pic illustrating the depth of snowfall before their first real test session this week:
  7. Perhaps I've just been lucky then, but if the gadget gives you peace of mind then it's (possibly) worth the money. As for the port, it's under the fuse box next to the bonnet release switch (at your right knee when seated), but tucked up behind the plastic trim slightly - if you stick your head down there and look up you can't really miss it. On the diagram below it's located at the red dot. It looks a bit like a TV SCART socket in size I guess (used to connect videos/DVD players etc).
  8. Surely you'll only have to reset the clock and radio memory, hardly worth the expense of a gadget? I've not seen any other effects after disconnecting the battery. Anyway, I believe the socket is behind the dash by your right knee when you're in normal driving position.
  9. The flaps are fairly useless on a 4.2, definitely need steps to catch the muck hitting the spoilered bit of the lower rear doors - come summer mine are splattered with cow and sheep dung. I'm thinking rally flaps would be cheaper than steps (consider extra weight on fuel economy too) but even good versions of them cost a small packet.
  10. No help, but our BMW had this feature back in 1991 (hold key in position a few secs to close anything open) so it's certainly not new tech, guess Toyota just never get asked for it.
  11. Looks lovely, Enjoy! Though wonder what they'll use to jump start all the Landies now..?
  12. Haven't Kiwk Fit been doing this for a while now?
  13. I agree luck plays a large part in any demand for reimbursement from a third party, especially insurance firms, but - IMO as someone well outside the motor-trade - I suspect these warranties get most of their bad press because people don't read the small print and either initially buy an inappropriate level of cover or don't call to seek pre-approval before getting repairs done. Thanks to the extensive discussion and details on this forum I understood the expensive risk in buying an '04 model diesel and looked at the warranty policies for one that would specifically take on the DMF (with WD their 'Extra Care' covers flywheel, turbo and 4x4 systems). The second chap I spoke to at WD claimed to have previously worked for Toyota, was well aware of the historic problem, and didn't ask for any lengthy assessments or reports from the garage. Earlier this year they paid out to replace the fuel regulator valves and the mechanic there also expressed surprise that they agreed it immediately, but that job itself cost more than the annual policy cost so to then pay out for the DMF as well suggests to me they are honourable - I've been nothing but a loss to them. I did have to phone up to chase the DMF claim after a month but it was apparently just sitting in a 'to be reviewed' pile and I was called back within two hours to be told it had been approved by the supervisor. I hope the major issues are now resolved on this car, and so the policy has efficiently served its purpose. I'd be inclined to renew it just out of satisfaction at their service to date but have decided to export my car permanently to the continent and as such it would no longer be eligible.
  14. Re quoting: Assuming you've clicked the reply button on my post and what I'd written appears in your typing window, just delete everything except what you want to keep and the starting and trailing code containing the word QUOTE surrounded in little brackets. For example, when I click reply on your post I see this (ignore the colour coding, it just does that!): [quote name='rambler' timestamp='1321734594' post='1163423'] [ Even though I agree, isn't it odd that we won't trust an electronic hand brake but will put our faith in power steering, brake assist, ABS etc etc...? Yes ...but you are in the vehicle driving,when that stuff is used....hopefully in your control. When you apply the handbrake,generally you walk away....when the car is parked that is. You TRUST that the vehicle is anchored to the spot.....or is it??? By the way......on a slightly different note folks.... How do you partially quote a fellow members post ?....i've tried above,don't know if it will work.....here goes [/quote] So I just delete the lines I don't want, keep those I do, and preserve the [quote name='rambler' timestamp='1321734594' post='1163423'] [/quote]. Then type your new message at the bottom, after the [/quote]. You can click Preview in the window too to see if it has worked before publishing to the site.
  15. Even though I agree, isn't it odd that we won't trust an electronic hand brake but will put our faith in power steering, brake assist, ABS etc etc...? It's pretty much impossible for me not to park on a slope around here so always double up with the car in gear too, and maybe the wheels to the kerb if on a road. A runaway car demolished the yard wall of our house in Sheffield a good few years ago; was a new model Corsa at the time. It had slipped down from a side-road and even crossed a fairly busy road to get over to our place so it was lucky not to hit any other vehicles or pedestrians.