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  1. Hi all I have an Si 1.6 1996 corolla. If been trying to fix the starting problem for a while now and have been told that its a vacuum leak because there is high RPMs but from cleaning the throttle body, IAC valve and checking for leaks it doesnt seem to be the issue. When the driving along when slip it out of gear to role the idle is still around the 1200rpm when the engine is warm. Another thing is that if i let the car in gear and reaches low rpm it chugs in 1st 2nd and 3rd gears, not 4th or 5th. The clutch is bad in it but its strange that it only does it in the first three gears. During the week while driving and the car was warm, the volt gauge didnt seem to be giving an accurate reading and was bouncing and also the heating gauge went right up (checked today and all the coolant is gone from the reserve tank even though there is no signs of leaks and only filled it in November) for about 10 seconds and then back down again and then stayed at normal temp, and the radio is being weird with the mp3 player and the bluetooth (the radio is only a few weeks old) by them both cutting out. I did get it diagnosed in january and it came up with the MAP sensor so i changed that. He did say that it could be either the wiring or ECU as well. Im starting to think that its all related to the ECU? Has anyone had similar problems and found the cause?
  2. Hello to all, Iv been having trouble with the starting of the car the past few months. At first I thought it was an immobilizer issue amoungst many other but now im starting to think its an injector issue. It can take a while for the car to turn over and if it does start up straight it makes a type of gurgling noise and is chugging in the low revs (800rpm). After about 30secs it jumps up to 1500rpm (which is the revs my old 4efe engine would start on). There is also a lot of white/gray smoke. I know that white smoke is usually link to the head gasket but that seems to be fine, no coolant dropping/leaking. Also i had my NCT during the week so i put some of that injector stuff in to help bring emissions down. The smoke out the pipes dropped a lot while i was using that stuff and has come back towards the end of the week hence why im thinking its an injector issue. Is there a simple way to see if there is an open injector? Also is there an easy way of fixing this or would changing all the injectors be needed? From a clip i watched on youtube (different car but exactly the same type of start up and smoke out the pipes) they said it was the wiring. Is the wiring being cooked a common symptom for this engine in a corolla? Thanks for any advice
  3. Hey all, Im just wondering if anyone can help with a starting issue for my Si. Most of the time when i start her up it takes ages to start even when i have the foot on the accelerator. I sometimes even have to turn the key over twice or three times. I have already changed over the HT leads and plugs so theres a good spark (or should be anyway) and the petrol tank was changed and Iv used some of that petrol cleaner so the is clean going through. It doesnt sound like its the starter motor cause it does start and it sounds like its starting over before the car finally starts. Im starting to think if its the immobilisor but im not sure. is there a way i can test this?
  4. Actually managed to fix the passager window switch yesterday so all is good on that one :)
  5. Hello to all, On my e10 corolla I installed a roof mounted aerial rather then using the usual one that comes on the pillar. The thing is im not sure about what the path is for the best possible reception, could anyone give me advise? At the moment I have it going along the roof lining of the passengers side, but would it be better to bring it along the floor of the passenger side? Reception is better on the passenger side then the drivers side. What is the path like on a 20v and an e12 corolla? Also the passenger window switch on the drivers switch is being funny on putting the window down. It will bring it up with no problems but i have to push the switch down hard 3 times before it goes down and if i take my fingure off the switch then want to bring it down further i have to do the same process again. I know the switches are a fairly common thing to go on the e10 corollas. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for any help Shane
  6. Hey, I changed over the aerial on my e10 to a roof mounted one. I bought a fairly cheapy one off eBay €12 it cost. It isn't too bad decent enough reception out of it but I did buy a booster to help it along. The path can be a problem as wer I sit I brought it along the drivers roof and turned out I was effecting the signal haha. If u go for an after market one off eBay u can buy one with the booster already in it, just make sure that u follow the path of the old one
  7. Chears man, just got round to doing that today and it worked a treat :-) always wondered what them holes where for haha
  8. Hello to all, Went changing the breaks on the car the pads I managed to change all but the disc on the left side of the car won't seem to come off even if I belt it a few times with the rubber headed malet. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it off? Iv also tried spraying it with wd 40 and still no move Thanks for any help
  9. Sounds like an untidy rola man, ****ty buzz u wasted ur time. Ya I know how u feel about people who put up ads for bad cars. Last year went to see a car with my bro and by god was that one piece of craps. But there's plenty of others out there so hopefully your manage to find a good one :-)
  10. Hey lad. Iv owned two 96 corollas a 1.3 GS and a SI. When ur looking be sure to check the inner arches for any bulges inwards, some people may do the dog on the them and that's a good way to see if it's been crashed. If it's got electrical windows on the doors then they are prone to malfunctioning, the engines are pretty damn sold in these cars never had much trouble with them other then when the battery needed changing and other age wearing parts. A good way to see if it's been clock (if ur having doubts over the mileage) then the numbers on the meter won't line up properly as they go around. The sunroof does also like to stop twice when ur sliding it forwards. Be sure to test the rear window defogger, on the gs that never worked even tho there was power going thro the stripes. At the minute that's all I can think of but if I can remember anything else il let you know :-). Good luck
  11. No probs lad :) let us know how it gets on
  12. Hey to all, Iv got an e10 corolla and iv changed of the aerial to a roof mounted aerial rather then using the old one on the pillar. I had it going along the roof on the drivers side but was getting fairly bad reception so i bought a booster which help a small bit. Today i changed the path of the wire to the passangers side, the reception became a bit better. I dont have the wire going between the metal in the roof just between the plastic and the roof lining. So just wondering where would be the best path to bring this wire to get the best reception? Would bringing it in the metal in the roof help to boost the reception or would it be better bring it down along the floor? If anyone has done this before (surely someone has) could they give me some advise on how to get the best reception :) Thanks in advance
  13. Hey, My Si had a bit of starting up from time to time but usually when the engine is cool. Before I used to have to pump the accelerator pedal but I changed over the HT leads, distributor cap and the rotor inside there and it starts up first go now, sometimes a bit odd once started but havent had to pump the pedal down since iv changed them. Might be worth a shot, the whole lot costs about €100 and easy to change :)
  14. Ya found it a bit odd alright. Though in terms of the petrol iv been using I know its good cause iv been using the same petrol station for 5yrs and was grand on the old corolla i had. Though i did add some of that stuff to help clean the injectors, could the smell be coming from that? like before I didnt smell petrol Ya a mechanic I know said hed give it a look over towards the end of the weekend, but figured it might be handy to put up a forum about it incase someone had the problem and knew what it was. Yera I changed them parts just incase, twas worth changing them anyway. The timing belt hadnt been done in 70,000miles so better change those parts that I can incase they havent been changed in a long time
  15. Think I should add this bit of info may help Just started her up there and she start up fine, sitting in the 800rpm but sounded a bit rough and there was also a strong smell of petrol while she was running
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