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  1. After checking all the fuses and connection at the rear window and finding no fault I sat in the car and realised I had been pressing the wrong switch. There are two with similar motifs. The correct one is just to the left of the steering column. I've only had the car 5 years, what a muppet!
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll see if I can borrow a multimeter and check it.
  3. Hi there, just noticed now that winter has landed the hrw in my 2007 avensis tourer has stopped working. The 30amp fuse under the bonnet appears intact as does the 10amp at the back of the glove box. The light on the switch illuminates ok. Where to next? Thanks
  4. Had my 2.2d4d tinted a good few years ago. They did a brilliant job. The two pass windows are slightly less intense than the tailgate and boot side windows. Now worrying about how long engine will last.
  5. Probably no heip to you, but what makes a head gasket fail? Lack of maintenance, style of driving or sods law. My 2.2 d4d has 101k, is it on borrowed time. Can I do anything to prevent it happening?
  6. Get a qualified auto electrician to do the job it will save you anguish in the long run.
  7. A friend has a 53 reg 2.0d4d. Like a skip inside but has 230k under its belt and just got through the mot with no advisories.
  8. Buy a bottle of redex diesel additive and add to the tank at your next tankful and give the car a good hrashing through the gears worked for me althought the egr valve may need cleaning. All the best.
  9. Are the days of economical diesel engines numbered? Probably not. I chose a 2.2 diesel because I tow a caravan. However if that weren't the case a 1.4 petrol would seem to be the way to go. Vw put a 1.4 petrol in the passat and tiguan. Skoda likewise offer one in the Superb. All are consideraby cheaper than their diesel equivalents and are nearly as economical, but are these to strangled by emissions technology. More to the point is the egr valve on a 2.2d4d engine causing the engine to overheat and then the hg fails. on a more festive note, I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotamy. happy new year!
  10. It seems there is a huge problem with these engines when the head gasket fails for no apparent reason. My car has 95k on the clock so I am anticipating the worst. Had the egr valve cleaned recently which was virtually choked with carbon. Has anybody any tips other than regular oil changes servicing etc that can prolong the life of this engine. A friend has a 53reg d4d 2.olitre which has 230k on the clock and still going strong. Can it be there are many 2.2 d4d engines out there with no problems where the owners are unaware of the fickleness of this engine.
  11. Hi John, last year I found the same lights trc, vsc eng mang kept illuminating, had the car serviced mot, d no change they still kept appearing then going off. I now chuck a bottle of redex diesel additive in every other full tank. Fingers crossed I, ve had no lights coming back on for last 6months. tesco periodically sell it for £2 a bottle. Give it a try. Good luck
  12. Thanks Lee, this is what makes this forum great. Useful information. When the weather clears I will be able to strip the boot out to get to the problem. Happy Xmas. Ben.
  13. Hi there, I need to get to a faulty towing relay that is behind the nearside panel in the boot . Can anybody tell me how to get to that area ,I have removed the trays above the spare wheel but cant see any screws or bolts that allow removal.
  14. I have a 2007 2.2d4d tourer. Have done 95k. The car does 42mpg on non motorway journeys. 50ish on the motorway. I put a bottle of redex diesel additive in at every other tankful. It seems to stop the lights appearing trc, eng management etc. Tesco sells it periodically for £2. The car needs a good thrashing occasionally to clear the cobwebs. Good luck.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Jacked the car up opened the little panel. Looks like the oil filter is leaking. Car going in for mot tuesday so I'll get it sorted then. I'm told that tightening the housing to much can crush the sealing ring thereby causing a leak.