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  1. Thanks for the advice, hopefully I can get around to the shops to buy the glues and paints this weekend to attempt the repair. Given what you have said about the potential current draw it sounds as though the conductive paint after glueing the terminal back to the glass might work better, although I can imagine that being a more involved job.
  2. They seemed to take the POV that I had somehow knocked it off with something, and said the whole rear windscreen needs replacing. Quote was north of £300 so I am going to get a few more quotes, although I am not encouraged by Autoglass's £400+ quote :( Feels like a lot particularly as there is nothing else wrong with the glass itself. Also considering a DIY repair to the connection, figure that if I botch it it doesn't change the requirement to replace the whole glass. Anyone have experience reattaching detached terminals?
  3. Hi, The rear demister/defogger on my 08 Yaris stopped working over the weekend, and when I had a look over it I found that one of the terminals has detached from the glass, severing the connection completely. What can I do to fix this? My car is still in its warranty period, is this something that would or should be covered, and therefore worth asking Mr T to fix? Thanks. :)
  4. Mileage at MOT about 36600 miles. The extra 2 years is a 'used car' warranty which was part of the deal for Approved Used cars when I bought the car. It is less comprehensive than the original warranty but still covers defects and MOT failures due to engine or drivetrain issues. Thanks for the info about the warranty, and again just a thought ... did you actually report all the faults listed or were they "found" by the garage ..... hmmmm! .Regards Pete. If the dealer 'finds' problems that are covered by the warranty that's fine by me :D. Crunchy gearbox was something I noticed, the other 2 were found by VSR and MOT repsectively.
  5. Mileage at MOT about 36600 miles. The extra 2 years is a 'used car' warranty which was part of the deal for Approved Used cars when I bought the car. It is less comprehensive than the original warranty but still covers defects and MOT failures due to engine or drivetrain issues.
  6. I have now had my Yaris TR for about 6 months, and it's been a decent car for the past 2000 miles. It gets me from A to B, the 1.3 motor has plenty of go on the motorways, it doesn't guzzle petrol, and the folding rear bench and abundance of cabin storage make it very practical for the varied uses I put the car through. However, one of the big factors in choosing Toyota was their reliability record, and in light of that, and the many positive comments about the Yaris on this forum, the faults the car has developed are leaving me slightly disappointed. The car has had 3 warranty repairs so far since I bought it used in October 2010. I have not had to wash the car myself yet because it has had to go into the garage so many times. Before I list problems I would like to highlight though that Cambridge Toyota have been very good with their service and have done their best to rectify the issues encountered every time. So what has gone wrong? November 2010, discovered crunchy gearbox, it went in and got a new selector shaft, many thanks to TOCers for bringing this to attention February 2011, post-winter VSR found leaky driveshaft seal, it got replaced April 2011, went for first MOT, failed on wheel bearing, replaced and retested Perhaps I just got unlucky with this one :) If the problem rate keeps up I plan to trade the car in (or just not have a car any more) before the warranty ends in 2013.
  7. A question for the more experienced owners of cars in general: it is likely that I shall need to replace my Yaris's tyres at some point this year, as they are all getting to the 2-3mm wear level. Are there better times or months in the year for buying and fitting tyres (i.e. when they are cheaper)? I notice that tyre prices seem to have risen a fair bit since December.
  8. My Yaris came with Yokohama E70B on the back and Pirelli P6000. They work well enough although the Pirellis seem a bit dodgy in the wet (steering pulls around slightly on uneven roads in the rain). I'll probably need new tyres this year and they won't be P6000s.
  9. Good for you! :) Cambridge Toyota have also been pretty good with warranty repairs so far. I have had the selector shaft and the boot parcel shelf done. Also a driveshaft seal warranty job, don't know where that fault came from. Didn't know the warranty covered the boot struts as well since I have had issues with the hatch not opening all the way as well, shall consider trying the warranty again as the car is also due for servicing and first MOT soon. Is the notchy shift to second when cold something that can persist after the selector shaft is fixed? My car's gearshifts were smooth after the selector shaft was replaced, but after the driveshaft seal replacement (where there was a defective part which apparently caused oil to pour out) it's not been as good again, although better than before the selector fix.
  10. My 1.3 TR plays MP3 discs too. I use CD-RWs (so I can keep reusing one disc to change my playlist every few weeks).
  11. I have had my Yaris 1.3 TR for about 4 months/1400 miles, and have been getting on average 39mpg or so, there is a link to my Fuelly page for the car in my sig. I do a lot of urban driving, with 1 or 2 100-mile motorway round trips to London per month. My personal feeling is that this is a bit less than expected based on the official figures, but I'll wait until the summer before judging to see if it's just a cold-weather fuel economy penalty.
  12. I like my 2008 TR 1.3, it has enough power for jaunts down the M11 to London and is happy slinking around town at low revs. Have had problems with the gearbox (sometimes difficult to shift, but gets smoother as the car warms up) since buying it 3 months ago, but otherwise it is a good car. Decently comfortable, and there's enough space for three in the back. I'm relatively new to Yaris ownership though, so consider my thoughts more like impressions :) If you're doing lots of miles though the diesel might be a better choice. More powerful and economical.
  13. VSR that I sent the car in for to check out the brakes discovered a leaky oil seal on one of the driveshafts. It has just been replaced under warranty. It might be going back in again. I suspect something else was amiss with the repair because gearchanges are more difficult than before the repair, 1st-2nd being particularly difficult again (previously the issue detailed in the thread titled 'Gearbox Crunch'). Since the selector shaft has already been changed, maybe it's just something to do with the gearbox oil, as they would presumably need to top up the oil that had leaked out. A bit disappointed with Toyota for this one.
  14. I'm 25 and paying £900 for my 08 Yaris with no NCB at all, and a fairly new licence to boot. Just being slightly older makes things so much cheaper, the under-25s seem to just get hit hard. As for young drivers' insurance, I have read that Adrian Flux do try to do things for young drivers, especially those with modified cars.
  15. I suspect that offer will come when I do my service and first MOT in April. Toyota rep did mention that I might want to consider it at the end of the year. Just hope the drive shaft issue is the last problem I'll have with my car for a while....
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