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  1. Thanks for the reply. Its good to know that this should not be a problem, other than i know its not good for the engine to do short runs in general, i just thought that we may have another problem to contend with!! Do short journeys harm the cat converter?
  2. Hi All, I was reading that doing short runs on a Rav with a DPF will cause problems?? Can you please tell me what happens, what the symtoms are, and what is required to fix the problem if it occurs?? My wife uses the car mostly, and does loads of short journeys, although the car does also do some long ones!!??!! Thanks in advance for your help, Neil
  3. Hi, the tyres are not actually RFT's as in the link above - they do not have the reinforced sidewalls, instead they have the support ring fitted that the tyre runs on if deflated, and it keeps the tyre bead in place, hence no RFT markings on the tyre (if i remember correctly i think mine are Bridgestone Duellers H/T 687). Thats why they are not marked up as RFT's, because they are not, its run flat tyre technology with the BSR. Hope that helps.
  4. Goodday one and all First of all i would like to say hi to one and all as this is my first post here!! Been a lurker here for some time, but due to recent unfortunate event regards runflats, i thought i would ponder on pros and cons of these dreaded things. Now i have read all the previous posts, and wonder if there is something i am missing. Is the main drawback of these things down to the problem of finding someone to work on them?? The thing is, surely, its a great thing to be able to continue driving with a flat tyre, albeit at reduced speed, to get to the main dealer to hopefully have it repaired/replaced? If we were to replace the tyres with normal ones, and got a puncture that tyreweld could not fix, were stuck, and cannot move on at all!!??!! Other advantages i hear are that these tyres are less susceptible to punctures, ard are much more safer in a blowout. It seems there are arguments on both sides, but how do you all feel about the pros and cons yourselves?? I must admit, after my recent, as yet not repaired puncture i have, i am almost at the point of totally giving up on the RAV because of these and buying something else instead, which is a shame because its a great car!! Unfortunately i need all the space i can, so carrying a spare in the boot is not an option for me. It seems crazy that Toyota can even think of supplying a car without a spare wheel, as i look at other vehicles now with envy when i see their spare, and ponder on what a wonderful invention that is!!??!! Lastly, i remember Anchorman saying that he was going to have a meeting with Toyota to see if there is any way forward on this to support us better than we are being at the moment, did this ever happen??? Anyway folks, thanks for your time and i look forward to your comments