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  1. Well here's an update.... My handbrake failed today. I went to the dealers who diagnosed a duff actuator. Luckily I'm still in warranty (just!) so it is being fixed Wednesday. I do hope this isn't a common problem on this model Avensis.......
  2. Sorry, not been on for a while so only just stubled upon this. Last year I bought a complete set of winter wheels from for my 2009 T4 Tourer. I paid about £100 for each complete wheel (steel wheel with Nangkang SV-1 tyre.) I got them mainly because of my travels to Germany, where winter tyres are a legal requirement. I was a little concerned that the cheapers tyres (due to cost!) wouldn't have performed well in the winter, but I shouldn't have worried! The weather was clear through Europe until we hit the Locken Pass in the German Apls. The snow was hammering down and you couldn't see the road. I have to say the car didn't miss a beat. Even thougn it's an auto it made brilliant progress through the snow with the winter tyres on. I dread to think what would've happend if I'd had my summer Bridgestones on. We would have been well and truely stuck, not to mention on the wrong side of the law! I'm planning on swapping back to my winter wheels in the next couple of weeks and looking forward to a winter free of hassles due to the weather, here and in Europe.....
  3. I'd be interested to now the outcome of this. My car has done the same miles and I'm guessing I'm going to get spun the same line when my car goes in for a service next week. Do any of you guys know if there are any easy ways we can check the pads (dash warning lights etc) and not just take the dealerships word for it that they are worn out. How much "meat" should be left on them before they are changed? Call my cynical, but I'm loathed to pay all that money out if there's plenty of life left in the existing pads.
  4. Today I booked an Intermediate service with my local Toyota dealership for next Wednesday. My car has done just over 20,000 miles, but this will be its third service as a full service was done when I bought the car at 11,000 (it's only 18 months old.) They offered an "engine flush' for an additional £21.50 on top of the £169 service price, and what with me being a bit green when it comes to cars, I said yes. However, after looking around here and getting further advice it would seem that this additional "service" is completely unnecessary if the car is well maintained in line with the Toyota requirements. I consequently phoned them to say I now don't want this done. I must admit I'm a bit miffed at initially falling for what seems like a con by the dealerships to fleece more money. :ffs: Surely if MR T wanted the engine flushed he'd write it into his service schedule?........
  5. Hi Guys. As for re-gassing, yes, car a/c systems should be fully 'vacced-out' before adding new refrigerant if you're going to do it properly. Car a/c systems use very small amounts of refrigerant gas compared to commercial / industrial systems, so getting the quantity right is crucial. Add too much and the compressor will die in no time. You can buy the top-up kits from Halfords etc where you can add refrigerant yourself, but this is a very hit-and-miss way of doing it. If it were my car I'd be doing a full vac-out and re-fill. As for the smelly air in the cabin, the first thing to check, and the most likely cause is a dirty cabin filter. Take out the glovebox and it sits just behind there. The filter will slide straight out once the glovebox is out of the way. If it's full of dirt / clogged-up, change it and you should be all sorted and smell free! Simples! :) Failing that, your condensate line may be blocked meaning the condensate water sits around the coil rather than drain out. If it gets trapped it can get into the cabin and go stale in no-time. Are there any damp patches in the front footwells? Like I said, the most likely thing causing it is a blocked filter, so I'd check / change that first. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the link. Going to order these. No probs! The ebay site Thermal mentions does now have the Toyota clips in stock, but the price for shipping them in from the States makes them very expensive!
  7. Guys, I recently bought some clips for my Avensis. I measured the hole (7mm) and went from there. I ended up buying THESE. I know they say they're Merc clips, but I went by the hole diameter and they worked a treat, so I can definately recommend the guy I got them from. And at only a fiver for 25 clips inc. p&p, I think thats a bargain! Hope this helps.
  8. Or so the missus (a cop) tells me. hehe!
  9. I'm not too worried. The scumbags don't tend to target our sort of cars. "I nicked a Toyota Avensis" doesn't have much kudos in car thieving circles. ;-)
  10. Thermal, yes, please PM me details. Cheers, Ian.
  11. Oh, an as fluffmeister says, don't bother with any extra cables as you really don't need them. Everything works seemlessly through Bluetooth - phone, music streaming, everything! All I've got is a cheapo iPhone car charger from fleabay for use if the iPhone battery gets low.
  12. My car is the T4 Tourer. Both the missus an I LOVE the sat-nav and sound system! The nav is superb. I'm sure it's the same system Audi use as the graphics and woman barking her orders though the speakers are exactly the same as on our Audi A4. As for the sound system, both our iPhones hook up with no problems. So much so, that a CD hasn't been within 50 feet of our car. True, you do have to pretty much control the playback through your iPhone (you can only play and pause on the nav screen), but I just make up a playlist and I'm set. It also pauses etc when a call comes though. I should also add that the Bluetooth phone system is second to none. You can call from the phone, dial from the nav screen and control from the steering wheel. You can even upload your contacts to the hard drive and set up speedials, which can be accessed via the voice recognition system - very cool! Also, call quality is crystal clear. Believe me, the Avensis and iPhone are a match made in heaven. Absolutely superb!
  13. I too have a 2009 Avensis Tourer with this system. Like Brooksm says, it does make you very lazy! I can't help but smile when i see people getting into cars "the old fashioned way." I can't fault the system and wouldn't be without it now.
  14. Hello

    Sorry to bother you but you seem to know about air conditioning and wondered if you could look at my recent post about leaking air con.