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  1. Cheers guys, as far as I know, the car has no modifications from standard. The temp. gauge shows the car getting up to temperature as normal. Is the best way to find these sensor problems to take it to a main dealer and hook it up to their computer?
  2. Please help, my st205 GT4 is experiencing boost problems. It only happens sometimes, especially when it's wet, and the car will only boost to around 3/4 on the gauge. I can switch the engine off, wait a while, start it back up again and it will be fine. Anyone any ideas please????
  3. Here's a photo of my silver st205. I have 17" Mille Miglia Evo's on it. Should have gone for bigger one's but I think they suit the car anyway. They shine really well when clean. You will need to use spacers on the front though, otherwise they catch the monster calipers!
  4. My '95 St205 GT4 WRC has just developed an annoying squeaking from the front passesger side suspension. Anyone with any ideas, or had the problem before? :( Also, I have been told that Mongoose do a full stainless system for my car that replaces the CAT, and that it will give very good performance gains. Is this true, as I was told it by a salesman, and think he might be full of s@#t?
  5. My '95 WRC has just developed the exact same squeak from the offside front suspension. Have you found anything out about the cause of yours yet? The ignition barrell on my motor does illuminate (and makes an annoying beeping sound when the key is in and the ignition off!), but I too only have the drivers window switch illuminated. Comments much appreciated.
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