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  1. The following advice is intended as a guide as to how to replace the fuel filter in a Toyota Rav 4, 4.3. Tools Required: Non-latex gloves (do not underestimate the mess diesel will make of your hands.. nasty stuff!) 10mm spanner or socket Old rags or kitchen roll Pipe grips Jam jar Removal With the bonnet open, locate the fuel filter at the back right of the engine bay, behind the air filter: Remove the air filter by unclipping the three clips round the side and prising open from the front. Unscrew the clamp with either a large cross head
  2. Thanks folks. Yep, really chuffed.
  3. The bad news on that front is she is daughter number 2!!
  4. So this is you secret: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HLuFq9fPn0
  5. I'd like to tell my friends on here that Mrs Wibbler just had a wee girl. Me a happy guy. And i took her home in my Rav (There's the Toyota link)
  6. She'd earn a star for that?
  7. webleymk3


    Spot on. He said "it should be about 15 minutes or so at about £15... maybe £12... it won't be much"
  8. webleymk3


    Probably not, but possible. We have a "floater" techie who does not have much work booked to him, he is able to help others on over running jobs and to handle any drop in's. They might have had a few slots they wanted to fill, and were selecting some customers who were on their contact list. When a jobcard is invoiced, there will be a facility to make a future contact, if somebody suggested the pads needed inspecting in 6 months, then a flag is raised on your customer record and the call should happen in 6 months, its the way it should work! You were being called back for a visual inspection I
  9. webleymk3


    This was at Western Toyota in Edinburgh. I have to be honest they went through a really bad patch where their customer service was nothing short of God-awful, but they have recently stepped up their game and I'm genuinely becoming impressed with them. They're not cheap but I believe their prices are standard Toyota prices so they are what they are. I have found them to be good at checking for things. This is obviously in their favour as it generates work so fair play to them, but it also give me a relative amount of confidence that the job is being done properly; so everyone's a winner, right
  10. webleymk3


    Call from Mr T this morning.. Mrs T: “Hello. At your last service we had some recommendations for work to be done. Would you like to bring you car in for a FREE inspection to see how the parts are wearing and if the work is required now” Me: “What was the work?” Mrs T: “Disks and pads are wearing” Me: “Yes, lets book that in tomorrow morning.” Mrs T: “That’s fine.” Me: “Great, I’ll put my winter alloys and tyres in the car, can you put those back on instead and chuck the summer ones in the boot” Mrs T: “No problem but that will be chargeable for labour” Me: But you’ve already got the wheels of
  11. Oh and they are proper waterproof.
  12. We use these and they are braw! http://www.petsathome.com/shop/boot-and-rear-seat-cover-by-pets-at-home-24407 It fastens to the headrests so when you drop the seats they cover the seat backs. We have a second one as when dropped it doesn't quite reach the end of the boot. In londonshire but will take photos when home t'marra.
  13. Thanks guys. All joking aside we're talking about a serious quantity of fireworks. It's not just a couple of boxes, It's about 4 tonnes of professional fireworks including some at 1.1G. You don't get a higher grade explosive.
  14. Hey all. My brother's fireworks company in Edinburgh called '21cc Fireworks' was raided last night. Trying to get the word out there as this is huge so please spread the word... Here's what STV News have said about it: Fireworks worth £65,000 have been stolen from near an industrial estate in Linlithgow, police said. Around 4800 professional-quality fireworks were taken from 21cc Fireworks at Saw Mill near Hopetoun Estate sometime between Saturday and Monday. Police said the fireworks could cause serious injury or even death if misused and warned members of the public only to buy from reputabl
  15. I have Yokohama W-Drives which are superb. I travelled a few pretty hairy journeys up the A9 in heavy snow and I was the only car to sit comfortably in the outside lane. An excellent tyre which not only gives good snow grip but outstanding water displacement too. If you wangle you can get them for about £135 each. And as they are not directional treads you can swap them back to front and left to right which is handy.
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