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  1. hey guys . got her starting . took off that black box, solenoid was there thanks everybody
  2. hey mate . its bad pic but that looks fully mechanical .. did not get a chance to look at car yet but i will do tomorrow fingers crossed B)
  3. Hi mate was gettin around 45-50 gal . as for fuel controll yes it is controlled by E C U . i cant hear anything clickin that black box at back of pump . i would like too remove it , but there seems too be anti tamper screws on it . i wonder is the solenoid located behide this black box?? i was thinkin of removing the pump and fitting an old manual pump off 1.8 corolla . not sure if this will work tho??
  4. Hi. let me 1st say thank you very much for replying . as you have named the wiring colours . they do not seem to be the same as mine. white, red/black and yellow/red i have. when i turn on ignition there is 12volts at all 3 wires 2 power in and one power out which is the yellow/red wire. i am not sure where this wire leeds too. cheers John.
  5. hi guys , as above things i have tried checked for diesel at injectors not a drop. so then i looked at injector pump there is 3 wires going into the back of it. what are theses wires for immobilizer? if so what way is it wired up can it be bypassed? as i do not want too spend money i do not have at moment any help would be great
  6. as above , the gear ratios in 1.8 diesel corolla are they the same as 2.0 litre diesel corolla??? cheers john.
  7. Hi guys , anyone every remove dash from carina?? cheers john
  8. Hi there.. im john from Ireland, i drive 1989 corolla . i also have a 97 toyota carina 2lt turbo diesel. what im doing at the moment is removing the engine from carina , hoping too plant it into corolla. so i shall have loads of questions for you guys cheers john