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  1. just leave it out side for 10 minuetes it'll be white then :D
  2. that'll polish out , a bit of t-cut sorted
  3. happened to me last year :( im lucky i have a work van , bent a rim on the kirm last winter but the rolla live in her garage most of the winter.
  4. where can i get black rear lights in the uk ?
  5. sliding on the ice , so as long as the sound isnt followed by a loud bang (lampost) you will be fine
  6. well it wasnt as oily as ak and n but it was certainley pre-treated, i fitted it before i left for work this morning , theres no real noise differance but it does rev a little easyer and go a bit better ,worth the cash i would say
  7. it came pre oiled and ready to fit the only downside was blitz didnt put and stickers in the box :o
  8. i already have a nice pipe going straight to the front grill, it arrived 10 minuets ago ill fit it tonight and update you tomorrow
  9. well mate ,i just read this and ordered one . i hope your right mate . ant noise differance?
  10. i use 35mm pi springs, some maufacturers will state 1.4>1.8 but they wont fit they must say for t-sport model only
  11. i guessing 6mm -found one ebay £3.50 thanks for the input lads
  12. do you know the inside diamter of the pipe ?
  13. toyota want £46 :censor: but all of you pre face lift t sport owners would have removed this when fitting you induction kit, please in in need
  14. i need a fuel check valve very urgantly , (you know the blue and black thing from the inlet to the airbox) and i willing to pay , mine has cracked in half and im in need , not only will i pay but tha karma you will get in return will be awesome god like status adam 07786855390
  15. i bought it from motor-world mate, in sealed packaging.