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Found 197 results

  1. so, it seems I lost one of the keyfobs for keyless entry 😞 toyota want 350 for a new cut and programmed key, has anyone had to get a spare key? is it easy to erase a second hand key from a breaker before programming via techstream? open to suggestions to see if I can get away with something less expensive :S Thanks!
  2. dirarko

    Buying a new Toyota

    Hello, I currently own a 2008 Corolla, it's a great car. But the MMT gearbox is not reliable at all. While it's working, everything is perfect, but it can suddenly break without any previous warnings. Anyway, I am upgrading the car to a 2015 model Toyota, and I haven't decided whether to get The Auris 2015 station Hybrid or Corolla 2015. Any advice? Thanks
  3. Hi there. I just wondered if anyone knows what has caused this. It looks as though something is pushing through from behind the bumper. It's cracked the paintwork and the car is only 1.5 years old. Took it to the dealer but they said they don't have an idea what's wrong. I've seen a few pictures of damage in the exact same place on the internet but on bumpers that were on sale on ebay, Gumtree etc Any ideas would be appreciated. David
  4. Hello everyone, I've got Auris 2009 1.6 Valvematis S-A, since couple months there is a constant strange noise coming from the front of the car, only when driving between 30-55mph. Its not a gearbox I reckon, cuz it stays same when im switching to lower or higher gear. Other thing is it only appears when im accelerating slowly (quiet when gas pedal is not pressed). Sounds like frictions, rather low sound than high. Drove over 5k miles and it stays same, nothing over 55mph. Did anyone have same problem? Car is working fine its just that annoying sound. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I own a toyota auris hybrid 2012 and the horn sometimes doesn't work, the local dealer said it's related to the spiral cable, I saw toyota has a recall for exactly this issue but my car is not participating in this recall. I've tried getting the manufacture email but without success. did anyone encounter this issue? how can i tell the relevant part number if i want to order it from ebay?
  6. My car needs a new MMT computer and a clutch and a replacement for the faulty actuator. What's the most economical way to get this done, since none of the parts are covered in my 3rd party warranty?
  7. Hello, I've recently purchased an Auris 1.3 2009 and I've been having a look around but can't seem to find the AUX port. Does it even have one? If so, where do I need to look? If it doesn't, what do you recommend I get so I can connect my iPod to the car? Thanks, J.
  8. Mutombo77

    Auris TNS510 need Help !!

    Hi, i hope someone can help me, i am trying to change my W53848 head unit for a TNS510, when i connected all the plugs, i have one 8pin left with no socket on the TNS510. when i try to use the phone it says "no service available" and the steering wheel controls dont work for the phone. I read here i can connect the 8pin with the 20pin connector than my phone will work and the steering wheel buttons too... But how ? I have other cable colors and pin Numbers my car is Auris Hybrid 2011 And my original Radio w53848 Can i use the factory microphone which is in my car ? Or i have to buy other microphone ?
  9. Eezehaul Paul

    How to reset Auris 2018 TPMS

    I have searched Google, You Tube and many other sites but can anyone tell me how to reset the TPMS in a 2018 Toyota Auris Hydrid? It appears there is a reset button to push on older models but I certainly cannot locate one on the 2018 Auris. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  10. I have an intermittent failure of the cruise control to increase speed in response to a single click up. This sometimes work and sometimes I need to give up after multiple clicks and use the speeder instead (or hold the cruise control arm up, which always works) to get the necessary speed. I asked my dealership about this and they don't know about this type of problem (at least for newer cars, mine is from 2018). We tried to reproduce the problem but was not failing at the time. (They suggested there is no such feature to gradually increase the speed by single click, but it does work sometimes, and is clearly stated in the manual as well.) When the fault occurs I click up the cruise control arm and notice that the engine does not rev up and the speed is unchanged even after waiting 5-10 seconds and clicking up multiple times. I have not noticed the fault to correlate with any particular speed and the road is usually flat. Clicking down to reduce speed always works. Did any of you experience something similar? How can I convince my dealer to take a serious look into bad wiring, software issues, etc. given that I can't reliably reproduce the issue during a 5 minute drive and there are no error codes emitted? Thank you, Andreas
  11. JockEssex

    Auris hybrid manual

    During a house move I have lost my owners manual for a 2017 Auris Hybrid Touring Sports, anybody any ideal where I can get hold of a physical one (not PDF). My local dealer cannot help. Thanks.
  12. Dear Experts, I bought a Toyota Auris 1.4 D4D (with ~120k km, year 2008) two years ago. Breakdown: All went well until last week when it suddenly stopped after a ***** and I couldn't change the gear. Preliminary issues: 1. IF I drive above 30kmph in second gear, I hear some rattling sound. Similarly, If I drive more that 50kmph in 3rd gear I again hear rattling. 2. Pickup is generally less. 3. When changing first to second gear I hear some squeaking sound or facing grinding resistance. After the breakdown, Insurance vehicle towed and took it to the Toyota main dealer. Initially they said there is a problem in the clutch assembly and flywheel. Two days later, they mentioned that bearings in the gearbox also needs to be replaced. The bill is unexpected it is ~2000+450 (VAT). Of which major components were: a) 13 man hours lead to euros 800, b) fly wheel euros 350 and Clutch Disc assembly euros 200 and (d) Clutch cover assembly euro 100. Bearings in the gear box costs around 450 euros. Please find the status of the parts in the images attached. I am a bit convinced about the replacement of the clutch. Query: 1. Is it necessary to replace the fly wheel ? Can't we resurface the flywheel by machining the surface a bit ? Is it also because the showrooms doesn't usually have lathe, they prefer to replace the flywheel ? Appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.
  13. Parky74

    Unreliable 2015 Auris diesel

    I have a 2015 Auris 1.6 D4D and have had nothing but problems with it. I bought it brand new, and whilst the dealer is repairing it under the warranty, I just feel that it is a joke that I am expected to keep taking it back for repair. It's broken down 8 times now over the past year, 7 of those within the past 6 months. It's had 2 EGR Valves, been in twice for a "loose wire on the Air-flow Meter" which turned out to be the dealer's fault because they'd left it off, a "loose pipe on a gasket" and finally a new ECU. Despite all this the car is still suffering from a fault in which the cruise control switches off several times a day. I don't mean that it simply disengages, as I know that it will do this under certain circumtances, but it actually completely turns off and will not turn back on unless I park it and restart the engine, at which point it works again for a short time and then switched off. Toyota have stated that this is a "feature" of the vehicle. A feature?! So a function on the car that doesn't work correctly is a feature? Is anyone else having similar problems as I have tried to return the car back to Toyota and they are refusing to take it back? I have even been to the Financial Ombudsman, but they ruled against us because Toyota lied about the amount of repairs the car had had. They left off all the repeat repairs which is what would have given us the right to reject it under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
  14. Álvaro Tarazona

    How to get more hp in an Auris?

    Hello I have a 1.6 2017 Auris. I am looking for more hp, any suggestions for what would come first and how much of an improvement can be achieved? I have not found anything on Trd. Thanks in advance
  15. Dre89

    Water leak in boot

    I've recently purchased a 2007 Mk1 Toyota Auris and have discovered that I have a leak in the boot. The leak is on the passenger side of the boot and I have finally managed to locate the source of the leak. Water is dripping from a vent above the rear passenger light access panel. I've searched the forum and have seen a number of topics talking about a vent behind the bumper and I'm not sure if this is the same vent. I've attached some images of the leak and would be grateful if anyone can tell me how I can go about fixing this. Thanks.
  16. Hi Guys I apologise in advance if this has already been discussed but I have looked was unable to find anything similar to my here it goes. I found something similar here but can't make out whether its the same issue.. My 2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid T-Spirit has steering problems when turning at very low speeds, approximately below 15mph as far as I can tell. It also occurs whilst stationary. When the wheel is straight and I turn around approx. 30-40 degree to the right, it makes a clunk which is felt through the steering wheel. It also occurs when i turn right after i turn left.. I have attached a short clip to demonstrate the issue better as my wording might confuse people. The car is parked on a slight inclined driveway but the noise also occurs whilst the car is flat. VID-20171125-WA0003.mp4 I have had a feel on the column shaft under the steering wheel and I can roughly feel the vibration/knocking there (picture attached) I am really worried as to what it can be and whether its an expensive fix . I know Toyota Hybrids have been subjected to a recall a few years back but when I check online, it says no recalls are due on the vehicle. Any help is extremely appreciated!!!! Thank you :)
  17. ziauris

    Auris 2007 wiper blades

    Hi all, My Auris 2007 1.6 petrol came with HYBRID wiper blades fitted to the front wipers, I think they may be Denso ones but cannot be sure as there is not branding on them, only a QR code and a few numbers where the hook arm clips in (they look identical to these They have been on the car for about 5 years and were doing good until they started splitting. I replaced them with Lidl wipers for around £5 for both wipers. However the wipers are juddering and noisy some of the time but wipe well when the are in operation. I think the wiper blade tip may not sit at a right angle to the windscreen and this is why they may judder but I could be wrong. I would like to know what are the OEM that the Auris is meant to have on it - the HYBRID wipers worked really well and were silent in operation and I would like to get some more of them - OR OEM. Thanks
  18. Hello there, yesterday, I switched on the car to find the trip computer reset - that also reset overal mileage to 99 l/100 km. It was the second time that happened. It was always after a Garmin satnav was used the previous day - but I'm using it all the time and only experienced that reset on those two occassions. Has anyone experienced an auto reset? thanks
  19. afropelican

    Auris 09 Clutch Bleeding

    Hi, Does anyone know how to do a fluid change and bleed the clutch for an 09 Toyota Auris 1.33 VVTI 6 Speed Manual? Or are there manuals available to purchase for this? It is my understanding that this gear box uses a concentric slave cylinder so just wondering if there are any accessible bleed nipples.
  20. nielshm

    I just had my CVT oil changed

    I just had my 40.000 miles service, and I had told the shop (Toyota dealer) to replace the CVT gearbox oil. I very happy with the result, I can feel some difference, and I'm very happy that I got a fixed price on the job. It took forever, they got the car 7.30 and I could leave again 14.00 (I waited in the shop for the car to finish) The last few months, I had started to notice some very light jerking when accelerating smoothly. A strange feeling going through to pedals and steering wheel, almost like the road was a bit bumpy. Just a very light feeling, but enough to be alert, when it happens every time. I could'nt see any strange movement in the revcounter or speedo, so it was'nt the belt slipping (Thank God). After my oil change, it has all gone. I think that the oils lubricating properties has been worn out. The result has been, that the CVT belt couldnt move 100% smoothly between the pulleys, without making very tiny jerks. Quite disturbing, since Toyota claims that the gearbox is sealed for life, and never requires maintenance. So my advice to all of you the old school CVT's: Get a oil change. If I can experience small jerks with only 40.000 miles on the clock, I would say that it could happen to any of you. I'm a very gentle driver, I don't tow caravans, I don't drive agressively, just normal daily driving, with a holiday through Germany twice a year.
  21. Hi all, Last week the 12V auxiliary battery of my Toyota Auris Hybrid (2011) was flat. I recharged it and the car starts again, but the battery might need a replacement soon, as it is 5 years old. The battery type number is "S46B24R" which is an AGM battery. A replacement is very expensive, € 250. So I looked for cheaper, non-AGM replacements with the same size, footprint (B00), charge capacity (45Ah), pole location (+ to the left) and pole type (JIS) and found this one: It costs only € 66, almost 1/4 of the AGM battery price, while still being of the EFB type (2x longer life span compared to a normal lead acid battery, according to Varta). So my question is: can I safely replace the 12V battery in my Auris with a non-AGM one? I've done two afternoons searching online as to WHY the Toyota Auris Hybrid (and Prius 3th gen) has AGM instead of a normal battery, but I cannot find a definite answer. Some considerations: AGM is designed for safety because it is sealed and doesn't spill acids in case of overcharging. This is important in the Auris Hybrid because the battery is located in the interior of the car (in the trunk). However, the above-mentioned cheaper Varta 545157033 also is sealed. And in addition, there's a vent hose connected to the 12V battery in my Auris to lead any Hydrogen gasses directly to the outside of the car. The hose probably doesn't fit to the Varta battery but that shouldn't be too hard to solve. AGM is designed to handle higher load peak currents. But this can't be the reason that Toyota chose for an AGM battery because the Auris Hybrid gives lower peak currents than a non-hybrid car (the engine is cranked from the high-voltage battery, not from the 12V auxiliary battery) Even if the life span of the non-AGM in a hybrid car would only be 2 years instead of 5 years for an AGM battery, it still is less expensive in the long run. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks! Mark
  22. Malligoat

    Auris Gear change

    Hi, First post on here. I've tried the search function but hopefully someone can help. Ive had a 2010 petrol Auris from 35000 miles to currently 65000. The gear change has always been poor and gotten progressively worse over time. It grinds into gear especially when cold. I assumed the clutch was worn so had it replaced by someone I know. This really hasnt help though. Kind of my fault for asking for a new clutch I suppose rather than asking for someone to fix the problem. Any suggestions on what may be the cause? I have another Auris on 37k now and I think it's developing the same issue. Is it a know fault? I can't find much online, but its not an especially common car. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi I am new to the forum. Yesterday I noticed a problem with my 1.33 petrol 2012 Toyota Auris when i turned off the ignition. The dashboard lights starting flickering. Sometimes the check engine warning came on and sometimes the check airbag warning came on. Once you start the car and drive off, the problem stops but once the ignition is turned off the problem happens again. I can't find any signs of water ingress or moisture that it would indicate a water related problem. There is a new battery so unlikely that the cause so wondering has anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions. I have linked youtube video below. Thanks
  24. JSB2299

    How to fit door mirror 2008

    Replacing my whole mirror as someone smashed it, can't find anything on YouTube etc so anyone got any tips on how to replace it?
  25. Flandaddy

    Hybrid Newbie

    Greetings! I have just purchased a 64 reg Auris and have a couple of questions. I hope this is the right place to ask. When I'm driving around town, 30 mph or under, how often should I expect to be in full EV mode? It doesn't seem to kick in as frequently as I expected. The tyre pressure light is permanently on, but it has been since it left the Toyota dealer. If the pressure is correct, how do I turn off the warning light? Thank you in advance! Dan