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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Hope someone may be able to help with this: I am removing the Touch unit (non navigation) from my wife's 2013 Yaris and upgrading it to a Touch 2 with the Navigation module added, I have fitted this and everything works exactly as it should apart from the reversing camera. The connector for the camera on the old Touch unit is 16 pin with only 5 of these being in use, unfortunately the Touch 2 unit has 2 spare connections on the back which are 1x 24 pin and 1x 12 pin, could anyone let me know which of these 2 connectors is for the camera please and ideally which pins are used?
  2. Car: 2005 XP10 (1st gen), P2 (japanese built), T3 Yaris D-4D, stock interior. Before I purchased my dashcam (a Z-edge Z3, for the curious - it works great!) I scoured the forums for advice fitting it into the Yaris, because a lot of the fabric, or undoable trim where a wire could usually be tucked into in other cars, are hard plastic on this one. Before I found the "best route" I found today, I had the wire go through the transmission tunnel, under the passenger side rear foot mat, and up, running parallel to the passenger seatbelt, and up through the top roof upholstery. The issue with that route was obvious: the wire could be seen from the back, right from the roof down to the floor mat, and, more alarmingly, rear passengers would sometimes trip up on said wire. Okay, so the first image shows where I begin: the USB plugged into the cigarette lighter socket: (if you're wondering, that's a bluetooth to FM thingy) As you can see the wire travels to the passenger side, where it then goes underneath the passenger mat (removed for demonstration): Next you can sort of "unclip" the plastic connected to the foot guard protector, and slip the wire underneath and through. To clip it back on simply push it back down and in once the wire's in. If it doesn't click shut, move the wire around a bit to avoid obstructing the clips: Here we can see where the wire enters and then exits, making it nice and neatly hidden: A close-up of the wire exiting (ignore the crap stuck to it): The wire then travels up in front of the passenger side seatbelt. This is the only wiring really visible, about 60cm: Following up, the wire then enters the bit of rubber housing as shown here. It was fairly easy to stuff the wire inside: The wire goes up through that rubber housing adjacent to the plastic trim, and then continues around the corner where it meets the fabric roof liner. It's fairly simple to stuff the wire under the fabric liner, and just needs tucking back in. The setup I had included this bit - going through just where the fabric liner is. Following the same method I had before also, the wire exits the fabric trim early, like so: For the next bit I found the best way is to tuck the wire into the passenger sun guard - tucked in so it can still be used. When opened the wire stays in the same place: Last but not least, there's a short travel to the dashcam itself. In this position the dashcam is mostly concealed by the rear view mirror (from the driver's seat view). The wire doesn't hinder or interrupt any windscreen space. Thanks for following and I hope it's useful to people! Any questions or image requests feel free to ask.
  3. There are basically two stages to having a reversing/backup camera working on a car. 1) The Camera itself - choices tend to be surface mount type, mounted on a bracket, or flush-mounted, in the same way as Reversing Sensors are installed 2) The Display showing the camera image - some top Audio HUs (Head Units) had the ability to accept a reversing camera; An alternative way is to fit a small dedicated monitor to display the image. This post describes how to install a flush-mounted camera on a RAV4.2 and connection to a Full Screen Audio unit with reverse camera connection feature. The chosen location for the reversing camera is in the number plate light housing, in a very similar place to where one of the reversing sensors would be fitted. In order to gain access to this area, it is necessary to remove the rear door trim and free the plastic plate light housing - the Toyota Reversing Sensor installation guide has all the required info to do this Physical Connection of Camera To put some photos to accompany the diagram..... The red circles show the position of the 3 clips and 2 screws that must be removed to free the plastic trim. Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to pull the centre of the clip which can then be pulled out. Remove the number plate and the two screws that secure the trim onto the metal skin of the Door. On my RAV4, the same screws that held the number plate in place secured the trim - yours may be the same or the screws could be under the number plate. The Blue circle is the position chosen for the camera as it is fairly central within the limitations of the spare wheel mounting This is a closeup of the clip for better viewing. I drilled a 20mm hole in the trim for the backup camera - the pic below shows the hole and the size of the camera that will be fitted. Access to the rear of the trim is needed to be able to route the cable through and also to fit the collar and securing ring to the camera. WARNING: Being a round camera, it is not necessarily obvious which way is up - and in the case of my camera, there was no indication at all, so before re-securing any trim, test the camera output and adjust as required. The rear door inside trim is only secured by trim poppers and just pulls off without the need to any tools. The picture below shows the naked door The routing used for the added wires can be identified by the location of the blue ty-wraps. The suggested best route for the camera cable is through a spare hole on the lower-right of the pic - see the picture below: This picture shows the wiring that is needed added. In the case of the camera fitted here, the Yellow RCA connection is the video signal; the black wire goes to an earth connection and the red wire goes via a bullet plug that gets connected into the reverse light signal so it is powered only when reverse is selected. There is, on this particular camera, a little jumper (the white square block by the RCA connection) that switches between standard view and mirror image. This is something you may need to chose here, or there may be a similar setting on the display monitor. Note that I have added a rubber grommet on this cable entry hole - this is something that it is important to add to avoid risk of cable chaffing against the bare metal. This is the appearence of the fully fitted Reversing Camera Connecting the Camera to the Display Monitor The Toyota reversing sensor installation guide explains how to route the cable from the rear door into the rear light cluster area and if that is followed as detailed - Picture 8 on page 8, and especially in picture 32 and 33 on page 11, this will get the required power to the Camera. What is then neccessary is to get the Video signal to the front of the vehicle for the monitor. In my case, the monitor switches automatically to the reversing camera when a "REVERSE" wire is connected to +12V, and it was easiest to run a wire from the same place the camera picked up its power from to the front at the same time as running the video signal cable. To run this cable, by removing the plastic covers by the door entrys (see picture 7, page 8 and do the same for the front door) and then run the cables to the front of the vehicle and re-secure the covers. Depending on the monitoring method you have, you will then be able to continue the cable run discreetly to the display. In my particular installation, I ran the cables to the radio area, ty-wrapping the cable securely to appropriate places along the route and connected the video signal into the V-In/Rev Cam signal and the wire from the camera power to the REVERSE wire of the unit. I set the display to show the mirror image, as on the conventional setting, cars and objects on the left of the vehicle appear to the right on the display and it is all rather odd like that This is the screens display when reverse is engaged: (Please note, you may not want small children or those of a nervous dispostion look ) And when reverse is not engaged, far more attractive views are possible .....
  4. shift7


    HI Everybody. had my verso for 4 weeks keep getting message " front camera unavaiable clean windscreen " question where is the camera,? windscreen clear? how do i get rid of this message?
  5. david hunt

    Touch 2 sat nav noises

    Hi just taken delivery of a new Yaris Orange edition with Sat Nav. I am getting occasional strange bongs from the car which I assume is linked somehow to the Sat Nav system. I assumed at first it was linked to either a speed camera warning or exceeding sped limit warning. the "bong" sounds whether the sat Nav is on or off.m? The speed warning is set up and gives a very vocal - you are exceeding the speed limit !! SomI don't think it is that. With the sat Nav off the bong occurs but not near speed camera and I don't think it is related toma historic sat Nav info. With the sat Nav on the bong occurred and I noticed a yellow triangle on the screen with a count down distance which referred to a yellow roadside sign warning - beware dip in road - and sure enough the triangle went off when Inpassed the dip.mProblem solved I thought but subsequently passed several other roadside warning sign including "dip in road" so maybe not. Anyone any ideas
  6. I love my Auris, but man I'm tired of the original head unit. I'm looking for a cheap and good 7"-8" touchscreen 2 din player with navigation and a rear camera. It should also have Bluetooth and that other stuff. Can you recommend me one? Which one should I buy to a low price? I did find many units out there but I'm not sure witch one I should buy.
  7. coolbloke1324

    Hybrid Dashboard Camera

    Hey everyone! I have a Yaris Hybrid and want to install a dashcam. I am concerned about battery drain etc. Has anyone got one installed and anyone have any opinions on the best one to go for given I want 1080p and GPS built in? Price is not a concern but quality and not draining the hybrid battery are important. Does the hybrid have a separate 12v battery from the main hybrid drive batteries that powers the internals? If not then the cam will also reduce the overall mpg I can get from the car by draining the battery. Anyone with experience of the effect etc would love to hear from you!
  8. Aurelijus

    No video from reverse camera

    Hello, I have Toyota Corolla Verso 2006, first of all issue started when video from OEM reverse camera started flickering. Now there is no video from this camera, no guidance assistance lines, only black screen. I tried to connect front camera to the rear camera wires (I have one spare front camera) - no video as well. Also tested that 6V voltage comes to the camera. So where could be the issue? Front camera working fine. Maybe there is issue with Park Assist computer which is under front seat? Thanks
  9. Aurelijus

    No video from reverse camera

    Hello, I have Toyota Corolla Verso 2006, first of all issue started when video from OEM reverse camera started flickering. Now there is no video from this camera, no guidance assistance lines, only black screen. I tried to connect front camera to the rear camera wires (I have one spare front camera) - no video as well. Also tested that 6V voltage comes to the camera. So where could be the issue? Front camera working fine. Maybe there is issue with Park Assist computer which is under front seat? Thanks
  10. Hi , first post Recently collected a 2014 Verso Icon and a couple of things i can't fathom from the manual - on the reversing camera, there are no guidelines superimposed on the screen. This is a real shame and i'm bemused why they are no standard with the camera. I assume only appear if the toyota satnav is installed, as my car does not have this optional extra - on 3 occasions within the space of the 2 days, we were unable to start the car after it had been momentarily switched off via the ignition key. Classic immobiliser symptoms (full dash lights but when key turned there was no movement at all from the engine bay, no sound, nada). Waited a few moments, tried again, still nothing. Locked / unlocked the doors a few times. Still nothing. Then, for reasons i can't fathom, tried again and engine started. Car is a diesel, 2.0 litre, manual. thanks
  11. Hi, new to the site and have just purchased a 2006 generation 2 Prius T-spirit. Only notice when I got it home that it doesn't have the rear camera or park assist like other T-spirits I test drove. I thought this was standard on the Spirit. Can anyone tell me if these were optional extras in 2006? Log book and badging shows T-spirit. Also am I able to upgrade it easily to a camera or parking sensors? Many thanks.
  12. 27901591

    After Market Reverse Camera?

    hi, i dont know if theres already a topic on this but has anyone installed a reversing camera to the auris? maybe on this unit: from this camera: sending the power to the camera from the reverse light?
  13. Soeley

    Dash Cams

    With the recent anonymous prang of my car the other week (see whilst parked at work, I decided if it ever happens again that I wanted a good chance of getting the culprit. After some searching for dash cams that have a ‘Parking Mode’ I decided upon and purchased one of these http://www.carcamwar...car_camera.html . It runs purely from the cars power socket though it does have an internal battery just to control it powering down and to make sure it keeps recording in the event of an accident causing the power lead to come out. With the iQ power socket being an ignition live and wanting to be able to fit and forget (until something happened) I also got the http://www.blackvue....sub1.asp?idx=13. Basically with this wired in and the BlackVue connected, the camera is powered up all the time, when you turn off the ignition and after 10 minutes of no movement detected the camera goes into ‘Parking Mode’. The PMP monitors the car battery level and shuts down the camera if the battery gets too low, to prevent you from getting a flat battery, or you can set a timer with it. Thank you to Tarquin aka David for wiring advice ;) Brief Overview Normal Driving: the unit used a 3 axis G (shock) sensor. If a shock is detected outside of the set limits (adjustable by you) it will record an ‘Event’. You can also have it recording constantly in a loop, should an accident happen in front of you without you being involved. The camera also records sound and tracks GPS. Parking Mode: also uses the 3 axis G sensor, again adjustable by you (independent from Driving Mode). Also it has a motion sensor (adjustable) so it will start recording if someone/thing goes past. I’m not going to write too much as there is loads on the Web already. Here is a video sample from my camera, this is part of my drive home from work (click the picture to open video) You can also take a ‘still’ from the video footage.