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Found 54 results

  1. Hello folks! I've been reading the forum for a while now and this is my first post, I have a Purple iQ2 1.0L manual and love it!!! So far i have had the Awesome David (tarquin) install the Dome upgade as well as the additional two lights in the rear installed and its such a great upgrade, Not sure if this mod has been posted on here if it has then apologies, added Sequential LED indicating arrows to my iQ side mirrors, and I Love them! After coming across several youtube videos on mods i came across these sequential indicating arrows that fit behind the side mirrors.Purchased for $16 dollars roughly under £20 including delivery from USA, really do recommend this mod. *Big thanks to David (Tarquin) for his assistance during install as I had to bother him on the phone. IMG_8828-1.mp4 IMG_8835.TRIM-1.mp4
  2. Pierre999

    IQ Parking Sensor Problem

    Hi all. I've just purchased an IQ that has optional Toyota rear parking sensors fitted. Sadly, they are not working. I'm told that there should be a "switch-on switch". Please can anyone tell me where it is located?
  3. CJ1


    So I've recently bought a 2010 IQ3 and I have been wondering what sort of upgrades it is worth doing to the car, if any at all. I have been thinking about possibly lowering it and a few other subtle changes around the car. Where are the best places to find these sorts of mods, and also if there are any particular suspension kits, coilovers or lowering coils to get. Any other upgrade/modification ideas are greatly appreciated as well. Many Thanks, CJ
  4. micallef444

    Arm Rest for IQ3

    Hi, Just got my IQ and I'm looking for an armrest with some storage space. I've heard most of them can be flimsy and cause a lot of rattling, does anyone have any recommendations from tried and tested sellers please? Preferably that ship internationally to Malta. Thanks!
  5. Kansai-R

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has experience with winter tyres on their IQ3? This past week has been snowing quite heavily, and although the IQ has coped extremely well, I thought for safety reasons, I should have a set of winter tyres to use between October and April. Question 1: The IQ3 has the larger 16" wheels, does anyone have experience going down to the 5Jx15 ET45 175/65/15 setup that the 15" wheel users have? or should I source the Aston Martin Cygnet Winter Wheels? (5Jx16 ET40 with 185/55/16 tyres) Question 2: What winter tyres do you all have? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and it would at least prepare me for the next winter.
  6. BarryNic

    IQ rear disc brakes sticking

    The rear disc brakes on my 2012 IQ keep sticking on and causing excessive wear. Is this a common problem.
  7. Lambous

    Air Con Amplifier

    Hi there. I do need your help which i do believe will save me for a mass amount of money. My air con amp has issues and does not allow to the air condition to work properly. I spoke with toyota and to replace the existing one with a new one will cost me around 500 euros. I saw many used amps in the ebay but not with the same code with mine. so my question is whether another amplifier matching mine without having the same code. My IQ has a date of 01/09 automatic and the amplifier code is 88650-74030.Thank you!
  8. S2Sosmart

    Removing your dash on your IQ

    I'll try and fill in some of the gaps that the Toyota guides can furnish you with already. If there's anything obviously missing, just drop a comment here and I'll do my best to answer it for you. The Toyota link (Which I've found invaluable so far) is To start. Remove the door runners and kick plates by simply giving them a good yank (There's going to be a lot of that throughout BTW). Then get on your knees (Both sides of the car and you'll find a bolt at the bottom of the plastic trim near the floor: In the passenger footwell the plastic below the black rounded edge should now pull out. Start at the bottom on the left and work upwards. Then work across the top and down the RH side. It should just come away. The back of the panel looks like this (If it helps for clip placement). View is upside down as it would clip back in as you revolved it upwards from the bottom of the pic (If that makes sense). You are left with something like this: Underneath the steering wheel the plastic trim has a rectangle in the middle. This is an airbag and you DO NOT need to remove it !!!!! Again, work around it taking out any obvious bolts and either remove, or as I've done, leave it hanging into the footwell. Time to pop out the ends of the dash front, here And the same the other side. If it helps. Pull the door rubbers away from the door surround to give you access. MAKE SURE they are pushed fully back before you shut the doors again. Back to the passenger footwell. The big black bit (The soft dash front) can now pull clear. This bit: Grab it both sides at the bottom and pull directly towards you. With that out. The same can now be done with the speedo surround and cover. Again pull towards you and it'll pop out. Leaving this: That's Part 1 for now folks. I'll try and get in a few more pictures to explain more as I go. Any questions, as I say, please feel free. Si
  9. Hi All, Been a lurker for a fair while now, it's time I had a post. My other half has owned her Toyota IQ3 since it was new in 2009. Its been well looked after but she ran over a plant pot the other day and it caught under the OSF wheel arch and damaged a lot of the front wing. Thankfully, I've managed to source a colour matched used replacement from our favourite auction site (others are available). What I'd like to know is: Has anyone else change a wing themselves? I'm assuming they are a doddle however I thought that about the door cards but then found out they were a right PITA to get on/off. Can anyone help please? Tom
  10. Hi All, My daughter gets her first car tomorrow, a 2013 IQ. The car does not have Bluetooth installed and this is something she really needs. Does anyone have any recommendations so she can listen to her iPhone through the cars speakers, etc? Thanks in advance Daz
  11. CoolestMonkey

    Which starter motor (cold, teeth)?

    Hi, The starter motor has stopped working on my 2009 iQ2 manual gearbox. When looking at a replacement, suppliers offer a standard spec version with 8 teeth (DSN1221) and also a cold spec version with 9 teeth (DSN1215). Does anyone know which one i should be buying, will either fit on my car? thanks, Stephen
  12. Northotheborder

    New 2 IQ

    Thought Id say hi, I picked up an IQ in December for nipping to the shops and for going on dangerous missions like supermarket car parks where I wouldn't risk my Z4! Its great 0 road tax and peanuts to insure, really impressed with it especially in the snow! I never thought I would have a car like this but the other half has an Aygo and after driving it from Scotland to Southampton and back with the back full of luggage (cos you can't get anything in a Z4!) I was really impressed so I decided after reading up on the IQ that I wanted one. I've spent a little time cleaning it up, bonnet and roof needed paint (stone chips) and have sorted out the discs and pads, rear headrest are missing (got some online), some stripes added to make it go faster and tomorrow the wheels are being refurbed and then its off to a dealership for a recall.
  13. Hello, Please, I need help to replace my heater blower motor in my IQ. blower motor number : 87103B Toyoto 1.3 - 98CV - 2009. Maybe need schemats or video how to disassemble the dashboard for accessing to the motor? Many thanks
  14. ... until today. From what I've been told (and partially observed), this is a rolling advertisement for a local crane company. The rig isn't in any way operational. Still.. Worth a look and a laugh: Spotted by yours truly in downtown Oslo, Norway.
  15. Hey all, So I'm new to this and brought my first Toyota IQ and have to say at first I didn't like it (going from a Seat) to this was a strange step for me.. Anyway I have a Toyota IQ 1 litre, 2011 plate and wanted to know when the Petrol gauge starts flashing roughly how many miles do I have left? My tank is 32L any help would be appreciated as I don't want to risk it but want to know roughly how much I have 😆 Cheers all Scott
  16. Solidtop

    Toyota IQ spare tyre

    Hi I looked previously at the forum for solutions to a IQ 1.3 spare tire (normal tyre size 16").Then poached the idea to purchase a small space saver wheel and cover to store it behind the passenger seat.Its quite a neat solution. The wheel is 14" purchased on eBay £45, fits ok (as i did a test run on the front wheel).As there is only an inch difference between 16" and 14" there is little discernible slant on the vehicle and should be safe to limp home on under 50mph. Just wanted to share the joy and thank previous posts.

    iQ For sale

    Our beautiful metallic white iQ is for sale. This is due to change in circumstances in the family. The car has covered 44,400 miles. It has a full Toyota service history from our local dealer and is still covered with full Toyota Warranty and MOT until 26 May 2017. The car is in excellent condition inside and out including 4 unmarked alloy wheels. The car is currently on winter tyres and we have the full set of part used regular summer tyres to sell with the car. The car regularly delivers 55+ MPG and is £0 rated for road tax. The price is £3,600. Please call me on 07824541935
  18. bakkus

    The iQ called Eggsy

    Greetings! As of just a few weeks, I'm now the proud owner of a black 2012 iQ! So far very happy with the purchase! Living and working in the city of Oslo, Norway - a city that hates the car more than most. Our local council has pretty much said that they hate cars, and are attempting to make the city car-free and therefore also parking free within the next few years. So far parking has been an absolute breeze, even in the inncer city. This thing fits into every nook and cranny, and so far I haven't even had to fill up with fuel (bought it with a full tank). I've always liked doing little tweaks to my cars, so this will be my build thread. I'll try to keep it updated as things go along. First off - Meet my beaut:
  19. Just got back to the cold north after a longer stint in sunny Mexico. Since I'm going to be living and working in the inner city, I'm now the prod owner of a sweet little black '12 Toyota iQ! So far _very_ happy with the purchase. Parking is a breeze, no matter where I go. This looks like a very welcoming and knowledgeable forum.
  20. stevenstefke

    New IQ Driver :)

    Hi All, Im Steef from Holland. After driving my Corolla for 9 years i decided it was time for something new. Got myself an IQ with all the gadgets YAY! Been reading here for a while now and it was time to post a q Greetings. Steef
  21. Bearddude

    iQ Seat Covers

    Hi, while looking for a supplier of iQ seat covers I'd previously seen threads on this forum on this topic, but none seemed to suggest a supplier. Well, I've just a pair of custom front seat covers from JC Seat Covers and they are good fit. So, if anyone else is looking give them a try. I had to wait several seeks for delivery, and the driver seat was a pain to fit as there's not as much clearance under the seat as there is for the passenger side. The covers are air-bag compatible and cost me £110 for the fabric option.
  22. chilaspt

    Couple of Questions

    Hey Everyone, I bought a red IQ 1.0 62 plate from a Toyota dealership in March, and have a couple of questions, I will need to buy new tyres, what would you recommend? I'm thinking on getting these but have read so many bad reviews that I dont know anymore. Also, Since I purchased the car, one of the rear rotors seems to always be rusty, so I think that the caliper may be stuck? is this something I can get toyota to fix as part of the warranty? or will they just say its wear and tear? (even though its been like that since I bought it?) Is the process for replacing the rear rotors and pads the same as the front ones? (I've done the front ones on my Aygo, on a Vauxhall corsa, old ford fiesta, etc...) How does the handbrake work on the IQ? does it have shoes inside the disc like some BMW's? Any help is appreciated, Thanks, .
  23. bbrowne_iQ

    Toyota iQ Horn

    Hi iQ fanatics, I have a 2010 Toyota iQ2 and was looking to upgrade the horn as the current factory fitted Toyota one is a bit pathetic, does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on what horn is best? Ideally with few modifications but I want it to be heard not just laughed at. Many thanks,
  24. IQ62

    Aux speaker imbalance

    Hello there, i am new to the forum and have recently purchased an IQ 2 63 plate. When using the audio system only left side speaker works when using an iPhone plugged into Aux. All speakers work fine when using radio but not when using Aux. Any ideas on how to balence speakers?
  25. igotasmalliq

    Finita la comedia

    Dear Forum members! I have some dreadful news. Due to car crash I am to leave iQ.. and iQ forum. Settled new deal with Toyota Dealer and going for Auris Touring Sports HSD. Traffic was piling up in a traffic jam, when someone without stopping ran into a clash of cars piling up. Luckily my iQ was not the first to take the "load". It was second. Nobody got hurt. The car took all the fury.. did look bad and had to be trailer-towed. I must say (here the bad news come) that iQ did look suffering more damage than rest of cars. Insurer wasn't happy with repair bill and decided to reimburse. So, I am going for Hybrid. Prius seemed too expensive, Auris then. The sediment and takeaway: I really loved iQ. It has served me for 5 years without a flaw, without an itch. Almost serviceless! The fuel saved.. a lot! I totalled 90098 miles within those 5 years with an average 60 mpg. Thank you iQ! A great little car!!