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Found 42 results

  1. so, it seems I lost one of the keyfobs for keyless entry 😞 toyota want 350 for a new cut and programmed key, has anyone had to get a spare key? is it easy to erase a second hand key from a breaker before programming via techstream? open to suggestions to see if I can get away with something less expensive :S Thanks!
  2. Hey all. I've just purchased a 2008 t25 TR 1.8 petrol (which i absolutely love) that only came with one key, not sure if its the master or not. I've purchased a key from ebay and i am having some difficulty trying to program the immobiliser to work with the new key. I know its been covered in depth and have read more threads on the subject than I care to remember but a little clarification would be very helpful. I have got the unlocking to work but no matter how many times I try the key sequences for the immobiliser it just wont recognise the new key. Like a few others I get the 2 blinks followed by three blinks of the security l.e.d then back to the standard flash. Does anyone know what the 2 blinks then the three blinks actually means? I have tried erasing all the keys then adding keys numerous times for a couple of hours but with no joy. Some threads say that certain transponder chips just wont work with certain cars and its just the luck of the draw, if this is the case how would I know exactly which key to purchase from ebay? I don't just want to keep buying keys on the off chance it might be ok for my car. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can shed light? I am trying to re-programme my remote having recently purchased the car (RAV4 TX3 2006) with the procedure below which I have seen on various blogs. I have tried both 're-write' and 'add' options with the same effect. All works as described as far as and including step 10 (where the car registers that it is in programming mode by lock and unlocking the doors), however I get no response back from step 11c after holding the lock key and pressing the unlock 5 times or alternatively holding the lock and unlock simultaneously for 1.5 to 2 seconds. Has anyone any advice or pointers please? Tony REMOTE/CENTRAL LOCKING Procedure: 1. Start: Driver's door open and unlocked. Key not inserted in the ignition. 2. Insert programmed master key in ignition and then remove it, without turning it. 3. Do the following with the driver's door: shut, open, shut, open, all within 40 secs. 4. Insert key in ignition and then remove it, without turning it. 5. Repeat step 3. 6. Close driver's door. 7. Insert key in ignition 8. Turn key from Lock to On and back to Lock with a 1 second interval. The number of times you do this will select the desired programming mode: Once for ADD key, twice for REWRITE all keys, 3 times for CONFIRMATION, 5 times for PROHIBITION. 9. Remove key from ignition. 10. As verification of mode selection (except in Confirmation mode), the electric door locks will lock and unlock a number of times corresponding to the mode chosen in step 8. (If Confirmation mode is selected, the doors will lock/unlock a number of times corresponding to the number of remote controls programmed into the system.) 11. For ADD and REWRITE modes: within 25 seconds after the locks have confirmed the selected mode: (11a) Hold down the LOCK button on the new remote control whilst at the same time pressing UNLOCK 5 times. (11b) Release and press LOCK once. (11c) if the procedure has been performed correctly, the door locks will go from lock to unlock. If not, start from 1 again. (11d) To enter additional remotes, repeat from step (11a). 12. Open driver's door to complete the procedure.
  4. nicebutdim

    Lost key - 2008 Avensis

    Scenario - main (black remote) key has been lost with just the spare grey fob key now available. What options do I have (apart from main dealers) to source and recode a replacement key to restore original function. Thanks in advance.

    Broken Key Fob to Forum, help please! My daughter accidentally broke the plastic key fob in the ignition. I have a 54 plate Rav 4. By holding together the broken plastic we managed to start the car (didn't realise until now that the fob plays a part in turning off the immobiliser, the metal key on its own won't start the car). Got home 300 miles from Cornwall (phew) but the speedo and odometer don't work and a couple of warning lights are now coming on, so am concerned that more damage has been done (not sure how though). Don't want to just buy a new fob, but don't want a garage to exaggerate the issue...any thoughts out there?
  6. ToyotaOwnerPiet

    Reprogramming key Corolla 1,8 VVTI 2008

    Does anybody know how to reprogramme the key for my 2008 !.8 VVTI Corolla?
  7. Hi, I am hoping someone has some answers because I am really stumped. My remote key fails to operate at my new address. Initially I thought the battery might be the issue but it remains an issue. My sister said could be a strong wifi signal or that my computer software is out of date when remote fails and I have to use the key the alarm goes off, it's really frustrating thx
  8. Loosecanons

    Remote key repair

    Hi, I'm a brand new forum member so apologies if this is the wrong forum area. I have a 2005 Celica 140 which has the usual Toyota combined key/remote. One of the remotes will light up and unlock but it won't lock . My local main dealer quoted me £150 to get it repaired. I have seen various auto-locksmiths online who say they can repair a remote. Does anyone have any experience of these services as I'm a bit wary of sending my key to a complete stranger ? thanks
  9. HectoH

    T25 Avensis key problem.

    Hi everyone. So i bought old T25 avensis about week ago. First doors locked ok with remote but open only sometimes. So i think there is empty battery and i bought new CR2016 and open that key. Everything going fine and new battery inside less than 1min. But then camed problem: red light not even blink when i push those buttons. It doesnt matter what button i push, red blink light not gonna show anymore so what i have to do ? Is there some ideas what to do or do i really have to go at Toyota market and ask there.. (that costs lot of) :) I cant program that key again becouse no light at all in key...? Sorry my bad english, i hope u can understand what i try to tell :)
  10. Difficulty - Easy Time - about 5 minutes Tools - Small screwdriver, coin or similar implement Parts - 2016 battery (98p from Screwfix) Introduction The battery in the key should be changed periodically (not more than 2 years) and this tutorial shows how to conduct this easy job. Procedure Remove any key rings and use a small screwdriver to open the outer case in the slot provided as shown; Now use the same screwdriver to carefully prize the battery module out of the outer casing; Set aside the outer casing and use a coin or similar implement to open the battery module in the position shown; Now with the inner case open use the small screwdriver to pop the battery out; When you open the new battery use some clean tissue or kitchen roll to carefully wipe it and remove the protective coating. Take extra care not to hold the battery accross the flat sides but only on the edge. Holding it on the flat sides will discharge it through your fingers in seconds; Put the battery back into the case and assemble the various parts by snapping them together. There is no need to reprogram the key but test it to ensure it works.
  11. Hi! Does anyone know where the remote key antenna is in T22 (year 2000) Avensis? My remote control has a very weak signal so that I have to be almost next to the car for the central locking to work. I have tried both keys and changed batteries, so the problem has to be in the car and not the key. Could it be that it's same piece with the radio antenna? I have broken mine in a car wash so that it has splitted from the bottom part of the antenna and I think the central locking started working weirdly roughly around the same time. I remember that it used to work flawlessly even at a long distance. Thanks in advance for any help. I'll be sure to post a solution if I get it fixed.
  12. After much searching and trial and error I was finally able to programming the central locking buttons on a new key! I couldn't find the exact instructions anywhere but this hybrid, of the ones that I did find, worked for me. (NB: After I did this I swapped the blade and transponder into the new key from the spare key - the one that doesn't have buttons). NB: Complete the following in under 2 minutes 1- Ensure Ignition is in the OFF position 2- Open Driver’s door 3- Switch the ignition ON and OFF. 4- CLOSE and OPEN the driver’s door TWICE – so door ends up in the OPEN position. 5- Switch the ignition ON and OFF. 6- CLOSE and OPEN the driver’s door TWICE – so door ends up in the OPEN position. 7- Close the Driver’s door 8- LOCK the door using the door lock button on the door. 9- Switch the ignition ON and OFF xTWICE 10- UNLOCK using the door lock button on the door - the doors will then lock and unlock twice to indicate that the car is now in programming mode 11- On the new remote key, that you want adding, press the LOCK button twice - the doors will then lock and unlock to confirm 12- On any existing remote key, that you still want to use, press the LOCK button twice - the doors will then lock and unlock to confirm 13- Switch the ignition ON and OFF to finish The new key's buttons should now work. As far as I'm aware this procedure has no effect on the transponder so, even if you get the new blade cut, the new key won't start the car unless you swap in a transponder from a working key - like I did. I hope this helps someone. If it does, please post the vehicle details. If you think it could be clearer, please feel free to advise. Thanks
  13. ohit

    Duplicate key

    We have a 52 plate Yaris, owned from brand new and still running great. We only have 1 key for it though - lost the 2nd one a while ago and never thought about needing it. What's the most cost efficient route to get a replacement key? Thanks in advanced
  14. Hi all, just bought a 7th gen Celica (love it) but the alarm sounds when I use the key to open the door manually (using the keyhole). No problems using the fob. Alarm only sounds when I open the door. Has anyone had the same issue/know the ways to fix it?
  15. Anyone out there had to replace the ignition barrel on their Toyota Prado 90? Struggling to replace the part and could do with some nuggets of wisdom! Happy to do a maverick/cowgirl repair just to make the truck go again - it seems crazy that a Landcruiser in great nick for it's age can be stopped in it's tracks by this! Thanks. :)
  16. Taza89

    Lost Toyota Corolla Key

    Hi Guys, I have a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE. I recently lost both sets of key and have no way to enter into the car. I've called the Toyota Dealership and getting different pricing and its turning out to be very expensive as follows: - Key: $200 - Reprogramming: $150 - Tow: $75 and I would have to tow the car to the dealership. Are there any cheaper alternatives? Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas would be appreciated it. I am located in New York, New York.
  17. Hi Woke up this moring and the key fob would not activate the door lock/unlock! There was no signal like there normally is e.g the lights on car flashing and that click noise to say the doors unlocked. The red light on the actual key fob works. I tried opening the car door manually with the key and the alarm blared , nearly giving me a heart attack! Not sure what's happened. Was perfectly fine yesterday. Any ideas on what might have happened or any quick remedies? P.S I'm not very car savvy, so bear with me. Cheers Guys D
  18. I have lost my spare key for my Toyota Auris Hybrid 2012. Both the AA and my Toyota dealer are quoting over £300 for this. I have a spare key. Is there a way of getting a spare key and programming it? I have seen a similar post to that effect on the forum but it dates from 2009.
  19. Greetings fellow members. On a recent travel i got my bag stolen, and in ít was the only key and remotye control i have for my '02 Previa II. Toyota insist all Locks has to be changed and a new remote must be recoded. Prices is beyond 1500 $, which is more than the value of this car that has clocked more than 300k km! I am calling out t hear if you members have other - and more reasonable - esperiences? Shouldn't it be possible to order a new and correct coded key from Toyota? Any feedback is welcome
  20. Hi All I have just bought a Gen 7 celica. I am having trouble with the remote central locking. the central locking system itself works as if I locking the doors with the key all doors lock and unlock. However if I use the buttons then nothing happens, I have ruled out the obvious as the battery has been changed and I have tested that the remote works by checking that a signal is emitted with an infra-red receiver. Has anyone had this problem? I want to find the remotes receiver to test is function, does anyone know where this is? Cheers
  21. Thought I would post up something about keys... and share what I've discovered! I hope this is of use to anyone who needs another key and has a 4.3 RAV. ... post removed .... However, I'll repost it when I've edited it to make it friendly for this forum. I was relying on links to a vendor site that is helpful in terms of sorting out which key you need, and without knowing which keys to get and where to get it from you'll be a bit stuck, so it somewhat negates the point of the post! cheers (Mod edit - links to third party seller removed)
  22. Hello All, I drive a Toyota Yaris Verso 2001. My key fob has cracked and now the metal bit of the key is very weak and flimsy. Is there a way that I can replace the key fob and not anything else? My key is 10mm wide. If possible, could I get a link to somewhere which sells one just like mine. I have also attached a photo of my key Also, if I were to get a key, will it work with my car with Toyota Security system? Thanks in Advance
  23. Lately I haven't been able to lock the doors on my 2001 Avensis with the remote on the key, only unlock them. After trying all the suggestions I could find here and not finding the solution, I tried to place the nail on my thumb on the button and press as hard as I could. That helped, the problem is that I had to press so hard that it was painful. The little bump on the top of the lock button was worn away when I bought the car 2.5 years and 45.000 km ago. I have a key in better condition that I got from a wrecked car, but I'm not sure if it is possible to replace the fob or the buttons on the fob. I only have one key with a fob, and one of those gray keys without one that fits the car. Is there any way I can get this to work without spending a fortune at the dealer?
  24. Sharon4

    How Do I Get A New Carina Key?

    Hi there, I have just bought my 4th Carina - my last one did 226,000 before terminally failing its MOT! My new one is a 1996 Carina E CD. It came with only one key (slightly bent but still works okay) and no number for it. Can anyone tell me how to go about getting a second one as I have read in a couple of strings that I will need to get it programmed to my alarm/immobiliser? I would also like to get a couple of key fobs that will lock/unlock it. Where do I get these and how do I get them programmed for my alarm/immobiliser? Many thanks!
  25. LittleTed

    Key Fobs (2004 V. 2009)

    Has anyone tried and had success with programming a 2009 Corolla key fob for a 2004 Corolla? I like how streamline the '09 keys are and am hoping to be able to use one for my '04. Thanks advance LT