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Found 5 results

  1. so, it seems I lost one of the keyfobs for keyless entry 😞 toyota want 350 for a new cut and programmed key, has anyone had to get a spare key? is it easy to erase a second hand key from a breaker before programming via techstream? open to suggestions to see if I can get away with something less expensive :S Thanks!
  2. JayEmAye

    Avensis Replacement Key?

    I know there are several posts on this but...I've lost my Avensis 98 GLS Estate key. I do have the master and a spare which both open & start the car but set the alarm off for 45 seconds. This makes the car still usable but upsets the neighbours twice a day and gets funny looks in Sainsbury's car park. My questions are these: Can I disable the alarm so can drive while waiting for new key?Where and how will I come by a new key with transponder?Any help much appreciated as I love my trusty and dent free Avensis. As a musician, It reliably takes my equipment and me from gig to gig all year round! All the best, J.
  3. Steve CC

    Master Key

    Hi all. Firstly, I'm a new member and would like to say hello. I've recently bought a 2009 Tourer 1.8 Vmatic TR Nav. It is a great car but takes some getting used to after owning and driving a Galaxy Tdi since new for 13 years! I aquired 2 keys with the car - a 3 button Infra red master and a grey valet - see pic. I now realise that it should have come with 2 masters. I need to get hold of another master but find there is some confusion regards the procedure. I'm sure that the main dealer could sort me out - at a cost! I've seen a tricky procedure to program the transponder but not sure about the infra red controls. Any help greatly appreciated as I'm scatter brained at the best of times and I'm guessing that if (when) I lose the master I will be in big financial do-do. Also - is there any way of getting into the car with the valet key without setting alarm off? Many thanks Steve
  4. Pappa-lazerou

    Ticking Problems With Engine.

    Hi all, I've recently had a loud ticking start coming on the engine (3.0 TDI). its really loud, its slightly lost some power but still goes, not overheating, but blows black smoke. sound like could be a cylinder, injector or maybe jumped a tooth on the timing belt (which is due for a change). only started 2 days ago when I towed my caravan home from storage and was going up steep bypass. seems like it happened with the added pressure as hasn't happened previously and I go the same route everyday. have changed fuel filter, oil but still ticking like a bugger. anyone come across this before with an resolution? Any advice appreciated..
  5. Hi all i was reading postings on the forums and i noticed posts regarding lost keys and all the drama it involves.when you loose keys its always at night middle of winter etc. why don't you purchase a stand alone insurance policy to cover against losing your keys? I bought mine for £20 for annual cover from one of the commercially available insurance companies....... covers me up to £1500 it also covers damage to keys as well If you lost your keys you would happily pay someone £20 to sort it. just a thought. regards