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Found 10 results

  1. For anyone who hasn't seen the press reports, there's a topic in the Auris section that really only affects the latest Prius, Prime and Hybrid versions of the C-HR on cars produced since 2015 (when Gen 4 Prius production commenced). Of course, the headlines talk about fire, but it seems (according to Toyota) just one vehicle has produced a bit of smoke, but if left unchecked for a long period and under certain conditions there may be a small risk of a fire.
  2. Jim45

    Headlight Recall R/2016/169

    I have a phone app called Digital Garage, where you enter details of your vehicle to keep a record of it's history and it also informs you of any other useful information such as manufacturer recalls. This morning I had a notification to say that Toyota had issued a recall on 25.08.16 number R/2016/169 OEM ref:CGG54, this states "Defect: Headlamps manufactured to the incorrect specification may have been fitted and may not distribute light properly Remedy: on affected vehicles replace headlamp units." There is no mention of this on the government recall site or on the Toyota recall checker, but this is maybe why my dealer phoned me some 10 days ago to book my car in for a headlight change as I had complained to Toyota via their blog. Anyone else any further information?
  3. diverdave

    Gen 4 recall.

    Looks like it's turn for a major recall involving the Prius, and 200h
  4. Received the attached letter today related to an airbag recall for my 2005 T Sport, assume it's for all E12's. Sorry if this is already posted, couldn't see it.
  5. r30ser

    Yaris Recall

    Hi All, Just to let people know, I booked my car in today to my local Toyota Garage to have the Radio/DVD player fixed, and was told that there is an outstanding recall on the car. (Mk2 2011 1.4D Manual) The recall is about a week old, and is not yet in the public domain, but you can check on the Toyota website: They were a bit vague on details, because it is a very new issue, but said it is related to the ECU and air intake. All effected owners should receive a letter in the next 6 weeks. I will update with more info, when I have any.
  6. Hi, I ran out of fuel last month, topped up from jerry can, started Rav back up and management light on since. Car runs fine but just took it for an MOT and the lamda reading was over max (1.090) and wondering if perhaps this has anything to do with it. Took it round friends garage and it was throwing out a code to do with the catalytic convertor (need to get correct code off him) While hunting on the interweb found this on honest John Recalls TSB EG 5010 May 2005: If MIL warning light remains on and Fault Codes PO420 or P0430 can be read off ECU via OBDII port then car needs an ECU software upgrade and a new catalytic converter with a modified cat matrix coating. Model Name: YARIS, TOYOTA RAV4, AVENSIS VERSO, PICNIC, PREVIA, TARAGO Subject: Handling of DTC "P0420/P0430" Case by Models This service bulletin is to inform you on how to handle "DTC P0420 / P0430" cases for Yaris, Previa / Tarago, RAV4, Avensis Verso / Picnic. DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON • Engine MIL ON. • Code P0420 or P0430 in the engine ECU. • No influence on driveability or engine performance. PRODUCTION IMPROVEMENT Yaris: Modified Engine ECU software RAV4: Modified Engine ECU software and modified catalyst coating Avensis Verso: Modified Engine ECU software and modified catalyst coating Previa: Modified Engine ECU software and modified catalyst coatingIve looked on VOSA and Toyota website and cant find any info regarding this fault or its reference number any body have any info PS it does reset after I disconnect battery and my mate at the garage also reset it but within a few hours its back on Is it likely to be a loose or dodgey lamba sensor, leaky exhaust (apparently leaking a little at a few joints) or god forbid the cats k-nacked Thanks in advance John
  7. Just spotted this on the BBC news web site: Toyota has said it will recall 2.7 million cars worldwide because of problems with the steering wheel and water pump system. The recall affects nine models, including the Toyota Corolla and the second-generation Prius. Joichi Tachikawa, a spokesman for Toyota, told the BBC that the problem with the steering wheel was to do with "insufficient hardness of the steering shaft". He explained that due to this, the splines which connect the extension shaft to the gearbox may deform if the steering wheel is "frequently and forcefully turned to the full lock position while driving at a very slow speed". "This may create an increased backlash and the splines may eventually wear out over time, which could result in loss of steering ability," he added. However, Mr Tachikawa said that no accidents due to this fault had been reported so far.
  8. Received a steering shaft recall for my 03 Avensis 1.8. Booked with RRG Huddersfield. Dropped the car in the morning, got a call to pick up the car in the afternoon. The car had not been washed for over a month, I was surprised to see no finger marks on the wheels. They were as dirty as I had left. The lady at the desk gave me a health check report stating that oil, coolant and brake fluid levels low. They were absolutely normal though. She also suggested that I get all 4 discs and brake pads changed at a cost of £460. I asked for paperwork regarding recall work done, she said they do not normally provide any paperwork, and refused. She said this work would however be updated on Toyota's database. I was not happy and wrote to Toyota. Toyota called me 2 days later saying that dealers do not normally provide any paperwork, but in this instance the service manager has agreed to write a report. This morning, I received a call from service manager asking me if I can book the car in again. He apologised and accepted that no work, even an inspection had not been done when I first booked the car in. This would have gone unnoticed if I had not called Toyota. I have complained to Toyota again, they accepted that this is a serious issue and would escalate it. She suggested that I book the car with some other dealership this time. However this would mean travelling and no compensation for that from Toyota. So it seems that the dealerships can avoid touching the car, and claim costs from Toyota for repair work done.
  9. Lorna2

    Here We Go Again

    I was on the BBC site a while ago having my usual morning read; saw this Its about steering wheels and water pumps Suppose we'll have to listen to this all day on the news
  10. avensisd4d786

    Important Recall Information

    hello guys, got home today and found a letter from Toyota 'Important Information about your vehicle enclosed' oh no what could this be... We are writing to notify that Toyota has launched a recall to address a potential issue with an accessory tow bar which may have been fitted to your vehicle. This campaign is being carried out in accordance with the Vosa code of practice. may upload full letter if you guys want to read the full letter. Nothing on the news or website or here. did manage to find this though. ' Toyota recalls over new safety fears By Sarah Coles, Oct 31, 2012 Filed under: Motoring 2300 Text Size A A A Leave a Comment Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association ImagesHot on the heels of a safety recall just a few weeks ago, Toyota has been contacting more customers about another potential safety problem with more of its models. So what is the problem, and who is affected? Recall This recall is related to a tow bar, which was an optional extra on some models, including the Avensis, Previa and Lexus GS. Those who may be affected will receive a letter from customer services informing them that: "We have found that there might be a possibility that if an accessory tow bar has been fitted to your vehicle it may develop a crack. In the worst case this could result in the tow ball fracturing." Customers are assured that there are no reported accidents or injuries as a result of the problem, and that if they have a tow bar on their car, they should take it to their local dealer, who will replace it free of charge. Motoring advice & info Great ways to save on fuel How to avoid car theft Compare car insurance Top 5 cars on - and off - the road Your rights How to complain How to make a compensation claim Five insurance myths - blown out of the water! Oddly, unlike the other major recall this month, Toyota is trying to keep this one under the radar. There is no information on the website, and when I contacted the only UK call centre, I was informed that no-one in the UK would be able to provide any information. The call centre employee merely said that everyone who might be affected would receive a letter. Latest in a long line It hasn't been a great month for Toyota, which this month also announced its biggest recall for 16 years - of 7.43 million cars worldwide, because of safety fears relating to the main electrical switch for the windows. The concern was that the switch could feel uneven over time, and if commercially available lubricants were used on it, they could lead to overheating of the switch. In that particular recall 138,000 UK cars were brought back to have the switches modified. It affected some RAV4, Auris, Yaris and Corolla cars built between September 2006 and December 2008.