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Found 32 results

  1. Hello everyone, First time poster! Sadly my 1999 Toyota Corolla alternator has given up the ghost. I've bought a replacement, but I have no idea how to remove the pivot bolt at the bottom of the alternator. The adjustment bolt came out like a dream despite the fact it's probably been there for 18 years. The bottom pivot bolt appears to be round on the outside (facing away from the engine) and there's nothing on the other side of the bolt (facing inwards towards the engine). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best wishes, Tom.
  2. so, it seems I lost one of the keyfobs for keyless entry 😞 toyota want 350 for a new cut and programmed key, has anyone had to get a spare key? is it easy to erase a second hand key from a breaker before programming via techstream? open to suggestions to see if I can get away with something less expensive :S Thanks!
  3. Can anyone give me any advice on how to remove my march 2018 toyota Aygo wing mirror covers without having to remove the entire wing mirror? I have the correct tools just not sure on how to go about it without damaging current covers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Spencer

    Rear Bumper Reflectors

    Hi and Good Morning All, My other half has ordered and received some new rear bumper reflectors that light up when you brake, he liked the look of them. Our questions are, are the original ones easy to remove? And the replacements have 3 wires, is there a way to route them into the area we’d need to be in to wire them up? And finally does anyone know the colour of wire for positive and negative by any chance either side when it comes to braking??? Cheers guys
  5. I am wanting to replace the wing mirror of a 2012 Toyota Yaris, was hoping to find some instructions/YouTube tutorial for it but haven't been able to find anything for the electric wing mirrors. It's the while plastic casing and electronics that I want to replace, does anyone know how I should go about removing the current wing mirror and if I'll need to take off the door panel to do so? Thanks
  6. Hi Any one have instruction for replacing yaris mk3 indicator switch/stalk. Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone! We bought ourselves our second Toyota and I have a couple of questions. Issue number one is radio - the CD player is not working and having our kids on board means we NEED music :). I know it is possible to buy a FM transmitter (phone => radio) but I was also considering replacing the whole unit with a tablet like this: . Questions are following: 1. Is the radio the same as with regular Avensis or are Verso's units anyhow different? 2. Will I lose the possibility to display the consumption, which is normally displayed on the radio display? And few more random questions: 1. What are the optimal RPM for a 2.0 D4D? 2. Do you use any fuel additives? 3. I have heard that is is important to let the motor cool down after a drive - do you do that? How long time is appropriate? Thanks for any answers!
  8. DinglediggerJ

    EGR valve TR D-4D 2008

    EGR valve, after-market replacement TR D-4D 2008. Where can I get a replacement EGR valve for my 2008 AVENSIS TR D-4D? Is it really only available as a Toyota official part and costing almost as much as the car is worth? Any suggestions from anyone gratefully received. I have had the valve cleaned once a year ago and the 'limp home mode' occurs every few months and then disappears. Thank you for any suggestions. Jeff
  9. bobwill27

    Rav4 D4D Turbo Replacement

    Hi Guys While since I've been here but let me get straight to the point. 3 weeks ago I run very, very low on oil due to a leaking oil filter. The filter was replaced and oil filled back up. A week later whilst my partner was driving the car the turbo failed dramatically. I had the car recovered and proceeded to remove the turbo, which was intact but well knackered. Not the easiest job I've ever done. I have purchased a reconditioned unit with new gaskets. I have also drained the oil. I do keep reading that I need to replace the oil feed pipe. Is this necessary? I personally feel the cause of the failure being lack of oil not a blockage. There is also oil in the intercooler and various pipes. The intercooler and pipes have been standing draining for a week now and have been wiped out as best as can be. Will this be suffice? The vehicle is a 2002 Rav4 D4D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. shazziemou

    Broken Key Fob

    Key casing broke soI got a quote for a replacement key for my Rav 4 for £192.00 from a Totota dealer parts dept, I would have to book the car in so the data on the key could be transferred to the new one. Couldn't afford that kind of money so I bought a Toyota key casing on Ebay for £2.00, got the key cut at a local DIY shop and with a little fine filing and adjustment got the newly cut key to work in the lock of my beloved Rav4. I transferred the unit inside my old broken fob by unscrewing one small nut.....hey bingo I just saved £190.00. Thank you ebay.
  11. Michael147

    New Keys needed

    Hi group. The Avensis I just bought came with one key only (pictured) and has locking buttons missing. I'm worried that I'll have trouble getting these and reprogramming them? The manual says the keys should come with a number plate to be retained for this purpose, but I don't have that also. It may be a connected issue, but the central looking fails sometimes. Any help appreciated.
  12. freckles1979

    Radiator for 22R

    I recently ordered new radiators for my 1979 Toyoto Hilux Pickup with a 22R engine. After taking the old radiator out, comparing with my new radiator, i noticed that there are 2 little outlets at the bottom of the new one. The new radiator is a Spectra as reccomended by Auto Parts Warehouse. See attached picture for clarity to the question. Am wondering what should i do? Did i order the wrong radiator? Should I just leave the plastic caps on and just go with it? Thanks
  13. GavRav4

    Horn replacement

    Hey guys, I see the horns are located behind the front bumper, is there any way to replace them without having to remove the front bumper or is that the only way? I just can't face the high pitched "meep" I get out of it any more! I think the low tone one is broken. I just get no respect honking at idiots to identify their bad driving habits with the existing horn. Gotta be fixed!
  14. CurranShelter

    To Keep, Or Not To Keep...

    So, the garage reckons that my trusty 'rolla is starting to show its age (hardly ancient at 11 yrs, and 80-something on the clock... just a baby, I can hear some of you say). It has just had its 2nd back box replacement, the rest of the (original) exhaust looking very corroded, and further observations include: - notable corrosion to the chassis, brake pipes and rear springs - steering column top bearing slightly worn - o/s and n/s/f wishbone rear bushes deteriorated, starting to unbond (I admit - not sure how big a deal that is). Oh and brake discs and pads getting very low. And recently, an ominous creaking noise going over bumps and humps. And a tendency to judder when negotiating slopes from cold. And the radio is unpredictably part-time. Is that the distant tinkling I hear of money tumbling down the drain? Now, most of me says that's all normal and I can hardly complain that it's just starting to require some new bits after 11 years and otherwise faultless performance to date (having required only new rubber, a couple of bulbs and those pesky rear silencers to keep it going) so why would I even think about getting rid now. But on the other hand, for someone who wants reliable, low-maintenance motoring, might it be time to think about saying goodbye? I can't decide. Honest John says modern cars are only built to last about 7 years, but I can only think he's talking about Renaults and Vauxhalls, not Toyotas. After all, the bodywork is fine, the engine's still sweet, the gearbox smooth and a pleasure to use, the drive as sure-footed as ever, and I still arrive at work feeling unflustered (until I get through the door, that is). And it still feels a solid, well-engineered vehicle, possibly even someone else's dream 2nd hand purchase. Then on the other hand... there's a chance I could end up spending more than it's worth just to keep it going for another year or two. So do I put the cash towards a replacement, which - let's face it - is an inevitability at some point? And if so, what can I trust as much as I've trusted this car? So if you've read this far (well done) and you'll forgive the rambling, I'd really welcome your opinions... how concerned should I be about those problems listed? (I'm no mechanic, that's for sure.) What is a realistic lifespan (without undue levels of maintenance) based on the experience of other members? And is the Auris a worthy successor? Actually I'll ask that one in the Auris forum. :) Thoughts?
  15. Hi all, To save the millage on my 18mth D4D Avensis I took our second car the 51 plate Avensis hatch to Norwich at the weekend about 500 mile round trip and unfortunately the Alternator packed up on the M3. RAC came out and took me to one of their approved garages and I think I got stung at £263.30 for a replacement Remy Alternator (fitted). I know we are at the mercy of garages during breakdown but did I get well stung on the replacement cost? Cheers
  16. Aaaaaggghhhh!! *Pulls out Hair* Right, now that's over with, here's my plea for expertise: Ok, so the stereo in my 2002 Avensis Vermont is knackered. 1. Sometimes it goes through the motions, but makes no sound. 2. Sometimes the stereo won't do anything, but the clock & trip readings work 3. Sometimes it will blow 3/4 stereo fuses per day But it never works properly any more, never more than one track through a CD before it stops. The CD Player looks separate from the display unit. And I am quite happy to fit an aftermarket stereo if needs be, BUT 1. Single Din stereo fitted in the lower part of the stereo hole where the CD player is will look stupid (2 sets of volume/track controls, my OCD won't cope with that) 2. No surround seems to exist for fitting a Double Din stereo (I actually have a TNS510 Nav unit sat idle here if I could work out how to fit it) 3. If I fit a double din stereo, I then lost the temperature display etc. 4. If I bite the bullet & buy a replacement original CD player, how do I know it's not a wiring issue as opposed to a head unit issue. My other thought is to buy a centre panel from an earlier (1997-2000) Avensis, which has a simple double din stereo. However upon closer inspection, the heater controls on the earlier ones are manual as opposed to the electronic ones I have. So therefore would I need to change everything back as far as the heater control box? Sorry to post two threads regarding stereos over 3 days, the first one was just asking about connections, before I'd thought about dash configuration, but this is starting to really annoy me, someone somewhere must have achieved a sensible solution for an aftermarket stereo, or at least have some information about this that I've missed.
  17. rich_aygo

    Aygo Water Pump Replacement Help

    Hey, I am currently experiencing a whining noise from the engine bay that I believe to be an issue with the water pump. (Pink coolant around the pump, excessive heat from climate control, drop in coolant reservoir level) I am just about to call toyota to get a quote for the parts needed, pump and assorted bolts, and was wondering if it was worth replacing the belt as well. Also if anyone else has done it themselves, how difficult of a job was it. Looks easy enough in theory but does not seem to be much room within the engine bay to do it. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated. Rich
  18. MsRachel

    Replacement Lock

    Hi There! I've been browsing this forum for a while but this is my first post to please bare with me firstly I would like advice on how to get the door panel off the drivers side door to replace the door lock which has ceased to work I can get a lock that will match my key from Toyota for £45 secondly has anyone had a duplicate key made for their aygo that works in the ignition? (bought the car with one key) Toyota dealer wants just shy of £150 for a key. I know that they key has an encrypted chip in it. I have a four door 56 plate aygo no remote locking but central locking
  19. Giedster

    Fuel Gauge Replacement

    Hello, I am from Holland, and drive a Toyota Aygo 2011. I want to replace the original fuel gauge meter thats installed with an analog meter like this : It is possible? I just want to know how to install/wire. Thanks Alot, Greetings.
  20. Storm08

    Clutch Replacement - 07 Yaris

    Hi all! Just a bit of background first of all. I'm 21, dont know too much about the ins and outs of cars, but I have a general idea. A couple of days ago, I noticed it was getting more and more difficult to change gear in my Yaris. I have taken it to a garage that is usually pretty decent. They have agreed with me that the clutch needs replacing and said that it'll cost £300 labour + parts. Does this sound normal to anyone? Also, providing, I don't hear any grinding sounds whilst changing gear, will it be okay to drive without ruining the gearbox? Cheers, Joe
  21. Mod edit: Original poster has deleted their posts - topic locked
  22. I own a 1983 Toyota Campervan which was converted by Devon Conversions. Following a break in I need to find a complete replacement window unit for the window (the one behind the drivers window). Does anyone have suggestions or leads for me to locate a replacment. Many thanks, Rizwan
  23. Mystweaver

    New Key For Toyota Aygo

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums, driving, cars and Toyota! Only been driving 4 months and bought my first car yesterday - a Toyota Aygo. Sadly for inexperienced me I didn't check before I handed over the wonga whether my first used car had two sets of keys or one... fool is me! Fortuantely though it looks like I MIGHT not be as out of pocket for such a noobish error but I want to make sure. They key that I have got looks like a regular transponder key (though I have no real experience). Searching the internet it looks as though to get a replacement isn't too difficult... I just get a blank transponder key cut, put my existing one in the ignition - follow a rather simple procedure of pedal pumping and bob's-your-uncle; spare key made for £20 or so. On the other hand there is mention of a red master key which i definately do not have. My Toyota Aygo is a 3 door VVI basic no frills version - 2006 (no AC, electric windows, or central locking). Have I go my facts straight above or am I going to have to fork out a ton to get another key made? I'd appreciate your comments and I thank you in advance for your time.
  24. I own a 1983 Toyota Campervan which was converted by Devon Conversions. Following a break in I need to find a complete replacement window unit for the window (the one behind the drivers window). Does anyone have suggestions or leads for me to locate a replacement. Thanks Rizwan
  25. I think that I have overtightened the battery terminal (part number 90982-05030) on my 2001 Avensis. It doesn't look very sturdy to me. Is it posiible to get a stronger terminal that will match the battery and the connector on the wire, and fit under the red plastic cover?