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Found 15 results

  1. swanseaguy

    SR180 60mpg? Yes!

    Hey all, Thought I'd share my story with my SR180 and the fuel economy and power. I've posted a few thing on this forum over the years I've had the car. About the fuel econmy and power on how bad it was - I finally got off my **** and did something about it and put my hand in my wallet. I was literally getting 28-30mpg on average on the streets and I done a drive to heathrow last year, cruised at 70mph and got 39mph. Long story short, I needed to improve it as I would start doing 95miles a day back and fore to work so did the following things: Terraclean - £110 as its a 2.2 litre Cleaned out the EGR valve - actually followed the post on here, it was straight forward. DPF cleaner - Wynns brand I was very pleased with the results! On a good day I can get 60mpg out of the car on the motorway but I'm guarenteed 55mpg+ on the motorway. Street driving im getting a respectable 45mpg The turbo lag and power has also improved greatly!!! Hell of a difference. Being completly honest, Im only getting these figures on the motorway by doing 55-60mph and not throwing the car everywhere, and driving with my pedal to the metal everywhere , but just wanted to post this as im very pleased with the results as I never ever thought the car could reach those types of figures. Here are some pictures of how dirty the EGR valve was. Even though the above things helped, it definitely takes driving like a learner as well - If you can like that, enjoy starting to save some money and fueling up less often
  2. Dave1969

    Help needed SR180 problems

    Hi all, I have some problems with my 2007 SR180, and wondered if anyone has any suggestions, it's a bit long winded but here goes. A few weeks ago I noticed what I initially thought was a flat spot, it's not when the engine is under load though, but when maintaining a steady speed, including when on cruise control, it's more of a judder/kangarooing feeling than a flat spot when it does it in the lower gears. If I come off the gas it goes, and if I give it more gas it takes off perfectly like there's nothing wrong. Then I noticed that it was smoking, it looks blue or white in colour and it does it when it's been sitting idling at a red light for example and I start moving again, it only emits the said smoke for a couple of seconds though then it stops, and although it does chuck out the odd puff of smoke on a motorway it's very very rare, it's mainly when round town. I tried some injector cleaner in it and that just made it a whole lot worse until I got back to neat diesel. It also started drinking loads of diesel, like 15 mpg around town, and about 24 mpg on a run, when it has always been around 30 and 38 respectively. This was all according to the onboard computer, the fuel range would drop anywhere between say 8 and 12 miles when I'd only traveled 5 miles, like it was out of sync with what the car was actually doing. I suspected the 5th injector was leaking/dribbling fuel so I replaced it with a brand new one today, then in the evening I did a 130 mile motorway round trip to test it and try to induce a regen, are they supposed to chuck out loads of black smoke when they regen, because I never saw any at all, only saw 1 puff of its usual blue or white smoke, and I was watching in the rear view mirror a lot because the road was empty. The fuel consumption was back to 38 again on that run, but the flat spot and the smoking still persist. I've had it MOT'd recently, and it had all these problems at the time, so I expected there to be a dpf or some kind of emissions problem, but it passed without a single advisory, and the emission result was 0, clean as a whistle, they didn't even have to purge/rev it at all which surprised me to say the least. I borrowed an OBD fault code reader from a friend and it shows no fault codes, even took it for a run whilst that was plugged in with my friend monitoring it while I made it judder and smoke, and nothing showed up, there's also no lights up on the dashboard that there shouldn't be, and it's only used about a cup full of oil in the last 2000 miles. I'd be extremely grateful of any advice or suggestions of any kind, as I'm scratching my head with these problems.
  3. paigerich

    SR180 or not???

    I currently drive an 07 Corolla Colour Collection 2.0 d4d. Not the best car but does everything I need very well. It's got 128k on the clock and had never missed a beat. I'm contemplating swapping it for an Auris SR180!!! I've read good stories and bad stories like the cylinder head going or the dpf etc etc, can anyone spare me the time to tell me about their experiences good or bad and sell me the car. I've seen a nice lie mileage example but I want to hear what they're like Many thanks in advance Richard
  4. Hi all, In need of some help/advice/info Im a proud owner of an 08 plate SR180 It’s a 2.2 D-Cat engine ADE157 this winter I seem to be having a lot of smoking and active regens, colder it is worst they are. First thing I did is clear EGR valve that’s spotless, better MPG but no different with the smoke. Then tried wynns DPF cleaner, good results with this haven’t had an active regeneration once this was used so will defo use this over the winter. So this is where I am major smoke in cold weather, this is apparently quite normal with this model engine and Toyota have a technical service bulletin ref EG-0004T-0110-EN that seems to cover this. Which basically a ECU update. what I’m asking has anyone.... A. Had this problem and resolved it with this update B. Resolved issue another way C. It’s a DPF problem and needs cleaning/replacing I've seen a lot of talk about this on the forum, no one ever tell us if they sort it. Im going to get the update done and will post my results but any other info would be greatly appreciated. D
  5. daboosa

    SR180 Terraclean

    Hi all, Just wondering if any one has had a Terraclean treatment on thier SR180 and if so what do they think? D
  6. Turbutch

    Auris SR180 in trouble?

    Hi, It seems a well known fact that a few of the 2.2d engines used in the T180 and SR180 models were prone to blowing the head gasket. I bought an SR180 earlier in the year and engine oil consumption seemed stable. However, recently I fitted a Lindop tuning chip which doesn't look like to have made any difference to fuel economy (30mpg regardless of how I drive and not much better on motorways either), also a few days later I did feel obliged to top oil up by about half a litre and noticed during pedal to the metal moments the clutch suggests it's slipping a little by about 200rpm in 3rd, 4th and 5th for about a second or two. At this early stage I'm not blaming the tuning chip but has anyone with this engine and tuning chip noticed an increase in oil consumption? Worse still, does the oil consumption suggest the head gasket is going to hit it? I need to test the clutch some more and besides the car does have over 80k miles on the clock. Am looking to buy carb cleaner to clean the EGR valve soon, I have no idea how clogged it is, although the previous owner did apparently clean it last year. I'm pessimistic to how much difference cleaning the EGR valve makes but I know it's good practice for diesels.
  7. Aubryuk

    D-cat SR180, Remap

    hi guys, I recently purchased a 2008 Sr D-cat180 and see that some people had the car remapped. I was wondering on the success rate for this and to see if people have had improve mpg. The car has had the engine replaced under warranty to want i believe is the slightly better engine with the common problems or the head gasket. I'm also thinking of getting it DFAP too. Rob
  8. Hi everyone. I am looking at getting a Toyota Auris 2.2 SR180 as my next car. I am looking into issues that they commonly have and I have seen that EGR, DPF, and Oil Consumption all seem to be on the list of issues with the car. Now EGR and DPF problems can be sorted really easily by just not having them ;) or by blanking the egr and getting it mapped out. As for the oil consumption what causes that? Does anyone know on here? I am just wondering as I really like the look of the cars and if things will be easy enough to sort my self I will still happily get one. Are the egr's easy to get to on these or are they a total pain? Thanks in advance for anyone with any advice :D Jack
  9. mrimmy

    Tyres For Auris Sr180

    Evening Folks, Just wondering which tyres are worth putting on to the front wheels of a auris. I've been looking at the following tyres Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Hankook Ventus Prime 2 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 I'm option to other suggestion's but the above tyres seem to have good reviews with regards to grip and breaking distance.
  10. Beags

    Bluespark Chip For Sr180

    I know theres an old thread about chips floating around on here, but it got so massive and cumbersome to wade through. Today I have purchased the CR Tech 2 chip as per here, which claims 204Bhp and 460Nm of torque: It retails for 150 quid, but they're doing a deal on ebay right now and I got the thing for £80. When I get it, I will plug it in and let you guys know how I get on!
  11. DDT

    Trade In Of Sr180

    Well I struggled along with fuel economy as many have and it seems that the SR180 has a marked card as trade-in values aren't great because everyone knows how expensive they are to run. Just made a deal to trade in for a Volvo C30 drive to switch for something 0 road tax and a claimed 80MPG but still a nice comfy high spec hatchback on a 60 plate. My SR180 is a late 58 (2009) with several additional factory-fitted extras such as voice activated bluetooth and the I-pod adaptor so still high spec and not that much older than the replacement car. Now here comes the numbers.....generally I was getting offered up to 3,500 trade in for the 2.2 litre Auris against a 10-11k for a similar aged car in the Volvo when downsizing to a 1.6 diesel. I did shop around (a lot) and spent several hours haggling on the once I finally ended up buying but it just seems so crazy. I was downsizing for economy and the difference in values is quite surprising. I am regretful that I need to part with my Auris as it has been a great car for the last couple of years and hasn't caused any problems other than bad fuel consumption. Increasing business mileage means that it isn't really viable anymore and the new car is also a cracker. So this is farewell I guess and I just wanted to give others a heads up on my experience - good luck all! Paddy Lad - I got it in orange too just as you suggested mate :)
  12. Stupidmia

    Ready For The Power!

    Well....from the 28th Jan, my insurance now includes a power increase via tuning box! Will now have to get one sorted for then...would be interested for any going for sale or refurbed? Failing that....will have to go for new one...cant be hanging around once the insurance renews!!
  13. Ivan Galea

    Lights Won't Switch Off On Auto

    So Lately I have been having some trouble with the Auto Lights. I usually go in the garage and as soon as I open the door the car starts beeping cause the key is in the ignition which is usual, but the most important part is that once I used to open the door the lights used to switch OFF automatically. Nowadays I open the door and it does not beep although the key is in the ignition and the light are not turning off. In order to switch them off... is either press the unlock button taking the key out of the ignition or keep closing and opening till it actually shuts off... or don't use auto lights. :( Anyone else experienced such a thing and if possible can you share a solution. Car: Auris 2008 SR180 2.2ltr Regards, IG
  14. I've always thought the SR180 interior should be slightly different. Perhaps more sporty. The SR180 badge is the equivalent to the GTI badge. I personally think it should feature in the interior. I've changed a few things on mine. From I've ordered some tailored car mats (black with red and black edges) with the word SR180 stitched in to the side in red. I've changed the gear gaiter. Just £15 from eBay. It's a genuine fit for the auris, and its exactly the same as the original but has red stitching. I've also changed the gear knob. Again genuine Auris. The original is just boring. So the new one is black perforated leather, with a black top disk, instead on the silvery gold colour. My next plan is to colour the stitching red on the seats, and door cards. I'll use a paint pen with a fine nib. I've seen in on another forum and its actually works with cloth seats and looks great!! I think the improvements so far make a big difference, and make the car a little more SR180 ish. I'll take more pictures later today. If anybody has similar thoughts or ideas please share. I'd love to see it.
  15. James Bolton

    Sr180 Air Filter Change And Oil Usage

    Hey everyone, First post, so be nice. I have just bought an SR180 which at the moment is standard with just under 30k miles. I have 3 points/questions I would love some advice on. Air Filter Change I have just had a look at the air filter and it is on the verge of needing a change. I realise that the SR180 gulps air and therefore I want to use a decent air filter/induction kit. Can anyone recommend a good air filter/induction kit to use? Looking to spend a reasonable (but not massive) amount of cash on this and looking for a bit of noise. Is the air filter in this model different to other models of auris as i cant find it anywhere on any lists of parts? Oil Usage I do a LOT of motorway miles and have done 8k miles in the last 3 months or so. However, in this time I have gone through 3ltrs of oil. There are no obvious signs of oil leaks. Are these cars famous for using a lot of oil? or have i probably got an issue? MPG I tend to drive quite hard but when im cruising on the motorway (about 85mph) i am getting about 35-37mpg. Is this standard or below expected? (i realise this could tie in to the old air filter). Any answers to these issues would be much appreciated!!! James