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Found 53 results

  1. GavRav4

    Tyre sizes

    Hi everyone, tried the search function without success so starting a new topic. Tyre sizes: my 2003 rav is currently running 235 60R16's all round. I have an mot tomorrow and know i will get advisories as they are close to the limit. When i type the reg in online to find tyres they keep coming up with 215 70R16 as they tyre fitment. My question is, was the 235 60R16 a factory option or has the fitment changed at some point during the rav's life? What size tyres is everyone else running on a 4.2? With winter approaching i have been considering yokohama geolandar g015 a/t all season tyres as last year the rav wasnt great in the snow/ice. They seem to have good reviews, is anyone using these? Thanks
  2. Kansai-R

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has experience with winter tyres on their IQ3? This past week has been snowing quite heavily, and although the IQ has coped extremely well, I thought for safety reasons, I should have a set of winter tyres to use between October and April. Question 1: The IQ3 has the larger 16" wheels, does anyone have experience going down to the 5Jx15 ET45 175/65/15 setup that the 15" wheel users have? or should I source the Aston Martin Cygnet Winter Wheels? (5Jx16 ET40 with 185/55/16 tyres) Question 2: What winter tyres do you all have? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and it would at least prepare me for the next winter.
  3. BigRedSwitch

    TPMS Failure?

    When I bought my Auris some 6 months ago I checked the tyre pressures and they were all 36psi. I reset them to 33psi as the manual specifies and reset the TPMS system. Since then the TPMS warning light has never come on and I assumed all was well. I checked the pressures a couple of days ago and they were all below 30psi. So why didn't the TPMS light come on? Could it be that TPMS only reports loss of pressure when the car is running and that any loss of pressure overnight say, does not? Anyone any ideas? It's due a service next month so I'll ask them to check it if it appears that the system may be faulty..
  4. WiseNatcho

    Tyre Size

    I know this look wont be to everyones taste, but I would like to achieve something similar with the wheels on my iQ... I can buy the alloy wheels easily - they are standard Rota Grids, (15x9 ET0) but finding tyres to fit is a nightmare! From the photo I can see these run 245/45/15 but they don't seem available in the UK. ☹️ I would like to stay with 15" but maybe 8 or 7.5 width would be better? If anybody is running something similar style wise and can help me find a tyre size that would be great!
  5. HughL

    Winter tyre recommendations?

    I have a current (2017) Toyota Prius with 17" alloy wheels and I'm planning to get a set of winter tyres to fit around November and keep on to March, then swap back again. Any recommendations or experience of brands/types? Should I budget for wheels as well as the tyres, or do people just swap the tyres over at the beginning and end of the season? Safety and convenience more important than cost. I'll have to pay to hotel the ones not in use in any case, as haven't got room to store them at home. Used my first Prius (Gen 3) through the last winter and during the Beast from the East I missed my last AWD Outback for the first and so far only time (it was a horribly expensive car to run, and drinking petrol and eating bits and pieces at a ferocious rate). So now I've got a lovely newish Gen 4 seems an obvious step. Any recommendations for a trusted tyre service that does this in Surrey or N Hants also very welcome. Thanks!
  6. sconly

    Yaris 2004 tyre size

    Hello Could anyone advise me on the correct tyre size for a Toyota Yaris 2004, please? The ones I have on are 185/65/R14 86H but when I do a search on tyre websites using my reg they all come back with 175/65/R14 T. Which is correct? Does it really matter? Thanks
  7. Has anyone tried to buy winter tyres for their 1.8 petrol Avensis T2. I need to buy winter tyres for a journey from London to Gdansk, Poland. The cars sticker stipulates to fit 205 60 R16 92V, which only exist in summer tyres!! Any ideas people? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Wooster

    Acoustic Boom

    I am cursed (?) with sensitive hearing and tinnitus. I have applied lots of sound deadening products to my car with success. Bought it from: Tyre roar is (now) almost non existent. However, I'm now very aware of a 'booming' noise whenever the car goes over a bump in the road. Road seams etc. (I'm guessing the 'booming' noise was previously masked by the tyre roar.) All UK cars were all fitted with 195/55/R16 tyres and wheels. I've seen many USA cars specified with 185/65/R15. Smaller wheels and taller side walls - which I've been told will reduce the 'booming' noises in the car as there is a larger side wall to flex and absorb the shocks from the road. Put the numbers into here and it shows they are compatible. Tire Size Comparison Does anyone have any experience of a 04-15 Prius with 65 section tyres? Or, does anyone have experience of removing any resonant boom from a Prius?
  9. Hi Guys, In short the question is, has anyone driven both the 55 16s and the 45 17 tyres and is the difference in comfort negledgable? I am days away from choosing my Auris Hybrid (facelift). And I am torn between the Bussiness Edition and the Excel variant. I am also excluding the prefacelift as I understand the suspension has been upgraded. I am reluctant to change tyres and wheels after market for several reasons including lack of space to keep the spares, insurance and simply cost. I understand that tyres also are a big variable and there is no straight answer but your personal oppinion is greatly appreciated :) I would gladly sacrifice the front and back parking sensors, auto park and other toys if the ride comfort is significantly better on the 16s. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi, What do you think is the best tyre dimension for and Auris Icon 2013 1.6? I need to change them but I am not sure, the ones the car has at the moment I believe are not the originals, and they are 205/55 R16 91V. In says that the recommended size is 205/55ZR16 91W but I am not 100% sure this is accurate ... Also, do you recommend any particular brand? Thanks in advance.
  11. BF Goodrich Urban Terrain - 235/60 R16 104H XL TL all season premium tyres (90% road,10% offroad, excellent in winter) AS NEW these tyres only covered 50 miles and were then removed as my RAV4 was sold cost more than £80 each x 4 = £320 selling for only £160 (only £40 each) located in South Tyneside, between Newcastle and Sunderland also see GUMTREE ad ref:1254463588 thanks Mike
  12. choudhrysuk

    Toyota Auris Hybrid 2012

    Hi guys. I have a few questions. I have purchased a Toyota Auris Hybrid 2012 from Greater Manchester. The Auris Hybrid is really sought after and is really hard to purchase in the Midlands. My overall experience is excellent, still learning to drive the car. Drove the car from greater Manchester drove really well, really surprised with the power and the economy. The hybrid check was done in Glasgow by Toyota but the certificate states the it expires in September. Will this be on Toyota's database. What all weather tyres do you guys recommend, when i purchase a car i normally change the tyres. The tyres on my car are low profile. Also is it worth getting an extended warranty with Toyota. What sort of thing do i need to look out for. I understand it is the same drive train as the Prius. Thanks again
  13. newsboy

    Tyre pump problems

    I have a Halfords digital tyre pump with built in rechargeable battery. The instructions are laughable and when I go to use it I get a message which says AC8. Has anyone any idea as to what this means? Sometimes I just cannot get it into pumping mode and it sits giving me the actual tyre pressure without allowing me to get to the point where it actually runs. It has always been unpredictable but seems to have got worse just recently. Thanks in advance.
  14. cptfrederickson

    Auris Hybrid tyre sizes

    Hello all, first post on the forum! Bought myself a Mk.1 Auris Hybrid (T-Spirit) yesterday and after a bit of advice. I've looked around the forum a lot but can't really find a definitive answer. Three of the tyres on the car are approaching the end of their lives, so I intend to bung on a whole new set but herein lies the problem. I understand 215/45 R17 is the standard fit, but some use 225/45 R17. What are the potential pitfalls (if any) of using 225/45s? My preferred tyres are much cheaper and easily available in 225/45, but performance is worse in 215/45, meaning even more money for an alternative. Should I stick with 215/45, or go for 225/45? Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. GavRav4

    Buying tyres

    Hi guys, 2003 Rav, had a puncture on a tyre that needed changing anyway earlier in the week and just replaced it with the spare until today (still plenty of tread left on that one). The guy in the tyre place just said if the wheel wasn't the spare I should be looking to change all 4 on the car as replacing less than this could "wind up the diff" due to it being a 4x4. Is he just trying to screw me out of a full set of tyres or is this true? I've never heard it before. Thanks in advance
  16. Information provided by Auris 1.6 vvt-i - The new Auris (2015) accepts 2 sets of TPMS, so the main set does not get overwritten. It doesn't matter in what order they will be written to the ECU - just need to be written and the car manages them, so no re-learning necessary when rotating tyres. The only thing one needs to do after switching summer and winter sets is to press the TPMS initialization button in the glove box 3 times and that's it!
  17. AEB-UK

    Winter Wheels and Tyres

    Hello all, Since I have recently disposed of my Prius v3+, I have a set of winter wheel and tyres which require a new home. I've advertised them on the auction site - the item number is 262787332469 Here is the link, though I have a feeling it may be deleted as being contrary to forum rules maybe? They are nice looking wheel and really suit the Prius.
  18. chilaspt

    Couple of Questions

    Hey Everyone, I bought a red IQ 1.0 62 plate from a Toyota dealership in March, and have a couple of questions, I will need to buy new tyres, what would you recommend? I'm thinking on getting these but have read so many bad reviews that I dont know anymore. Also, Since I purchased the car, one of the rear rotors seems to always be rusty, so I think that the caliper may be stuck? is this something I can get toyota to fix as part of the warranty? or will they just say its wear and tear? (even though its been like that since I bought it?) Is the process for replacing the rear rotors and pads the same as the front ones? (I've done the front ones on my Aygo, on a Vauxhall corsa, old ford fiesta, etc...) How does the handbrake work on the IQ? does it have shoes inside the disc like some BMW's? Any help is appreciated, Thanks, .
  19. Jezclax

    Noisy Auris solved

    Just thought I would share this. Since I bought my Auris 6 months ago there's been a speed related "drumming" noise from the rear. At motorway speeds it was a constant thrumming that made the car tiresome to drive. I was convinced it was a wheel bearing, someone else was convinced it was a driveshaft (and coming from the front, obviously). Jacked up each rear wheel. No detectable play at 12/6 or 9/3 o'clock or noise when spinning the wheel. (Also checked fronts) What I did notice was the nearside rear tyre appeared to be quite out of round, Prestivo something or other. The offside tyre (Dunlop) seemed ok. Both tyres approx 5mm tread. No idea on history of either. I settled on replacing these tyres, ended up doing all 4 as the fronts were also Prestivo and one had a sidewall cut (though it had passed an MOT). After some research I settled on Falken tyres (225/45 17) and the cheapest local place was Halfords (BTW did a great job, lifted the car properly, didn't damage jacking points or anything, also had a free winter check and tracking done). The car is transformed. Quiet and smooth. Drove 500 miles over the following weekend, a pleasure. Jez
  20. Hi guys, I'm a new member of this forum, my partner and I having just purchased a 1983 Hiace "hi-top" in Australia. My question relates to servicing and especially tyre pressures for this Campervan. Any vehicle marks have long since rubbed off and I cannot find consistent advice anywhere online. Any help is greatly appreciated, on what the tyre pressure should be and if there are any manuals available for this van. Pleased to connect with you! Adam Follow our adventure in "Kevin": Extra Info: I think we have the 2L Petrol van (1.998) 3Y
  21. dash

    Tyres - cracked tread blocks

    Just passed another MOT - hurray !! Our iQ2 has covered only 15,000 miles since new and is still on the original Bridgestone Ecopia tyres. We have been getting advisories on cracked tread blocks. Is this unusual, or is it typical of tyres which have suffered years of ozone exposure? I know rubber can crack with age but I've never come across tyres doing this before and wondered if it was specific to Bridgestones. Front tyres are now reaching the legal minimum tread depth. Any recommendations for replacements (preferably quiet with good grip in all conditions)? Dave
  22. Geraldine

    General Grabbers AT2

    Need some advice....... I was looking to change the stock tyres, 235 60 16 to General Grabbers AT2 of 235 85 16. Has anyone else went for the deeper tread? They will be fitted to a set of steel rims and not the standard alloys. The car will be used 50/50 off road muddy terrain and road use. Any comment welcome.
  23. ffej

    tyre jell

    hi anyone got an apian on tyre jells or spray dressings ,does it make them crack ??
  24. marlinleg

    How to sell

    Can some one help me please, I have sold my Prius Plus 63 plate with its winter tyers on, now I want to sell the summer Tyers BUT CANT SEE WERE TO POST I think I read you have to be a full paid up member that's fine , I just need some advice please Thankyou . Kind Regards Phil
  25. mrimmy

    Tyres For Auris Sr180

    Evening Folks, Just wondering which tyres are worth putting on to the front wheels of a auris. I've been looking at the following tyres Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Hankook Ventus Prime 2 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 I'm option to other suggestion's but the above tyres seem to have good reviews with regards to grip and breaking distance.