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Found 5 results

  1. Good Evening Forum I'm after a bit of advice Over the last couple of months i've noticed that the water has been getting further down the screen and now is struggling to hit the bottom from the jets Q1. Is it a known thing for the pump to become more and more asmatic The back is OK but I didn't realise until today that it is a dual pump system I have ordered a new pump but had a couple more questions Q2. Is there anything else to look for......there are no water leaks......and as i'm guessing the jets aren't blocked as both are weak Q3. Do I access the pumps from the drivers wheel arch or from the front of the car Any help would be great Have a good evening "forumneers"
  2. Jon A.

    Windshield washer hose valve

    Hey guys! Is anyone able to confirm if this is the type of windshield hose valve that Auris (2014) has? Washer is not spraying in front, but working for lights and back. Dont have access to the car now but suspect it’s the valve that needs replacement?
  3. qkrusty

    Washer Reservoir Tank issue

    Hey guys, So long story short I had a accident with my car and insurance company won't cover my claim so I have to pay for it by my self. Now here comes the problem , according to my colleague who checked catalogue of some supplier original washer Reservoir tank for my exact type of car (2009 Auris E15UT - that is 2.2 D-CAT 130kw , before Facelift) is 140euros, which is way too much for me right now. What I would like to do... There are some other Tanks for sale in my area which I would like to buy but I'm not sure if they we be able to mount them for my car, they do not look exactly same but are much cheaper. I know my Auris has Xenons which means I have to have headlight washer nozzles and my tank has extra pump for it ( 3 pumps total). The question is can I buy some other tank from other Auris without this and mount it ? I'm providing links for you guys and some photos of my original tank which I cannot even find for sale in my area. Please If anybody has similar experience or knowledge about this let me know as I'm really desperate. My plan is to just ignore the third pump therefore I won't have headlight washers functioning, which I don't use anyway.. I know I'm required to have this but I can pass my state vehicle control anyway without this.. (my washer jet nozzle and front pump broke as well and that's a lot of money). Car is not in the workshop yet and I need to order the parts first that's why I'm here. Ads I have found are in the attachment as well. Thank you very much in advance for any kind of reply.
  4. Symptom: when filling/adding water to reservoir it just pours out from under the car. This has happened twice recently; I haven't used the car much and the first time was a couple of days before the MOT. The tester said that 'the hose' had come adrift and that he'd 're-fixed' it. It has just happened again but before I take it back to the workshop (which has to date been fair and trustworthy) I was hoping if somebody here could explain which hose(es) might be involved and if a method exists (eg. jubilee clip) that will permanently solve the problem. I'm approaching 70 so well past the time when I stopped getting under cars! Many thanks. Bill
  5. Carole Heard

    Mk1 Yaris Washers Misbehaving

    I have a Yaris 1.0 CDX that I've owned from new in Dec 2000. Some time ago, the washers developed an odd fault:- When I washed the rear screen, the front wipers would wipe. A couple of weeks ago the washer pump failed completely, so I replaced it with a unit off EBay. A bit of a pfaff but all sorted. The new unit is very quiet compared to the original fit. The rear wash/front wipe problem disappeared immediately after fitment. Now it's back, but only intermittently. My guess is that the front wipe is being triggered by a voltage appearing on the front wash supply line. It may be from back EMF from the front wash motor winding due to it acting as a generator, but why would it be intermittent? Alternatively there's a low impedance between the two lines. Any experts around who can point the way?