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Difficulty - Medium

Time - About an hour

Tools - trim tool (example here) - http://www.diytools.co.uk/diy/Main/Product...ProductID=26229

or screwdriver with taped blade, 10mm socket and suitable driver, 30mm hole cutter or forstner bit and suitable drill.


This procedure follows the fitting of the genuine Toyota interface which is available at a special price via Lindop Bros Toyota. It allows the use of the existing steering wheel controls and repeats some data on the radio display. It is also compatible with the latest generation 3 Ipod Nano

NOTE; The £37 additonal Y loom is only necessary if something is already plugged into the external CD changer socket. In most cases this isn't the case so only buy it if you really need it.


The full Toyota fitting instructions in full are here;


First disconnect the battery;


Then remove the glove box by releasing the damper;


and squeezing the stops to allow the glove box to drop down;


Allow the glove box to drop roughly level then just pull it to remove.

Next carfully prize off the bottom of the radio bezel to remove it and press the clip on the plugs to remove the wires from the hazard warning and diff lock switches;


Remove the 4 bolts that are holding the radio in and pull the radio forward. Remove the plugs and aerial from the back and remove the radio.


Install the interface and loom. The instructions show that you place the interface behind the centre console forward trim. You remove it by pulling it out into the footwell as shown and then withdraw it back towards the seat;


However, because of the soundproofing and trim I couldn't easily locate it there so I placed it up above the glovebox as shown. Use the supplied adhesive pad but use a tie wrap to secure it;


Re-fit the radio and plug in all the connectors and aerial. The ipod interface loom also plugs in and it only fits in one socket so you cant go wrong.

Next, use a 30mm drill to make a hole in the bottom of the upper cubby hole. I used a sharp forstner woodworking bit but any hole saw will do. The instructions show that you centre the hole 25mm from the back and the side of the cubby hole base but due to the support bracket it is not possible. I drilled in this location and it works OK;


Make a good job of clipping the wires up. Insert the grommet as shown and the ipod connects as shown. With the battery lead re-connected turn the radio on and press the "disc" button twice to activate the external CD plug to which the ipod is connected. The ipod will show the Toyota logo and is then isolated as all functions are controlled from the radio head unit;


How good is it? The reproduction is crystal clear and the tone and stereo separation is excellent. You can play each playlist and each track within the playlist. The track info is shown on the radio but you cannot search via artist, title or album name, the tracks are played alphabetically or randomly;



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