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How to remove Avensis T27 wing mirror cover to access indicator.


To replace the wing mirror indicator, the cover needs to be removed first. This is to show how to cover is remove only! The indicator was not touched but the photos will give an idea. The glass does not need to be removed, but the cover removed may help with the glass removal, by disconnecting the l.

A question has been asked how to remove the wing mirror cover to indicator unit, on the Avensis T27 from 2009 to 2015.

Flat bladed tools are required like trim removal tools, but screw drivers will do. Starting from the top side, carefully insert the tool between the cover and black border, then gently lever away. P1130315.thumb.JPG.30845e67bb1314f67e486d0eb27d4d27.JPG

Work around the the cover with another toolP1130316.thumb.JPG.e4710468b29e1d9b0fd25156686752ef.JPGP1130317.thumb.JPG.c008fb3ce0a065ed6956ff216de8d9fa.JPG

I fold the mirror to work to tool down. Then firmly pull the top of the cover away and down. The cover will come away.

Looking at the inside of the cover, you can see why cover needs to be separated from the top - 



These clip/tags are not accessible.


The tools I used to remove the cover.

Now looking at the uncovered wing mirror, the indicator is more accessible. I did not go further and remove the indicator, since it was fine.



Also looking into the mirror itself 


Notice the connections for the heated element.

Replacing the cover, make sure the black border is between the inner and outer lips of the cover, then push it firmly back in place.P1130342.thumb.JPG.267f0bd308c9a546022223ada9849b06.JPG 

Hopefully this will help those unfortunate to need to replace the indicator or glass.



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hi Konrad, once again thank you for all the info, i have just changed this indicator and was nice and easy, the cover came off really nicely,

but just a note on my wing mirror indicator it was held in by 2 screws i had to pull the glass and plate out to get to them,

once this plate is off just undo both screws and the indicator just comes out,


very nice walk though though.


many thanks Neil


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Hi there,  can I ask how you pulled the glass out? 

Also, where did you buy the indicator from? The plastic cover on my indicator has smashed but until recently the indictor was bright and working as normal. However, now it is very dim and I doubt will pass a mot.


Konrad, thanks for doing the tutorial!

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