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Cigar lighter bulb replacement Avensis T27 2009 onwards


Replacing the bulb illuminating the cigar lighter in the Avensis T27 (2009 - onwards).

I noticed that the cigar lighter and ashtray was no longer illuminated, when the lights were on , so changed the bulb. First I did an exploratory dismantle to find out what bulb was used. 

Using plastic trim tools I removed the trim between the console and dash, the trim from the storage box to the dash, then levered up the trim surrounding the gear lever. 



Then pull the lower dash section with the cigar lighter socket, ashtray and seatbelt and security lights. Disconnect power cables.


It is best to separate the facia from the ashtray by removing the 2 torx screws. 

Then using a flat tool or screwdriver lever the ashtray out at the pivot point, one side then the other. Notice the springs on each side at the pivot points.   I did not take photos at the time.

Disconnect the power cable to the  bulb and using a flathead screwdriver, lever the holder from orange mounting point. A little force is needed.


Now using suitable small tools (I used a very small flat blade screwdriver, lever out the bulb. 


When I replaced the bulb, I wore a latex glove so not to contaminate the glass. I also used a plastic tool to push the bulb back into the holder. 

Refit everything in reverse of the removal.

The bulb is a capless 286 and cost 39p from Euro Car Parts, for the cheapest to £1.39 for a branded Lucas or Bosch.  




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