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Avensis T250 New front brake discs project.


The old discs on my 2008 Avensis were in need of replacement. This is how I did the job.

The old brake discs were getting to the point where they were needing to be replaced.  So, I sourced the parts and chose a day when there was no rain to tackle the job.I have a friend who works in a powder coating workshop and, I asked him to sand blast the calipers and carriers, just to clean them up.  He offered to paint them too, so I took him up on his offer.

Because I had to take the calipers to the workshop, I had to do the job over two days but the total time taken was about four hours.  It could be done in half that time but I faffed about a lot.

I'm not sure about how to use the tutorial i.e. putting the picture and text in a good position on the page but, I think they are self explanatory.

I had to bleed the brakes and those are some of the pictures that I lost.


Old disc   2.thumb.JPG.b26f5f2b7984bb0d9ff4d76cfe0afab0.JPG


Clamping off the flexi.3.thumb.JPG.bde5d760b37ed72503c1e8ab8ff9b488.JPG

Removing the old discs with 8mm bolts to push them off.4.thumb.JPG.fb724646061efe8b1602a9f045854bb5.JPG

Old disc off.5.thumb.JPG.b7ef6ef21eab6455149421bdc304a77e.JPG


New disc and pads.6.thumb.JPG.44deb39ffc78bd07a795e38ec6dc5c41.JPG7.thumb.JPG.750f1f41423ec0f52f23bd84f441778f.JPG8.thumb.JPG.36f17ef3590e08ef925b9ceead5ccdc5.JPG

New disc on car.  9.thumb.JPG.918961e0b32661bbed537d41cb7833f7.JPG

Calipers back from workshop.10.thumb.JPG.53b5dec934d9b95cba6a096594327d9f.JPG  11.thumb.JPG.1c7312dca8f20d9a014b810f48cea117.JPG

New disc on.  12.thumb.JPG.5d96342a4c1bf35298421ee8a3e55a95.JPG  13.thumb.JPG.eb9210176834bbe68a4115f33010ee67.JPG

Wheel back on. 14.thumb.JPG.e4b3a3875c106b23f679ccbf0dd03111.JPG

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