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RAV4 2009 - Cruise Control

Hello guys,

I tried to install cruise control shift to my RAV4 2009 (4WD), but without success.

I've have all the simple process:

Took out Minus from battery, took out airbag, installed the cruise control shift, closed the airbag, connected battery.

not working 😞

I connected my laptop to my vehicle using OBD2 and TIS software and found something interesting:

There is no error, no error number at all, the ECM or ECU just doesn't recognize the shift at all when I press it because none of the shift buttons is turning ON, they all stay OFF all the time no matter what.

So I disassembled the bottom plastic and found that one wire is missing from port 1. 

I'm not sure if it's the ground or the Plus cable, but from my knowledge I know it's missing.

The question is:

Where am I supposed to connect it to?

Where is the ECU \ ECM connector and what is the right port number to connect it to?

Yes, I saw the Engine control module under hood, but I don't think it right to connect it directly to the engine control module - there got to be somewhere in my vehicle a connector of the ECM \ ECU.

No, I haven't found it inside the gloves box (passenger side) and not in the driver side (OBD2 connector area).


A few images attached.

Thank you all for all your time and effort, I really appreciate it!








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