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Changing oil seal on drive shaft Rav4

I had to fit new drive shaft oil seal. It was impossible to get a drift to fit it within budget so I fabricated one.

Steps to action.

Bought from BnQ a 78mm hole cutter.
With angle cutter removed teeth for a flat surface and smoothed with metal file.
This fits snuggly over edge of oil seal and allows it to be drifted into place.
Cost £10 and oil seal cost £24.00

Loosen wheel nuts

Loosen Hub nut(have new one as its centerpunched in a groove and will need replacing.

Jack car up with stands for safety.

Remove wheel Shields and engine covers under wheel arch.

Remove bottom ball joint bolt and split joint Easy by undoing three bolts on joint carrier on mine and NOT splitting joint itself.

With soft mallet knock out drive shaft.

Support drive shaft,being careful of rubber gaiters.

Lever shaft out with big flat screwdrivers.

remove old seal

Drive in new one making sure it goes in square. You wont do this without a tool Either like I made or one from dealers. If it twists and jams its a throw away and another 24 pounds.

Drive it in flush with surface even all round,.

Refit shaft with new circlip on end.

Refit Ball joint

Refit Hub nut

Refit wheel

Lower car.

Tighten hubnut to 159 ft lbs

Stake it with centre punch

Tighten wheel nuts to 40 ft lbs

On my late model2003 I found it easy to remove bottom ball joint by removing three bolts attatching housin rather tan splitting joint.
Job took 30 mins.

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