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Headunit Fitting (take Two).


All you need to know..

Fascia Surround: T55406-52010-B0 is for the Phase 1 (roughly £38)

Fascia Surround: T55406-52041-B0 is for the Phase 2 (roughly £38)

Double Din Unit - FP-11-03, made by Audioleads, it says for a RAV4 but it will fit the Yaris - from Halfords

ISO lead: PC2-17-4 (toyota one)...... £12 halfords

Picture WITH Fascia Surround..


Picture WITHOUT Fascia Surround (Head Unit placed inside coin tray...


And with regards to fitting, there are many links to follow in the How To's

For fitting the adapter..

Simply insert headunit and cage into the appropriate slot, and bend the security prongs up on the top and sides (see pic)..


The adapter is then held in place by three self tappers.. Two at the top left and right hansdside corners. and one at the bottom left. (Note that I left the additional 'legs' on to avoid any 'Oops I've snapped off the wrong one because the Instructions said to' disaster.. Simply insert the adapter and line up the holes. Screw in and secure..


Sorted... thumbsup.gif


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