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  2. That would only happen is the master was bad, if it was a master issue if you pumped the brakes and pressed on it you would feel the pedal sink brake booster aka brake servo, has a one way valve in the pipework if this is letting passed it will not hold vacuum is it a diesel or petrol ?
  3. I agree on the point of having it installed rather than using older hardware. Thats what I was trying to say. They've rectified it for 2020 and beyond but for year 1 of a new model sort of screwed the owners. Yes we knew what we were getting but weird decision on their part for year 1 vs going forward. Being cynical it might be so people stay on PCP get a newer model with it in....I plan on keeping the car at least 9 more years (or as long as I can before electrification is mainstream) So missing this function is particularly painful....
  4. Hello everyone, First time owning a toyota, I just bought an Aygo Xplay 2019. I've been trying to connect my huawei phone with usb cable to my car, so I can use MAPS on my touch screen but when I press connect at the set up menu, it shows that its searching and then nothing happens Any idea how to do that? i watched so many videos in youtube but nothing worked out. Thanks
  5. joohn1

    poor brake pedal

    I have heard it could be the ABS leaking back
  6. It came out of a V6 camry with the 1MZ-FE engine. I gather they're a popular engine swap for MR2's and things? Struggling to find any cars being broken at the moment. Does anyone have any leads?
  7. If it has the A540E then I assume its a very late XV10 Camry. The A540E was fitted to: 1988–1998 Camry (V6) 1992–1993 Lexus ES300 1998–2000 Sienna 1996 Camry prominent
  8. Hi all. I'm using an automatic gearbox from a 1998 Toyota Camry V6 for an offroad project, and I need a replacement differential unit. Are there any other toyotas which share the same differential unit itself as the A540? The rest of the gearbox is fine so don't really need the rest, but would buy the whole gearbox if needed. Any help greatly appreciated!
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  10. Just had a catloc fitted to my 68 plate Auris hybrid after the original got stolen back in March. The insurers have a loan car bill of £1600 as it’s taken nearly 3 months. Hope it works....
  11. Have you checked the fuse or had a look at the relay ?
  12. I checked the Gates catalogue and if the car has air-con 6PK1763 or without air-con 6PK780.
  13. I'm not a total newb to cars and I appreciate all the input from everyone, it's very helpful in sorting out what I think would be the best option. This is my daily This is Money put number 1 Money pit number 2 Money pit number 3 Cheers Alex
  14. Sometimes components are permanently supplied with +12v and the switch (or horn button in your case) adds negative. Check your wiring again with the horn button pressed.
  15. Yeah, never going to kwikfit ever again, forgot to mention but they didn't bother putting the valve caps back on either, so I am now missing two valve caps for the High and Low pressure pipes! Its got an 'H' on the cap of the pipe, so I assume its the high pressure pipe? I don't really want to bend it back in place as I don't want to run the risk of cracking the pipe in the process. The seller I purchased it from has agreed for a full refund of it anyway so better to go that route I guess.
  16. I meant that i hope that Toyota maybe will come up with a Toyota hight quality pure electric vehicle and I thought that a 70 kWh battery would make the car go at least some 500 km ( 310 miles I think)
  17. Good thing u checked! I wouldn't have as would trust the garage to do a correct job. This saved u from breathing in dust! Recently changed the cabin and air filter myself. Unless the car need a dealer/garage service to maintain the warranty, I do simple tasks myself. Use a national garage for the oil and filter change as I don't have the facility/equipment to do this. Oil, oil filter, cabin and air filter cost less than 60 quids. Would save 25 if I can do the oil change myself.
  18. the lines are not cheap new, i wouldn't trust kwikfit to change a light bulb - to fit the line you need to evacuate the system without looking it up its either the high pressure or low pressure fill line as long as the line isn't kinked you can bend it back into shape edit. there are 2 lines listed with different size fittings
  19. flash22

    Radio brackets

    megazip, also try
  20. Hello all, Had my aircon recharged at Kwik-Fit around 2 weeks ago, it started going back to spewing out hot air again, so I went back to another branch to explain the situation and they said there is a leak (albeit they said there was no detected leak when I got it recharged at the previous branch). They showed us by a UV torch to show that there was an actual leak, they said I needed a new pipe. Found one eBay, got it delivered but the pipes are bent badly (see picture). So now I'm going to my local Toyota Parts centre to buy one and planning to fit it myself as it looks pretty straightforward. Can anyone advise me on where I can get this part for cheaper? Toyota quoted me £168.58 (yikes). Thanks in advance for all for your help.
  21. Adeel

    Radio brackets

    I have tried amayama but they gave come back that they are not available. What site did you find them on?
  22. I had a brand new Austin Allegro as a company car (shows my age). Drove it from Birmingham to Scotland after two weeks. Oil warning light came on during corner so stopped. (it went out again when car stopped but engine idling) Discovered engine sump drain plug was one turn from falling off- wobbling on threads. Tightened by hand and drove 30 miles very carefully to Montrose where main dealer tightened it and added iirc 3 pints oil... Quality control? What 's that? Not to mention: roof paint peeling Hydrospastic suspension leaked and did not suspend. Door handle fell off. Washer pump failed..
  23. Are these not more beneficial to a pure electric vehicle - so not so practical for a Toyota. Would you really want to pay 25 dollars (approx £22) to swap out a battery that only going to do 30 miles or so, that makes it very expensive per mile.
  24. You need to identify the fill and drain plugs on the gearbox. Make sure the car is level to fill it. Make sure you can open the fill plug. If you can't open that, do not open the drain. Once you get to that stage, put your oil drain pan under the drain plug and remove it. After the old oil has drained, replace the drain plug and refill the gearbox with fresh oil through the fill hole. Fill it until the oil just begins to weep out of the fill hole when the car is standing level. Replace the fill plug. Check for leaks. Take a short drive using all gears and check again for leaks. Filling can be very awkward, you need to check that you can access the fill hole with your oil before you start. A funnel and PVC hose can be used to fill from above.
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  26. Split into new topic and moved to the Avensis club.
  27. flash22

    Radio brackets

    86211-20340 and 86212-20330 $6-9 each from japan plus post
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