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  2. As far as I'm aware the C-HR didn't get the Apple Carplay compatible multi media unit until October 2019 (customer deliveries from January 2020).
  3. Thanks, it good to confirm that difference between the two warranties!!
  4. I would really like to have it working. Be so handy.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Still doesn't work for me. My car is Irish spec, BZ4X Sport.
  6. I don't have a good experience with my Toyota dealer's ability to diagnose AC system problems - They told me it was the main pipes, but after changing them the system failed even faster and so they took it in again and decided it was the condenser and ac compressor, at which point I queried them on why they hadn't spotted that in the first place, to which they effectively replied they didn't check. They weren't even sympathetic or apologetic about it either, despite a fairly large sum of money being charged. So I wouldn't put too much faith in their diagnostic abilities unless you have more positive prior-experiences. I'd recommend finding a proper AC specialist, and check the Web for positive/negative reviews, but be warned - If it's been left gasless for too long, there is a good chance the residue in the system has turned acidic, and the longer it's been in there the higher chance the whole AC system will be damaged - I strongly suspect that's why my Mk2's system was riddled with micro leaks, the practically new condenser was (allegedly) leaking, and the AC compressor's internal clutch had (allegedly) failed.
  7. Have you tried Toyota Direct Parts website? They may have some in stock, and generally cheaper than dealership. The parts are genuine Toyota parts
  8. Hi, I am looking to purchase a CH-R and would like to know if this model has apple carplay, dealer strangely cannot confirm: FT19GYH Link to car: https://www.interestfree4cars.com/used/cars/toyota-c-hr-18-hybrid-dynamic-5dr-cvt-ft19gyh-1?make=&range=&coin=&derivatives=&age=&min_year=&max_year=&odometer_value=&body_type=&fuel_type=&transmission=AUTOMATIC&doors=&colours=&min_price=&max_price=&page=3&no_options=true&body_types=&seats=&search=&sort=price|desc&finance_search_only=false&finance_term=60&finance_deposit=0&finance_deposit_type=Amount&finance_mileage=8000&monthly_from=&monthly_to=&resultsPerPage=12&lifestyle=&mpg_range=&roadtax=&insurance=&vrm_partial=
  9. On A 2017 Yaris the 5 year/100k warranty would have covered the unserviceable LED DRL however the Service activated does not cover them as stated in the T&C's: New LED type headlamps for UK RH 81130-0DK20 £287.82 + vat LH 81170-0DK20 £287.82 + vat toyota-warranty-ts-and-cs-june-2022.pdf
  10. Today
  11. On my MY 21 Yaris Cross I had both phone connection and android auto projection using an old mobile. Just upgraded to a Samsung A14. I can get wired Android Auto or Mobile Phone but not both. With AA on the system I can call a phone number but get a very quiet message saying I need a BT connection. How can I establish the audio connection as well as the AA?
  12. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  13. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  14. If it's depleted of gas, then you've probably got water in the system from the atmosphere and a new dryer's on the cards.
  15. I wouldn't take it to either for the reasons you mentioned do you have air con specialists in your area? Take it a Toyota garage or any franchise car dealership they will have the proper kit and know how to fix it. If you do take it to Halfords its £60 - £130 depending on refrigerant then the repair on top if its leaking so probably not much less than taking it to Toyota. https://www.halfords.com/services/car-repairs/air-conditioning/air-con-services/air-con-diagnostic-704158.html What Happens Next? Once the above checks have been completed, our team will then give you the option of the following service, during which we will replace and recharge lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with your manufacturer's recommendation: Full Air Con Service including an Air Con Regas/Recharge - R134a refrigerant - £59* Full Air Con Service including an Air Con Regas/Recharge - newer R1234yf refrigerant - £129*
  16. On older cars or high mileage can be good.
  17. I am not sure either, but have you had a tread depth gauge across the rest of the tyre ? It looks on the wear I indicators to me, but can't really tell from the photos. Yes I would change that tyre if it was me , but it's not me , so I would measure the tread for a start to see if it's illegal,as I said not worth risking a fine and points. I ask again, do you have a spare wheel with legal tyre that you can fit for now?
  18. That’s not a flush that’s a oil treatment for use with current oil or when fresh oil is in when serving
  19. What noises you can hear, any chance to compare with something, or perhaps record them and share. These cars has a lots of strange noises and sounds at first sight which actually are usual stuff and nothing to worry about. However there are some rattling noises too, like lose metal parts, these aren’t good and needs attention.
  20. Definitely install ad blockers. If sites had little bits and bobs, things that are unintrusive,it wouldn't be a problem, but some are horrific to navigate.
  21. Just wondering where you all stand on using products like this other brands are available
  22. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  23. You should have taken it straight back to whoever re-gassed it. Halfords, Kwik Fit or any other place should test it properly before re-filling it, that's the most important thing.
  24. Hi would like some advice please Had my aircon regassed last year lasted about a week then i heard the gases slowely leaking out when i had the compressor on then we hit winter and left it So where would the best place be to go i know its got a leak if i go halfords or say kwikfit lets be honest there just going to regass it and wash there hands of it Should i take it to a toyota main dealer or try find a aircon specialist company in the local area? Thanks in advance
  25. Assume Toyota has noted our discussions & the next Cross will have the bigger engine, complete Smart door locking System with lock cover etcetera. Thusly Paint will stay in the cupboard for the next 18 months. Tel
  26. My Toyota Auris Hybrid 2017 Excel never had this kind of noises before.
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