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  2. After reading all the posts on this I have fitted a Samsung smarthings motion sensor in the car. this connects to the smart hub in the house. if the car is moved it will turn on the lights at the front of the house and the bedroom light (set to blue so I know what the problem is). If this happens at night I will just open the bedroom window and throw the wife at them. then they will be sorry
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    Beeps and light

    If there's a position marked "AUTO" on the bit of your wiper stalk that you rotate to set the wiper speed, then you do, if it says "INT" these it's ordinary intermittent. Smaller ring in the stalk with widening marks sets either the auto sensitivity or intermittent interval. If there's a button somewhere on the lower dash like this then you have auto high beam. A green light on the button glows when it's selected on. When the headlights are turned on and this button is turned on a lamp like this glows green on the dash.
  4. This is my yaris i bought almost a year ago. Im womdering what i can do to make it a bit more fun since it has the speakers, amp, bass etc. Got a k & n filter. Was thinking of getting the wheels dipped bronze! Thanks.
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  6. Thanks all. I pretty sure it’s pedestrian warning and pre collision warning after reading these comments and the manual. TSS seems really good but I don’t jave all aspects of it. For example I do have the collision prevention but don’t have the lane drift thing. I was told I have auto wipers but I’m not sure about that. I’m also unsure if I have auto high beam
  7. Scenario Driving up a steep hill accelerating hard in 2nd gear and upon changing to 3rd the car went into limp mode, power dropped off and car was only able to crawl in 1st gear so had to pull over. I switched it off, had a quick search on the internet and one of the first things to check was the fuel filler cap. It was tight on as it should be but upon restarting the car it ran ok….ish. The VSC TRC light went off but the engine light stayed on. Background The car has been handed to me by my mother. She drives like a granny (because she is one) and the car probably only did 1 mile per day. She only had it for 6 months and acquired it purely due to it being a bargain from a family member. She first found the fault a few weeks ago. Her mechanic said to take the car for a thrash around, but her idea was a 10 mile jolly along the local main A-road (once) then back to her usual driving. The fault had returned because of her driving style, so we decided to swap cars as mine was a small petrol car but I did more long/fast journeys so perhaps it would be better with me. Anyway, as stated above, the fault happened on the second day I drove it, so here’s my story. Solution I am an engineer (albeit electrical) so I knew that the filler cap wasn’t the issue (although in some of the forums people said they have replaced it and the issue went away). The first thing I did was check the basics (oil level, coolant, tyre pressure). I then cleaned the EGR ( with carb cleaner and cleaned the MAF sensor using Halfords electrical contact cleaner as it leaves no residue ( I then took the car for a spin along an A-road where I could get up to the legal speed. You need to listen carefully to the car, so windows up, no stereo and minimal/no fans on. I was listening for the whistle of the turbo; so in 1st and 2nd it was fine up to and beyond 3000 rpm. Then whilst accelerating hard in 3rd I noticed a flat spot at about 3100/3200 rpm. I drove through the flat spot, changed to 4th and I felt it again at the same rpm. I began to panic as I thought the turbo was duff and it wouldn’t be a cheap fix. I was fortunate enough to have an OBD fault code reader from years ago. I plugged it in and got the code P1251. That was all the info I got from the reader, but everything was pointing towards the turbo and pressure – so panic even more. Before jumping to conclusions and stripping things to bits, I spent ages looking online for fixes. The forms said to check the connections of the hoses, so I traced them all and they were all connected, but one of the most interesting things I found was how the variable vanes on the turbo work. If you watch these videos (part 1 and part 2 I then did a search for turbo cleaner, and I was surprised to find there are loads of additives out there, so I started to have a look at the reviews. The one I thought was worth a try was Wynns turbo cleaner, so I drove to Halfords and £10 later I was ready to go. I then headed to the service station, put the Wynns in the tank and filled up with 40 litres of Shell V-Power diesel. Now I had read that the Rav4 D4D was the “Golf GTI” of the SUV world, so now it was time to drive it like a GTI. I took the car for a long drive and exercised the turbo beyond the 3200 rpm mark. I repeated and repeated, slowing and accelerating and getting the car up to high speeds and high load on the motorway. By working the engine the turbo started to unstick and it would rev more easily beyond 3200 rpm. Day 2 (my commute to work) I took the risk that the car wouldn’t go into limp mode and I drove getting the car nicely warmed up. When it had reached temperature I started to exercise the turbo revving it up to over 4000 rpm before changing. As it has been dark I couldn’t see what was coming out of the back, but I guess it was puffs of black smoke as the contaminants are being ridded from the engine and turbo (sorry environment, but I am trying to make it cleaner in the long run and prevent another component or indeed car being scrapped). After my day at work I started up, but this time the engine light had gone out. I checked the odometer since the decent fuel and Wynns and I have been thrashing about for 90 miles. The car now revs freely, the fault lights are gone and it seems to be going fine. Of course there is the placebo effect and the sin of altering 3 things at once (the fuel, the Wynns and the driving style), but I had to fill up with fuel regardless, I was making the 90 mile journey regardless (albeit thrashing) and the Wynns was a £10 whim which had good reviews so why not try? So did it work? For me it seemed to, but I have found out a couple of things that you shoud note. I will agree with others that the expensive fuel does seem better. Today I was speaking to someone who works for a well-known oil additive company, and they have said that Costco have some of the best diesel, so this evening I’ll be applying for one of their memberships as fortunately they have a filling station right near my work. The other thing is that after driving the Rav and giving it a good thrash, it does seem to be an SUV GTI, and you can happily drive around like you stole it. I am aware not to labour the engine at low revs and high gears for the sake of ‘economy’ thus causing it to burn dirty repeat the issue again. If you drive them hard it will flex the turbo and keep everything clean. As for me I will continue to thrash it around as well as drive sensibly, and I’ll throw in a few more tubs of Wynns (once every 4th fill I believe) until I feel happy that a good portion of the carbon deposits have been blasted away; well as best they can without an intrusive clean. Hope this helps : )
  8. In a previous Honda we had, the front passenger door glass was hit by a stone thrown up by a council mower without immediate effect. However five minutes further down the road, the glass suddenly imploded into the car.
  9. Glad you got a result and are happy with the result. Mine are so much better that even on dark country lanes I do not need to go onto high beam now. I do now wonder if they come into the U.K. not set correctly, all appear to be the drivers side as well which appears to be a little bit odd.
  10. In Europe, yes. However, Toyota GB introduced a 5 year/100,000 mile new car warranty for new vehicles from June 2010, and this same new car warranty applies to new vehicles today. The 5 year/100,000 mile new car warranty was introduced to bolster customer confidence in Toyota products following the accelerator pedal recalls of early 2010, which affected a number of US and European market models. For Europe these included the Aygo MMT, Auris, Avensis, Corolla, IQ, Verso, Yaris and Rav4.
  11. Toyota have had the same 3 year/60.000 mile warranty for more than 20 years. Back in the old days, Toyotas warranty was quite outstanding, but now things are only average. It's just like the 10.000 mile service interval, nothing changes.
  12. You probably had earlier damage you were not aware of. My cousin had same thing during summer, suddenly a long hairline crack appeared, out of nowhere while driving, due to AC being used and weather outside being very hot. Even while parked the crack spread some 10cm more, while driving you could hear the glass squeak when going over potholes. Later that day we saw that the crack originated from a bulseye crack in the lower, black painted part of the windshield, it was so hard to notice, he did not see it before. Anyway, i guess you had the same, due to heaters being used.
  13. I noted that driver side led range was significantly lower than the passenger but from the angles of light this looked to be by design, perhaps so as not to dazzle oncoming motorists. Having read this post I thought maybe best to get it checked out. Happy to report my dealer obliged with a wait until current mot complete... And when put on their "beam checker" sure enough it was out. They advised not by much approx 3 degrees but the tweak they completed to correct has given a significant improvement. Can only recommend anyone else who thinks they nay have this issue gets it checked out... Many thanks to Southern Softy.. 😀
  14. Hi I've a aygo 2009. Within 10 minutes of leaving my car the rear glass had shattered for no apparent reason. The glass wasnt knocked, had no previous damage. The only thing I can think is i had the rear heater on for less than 5 minutes. What could have caused this? TIa
  15. Perhaps I not understanding your question. The bonnet slopes away so it is not seen, the seat can be adjusted up and down. Some people like sitting in a car (that’s low), others like sitting on top of a car (that’s high). I am happy with the view I get of the road ahead, no problems.
  16. In the UK, the new car warranty on Hyundai is 5 years/unlimited mileage, and on Toyota 5 years/100,000 miles. So for the majority of new car buyers in the UK, the new car warranties for these two manufacturers are similar.
  17. Heidfirst


    the latest is here but it won't be a cracked version so you would need to pay the activation licence for the required period.
  18. Toyota are not prescient (they certainly didn't foresee people using industrial grinders to just cut them off) & cat thefts were not an issue when the car was designed.
  19. flash22


    i think the latest one is around is early 2019 (14.20.019), unless you have it on subscription Not sure what you mean by the correct code
  20. They have. They have introduced model-specific catlocs, and got their supplier to increase production to meet demand (3 shifts per day instead of 1), which has increased by 2000%. Plus they have reduced the cost of replacement cats, which may not directly help owners where insurance is used, but does reduce the costs to insurers, which may help in keeping renewal premiums low by lowering the cost of repairs. No manufacturer is going to be able to change the location of cats on obsolete models (Prius gen 2 and 3, and Auris), and, as cat thefts are not a safety issue, they don't come within scope of the DVSA recall system. Other manufacturers which are being targeted for cat thefts include Honda (Jazz and Accord) and Audi.
  21. The pressure sensor reading didn’t really change, probably didn’t need changing.. one of the hoses that goes on the differential sensor was blowing out hot air, like really really hot.. I’m gonna check for any blockages on the cat side..
  22. The arm is unique to the RHS on a RHD car and not shared with any other model, there are two choices depending on chassis number
  23. Parking brake disengages once the car moves but I used it that way on the slope of my drive, level ground reversing produced the same beep problem
  24. Reading things online it looks like the new Jazz will be out 2020 some time, its one of the cars that is due to make an appearance at the Tokyo Motor show according to some sites.
  25. I understand the point, but surely Toyota must realise that this is such an issue of vulnerability for security of an operational component that they must act upon the issue that has affected numerous owners. I feel they do not value their customer base by just issuing a cursory apology and telling customers that they need to spend more money to prevent the issue occurring (again).
  26. well its not an issue seeing bonnet or not it was that everything bonnet and dashboard were too high perhaps rising seat would help. even with my current yaris i cannot see the bonnet
  27. The problem is not that the car design makes it easy for Cats to be stolen. The problem is the thieves who do the stealing. Have you thought of asking your MP to ensure the government makes sufficient provision to ensure would be thieves are deterred from doing acts of stealing.
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