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  2. As I know turbocharged engines are known for turbo lag. If that is not the issue, there are plenty tips what can go wrong in this video. What is the mileage of your car? Maybe the turbo is on its way out, maybe engine is losing compression etc.
  3. The only BMW engines were the 1.6 and 2.0 litre diesels. The 2.2 is a Toyota engine. So which do you have? Is it a 2015 as per the topic or a 2016 as per your profile?
  4. Today sprayed some silicone wd-40 on the front suspension arm bushes on auris and the car became quiet, no more noises over bumps, potholes or when braking harder and all that with immediate effect. 👌
  5. Hi ive lost my only key for my MK3 could anybody tell me what frequency and what immo chip they are please ?
  6. Tigit


    Hope this helps: https://www.techlicious.com/how-to/how-to-fix-bluetooth-pairing-problems/ Good luck!
  7. Hy! A bad pump is just one of possible causes. There are some videos about it I found. Good luck!
  8. Hi all, I wonder have many of you had issues with the 2015 2.2 Avensis burning excessive amounts of engine oil? The car has always been serviced with genuine Toyota kit and currently has 56000 miles, it always used a little oil between servicing but just required around a half litre top up over 15000 miles to keep it on the upper mark of the dip stick. since the last service it has required around two litres of oil to keep the level within range and the five year warranty has now passed.
  9. I’ve always found the more interesting question is how many miles can you do after it says the tank is empty/range is zero? So far every time I have played this particular game (and never with a 4.5 - you really don’t want to do that), it’s not been out of choice, and the answer has always thankfully been ‘enough’.
  10. Just the rubbers are available - either Toyota's store on ebay or from Toyota Direct Parts, etc.
  11. I recently bought a 2018 from a Toyota dealer. The (single) wiper wasn't clearing a band and on investigating the blade had actually split for a few inches. I guess it was the OEM blade. Dealer is 40 odd miles away, so I just looked on ebay. From past experience I know wiper blades can be 'interesting' so I did some due diligence and eventually got this one: TOYOTA YARIS 2011-Onwards Wiper Blade 28" 700mm Aero Flat Style Replacement Kit Not the cheapest but Heyner seem to be reputable as a make (though their UK ebay feedback isn't perfect). However it works well the few times I've us
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  13. Hi, My friend has a Toyota Auris automatic 2007, he want to replace his MMT Multi-mode ECU, as you can see on attached files, the one with number 25 is the original and the one with the number 27 is the new one, we want to know if we can replace the original with the new one ? If it is compatible ? Thanks. Sorry for my poor english.
  14. Then definitely get it fixed. Is it current or previous generation?
  15. I wouldn't worry about it being in cruise control, due to undulations in the road, and general traffic and auto braking, the engine revs will change a lot even when it's on.
  16. Engine throwing P0505 code now, lost as to what is causing it, everything is new so what the xxxx is happening..idol air control system is controlled by the TB which is new,
  17. So the car runs ok but when I stop and depress the clutch pedal the revs go down then up to 1100rpm then settles back to 950, it threw a code P0505 today , any one have any ideas as to what is causing this. I have checked every thing on the engine?????
  18. Petrol, diesel or hybrid? Which engine?
  19. A 2020 Yaris will still be within the 5 year new car warranty.
  20. Should be approx 8.3 litres left in the tank when the low fuel light comes on.
  21. Try to get that noise on camera and post there. Is the car still under warranty? If yes, show that to a certified garage and have it fixed. Good luck!
  22. I got the low fuel light on for the first time the other day. As I recall the remaining range was given at 25 miles at that point - but that's really not a very useful figure. I drove on for a few more miles to get to the next filling station and brimmed the tank - with 47.75 litres of fuel. Given that the RAV 4.5 has a 55 litre tank this implies that there were around 7.25 litres remaining in the tank - that's about 1.6 gallons. If we assume, conservatively, that the RAV 4.5 can achieve around 45 mpg that gives an actual range to really empty (and in a bad way) of about 72 miles ...
  23. Hey everyone just on my Catloc today. Thinking of fitting it Saturday as I have the day off. Have 3 more to fit on friends cars. Ordered 3 cost me £200 inc
  24. Forget what ANY "master Technician" tells you and change your oil at the manufacturer's recommended intervals.
  25. Hello! Any particular problem with your car? Perhaps someone there can help you. Good luck!
  26. If you go to a Toyota main dealer he should only give you a genuine Toyota filter.
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