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  2. In the UK, yes, free updates for the first 3 years. In Eire I don't know. Does your estore say free with Mapcare (see screenprint attached)? There is an activation code specific to your unit ID.
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  4. Heidfirst

    Success with Techstream?

    surely a 150D is a 2.2 so a 2AD?
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  6. Hillbillie

    Success with Techstream?

    Just to add a detail, all of the "freebie" downloads so far 4, are all American, In theory the Corolla should work but my engine 1AD-FTV ain't there. (all on a site called obdii, google if your in America!) They all work! Grrrrrr........... Next step is testing GTS instead of TIS..... Also found v13.00.22 on ebay for USD 5.90, Will let you know, still hunting on this site,, but there are more than seven pages to wade thru' Rgds P.S. "drag and drop" in VMBox is found by clicking Machine / Settings then Advanced, I still can't get Ethernet to work, but switching between "computers" is no problem .

    Service Plans

    What is covered under each service is detailed on Toyota's website - - and this has been the case for a number of years. I've had service plans on each of our last three Toyotas, and have been aware from day one of each service plan, which services were included. A plug change is included as part of the Full+ service, but if your service plan was only for Intermediate and Full services, a plug change would be extra. To know what one is paying for, in my opinion, is an essential part of any purchase. Aside from the above, as your car is over five years old, you could have taken advantage of Toyota's Essential Care scheme, which reduces the servicing costs quite substantially - for the Auris £120 for a silver (intermediate) service and £200 for a gold (full) service. Also til the end of 2019, there is an offer of a silver service and MOT for £99. See the link above.
  8. Grandprix

    Service Plans

    I think you probably right on the warranty side of things but£252 a year for a filter change and mot is abit steep they found a problem with rear brakes as carrier on caliper seized seems they don't strip clean the brakes anymore either £260 on top of the plan cost no new plugs or air filter o but they said they changed brake fluid so all in all £1260.00 for not a lot in my opinion
  9. Forgive me if this has been discussed but I can find no information. I have recently purchased a Verso first registered July 2016. The MapID is 2015V2 and S/W version 6.60WL. The media unit is Touch 2 with GO. I see references online to Toyota offering free map updates. Should I be able to update the maps for free? Unlikely I think, but if true, how? I have downloaded the latest maps from Toyota eStore but they appear to require require a licence code. Ger
  10. I do believe if you press the underwriters they will concede the clutch in the MMT should be covered under most circumstances because it is, after all, not something the driver can influence the rate of wear as it is, by its very definition part of the transmission and automated. I do accept that ours is a very good Dealer with whom we have an excellent relationship (for Servicing) and this has helped move the conversation forward with the Toyota Warranty. Fundamentally though, I can’t see how the warranty company can argue wear and tear or user interference should the clutch wear? I am pleased for the update on extending the warranty - we might just do that when it falls for renewal next year - and given previous form of needing a clutch assembly every 3 years and circa 35K miles we should be spot on for the next one!
  11. Baron Leibniz

    2009 Avensis 1.8 petrol

    Hey Konrad thank you for letting me know. A relief 🙂
  12. Catlover

    Rear left lamp brighter than right! Help!

    On dual fillament bulbs I thought they used to offset the bayonet pins so the bulb could not be fitted incorrectly.

    Rear left lamp brighter than right! Help!

    Spot on! Thank you so so so much...i didnt know that it even made a difference which way around you insert the bulb! All working fine now. Love you guys n this club
  14. Mick F

    Wind Noise

    What was wrong with the original one? Why replace it? Which ones make the noise? Our's is fine, and it is the original one from brand new. Mick.
  15. Thanks for sharing that. Interesting to hear of someone actually experiencing the issue first hand.
  16. alan333

    more auris problems

    How did you check them if you don't mind me asking?
  17. sproutdreamer

    T25 satnav options

    That is very helpful thank you.
  18. furtula

    Wind Noise

    You can buy different antenna and screw it in instead of the original one. I once replaced an antenna, and the sound drove me mad for 2 months, it happened at 50kmh, and felt like i was doing 150.
  19. Mick F

    Wind Noise

    No answer? Our aerial is exactly like YarisHybrid2016's one in his photograph above. Mick
  20. Mick F

    Replacement Smart Key Fob

    The key fob includes a "real" key too. If you only have one fob, you need both the electronic package unit and the mechanical key as a combined unit. Mick.
  21. Konrad C

    2009 Avensis 1.8 petrol

    Yes it's normal. I have that gear like whine when driving in the higher gears on light throttle (wrong term for Valvematic). Basically everything you describe and the conditions match mine. I also had the same sound on my old '98 Mk1.
  22. PaulinhoT

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    Looks interesting 😄
  23. PaulinhoT

    Good afternoon, I just bought a Toyota

    That looks nice, welcome in.
  24. PaulinhoT

    Lizzy M

    Welcome in Melville.
  25. PaulinhoT

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Paul, welcome to the club.
  26. oldcodger

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    The struts have arrived and are a good fit /replacement to my original so it seems there its little difference between the two numbers I originally quoted. Should be noted that these cheapies come as just one type , no L or R, just a case of spinning the fitting half a turn, FYI as you can see in the pic these replacements come with a screw on bottom end, so would think it would be easy enough to drill off your old ones and reattach these new. No idea if mine are what you need, but the block body less the screw thread measures about 452mm and the pushrod, including the top end cap is about 200mm; the pressure rating is 440N Equally there is a lot to say about - if it ain't broke .......
  27. RockSolidHugo

    "New" 2001 t22 D4D Avensis in Portugal

    Thank you guys!! Plenty wrong with it so far... I'll start by saying that I bought this one, thinking on the Carina E my parent's sold with 600 000 miles (yes, you read right) Coming back to this one... 135 000kms/ 90 000miles , I overpaid due to it's condition but in the first miles, I got suspicious about how much noise the valves were making in the cold mornings. Cutting it short :1- someone dented the sump with a jack and it was partially blocking the strainer. 2- In the process of fitting a new sump, discovered a leaking coolant purge in the back of the engine 3- Front tyres were in good condition but vibrated a lot , had to be replaced 4- There's a gap between the plastic cover and the car's body, on the rhs of the car, right behind the front wheel and that allows sand and small stones to reach the accessories ribbed belt, making it squeak.... Oh you understand my grief, I had to pay the equivalent to 4.5k GBP for a 2001 car and I'm not happy at all. (Toyota values over here is slightly different from the UK or anywhere else in Europe)

    Service Plans

    Some people either don't have the time, inclination or the facilities to undertake their own servicing - nothing to do with not having technical knowledge, which is a wildly inaccurate assumption. Yes, one can have servicing done by independents during the new car warranty period, but the onus is then on the owner to prove the servicing has been carried out to the manufacturer's requirements in the event of a warranty claim which correct servicing has a bearing on. Those who have a manufacturer's extended warranty, often find that to keep the warranty valid, the vehicle has to be serviced within the manufacturer's dealer network - certainly the case with Toyota. Also some manufacturers offer reduced cost servicing for out of warranty vehicles, which is also the case with Toyota. Toyota's Essential Care scheme offers the equivalent of an Intermediate service (silver service) from £99 and the equivalent of a Full service (gold service) from £180, depending on model. There is also a current offer of a silver service and MOT for £99. Worth bearing in mind that if one has a major issue with an out of warranty vehicle for which the manufacturer is approached as regards a goodwill contribution towards the cost of repairs, independent or self servicing will usually mean that goodwill is denied. Goodwill works both ways. Yes, some franchised dealers are better than others, and the same applies to independents. At the end of the day, whether one chooses to have one's vehicle serviced by either a franchised dealer, an independent or to do one's own servicing, it is down to personal circumstances and personal choice. Nothing else!
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