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  2. Hi from Alphard owner

    Yep you got it I'm inexperienced. If it was my partner on her own it would be around 800. Maybe I'll go without driving for a few months until I turn 30
  3. Hi from Italy

    Owner of a 2004 RAV4 D-4D Happy to be here
  4. Speedo Cable ep91?

    hey mate. Starlet ep80-81-82-90-91,i also toyota corolla between 1991-2000 will perfectly fit. They are same size.
  5. Hi from Alphard owner

    HOW much..???...!!!...THREE thousand pounds.? I can only assume that you are a very young, relatively inexperienced driver...or living in an iffy location ...or have an insurance record that doesn't inspire.? I use Adrian Flux for my imported V6 Estima and have done for many years. They always supply me with an acceptable quote....but then I am an ageing old git with a clean record.
  6. Power steering fluid location

    There is a space where the reservoir should be, so it is electric. Haynes are wrong about the 1.8. Though I believe the electric does use fluid but it is hidden deep in the car. I am guessing the mot was done by a cowboy sometimes mot people lie, and can be lazy lies. I know in one garage I got a mot failure for Ford Focus for £800 years later I tried to learn about cars and than I looked at it again and I realised that they probably did not even bother looking at the car and made all car advisories reasons for failure and forgot about the bad exhaust and bad wheel bearing.
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  8. Oxygen sensors 2001 Avensis 2.0l cdx Engine:1AZ-FSE

    I am saying this because you do have a 2001 car, and it may cost you in terms of time and effort but not in money. Than after you clean the connections you do not need to even add dielectric grease if you do not have it, or maybe you can use lithium grease. But remember to disconnect the battery for halve an hour to clear the codes and reset the car ecu.
  9. Steering wheel problem

    Hello. I have a new yaris Active 2 weeks now. I have a problem with the steering wheel. The cars aligmnent is perfect (checked ) but in order to go straight the steering wheel must be at 2 to 3 degrees left. Also the steering wheel revolving is not perfect . Is stops to about 45 degrees either way The mechanic told me that all this are normal for yaris and the car has no problem ( I went to two different mechanics ). Does anyone have similar problems ??? Thank you for your time
  10. Failed Emissions MOT

    140 has a black plastic inlet manifold, 190 has metal. Avoid the pre face lift 140, otherwise you could be back where you started.
  11. prius parts

    That is the joy of owning a JDM. I could probably find one but it would cost probably around NZ$200 - NZ$250 (£105 - £130 at todays FX rates) and then, by the time you add the shipping cost, it would make it unviable. How ever you buy it, unless you can get one from a locally dismantled JDM, you will be importing it, and shipping costs are a killer.
  12. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    This is exactly right. Don't be afraid of getting quickly into the power zone, getting up to speed, then get out of the power zone. On average you will use less fuel following this practice. Keep on improving. Oh, and btw, all other road users will thank you for it.
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  14. Battery headlights dim

    If you use a different battery, check the terminals are in the right place. Some Toyota models (not sure which) have the terminals in the opposite sense, and the harness won't fit! I have the standard battery for the petrol engine, and it's absolutely fine, but Jersey is generally a bit warmer than Wales in Winter!
  15. Yaris 1.3 auto high revs at speed

    I see nobody's replied mate, I have a 03 1.3 auto, only does 3k revs at 70+, quite surprised how low revs are, pleased I should say, your right sounds like good box not changing up, need to see an auto trans specialist and let them test drive and diagnose.
  16. Hi from Alphard owner

    Hi I spoke to someone from Adrian Flux today and was quoted roughly 3k per year
  17. Parking brake

    Broken cable is more common, and is possible to diy.
  18. Updating Maps to 6.11.0wl

    Those with Prius Excel and 6.11.0H, does everything still work ok, including USB music? I've been holding off updating mine because earlier updates led to reports of issues with various functions, but if this one seems ok I might give it a try. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi from Alphard owner

    Hi and welcome. Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you like. If you wanted to PM me some contact details I'd be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back. Regards, Dan.
  20. Parking brake

    You might find that the handbrake assembly has broken away from the chassis due to rusted fixing mounts. Yer best taking it to a garage.
  21. Failed Emissions MOT

    Hi Tom, it's a VVTI
  22. Failed Emissions MOT

    sad news, didn't pass again. still got the problem with emissions, too much dense smoke still. oh well, new celica it is! how can you tell which is a 140 or 190 bhp version?
  23. Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    Should be two 's's in commission ....
  24. Parking brake

    HELP, as I pulled the brake on,it came out way to far and won't go back in far enough. The brake light is on but the brakes aren't on and i can still drive. Whats happened and can i fix it or will i nedd to take it to a garage.
  25. How to do a diesel purge

    I have a Toyota Avensis 2005, Does anybody know which pipes are flow and return? I want to run some liquid moly and want to make sure I hook it up correctly. Pictures of filter: Can I hook it up like this guide, just remove the two hoses from the filter and put it inside the canister:
  26. Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    WMP on commision from Krooklock ?
  27. Updating Maps to 6.11.0wl

    I downloaded to USB. I always do. I’ve never tried it OTA, it’s too big for that in my opinion. I have downloaded both versions, H for the Prius and WL for the Yaris.
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