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  3. The hybrid is just in my price range. I might be able to find one for around 7.5k or less. It’s just not really my preference.... I’ve always grown up as a petrolhead tbh. I will definitely look into it and the CVTs in general as I am not hearing any bad about them it’s all down to personal preference at the end of the day I think... and I am still yet to find a worthy competitor or alternative to the Yaris. The seat ibiza just simply has no tech whatsoever and the polo is alright but I’ve always loved Japanese cars. Hyundai i20 is a little expensive for me and the i10 is just too small and not rly my taste. This is all very very long😂. Thank you for your help it is much appreciated and I will definitely consider and look into some hybrids!
  4. Sorry, stupid question, is the coupling the same as the u joint? Do you happen to have any further info? many thanks
  5. Don't be afraid of the CVT. I'm driving one for one year now and really enjoy it. In the city traffic is perfect and on the highway, I left the previous manual always on 6th anyway. Mine has paddle shifters that I only like to use to reduce speed quickly without pushing too hard on the brakes as when we're too fast for the next curve. Is the hybrid too expensive for you? It will be a better choice than the 1.33l.
  6. So what i need to do to make CCS working on my car Reprogram the control , activate hidden futures , add new wire ... Believe me i need it so much 😥
  7. This series of engines are the 1AD-FTV 2.0l and 115-125hp and the 2AD-FTV 2.2l and 136hp. Torque is theoretically similar, 310Nm. As the engine reference says, the 2.2 is the evolution of the 2.0, with balancing shafts (apparently not present in the first version), higher injection pressure and more power, a flatter torque curve and lower fuel consumption. But we're talking about an engine with 15-16 years old, lots of miles and one of the biggest problems of this engines is oil consumption that gets more serious with age. If your vvt-i is working fine without any problems, I'd personally prefer to stay with a known engine/car than to go for an unknown condition one.
  8. Need to be careful with the US manual as it isn't clear whether this is the version of the Toyota Yaris (sedan and hatchback) that is based on the Mazda 2, and built by Mazda in Mexico. Both are unrelated to the European Yaris. The sedan was sold from 2015 with the hatchback sold from 2019 - both now withdrawn from sale by Toyota after the 2020 model year.
  9. Yeah I really do think the Yaris is the perfect balance. Only thing that is putting me off is probably the cvt which I’ll have to see for myself. It’s all just very hard and stressful picking the best first car😂👨‍💻
  10. Thanks. I suspected as much.
  11. Ahhhh I thought it might be something of the sort. Thanks!
  12. Unfortunately it seems to be fairly common on Toyotas. Column rattle arises from slight play in the splined couplings in the column. Pulling the coupling apart and applying a thick grease may help.
  13. Steve15

    Part needed

    I’m after a rear axle bump stop for a mk3 Yaris right side (P/N 48724A). Dont want to go to the dealer as they will charge a fortune for such a small part . Thanks
  14. Hello, my steering column almost seems to slightly rattle through to the steering wheel at around 50mph+. I’ve had two mechanics look and neither could find an issue causing this. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this? Regards
  15. Hi, 2010 2.2 diesel avensis estate, manual transmission. I very often find it very hard to find reverse when I start my car, unless I go to 1st and 2nd and then reverse, it works fine then. Any ideas what may be causing this? Regards Alex
  16. Electronics put artificial 'steps' in the CVT, so it appears to have fixed gear ratios.
  17. In the US, there is an option pack (possibly only available on the higher spec version) that caught my eye because it includes a Head Up Display, but it also included the panoramic roof (which obviously would please some people, but would rule it out or me).
  18. The models shown on YouTube videos from the USA show a space saver under the boot floor (I supposed I should say trunk, as it American!). Alex for Autos has actually bought a 2019 RAV4 and fitted a full size spare wheel and tyres under the boot floor. He has also done a video on a RAV4 Prime that he had for several days, and confirmed there is not space for a full size spare on that one. This may be partly because the Prime has wider tyres than nay existing 2019/20 RAV4s. Of course, there's no telling what spec and options will arrive in the UK when it finally arrives, we generally seem to get short changed compared to many other countries, although TBF Toyota are far from alone in this - indeed, British Leyland (for those old enough to remember them) actually sold cars in other countries that we couldn't get at all (e.g. Austin Victoria). I'd have happily (well, begrudgingly actually) paid up to £,200 extra for an option pack that induced kit that can be had on some US and German RAV4s.
  19. I was loaned a Yaris sport auto while my Lexus was in for repair, had paddle controls on steering wheel and a sports button on centre consul, it was the most fun I've ever had in an auto, the sport button was awesome but made the car thirsty, didn't bother much with the paddle controls coz I'm lazy.
  20. Moved to the Corolla club.
  21. Think back in 2018, options on the X-press were either satellite navigation (called X-nav) or smartphone integration, which provided Apple Carplay and Android Auto (can be used together with your mobile phone instead of sat nav). If your X-press didn't have either of these options when it was bought new, you don't have a sat nav capability. To get sat nav on yours you would need the X-nav module, which isn't just an SD card slot.
  22. Hey! I can’t seem to get the satnav to work. Been told online I don’t have the sd card slot so therefore I don’t have it😭. I would love to have the satnav so does anyone know if I can be an sd card slot from Toyota to put in so I can get maps? Or any suggestions what to do? Tried just using a phone holder but I’ve bought like 4 and none of them actually work so I really want the satnav on screen thanks
  23. The Vellfire is a highly specced Innova. The key switch to disable the passenger airbag will be on the end of the passenger side dashboard - see
  24. Thanks for the info, i've refitted them now just to keep it all original btw do they give a part no. please.
  25. As the service history you are looking at came from Toyota's database it cannot be from a third party ( non Toyota ) as Toyota do not collate such information they would only show genuine Toyota dealer history. Auto assured is Toyota parlance for the check Toyota require dealers to complete in order to call a car and Approved used Toyota.
  26. Hello All. I am struggle to find how to swith of Passanger air bag in my vallfire 2008. Any suggestions please
  27. Toyota list them as Dust seals and they are standard fit from April 2018 on
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