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  2. 8J 18 made by maxion in turkey have a look at the pics in this listing|parentrq%3A896ed65f16e0a16e8e163b2bffe99a84|iid%3A1
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  4. Aah, missed that - thank you! What, may I ask, is the "technical document" referred to? (Might be a non-uk thing). I'm assuming the 18" rims are 7 1/2J too, given the tyre is a 225/40/18 but it might be an 8J.
  5. The 1.2 uses 54.1mm the rest use 60.1mm
  6. To be clear.. The car had all of it's services performed at the Toyota dealers whilst it was in it's warranty and finance period to comply with the T & Cs of the agreements. When I said they were not "bang on", they were all performed within 2 months of receiving a reminder letter from the dealers. As the vehicle doesn't do a great number of miles between services we considered this to be acceptable and the garage never advised otherwise. It's not entirely clear what grade of oil is acceptable as it would appear that 5w40 semi synthetic was recommended but then 0w40 fully synthetic was to be used from what I've read. Personally I have always the Shell helix version of the 5w40. I have used non genuine filters and as far as I'm aware these are pattern parts that conform to OE specifications. I don't know about a filter with a valve and nobody so far has advised what this is as mentioned in previous posts. Yes, the car does short journeys but I wouldn't say it's been neglected? It now burns oil and has a rattle on starting. It's only since these issues have arisen that the oil light has flashed up on occasion and I deal with it ad soon as I'm made aware. Perhaps I gave the wrong impression before. Can anyone recommend a good online retailer in the UK to buy Toyota spares please? (PCV and timing chain kit perhaps) Thanks
  7. I've recently purchased a Toyota Corolla sr on 125,000 miles and I notice a slight whine in 3rd gear along with the typical clutch pedel squeek I've never owned or driven a diesel so just wanted to know peoples opinion on a Corolla whine
  8. I am also with iOS. What I meant was to use different iCloud account from a country where the app is visible. Btw, do you traffic over internet working in your country?
  9. It looks like this could be pretty interesting! Looking forward for more details of UK release date and pricing. On site suggested UK will be 2021.
  10. I'm considering getting some winter wheels and tyres (the costs of taking tyres off / putting them on plus storage soon adds up!) and am uncertain about one thing - the centre bore size. I asked Toyota (via Farcebook) and got an answer of 54.1mm, albeit that was for a 16" wheel. I've asked again re 18" ones (standard on my Excel). I've also seen elsewhere a figure of 60.1mm. Does anyone know what the correct figure is? The space-saver spare I bought from here has a 60.1mm centre bore. I know I could take off one off the wheels and check but it's too damn cold to do that unless I really have to! So I thought I'd ask here 🙂
  11. I was in contact with Toyota and this is the answer I got (translated from swedish):
  12. No, the app is available in my local app store. I am on ios, couldn`t even install from unofficial source. 🙂 I wrote an email to the importer for my country and i will post the reply when i get it.
  13. I had the same problem it showed me my was parked at home when it was at work with me also it shown my car in kilometers. So I had to uninstall the app then reinstall the app and it now shows me if the car is moving or where it is parked
  14. Hi, I can recommend this garage in Milton Keynes: Kipling Motorist Centre - Team Protyre Unit 4 Romar Ct, First Ave, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1RH 01908 372996 Prices are definitely competitive but you can ask them on the phone, the guy who does the alignment knows what he is doing, the equipment has been recently calibrated and I was there 3 weeks ago fitting some winter tyres and done alignment too. Highly recommended to everyone in the area especially for wheel alignment.
  15. Went out last night and noticed that the indicator side repeaters in the mirrors are not working. They do flash when I leave and lock the car. I have looked through the manual but cannot find anything, is there a setting that I need to change. UPDATE. They are working, it is just that I could not see them last night in the dark......senior moment😴
  16. In hybrid mode the gen1 plugin gets better mpg than the gen3 prius. If you can make use of the plug in capability, you get even better mpg. I used to have a gen3 prius and now have a gen1 plug in. I know which one i would pick if they were the same price.
  17. Did you also had to obtain the app unofficially as it is not present in your local app store?
  18. Hi, You have changed the wheel size and also the tyre sizes so likely you will have affected the cars geometry. Just google "steering geometry and wheel size" for various explanations. You have possibly also invalidated your car insurance , unless you have already advised them of such a change ? - Summer to winter tyres ok as I understand it, but different tyre sizes and different wheels rims from the original, you need to inform them to avoid any future problems.
  19. OP doesn't say what country they're in, only that their fuel consumption has been consistent "for the better part of the year". I'd suggest that with the onset of cooler temperatures, the car's running richer for longer resulting in higher consumption (mine certainly is).
  20. To what distance is the ACC set?
  21. Hi, Is it been solderd or just bulb replacements? Gerjon.
  22. Many years ago, we had a paraffin heater designed to go under the engine sump to keep the block warm. Only any use in a garage of course. Worked very well. Attached is a similar one to ours. Mick.
  23. According to Parkers, the fuel tank on the 4.2 holds 57 L - this includes any so called 'reserve' (there is no reserve tank). So you can easily work out how much you have left with the needle is on empty / the light comes on by noting how much you can add to fill the tank again. My guess is that there will be about 10 L remaining. From personal experience there is about 10 L remaining on a 4.3 and 4.4 and we have recently been hearing 'complaints' that the same is true on the 4.5 - it seems to be a RAV thing ... 🙂
  24. It seems to be as useless as ever. Mine (Android) prompted me to update when I just tried it so I went ahead. Once it had relaunched it was able to inform me that my car was still at home. That's going to be jolly inconvenient when I want to drive back from work this evening.. It did briefly show the text 'Driving analytics' on screen but that vanished never to be seen again.
  25. Yes, I guess the trade-in value of the Auris would be a clincher. I'll have to do some research.
  26. That's not my experience of the 1.8. There's not a great deal in it from what I can tell but with CC on the car will sometimes use engine braking when I'd have just left it on regen. And the CC can't anticipate the brow of a hill nor slow moving vehicles ahead. It is however a lot better at maintaining speed and climbing hills than other vehicles I've driven. If I'm feeling lazy I'll happily drive with CC everywhere whereas other vehicles I've only used it on the motorway or dual carriageways.
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