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  2. Gc01

    Engine not starting

    So at 7:55pm I took off the negative terminal and at 8:25pm I put it back on. Then I left it overnight to charge and at 9:45 this morning I cranked it and it started. My guess is something was up with the ECU and removal of the terminal cleared it or the battery did not have enough power to give the fuel pump enough power
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  4. I did fit an Armster to my Yaris. Certainly not cheap! Fitting was easy but - I was not impressed by it's quality. On mine there was insufficient friction in the hinge which meant that when positioned upright, it gradually dropped and with a light brake application it just flopped down. the friction is non adjustable, I asked them. The centre console of the Yaris is not that rigid either, that's what it is attached to, as a consequence the rest could be moved from side to side very easily. Handy storage though. I also found that access to the handbrake was poor when the rest was in the down position and some sort of contortion required. A bit silly having to raise the rest every time the handbrake was applied. I sold it and have never even contemplated another.
  5. mrpj

    Dash Cam Fitting

    Sorry Bernard, yes I must have read your post which does show that a bit of "laziness" on my part could be more beneficial! It is a neater install though Made me laugh. An owner or more competent person would probably be more careful. I wouldn't trust their "technicians" to do anything.
  6. Hello, Looking for advice on our 2009 Verso following a sudden breakdown! Ours has the 2.0 D4D engine, the car has done 86,000 miles and been regularly serviced at 10k intervals. The car was driving fine and with no problems whatsoever up until the point where there was a sudden loss of power with a huge amount of white smoke coming out of the exhaust, I also heard some rattling coming from the engine (but this could have been due to the excessive smoke)... at that point I recall a "check TCV" warning light coming on in the centre dash digital console and the engine was holding at around 2,000rpm with my foot off the throttle. At this point I had coasted into a layby (lucky me) and I switched off the engine. I opened the bonnet and all looked normal... no coolant loss, no oil loss and no oil or coolant contamination, all levels were fine. I let it rest for a while and tried to start the engine but had no luck. It sounds like it has compression on turnover - there aren't any graunching noises whilst its being turned over. Looking through the oil filler hole the cam can be seen to be turning. A friend tried plugging in his Snap-On tester to see if any fault codes had been registered but unfortunately it was unable to connect to the Toyota software.... but the generic test came up with "no issues found". I don't really want to take things apart without any clues as to what the fault could be! Any thoughts?
  7. Before you jump to conclusions, are you getting a spark? You've had a plug out, so connect it and get someone to crank the engine while checking it sparks.
  8. Hi, Better if you could say how the fault developed ? Did both speakers suddenly go off together , just the other day, or have they been loosing sound now and then for some time, either one speaker at a time or both together ? What about the head unit, when the sound goes off, what does the display show, still a normal screen with a normal station and volume number displayed or does it go off when the speakers loose sound ? To test the wiring you need to use a multimeter connected between the disconnected speaker plug thats at the back of the head unit and to the actual speaker terminals, once the meter is connected then wiggle all parts of the wiring you can get hold of and see if the Resistance changes. Also move the door as where the wires goes across is a common failure point, thouhg unlikely to happen at the same time on both doors, Repeat on all four wires to the speakers If thats not something you can do most auto electricians or anyone whos handy with their own multimeter should be able to help.
  9. Urgent help needed. Looking for keyless fob for Toyota Belta (Yaris) year 2006. It's rectangular. Please email offer quickly. Thanks.
  10. Sorry to hear that it did not work the way we wanted and it may be due to that issue that I mentioned earlier that is called "negative switching" in cars supplied to UK. Most cars have positive switching. Because of negative switching, there is always power to your low beam and high beam wire and you are connected to the low beam side, and therefore the LED light is switched off. But there has to be a way that it is going to work and perhaps we should think logically here. The LED lights are working but not the way we want. We have a few more options like (1) connecting that orange wire to the negative pole of that headlight terminal, which receives power only when the head lights are turned on (low or high beam). (2) If that does not work we can try connecting the orange wire to the side light positive wire as the user manual in your Ring LED suggests. Hopefully that bulb has a positive switching! We don't know. Side light is the small bulb that lies within the big headlight reflector. You can clearly see it from out side. I would try the connection to the negative terminal of the headlight first.
  11. Hi Paul, Very good suggestions Paul, particularly seeing if the motors have the same part number. I'll do this. Thanks Paul. Peter.
  12. You know I went through lot of planning to fit a boot light that would be connected to the car battery and have a tailgate tilt switch (reed valve switch for example) but gave up since the motion sensor led light was very simple and long lasting and effective too. But there are people in this forum who have just done the more complicated wiring for the boot light.
  13. This guy promises that it works every time but make sure you cover all other area around the nut with old rag so that the acetone does not come in contact with paint etc. I have never tried it myself.
  14. Sorry, I seem to have misread the problem. I am surprised that soaking the damn thing in WD 40 for a few days did not help.
  15. Teresap

    Cd drive

    Hi my new RAV4 is nearly here. i was wondering weather anyone on here has fitted a cd drive to there new RAV4 via the usb connection? I'm watching one on eBay apparently for it to work the Toyota audio system has to be WAV playback compatible does anyone know weather it is as I can’t find the information in the online handbook
  16. Thanks for your reply I am taking it into another dealership next week let's hope they can solve is still under warranty so fingers crossed. Sent from my ELE-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks for the reply. I don't want to get a new head unit and find out that the problem is elsewhere. It really seams to me like there's a loose wire but just can't pinpoint it.
  18. My wife bought a 2020 Rav4. She is finding that the front door interior handle is too far forward to comfortably pull the door closed. Does anyone else have this problem. Is there anyone else who has this problem? Is there something that can be installed further back that will provide a more comfortable leverage point.
  19. If you have a multimeter and an idea of what you are doing, then it would be a good thing to check the switch and any related relay before you fire the parts cannon at what is still quite likely to be a bad motor. You could also try swapping the front and rear motor on the washer tank too see if the fault moves, if they are both the same. The Toyota Tech website or something similar is quite likely to have a parts list which you could use to see if the motors are the same, if you can't easily get to them.
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  21. Gc01

    Engine not starting

    ive deduced its something to do with the fuel system because it cranks but it doesnt fire making me think there is no petrol getting to it, also i tried starting it and then had a look at a spark plug and it was clean, didnt have any unburned petrol
  22. Did you press the start button while holding the key against it? As Keith says, the lock symbol means the immobiliser has activated.
  23. Hi Guys , I'm looking for an engine that i can't find or whatever info that could help . the engine is a simple 1nd tv actually for yaris but this type i'm looking for is very difficult to find ..... I'm attaching pics so you can probably unerstand better differences an give some more info or any ieas about. Thanks
  24. You need spark and fuel, if you dont know how to check these are getting to the engine yourself, you'll need professional or knowledgable friends help. What is easy to check, is get someone to turn the the engine ie try and start it while you look at the alternator and see if its being turned by the drive belt, if it is then the starter motor is turning the engine over.
  25. Hey guys Is anyone still reading this thread? Just bought my self a lovely 1994 3door auto and was wondering if I could get some answers to a few questions I got regarding a refresh that I m trying to carry on it: 1. I cannot find the owner's manual online.. does such a thing exist? 2. I cannot find anywhere small plastic bits like the window seals, antenna, central console pockets, air vents etc.. anyone selling online? 3. There is a up/down button just under the handbrake right next to the coin case that due to symbol fade, I have no idea what it does! Any help? :) 4. Was thinking of swapping the engine with a newer unit. The idea is to make it a bit more lively, quiet and economical, so what I have in mind is something in the line of 1.6l/150bhp/150lbft, without having anything specific in mind. Maybe something out of a 2010 Corolla lets say. Newer engines seem to be much more torquey, free revving and economical. What are the views on this?
  26. Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
  27. The dealer will have a responsibility under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. See the section 'the first six months' of the following -
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