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  2. Window wind deflectors

    If you want genuine trouble free Toyota ones get in touch with this man. Also known as Kingo. Mike.
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  4. Avensis 1.8 vvti starting issues

    I can confirm that the part number is - 84450-05040. I checked on Japan parts ( and Type 84450-05040 in the search of any browser especially Chrome will confirm the model and part number. To confirm the fault, the key is turned to start and nothing happens, not even a click of the starter relay. The battery is good and the starter is fine. Sometimes the car starts, but the fault gets worse to the point the switch totally fails. This happened to me when I returned a wrong part (switch) from an independent supplier. I had too walk to the Toyota dealer nearby to buy the correct switch, and changed replace it in 20 minutes. Also look at Devon Aygo's reply to another problem I was not aware of, in this link - In his reply he mentions that the key sometimes is not recognized. He refers to is part number 89245-02010 which is the sensor surrounding the key barrel. It is in the same diagram as the ignition switch.
  5. Window wind deflectors

    That of course could be the problem. You get what you pay for .
  6. Wind Deflectors?

    Yes :) I had «Heko Team» deflectors on my 05 T Sport. You can drive under the rain with the window open, have some air in the car but not in the face.... But there are two problems, the lateral view and the noise.
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  8. Used GT86 Purchase.

    The radio is quite basic compared to the 64 plate Aygo i had, Not to worry though.
  9. Corolla Members Cars

    My T3. Full T-Sport exterior conversion, lowered 40mm on Apex springs, and has an eBay short shifter.
  10. Corolla Members Cars

    That colour is so pretty! Always liked the SR's to be honest :)
  11. My New Corolla E12 T3

    Liking it! I have the same model and colour, just a year newer and has a T-Sport exterior conversion
  12. Smell of fumes inside car?

    Hi guys last few weeks I can smell what smells like exhaust fumes, in side the car when driving. Only thing is its not all the time mostly when I've been driving for a while and when engine is hot. Also engine management light on code P0420 Catalyst efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 If there was a leak from the exhaust system, wouldn't the smell be there all the time? Any ideas is it just the CAT that's the problem what do you guys think? Plus how much for a new CAT? Thanks for any help guys. 112000 miles. 1.6 T Spirit 2002 petrol
  13. Hybrid Gear Slection

    Can’t say I have tried in ours, but from what I gather from others, you might be able to select the different gears/mode but the computer won’t let you do anything really dangerous. With my Auris if you are just creeping and you press P it will stop, others have joked that P stood for panic and it would behave like it was in neutral. Since the gear stick is only operating switches, it should only let you do what the computers think is correct. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Toyota Yaris Dashboard Issues

    Like yours ours is a 2011, don't think models matter but ours is the T spirit with sat nav, on reading it seems its not to be an isolated incident and I'm trying to find out what is a, ECO run converter is, where it is and what it looks like, if its a DIY fix.
  15. Starting Problems On Avensis? Solution.

    Hi, I am not able to view pictures for 'Ignition switch' replacement process. Could you pls. send me on
  16. Advice on Estima repair needed please

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Sounds good. I didn’t spend a lot of time examining it but automatically thought it wouldn’t fit back together with the white tab being broken. I will give it a go. Yes it is the white pearl colour.
  17. Window wind deflectors

    What brand did you get?
  18. Ludicrously basic question - Gen 2 brakes

    When the Gen 1 Prius was the only model available there was a US company (Coastal Tech) that made a number of aids for the car, including one that showed a couple of extra dash lights - red for friction brakes active, green for ICE off (there was no EV indicator or button on the Gen 1).
  19. Toyota Yaris Dashboard Issues

    Hello, I posted above about the issue when it first happened to me. In my case, my battery died once, we jumped it back and everything was just fine from then on. It was frustrating, but the local garage couldn’t see any issue, so whilst I waited for a reply on here, I left it and it turned out fine. I wouldn’t want to guarantee the same for you though. Mine is 2011, so would have been 5 years old at the time. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or possibly related to cold weather? Hope it turns out fine soon! Jordan
  20. Anyone up for this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Another iQ Gone

    Thanks Mark, At first I wasn't too sure about the choice, but any doubts I had are fading. I think the main doubt was the mpg, but nothing else will be like an iQ. It is a unique car, with it's big car feel, and little car economy.
  22. Wind Deflectors?

    What do people think of wind deflectors? YES/NO? Opinions would be grateful. If any of you have any pictures of yours on your Corolla I would love to have a look!
  23. Another iQ Gone

    Cheers Mike. Yes, already loving the softer suspension, well, lets say less harsh over the bumps. Loving the grip and go.
  24. Ludicrously basic question - Gen 2 brakes

    When braking gently the car uses regenerative braking - you can easily see this on your hybrid indicator on the dash which will show recharging under braking. In this state, the retardation is only at the front wheels, and the mechanical brakes (ie the pads and discs) are not being used at all, the car is being slowed by the electrical resistance of the motor generators. At low speeds (under 7 mph I think) the mechanical brakes come into use. This is often not enough to keep the brake discs clean of the surface rust which affects the discs on all cars. When you brake hard, then the mechanical brakes come into use - and work on all four wheels, although biased towards the front as Catlover explained. The parking brake operates only on the rear wheels. So you can effectively clean the discs by braking hard as you've now discovered. However, as Harters says, when you select neutral the car does not regenerate at all, and when you brake in neutral the car uses only the mechanical brakes. This is a more comfortable and arguably kinder way to keep your brakes clean. I do this regularly on the way to work - there's a gentle downhill about 100 yards long leading to a give way and I simply select neutral and brake gently down this hill, select drive at the bottom and drive on normally. I do it about once a week, it seems to do the trick. Brake pads wear much slower on hybrids than on conventional cars due to them not being used much in this setup, but the risk is that they can end up needing work doing through lack of use - rusty discs, seized calipers, that kind of thing. Incidentally you can't (well, at least I can't) feel any difference at all whether the braking is regenerative or mechanical, which I think is rather impressive engineering.
  25. My New Corolla E12 T3

    That looks mint mate!! The front splitter changes the front end. Ive just got some T Sport alloys so will get some pictures up once ive cleaned her!!
  26. Window wind deflectors

    Well I’ve got a pair of deflectors. That was a mistake. The drivers side fitted with no problem. But, the passenger side was another problem all together. The anti- trap was having none of it. With the deflector in place, the window goes up and straight back down again. With a bit of fiddling it started to work okay......until.....the s##t really hit the fan. The window started to operate when it felt like it, sometimes it closed and opened okay, then it would stop half way, never to move again, until the car was turned off and restarted. Then it would work properly for a while, only to start ‘playing up’ after a couple of goes. So I eventually got it to close and left well alone for a few hours, I then tried the ‘reset procedure’ open it completely and hold the button in the open position for 5 seconds, and then repeat on the close position. That appears to have worked as I’ve had no more problems with it, it opens and close as normal. But the deflectors are back in their box, never to see the light of day again. You live and learn.
  27. Toyota Yaris Dashboard Issues

    Has anyone fixed this issue yet, wife just came home and dash lights wouldn't turn off and now are turning on and off, tried disconnecting the battery but made no difference when reconnected.
  28. High fuel consumption/ rough idle problems.

    it can be from injector or throttle i wish you solve your problem
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