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  3. hi guys,i trying to convert my normal 2013 (UK)Yaris headlight to a hybrid models headlight, have anyone tried doing this as i need some advice on this matter, thanks
  4. What proof would you have that they are genuine?
  5. So update your profile to further enhance your anticipation.
  6. Thinking of possibly fitting a towbar and electrics, with preferably a plug in type wiring kit Anyone any recommendations on A Towbar and Electrics kit ?? 2006 Corolla 2,0 D4D 5 Door Hatch
  7. JJa

    Yaris Rattle

    Guys, I am having the same issue with a Toyota yaris 2015 model. There is no rattling noise when the car is idle, but just when I start to pull away it makes the noise. It stops after I attain a certain speed like above 20 mph. Any Ideas?
  8. It has a dvd. I was thinking it is a tns told me to look on my Toyota. Are all the dvds on ebay counterfeit? Even the ones that say they are genuine?
  9. I am looking forward to my new Toyota
  10. yes I will, I pick my car up 10:30 am Wednesday 19 th June
  11. So do you need to update your profile to show what car you have.
  12. Ok thanks I’ll give the car time to settle in 1000 miles or so then I’ll test it tankful to tankful v-power and normal shell , being retired I do same sort of journeys each week 20 town plus 60 fishing and back then 70 motorways . It will be interesting and coming from diesel it won’t seem to bad paying for shell v-power
  13. Iainf

    Wax oil.

    Hi, newbie here, I bought an estima hybrid last year, was literally like new underneath, bit of dust and one bolt had some surface rust on it's threads. Had a local garage that usually uses waxoil put 5l of bilt hamber dynex S50 & UB on the bottom of mine, I used a patio jetwasher accessory to get rid of dust gently a day or 2 before it went in, stayed dry, cost me £120 for the garage time and £100 for the 10l of treatments (one is thinner & seeking for cills and channels). Brother uses it for his high end VW campervans and it gets a good write up, garage warned me that waxoil would stink, this stuff didnt. Haven't really had a look under to see how it is so far.
  14. atkinson cycle is more efficient than otto cycle. As for whether it would benefit from Shell VPower, pass ...
  15. why do Toyota Rav 4 hybrid use the atkinson cycle engine ? and will it benefit from shell v powe
  16. Still Toyota/Toyota dealer then. There will also be cracked counterfeit versions available via ebay etc. edit: some Googling suggests that it is a TNS700 variant in which case I presume that it uses a DVD.
  17. Your car will definitely have the blanking plate.. You can drill this yourself to suit the CC, but the factory part has a flexible rubber/plastic to finish off the hole. It's about £6 iirc. The spring you are trying to operate to remove the airbag is basically 'U' shaped. The difficulty comes from you pressing the spring half way up the side of the 'U' to detach the wire from an alloy overhang that is near the end of the 'U' clip - the leverage is all wrong. It is hard to get enough movement on the clip and you start wondering if you are pressing the right piece. I doubt it will come off anything like as easily as the Yaris in your video. As that video suggests, it becomes clearer if you remove the blanking plate (which you will not be re-using because you've bought the new, different part?) so you can see inside a bit more as to how the clip operates.. When you remove the blanking plate from the outside (as opposed to pushing it out from the inside if the airbag was already off) you will probably bend its securing tangs more than is ideal, but they won't actually break off. You can see the (squared- off) U clip around the edge in this picture. This is shown upside-down from how it sits on the steering wheel. Once when I was removing it I used a clean tent peg as it was the right size to go through the access hole in the steering wheel. A narrow flat-blade screwdriver works almost as well. You might end up pushing the spring clip quite hard, it's a bit disconcerting. And there is a completely different style of clip (so, a 3rd one) near the bottom of the air bag, this is just a plastic dowel with a bulbous head that has been pushed into a slightly undersized hole. This just pulls out. There is no real need to disconnect the airbag from its loom, as long as you are happy to delicately park it on top of the steering wheel.
  18. Hello and welcome Jim, nice looking motor "home" you have there 😄
  19. Welcome to the TOC Pedro, enjoy the club.
  20. I don't think it's touch and go, all the instructions for that don't match up with my unit
  21. tuskar

    EGR cleaning

    Is it a good idea to remove and clean the EGR valve after 70k miles on the 1ND TV diesel engine . Cheers
  22. Welcome to the club Jim, that's a rare beast you've found. Good luck with your quest it will definitely be interesting finding out the history of the Hiace. A few years ago Elldis used to make similar shaped motorhomes.
  23. Hi Mick, Re your knocking, could be the door hinges or the pin that holds the strap in, if used. ? Bit scary if your first mot station did not find a brake fluid leak, though could that have happened as a result of you driving around since that test. Fitted Pioneers speakers in mine, such an improvement I did not need to change the head unit. Mine came with separate tweeters which I mounted in the wing mirror access covers, really lifts the soundstage.
  24. Good news for Toyota, not so good for potential customers ...
  25. which iirc is Touch & Go. If it is a t Spirit then possibly the "High" version. As for updates from Toyota using the Touch & Go Toolbox.
  26. PeteB, Good news on your delivery. Mine was ordered on the 28 March and I am expecting it around the 15 July according to the dealership but given your time frame I am hoping I might get an e mail with better news time wise.
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