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  2. In a digital display, LSD will be Least Significant Digit being the one furthest to the right, The further right you go the more accurate eg. good electronic test equipment is between 6-10 digits say it reads 34.5 psi it will be within +/- 1 Least Significant Digit (.1) +/- 1% (0.001)- depending on the device and its primary calculation you may lose or add due to the conversion between parameters due to rounding and the LSD used Many moons ago i build an Arduino boost gauge based on a Bosch MAP sensor with a second for barometric pressure, that was calculated with Kpa then to Psi with a Bar option also allowing automatic barometric adjustment or ASL
  3. If you were to go back in time would you still have chosen the hybrid or would you have gone for a small turbo petrol of which there are now many? I like the idea of the hybrid and have not been put off by the droning engine under heavy accelerating comments often mentioned in negative video reviews, i like auto boxes (works vehicle has one) but this is a different thing altogether did owners here find the drone annoying at first do you notice it now, is it down to bad driving by these negative reviewers causing the problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. Most protection films are applied by using a small amount of soapy water to allow positioning and to assist in removing air bubbles. For the most part, once they have been allowed to dry they can be removed without leaving any adhesive behind but the film itself becomes distorted and therefore not really re-useable.
  5. Thatโ€™s interesting. My auris manages automatically from where to suck air when ac is working and it depends of outside air temperature and inside cabin temperature settings. When either of them changes the car also changes the air intake from out to recirculating and the other way around. It does not have a screen but the system is smart. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. The window will drive down but will not go dack up
  7. Monday I did a 10 mile trip to town 85 mpg at 23 mph average with 61 mpg at 21 mph back. Dual carriage way both directions for about 5 miles. As you say, insane compared with my old Mercedes 220D that could achieve 48 but only on a long journey.
  8. Chrisg99


    These were the prices I paid at my local dealer yesterday. Other than the wheel and associated parts there is the front bonnet protector, mudflaps and the rear bumper protection. Plus all the current part numbers for anyone considering ordering. Still waiting to see if there is a refund on the price of the jack which is currently ยฃ48.69+VAT. scanwheel_20220524201142.pdf
  9. Wonder whether European deliveries will be affected by Toyota production reductions in June:
  10. I find the AC makes almost negligible difference to the mpg in mine. This is the first car I've owned where using the AC uses less fuel than using the heating!
  11. Ahh good to know! The recirc one was called something like efficient ventilation or something like that...
  12. Wonder whether European production/deliveries will be affected by Toyota reducing production in June:
  13. Thanks for reply I will check the petrol filter , broke down only a few miles from home on first run of the year. had similar problem last year but the garage could not find any problem, didnt let us down at all after that . the car not used over winter (converted camper) so water in fuel could be the cause. the AA man suspect a camshaft sensor ? do you know any way of reading fault code on older estima ? thanks again for your help cheers Mick
  14. As I ordered mid March, Iโ€™m looking at July then for build notification. Fingers crossed I need the car before Sept 8th!
  15. ๐Ÿ‘ Mine was ordered 20th Dec, still on processing. TS 2.0 GR Sport in Obsidian Blue, maybe they are doing the blue ones tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€
  16. Corolla TS - GR Sport - 2.0 litre - Black They put the order through on the 17Th of January.
  17. im with avetoy on this one u never know with those 2.2 engines maybe the 2.0 u better engine with but think the 2.2 give bother with those miles
  18. JLR products are fitted with a security tracker, with an option to upgrade to a more comprehensive security tracker (Secure Tracker Pro). Trackers fitted to Toyotas aren't security trackers.
  19. 65 plate is the newer one with the bmw engine in those as i know this as i have the 64 plate and my one came with the last of the toyota d4d engines quick question what is your engijne code if its 1ADFTV well maybe they registered the last ones in 2015 but mainly the 2015 ones are the newer ones out with the bmw engine check your log book
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