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  2. Having a hard time unwrenching the steering rack. I cant find place for my wrench 😕
  3. Mine was a 69 plate. It was definitely lacking in umph, I found myself flooring the acclerator pedal a lot to compensate. To be fair it moved passably well when you did that (not as good as my Corolla) but was an ugly way to drive. I can only hope/assume that it's more economical around town. As it stands though I can attest that for a 34 mile journey along free flowing dual-carriageway and rural roads I got better fuel consumption from the Corolla and a more relaxed experience. ..and I was only doing 60mph on the dual carriageways.
  4. I have just had a mailshot from our car insurer detailing precautions to take to stop the CC from being stolen, sent to us as the "Yaris is particularly at risk". This does surprise me as the cat on our old 04 T Spirit is right high up under the manifold and tight behind the radiator so I had alway assumed that the cat was not easily accessible and so not attractive to thieves due to its position, apart from being an old car. Are the insurers referring to later model Yaris cars or lumping them in with other Toyotas like the Auris orPrius?
  5. what engine do you have ?? 1.8 petrol ??? Spin on or cartridge type filter ? There are 2 1.8 engines 7AFE - Cambelt 1ZZFE - Cam chain
  6. Hi Folks. Please would you recommend where I can get my key remote fixed on my advensis 2002. The unlock button is not working. When I take it apart there is a little button behind the rubber that has come away from the circuit board.
  7. Please can I ask is it worth removing the Mass Air Flow sensor on the Advensis and giving it a clean. Just wondering where you would find it
  8. flash22

    EGR V/V

    Ideally you need a scan tool that can do testing, if not take the EGR off and de-coke it
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  10. I can believe that, very similar with Apple products, iPhones iPads always something wrong with new models and since they are mass production millions of people are affected, but not all can realise. Latest iPhone 12 series has camera lens issues, almost if not all of them and latest iPad Air 4 battery issues, very large numbers, luckily I have from both devices and so far I have no problems with either. Recent years been afraid of buying new things a lot, technology, cars, am I getting old, or quality of everything is downhill.
  11. It is like COVID-19 they need lots of cases to say it’s time to do something. For me all the All New Yaris have the same issue. Even the dual system. I tested 4 new Yaris all are the same.
  12. That’s not good enough. If does not change air flow temperature with time or not able to get just fresh air there is something wrong, perhaps interior temperature sensor or flaps management, ecu, software, I don’t know but someone from Toyota should, not customer relation but at engineers level, or whoever designed and made the whole system .
  13. I use air conditioning sometimes in winter specially after doing exercises. But At the moment I can’t even get fresh air from my new all Yaris air conditioning. Very disappointed. Apparently their is nothing they can possibly do to change the way the car air conditioning behaves. It have been designed to work how it work. Customer relation GB Said I’m the only case so far reported to them. I have done everything I can possibly do.
  14. Just type Prius catalytic converter in eBay and there are plenty of choices, watch for expensive ones 180-300£ these are not just the plate but fully fitted with metal wires and security bolts and god knows what more, after that nobody can take it apart even when the car goes for recycling after end of its life.👍😊👌
  15. A month ago I saw a Prius gen 2 in Harrow north London driving without catalytic converter, the noise was like from a rally car and the driver seemed well ****** off, probably he had just discovered the loss and was on its way to a garage for replacement, and if I was a police officer I could have easily stop and fine him, right? ,🤭😢 In Edgware another lovely areas of wonderful north London I saw an Auris gen 2 that seemed wrongly parked next to the kerb and guess what., the heat shielding was hanging from one site and metal peace under it, the bolts from the manifold which obviously mea
  16. Have a look at the following articles: https://www.total.co.uk/how-store-car-1-3-months https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/97649/how-to-store-your-car
  17. BolkowBob

    EGR V/V

    2002 D4D Rav4 Having problems with the EGR valve, anybody know how to test the step motor on top of unit?
  18. I avoid short journeys (in or out of lockdown) where the engine does not get up to working temperature and will happily take a detour to get it warmed up. Stick to the service schedule as a minimum, change oil earlier by all means, but always do regular POL checks (Petrol/Oil/Liquids). My wife, by the way, thinks the levels are topped up by magic!
  19. important: It shouldn’t be the same, with rising interior temperature the air flow temperature should go down few degrees to maintain something close to the pre set temperature. Not important: I have sometimes complains from passengers that they feel cold when actually the car is warm enough, even sometimes they blame me for using aircon in winter instead of heating, obviously the car been running for hours and inside is well warm and the system switch almost to fresh air from outside and since is winter they feel like is aircon on, few degrees up on the dash , 22 to 23 eve
  20. Moved to the Proace club. Swiss vans is a lease company rather than a Toyota dealer - will the mods be covered by the Toyota warranty?
  21. Hi anyone knows if there is a decent catloc for Toyota Prius hybrid, 2005 model as mine was stolen with the Toyota catloc second time please
  22. I have recently purchased a Toyota Yaris t3 2006, it is in great condition and has no visible faults. I however do not have my licensed yet and therefore will have to leave it in my garage. It's been garaged for around three months now and I was wondering if in the event the battery dies, will the car sustain any damage to its electrical systems? Is there anything I should be weary of since it is likely to be left in the garage for half the year? All advice is appreciated.
  23. Set Temperatures in car’s are not exactly dead on temperatures if you properly measure them as in laboratory with equipment, I bet if you ask Toyota or any manufacturer they will confirm that. These temperatures are something around that numbers with variations of at least 2-4C°. Also in cars with climate controls as is the Yaris when weather is sunny outside even in negative air temperature the system may reduce it’s temperature of the air flow, as it’s get tricked by the interior temperature sensor from the direct Sun light, same applies in hot summer days with AC on, under direct sunlight.
  24. Ok, when set at desired temperature after 30-40 min driving, does it change the temperature of the air flow or keeps the same as beginning of the journey ?
  25. While your advice is correct it is also impactable. Next year my car will have two occasions parked away from home while we are on holiday. I think this will apply to many drivers next year. My reference to June is when we will not have access to power source. I hope the battery will last at least 4 days and it is quite likely that we shall use the car in those 4 days though and the 'run for 30 minutes' regime would be an alternative.
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