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  2. Not a good advert for Toyota!
  3. Just bought 2014 Corrola Luna diesel 1.4 with 190.000 km do the water pump need changing and what's your opinion of the Luna
  4. Toyota have just internally announced a tilt sensor which is due to be released very soon Expect Cost to be circa £100 Still no reports yet of Corolla cat theft at my dealership
  5. I work at Toyota and it's a fixed price for all catloc except early Prius And that's at ALL dealers
  6. Well that is what I was quoted by Toyo Tech, as supplied to fit the Auris by Toyota
  7. I had 2 BMW 3 series coupe in my younger days. A 318 is and 323 ci, I like the rear wheel drive of these cars. I actually also like the Audi TT auto diesel too, but again it has to be 2015 onwards, cost similar to BM 2 series coupe. Yes I want a garage if I can get it, cos what is the next craze for stealing things off cars? EV battery I guess when EV are mainstream. I think petrol or diesel cars by then would be a bad choice to keep, they will charge for putting a tyre out onto the road let alone drive it haha.
  8. Hi I own a TOYOTA AURIS 2013 hybrid 1.8 Icon it has 52,250 miles on it. It makes a noise every time I go over a hump only if there are 2 or 3 passengers sitting at the back. It’s a 5 people car so this is outrageous. In November 2019 I got my Toyota dealer to fix a cat lock so that the catalytic converter can not get stolen. Now I go over humps the noise is even worse. I took it back to Toyota dealerJEMCA EDGWARE ROAD, LONDON and they said it’s only natural. I Took it to my local garage they put it up on the ramp checked everything with a torch for suspension seem fine they also put extra air in my tyres but the noise is still there. Has anybody else had the same problem like this please advise as I’m intending to make a formal complaint to Toyota Great Britain perhaps a recall is required ?? kind regards Umesh Raichada
  9. There u go, one more like FREE for u 🙂 coz, you sensible in car buying and saving for a house (unlike me, who is too old now to get a mortgage 😞 ) pS: make sure new house has a garage, so u can buy a nice classic car with classic insurance (like a 20 year old BM 1 series 😉 )
  10. BTW - am in the US - have seen this problem on multiple white Prius vehicles! This SHOULD be part of the recall. Always loved Toyota before but definitely questioning them right now.
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  12. Am not bother about likes lol. Much more bother about good motor that cost little, reliable, suitable for what I need and safe! 🙂 Been saving for a 🏠 so have to be more prudent on choice of car now! Which is the reason economy of 60+ mpg is important.
  13. Firstly thank you so much for such a detailed post. I'll be totally honest i'm looking to sell this car not because i want to but i need my mum to have the money from it due to circumstances of my fathers recent death. It is a lovely car and i'm not a car person but i know my dad has put hours of love and thousands into this even the audio alone it cost a small fortune, so if i'm going to have to sell it i want to make sure he's proud of what ive got for it, not just selling it sell for nothing. So i will weigh up a few things and get quotes of fixing the needed stuff aslong it doesn't go into multiple thousands which i'm unsure whether were ready to pay out. But i will note all this done and get more notes and documentation together so i can feel confident in the sale. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  14. Many years ago I bought an old fiesta. It came with brighter bulbs, I didn't check until much later in my ownership it was 100w. At the time, I thought great these are brighter lights, yes please. If there was an issue after with the insurance company if involved in an accident, I will fight them in court as I didn't modified it and cannot know if that or other parts are standard or not. The same goes for going bigger tyres/wheels I just do it. I say I got the car like that if it ever become an issue, just replacing like for like tyres etc.
  15. Is this £30odd for each bulb or the pair? Mick.
  16. Fellow Supra owners are actually a bad bunch to ask this question, as we are usually the hardest ones the car and pulling down prices, and often really badly to our own expense. This site is also a dead end for supra's. You never see anyone one here, nor are they interested (god knows I've tried) If you were to ask on the general UK supra forums(like or the supra Facebook sites, you will prob get told 18-20, which I totally disagree with. Just look at supply and demand in the market, and I think it's 25-30 easy, or even a fair amount more if you can bring a bit more info into the equation. You have the advantage of a twin turbo, 6 speed with Very low milage and which appears in excellent condition. I'll assume there is no rush to sell, plus there's astonishingly few of those cars around in a supra market that's continuing to grow in demand. You hold an easy 3 aces in a poker hand. Against you will be the question of - why does a 1994 car have vvti engine from a 1997 model in it? It's not a bad thing at all, its just need the story either way. I suspect the car is actually 1997 or newer model which also gives the car more value, but then you have to explain that roof damage, which I would actually get fixed first. If you have the original removed parts, then that just adds more value, as will any and all documentation. Remember Many people buying supras are outright hypocrites who will put it down for the body kit and modifications, and say it devalues the car. These are usually the same people who buy OEM cars only to modify them to hell themselves, and don't tell you how easy it to fix all that. Don't let low ballers con you about difficulties in retro fitting that interior or body kit. Those wheels are also fairly desirable. If I were you, I wouldn't sell at all unless you really want the money, if it's emotional painful (just lost my mother, so I know the felling) or if cars bore you. If it appeals to you at all, I'd get the roof sorted, keep what is one of the best weekend touring toys you can have, and drive the hell out of it. (Trust me, I'm about to do another 1000 mile GT tour of the UK in mine) You've got real world supercar performance, with supercar looks, arguably the greatest tube-ability of any car, virtual pre-invites to all at shows you want, a reliability level the envy of every other sports car there is, in a manual, low milage, high performance car, with a market where price is continuing to appreciate for these cars. There isn't much to match it unless you get into the supercar brands and cars such as an Aston DB9 or higher. If you have to sell, get it all sorted by making it mint condition and documented, then start at 30-35 I say. That milage alone is a winner against most others at 150+ with 25k price tags.
  17. Hi there, my 2014 Rav4 has leather seats but we decided to put covers on them for protection, problem is after 5 months the driver side is badly worn on the edge. Any one recommend a supplier of decent covers
  18. Seeing as the car is new, and in warranty, you should take it to the dealer to get it checked.
  19. Hi there to all existing members, new to this site have owned Rav4's for over 10 years, always been happy with them. Presently have a 2014 model,petrol, a few issues with the satnav but otherwise happy. Cheers.
  20. Seems expensive it should be fixed price of £250 inc vat
  21. Tilt sensor incoming from Toyota soon Official Toyota fitment £100 fitted or £50 with catloc
  22. I hope you’re not using the handbrake!
  23. Hi, My father used to be a gold member of this forum and i've come back looking for some advice on selling my late fathers Toyota Supra and hopeing this is the best place to ask. I apologise for my lack of knowledge beforehand but I’m trying to best to make sure i get the right price for this car as it used to be my dad’s prized possession, the specifications of the supra are as follows: - Japanese import first made in 1994 and imported in the UK in 1999 and purchased 2001 - 32,000 on the clock - Manual transmission - 3.0L engine - Light weight fly wheel fitted - Had spent around £8,000 on the car overall ontop of sale price & usual maintenance costs - Twin turbo - Is running - Will need some paintwork care (picture attached shows the main issue) Now it is a nice car and has a lot of engine work done to it (re-mapped etc) but it has been sitting for a while and needs a good clean and some paintwork doing to it but I still believe if it was sold to the right owner they could make this car shine once again. Now all I’m really asking for is some guidance on price and if there is any way to sell this car, we’re not looking to plunge any more money we’d rather factor the cost of any jobs needed such as the paintwork against the sale price. Please feel free to have a browse of the pictures and I’ll be happy to try answer any of the questions, I’m just trying to make sure I do my dad proud and sell this car properly as much as possible. Link to pictures: (please note these pictures are pre any detailing or valet which its booked in for now) Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  24. What we need is the magnavolt protection system of robocop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 already requires dealers to be licenced, for them to record details of the sale and seller, and not to pay cash for scrap metals. This doesn't prevent thieves from illegally exporting stolen cats to circumnavigate the law.
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