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    • its orange peel, normal on most cars these days, it shows up more on yours as its dark blue metalic
    • Hi all,  Corolla airbag warning light on seems to be a common problem.   In nearly all cases it can be attributed to wiring connectors under the front seats, its just a job of taking the connectors apart, spraying some electrics cleaner into the joints and put them together again.   Unfortunately this did not cure my problem, the light is still on.   Even though my car is on an airbag recall list, Mr T cannot even say  what the problem is, as well as there being a 8 month waiting list to have it diagnosed. Does anyone have come across this problem, maybe give me a few pointers please. The car is up for MOT in a weeks time and I'm sure it won't go through as it is. Thank you  in advance, Dee
    • Thanks OC, Seen your other posts, so good luck with the aircon.  My Corolla is T2 so doesn't have aircon, which I think is a PITA as a car gets older, as sooner or later the aircon will give trouble. A nice to have item, but I've driven for 50 years without it.  Mind you, could be useful in winter which is when I primarily use the Corolla with it's front wheel drive.  Seemed to be misting up a lot, more recently, so have changed the pollen filter - not sure if that might improve matters.
    • Spot on Frosty hence my concern about how easy it is to steal push button starting cars. Jonathan I strongly disagree with your attitude since it's hardly any wonder my insurance goes up & up every year even though I haven't made a claim for many many years! I do think drivers should have due regard to not having their vehicle stolen in the first place, which by the way is the reason I'm in favour of a secret cut off switch &/or a quality steering lock. 
    • Given advice in the media, by police, etc regarding keyless entry and car security in general, a good insurance policy may not be sufficient if owners are deemed not to have taken adequate steps to ensure their vehicles are secure.