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  2. Sounds pretty good s for the ride it might be a case of finessing the tyre pressures. Otherwise it might be looking at the rear springs/shocks, hopefully not.
  3. The mini VCI is can bus only, early diesel use the K-Line only a handful of adapters work with Techstream VCX nano - the interfaces are firmware locked, so you need the correct one or a licence upgrade to unlock it VCX Nano SP245 there is a cheaper work around using a VAG interface and Techstream officially, techstream is a paid service via the Toyota portal
  4. Can anyone suggest where I can get a fuel tank for a G reg MR2 Mk1 + fuel pump + sender, please?
  5. I'm trying to buy a hub carrier (also called a stub axle) with the bearing in place, passenger front, for my MK2 2003 Avensis 1.8 auto. Does anyone know if the hub carrier from the 2006-2009 model is the same as the 2003 model and is there any difference between the diesel and petrol models? Any help much appreciated.
  6. Funnily enough the petrol scale is 0-30, so if they were swapped, both would be usable.
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  8. Finally set off on a long tow of the caravan from home south of Huddersfield to Edinburgh and then to Foyers on Loch Ness. Total journey about 390 miles. Economy has ranged between 22 and 27 mpg (using E5 99 octane petrol) but typically 24-25 which is directly comparable with any of the 5 previous diesel tow cars we have had. Have kept as close to speed limits as possible including up some of the long ascents on the A9. Power is fine and stability from cross winds and passing HGV’s very good and easy to control. Towing a1500kg single axle 7.5m ‘van. The Achilles heel is the ride on anything but smoothest of roads. If I can sort the ride I will be very pleased.
  9. And for reference my driving is mostly local single lane rural roads, 50/60 mph. The dash on my 1.8 is currently showing mid-60s. On long journeys it can get to 70 or even a bit above.
  10. One of my colleagues had an accident in his Mercedes, writing it off. His insurers refused to pay out on the basis that he'd painted his wheels black without telling them.... It took nearly a year and the Insurance Ombudsmen becoming involved before they begrudgingly paid up. My motorcycle insurers have a much more sensible approach, they're not interested in minor changes / additions as long as they don't affect the performance.
  11. If a K&N type filter was more beneficial, don't you think that one would be installed at the factory?
  12. The obvious answer is 'no'. You will have insured your vehicle according to whatever trim level it is. If these features are included within the specific trim level of your car - eg Excel, Design, etc - it will be the standard spec However, if you've specified options or had additional features fitted (eg third party parts or accessories), these won't be part of the standard spec for your car, and will need to be declared if you want them covered.
  13. The normal first step advice would be to change the fuel filter if that hasn't been done recently. It can't hurt and may resolve the issue.
  14. May be plump the door rubber seals with silicone grease
  15. I am currently experiencing a similar issue. Trying to replace and injector on a 2012 Rav 4 and the garage have installed a new injector but are unable to program it to the ECU/ECM as it cancels every time. Any additional thoughts/potential solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Perhaps it is just an arbitrary "on a scale of 1 to 10" visual comparator. A "Greenness" indicator?
  17. I agree, try an MG HS PHEV, that will probably stay below £40k for some time and they are not actually that bad.
  18. Could be a long time for a new car if you keep going around in that circle keeping it just below the £40k, unless VED rules change in the meantime. Probably worth ordering something with a current list price below £35k to be on the safe side
  19. Here's my oldie enjoying some sunshine on the beach. 🙂
  20. I don't have this feature on mine, but usually can tell by the sound when it's coming to the end, you can tell it's running out. Anyone else noticed it?
  21. I got my Toyota OEM spare tire kit and dash cam fitted by the dealer before the vehicle was delivered to me so i wouldn't consider this as a modification. Same goes for different levels of trim, should we inform the insurers we got heated leather seats or sun roof etc?
  22. Indeed, but only under 100-120km/h. I'm still consider how to reduce noises on highways. There is a lot of noises from the door windows.
  23. We are in muddy water now. The original purchase may include options, car mats, mid flaps, roof bars, tow hitch, dash cam, etc., fitted either by the manufacturer or the dealer. These are not part of the original offer but optional extras added at the time of purchase. Are these to be considered as modifications? Rightly or wrongly, I’ve always considered modifications as remaps to the ECU, wider tyres, lowered suspension things that will affect the declared original specifications. I would have thought that this would have been the reasonable view of the bloke down the pub or the man in the street. Sorry for bloke or man read person. I also think that one of the issues with regard to this topic is that every insurance provider seems to have a different view on the subject and the definition of what might have been done to materially effect any potential claim.
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