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  2. Hello, I need to replace a top and side rail on a 96 convertible celica does anyone know of any good references to do this job? Any kind of video or book would be fantastic google search has not helped much
  3. 1.4 VVT-I idling at 1200, won’t idle at 600 when warmed up, I’ve checked the MAF sensor it looks clean the cables, I’ve checked for leaks, I’ve checked the cable isn’t opening the throttle at idle. It’s running rich as you can smell petrol from the exhaust, still running very sweet despite but it’s getting less than 20 mpg. I wondered about a Lambda sensor, could that be the issue? If so how many are there I can only see one but I haven’t had a good poke around just a quick look. I’d hazard a guess at 3, could there be 4? If so where are the others. any advice greatly appreciated, it
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  5. Hello All I am looking for an engine for my previa or someone who could have a look at my engine. Have been told the oil pump is faulty and this has damaged the engine. Any help or recommendations would be great. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I very recently bought a used T27 estate and it's fantastic, super practical and good to drive. The biggest gripe I have with it is that the rear light lens is damaged as shown in the picture. The plan was to remove the whole cluster and either: - Clean the lens, remove any moisture and glue it back together (not sure if this is possible as sometimes these clusters are all in one) or - Replace with a new unit I can buy a replacement for about £80 so I would prefer the first option to save money however it seems near impossible to remove the light clus
  7. Think your best bet would be to contact Toyota GB directly - https://www.toyota.co.uk/help-centre/#/iframe/https%3A%2F%2Fforms.toyota.co.uk%2Fcontact-us
  8. Hey Neil, yeah still got it and it's going strong too. Been across Spain in it, to Scotland in it - loaded both times - and it is great. It's better now I have replaced the rear diff allowing for lower engine revs and fitted cruise control meaning my right ankle doesn't hurt after miles of driving (bus style). No match for the comfort of the Estima!
  9. Same in my 2.0 TS - lots of white smoke when flooring it. Both summer and winter. In my old Prius I had the cat. converter, silencer etc. replaced due to corrosion. It was incredibly expensive (authorized Toyota garage).
  10. Anyone used a decent top notch and honest car detailer in Leicestershire ?
  11. Thanks for the reply 👌
  12. i think the general consensus on toyota projector lights that use hir2 bulbs is that they are a bit rubbish. I have them on my auris, and I would agree
  13. Can those on this forum who read this and who have owned both standard Prius and the Plug-in version, comment on whether they think the the dog guard in the attached photo would fit a PHV. Many thanks in anticipation.
  14. Goodyear efficient grip performance 2 or Vector 4 season 2 as alternative to Michelin. But both makes one of the best tyres available these days. 👍
  15. I always run my cars in as well, old habits and all that, most dealers are salespeople and know very little about their product mechanically (some service managers know even less!) The days of 'poor' tolerances and the obligatory first oil change at 500/600 miles to drain the iron filing sludge out, and the instructions not to exceed various revs in each gear for the first 1000 miles or so started disappearing in the 80's for some makes (my local Vauxhall dealer said no need to run in the Astra GTE in 1985, advice which I promptly ignored).
  16. Hi. Just bought a lovely 2003 estima aeros. All seems good so far. Can anyone explain the auto (4wd,)button please. When pressed the button lights up green. What does to this mean ? For normal day to day driving should it be pressed or not? Also when ignition on there is an orange 4wd light on display panel Infront of steering wheel. This goes out when car is started. Is this a warning light of some kind? Many thanks in advance Simon
  17. Will do. Thanks. I don't have a voltage meter, I will ask around.
  18. Looking at the history, I am not sure how old exactly the battery is, but I do believe it is quite old. The alternator does seem to be working properly, no strange noises. The connections are tight and clean yes. And yeah it has not been doing very well recently.
  19. And this will achieve what? I’ve already tried windows pc, a Mac and more than 1 memory stick.
  20. All these updates does the dealership not carry this out when the car goes in for service ?
  21. Yeah, I think I was getting to the same conclusion. I don't want to end up causing myself more problems. I think instead I will invest in a lithium jump starter for if I have any further issues. I do also have a solar charger, but even with that I recently still ended up with a flat battery. That was after it had been very cold for a week or so and the has only done a few miles a week for several months now so the battery was probably in quite a bad state. Hopefully with the warmer weather and slight easing of lockdown rules the problems will ease.
  22. Hi all i am new to the forum. I am a proud owner of a 57 plate Rav4 xtr with a 2.2 d4d 2ad engine. I will shortly upload some images as i have done some subtle mods. I was hoping somebody will be able to help with a servive / maintenance manual. I have done standard service on it but would like to get some information from a guide. Things such as transfer box and diff oil and interval, propshaft greasing etc. Thanks Ben
  23. Michelin would be my first choice. Agree with John.
  24. ... and, if it is any help, here is the PDF: T-SB-0095-20.pdf
  25. I do clean the house every day and the car once a week even in lockdown, 🤭 perhaps I may have an issues but I have nothing else to do. 😂
  26. I'm like that with house work! Carpets last much longer if you vacuum less frequently.
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