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  2. As we are in lockdown and trying to find things to occupy our time, polishing the car seems quite popular with the majority of us. So, what do you think is the best Polish to use on your paintwork?
  3. Tomf88

    Rear brakes

    Hi just a quick question. I have a 2007 Auris tr and require new rear brake carrier bolts. Dose anyone know what size they or a part number. Cheers.
  4. ...or you can look at the very bottom of the seat belt at the B pillar..there will be a label sewn in that will have the date on it.!
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  6. Try googling the first eight numbers/letters of your VIN.
  7. Does CarPlay display turn information on the dashboard then? Does CarPlay work when my mobile phone is in my jacket pocket?
  8. I have a RAV4 registered March 2009 . How can I determine what the date of manufacture was ?
  9. Some newer cars are nearer £2500, don't forget you have USB port in the glove box so rip your cd's to MP3 and use a USB stick I don't think I have used a CD's in car for 10+ years
  10. On the 3.0 Diesel, I'm pretty sure that the diagnostic socket is in the engine bay near the fuse box.
  11. The centre console on my 07 was a two part one, the same as my Mercesdes C200 K was. The top section had a cupholder built in, the bottom section had a deeper storage section. The auto mirror function, if available, might be a dealer programmed option. If it is, then someone with a Toyota TIS Techstream program and cable should be able to program it for you. As far as I know, the 07 model was manual only.
  12. £1000 for a cd player on a 7 year old car? I'll do without 😞 Still sucks for a Toyota though 😞
  13. I have Toyota Advantage Seca 1997 model which I had bought from " Top Cash for Scrap Cars " in back 2005. After using it for 5 years. I got another Car Toyota Corolla Ascent. Recently, I have bought Toyota Yaris. Let me tel you, I am totally in love with this car. But, Unfortunately, addition of this car has left my home with no space for Toyota Advantage Seca 1997. So, I decided to sell my this vintage car through online means but after placing ad for one month, I didn't get a good response. I want to sell it quickly and for good money. As this is first time, I am selling my car. I have no experience that how can I get best out of this car. Please share your suggestions.
  14. This response fron Honest John might be worth a read. Good luck. 🙂
  15. Hi, This is Alex Canning. I love to read about cars. This is the reason, I have joined this Community. I hope this forum would be a great addition to my knowledge.
  16. A standard small puller should do the trick, if they have never been off they will be corroded in place yes you can get pullers design to remove wipers (body shops and windscreen fitters use them) edit, pop the cap off and remove the nut and spray it down with something like GT-85 leave a few hours and repeat
  17. You shouldn't really worry about maps getting updated. In a month or so we will get android auto/apple carplay (if this whole situation ends by then). Maps from google or apple are so much better than the maps that toyota provides or any manufacturer really.
  18. AndrueC

    MyT app

    Had a reply from Toyota. They now claim that it's because my first name isn't set in my details. Sounds highly unlikely.
  19. Fusible link - fuse box My mistake, internal one is the right side of the dash the one under the bonnet is just behind the headlight
  20.'s impossible to remove without a special tool? Handy....I'm changing the front springs for which I need proper access to the strut top nut, which requires removing the shroud/gutter plastic panels, which requires removing the wiper, and I need a special tool for the WIPER? Get real....
  21. Hi In the same boat, waiting for my car that was due to be delivered early April. Ironically, after the factory was shut MyT sent me a status change say my car was now in the build process so maybe the robots are still working without the staff, who knows? To be honest the delay in getting another car, when faced with Covid is an insignificant issue even though I sold, loose term, my old Toyota to my daughter some weeks ago so am stuck without my own transport. I've spoken to the Toyota agent who has said any financial agreements will be honoured so it's not all bad news. Stay safe
  22. Hi, you need to run diagnostic first to check where exactly is the problem, then you can share the trouble codes with us and someone may help. Two major problems can trigger that warning for hybrids system: battery cooling or inverter converter cooling failure.
  23. So...the front units. After risking being pulled by the French BiB so as to do ths at a pal's place where he can find his tools and has a lift, a pit, etc, I found he was out, and the 18mm cranked ring spanner wasn't sufficiently cranked to do the job. I borrowed an Imperial one which fit, but I don't want to risk rounding off the top tower nuts. Back home, I realised that in fact it's simple to remove the two plastic panels, the screen gutter, which involves removing the wiper arm, and the second black plastic panel underneath, to fully expose the shock top nuts to the open air, where a quick attack with an air wrench with a decent hex 18mm socket will have them off super quick. Assuming they aren't totally corroded in position. This is a job where you really need a proper HD Impact wrench. Though my air impact wrench is still AWOL I realised I have a battery powered thing, which is more or less a toy, but once the initial sticktion is broken with something a bit more butch, it does speed things up a lot. Great for wheel nuts but you need to finish them off with some serious torque. Simple question. WHY don't manufacturers use assembly grease for this sort of thing? I suppose the reason they don't is that once the guarantee is expired, what do they care? They would be losing money on the concession's allowed time, and replacement parts, so it's not really in their interests. I always replace suspension fixings with either 'anti-corrosion grease' or copper grease. Total lack of humidors and cigars here, and I don't favour JD, BUT.....I do have several different Irish Whiskey's to choose from. I don't smoke either... I'm going to remove the plastic panels so I can access the shock top nuts properly to avoid the horrors that Nathan had to deal with. Call me lazy....☺️.
  24. Murphydog, try the Dr. Prius / Dr Hybrid app. It monitors the individual cells voltage and internal resistance all at once. This may show up something obvious.
  25. Or " Have start issues on my 2010 Toyota auris hybrid. I get 'check Hydro system' as error message ... Everything else works."
  26. This is usually caused by the blade set angle which prevents the blade flipping over on direction change. The edge of the blade touching the windscreen should never lead the blade itself, it should always trail. Observe the behaviour of the blade as it changes direction at the top of the stroke. When wiper switches and ignition switches were mechanical it was possible to turn off the car mid stroke to see how the blade sat on the screen but now you would probably have to rely on careful observation. An ordinary blade can be carefully adjusted by gently twisting the wiper arm but modern designs might make this more tricky. Perhaps I should also add that this may improve when the stiffness of a new assembly relaxes a bit and any cleaning treatment which has been inadvertently applied to the windscreen has worn off.
  27. I did a spot of cleaning the other day, it took 3 hours to clean out the bottles, but the end result was worth it.
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