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  2. It's not rooted. You basically need: - Samsung Phone (they support mirrorlink) - Full Mirror app from the app store - LG Mirror drive from apkmirror version Here's the instructions below: Please install LG MirrorDrive and ignore the incompatibility message: alternatively you can use Audioteka from Play Store: Then please proceed the following way: Please close all open apps before you start. Start Full Mirror on your phone. Connect your phone to the car and select LG MirrorDrive, a message appears saying that it is not compatible with your phone. You will see the icon of our app, click on it, the Launcher opens. Scroll down and find LG MirrorDrive, click and hold on it till a small window appears in the lower left corner Click OK on the message that your phone is not compatible (This step is optional) If you are transferred to the main menu, select LG MirrorDrive. Simply click on any app from the Launcher, you want to start. Repeat steps 7 and 8 Enjoy your favorite apps in the car Please also watch this video:
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  4. Heyo, I recently purchased a Rav 4 and am looking for some help modifying it. Thing is far faster stock than I had initially anticipated and through a bit of research, I've seen only a couple people up the power and push their car. Would love any suggestions or ideas for working on the 2GR-FE engine, or suggestions for aesthetic mods. The only "upgrade" currently on the car is a lighter set of rims that I painted with a gloss black finish. (Budget friendly suggestions would be valued highly) Thanks and I look forward to chatting! Current Stats: Hp:270 Torque: 250 0-60: 6.3 1/4: 14.9
  5. Sup, just joined the site after recently purchasing a 2010 Rav4 3.5L v6. Hoping to get this thing moving pretty quick over the next couple of years so if anybody has ideas or suggestions hmu! Currently the car runs beautifully and the only upgrade is a new set of lighter rims. Hp: 270 buff ponies Torque: 250 lb*ft Current 0-60: 6.3 Current Quarter: 14.9
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  7. So is there anyway to have the window roll up?
  8. You need to send Parts-King a personal message (PM), detailing your car ( as a minimum) and stating what you want. To access the personal messaging facility, go to the toolbar at the top of the page, and click on the envelope symbol.
  9. Cv64wub i am after the plastic clip that holds seat belt for third row
  10. Thanks. I was wondering if anyone knows where this could be done. Toyota Owners Club will not be mentioned at all. 👍
  11. Toyota Owners Club is a separate entity and not associated with the official Toyota company in the UK or worldwide. If you wish to lobby Toyota, this will need to be done outside of these forums and without reference to Toyota Owners Club.
  12. As drivers, there MUST be something we can do to change this. It obviously is the wrong decision. How can we lobby Toyota, and even get worldwide support (people in USA saying same thing)
  13. It's true, PeteB. I have two emails from Toyota customer service telling me that they didn't want to confuse the driver in case RSA conflicted speed limits on map and camera - so they've removed the one that's right most of the time.
  14. What apps are you using? Ah, nevermind I googles it 🙂 Thanks for the heads up
  15. Yes, screws provided went in those holes perfectly. Can't remember about underside, are there no holes there for square clips? I definitely fixed something there just can't remember what exactly.
  16. Thats a good idea actually mate as the clips have small holes don’t they what would take a self tapping screw, what did you do for the figment on the underside?
  17. I'm in the process of adding a tilt and shock sensor to the alarm. Does anyone know where the alarm 'node' is within the car? My backup plan is to wire in parallel with the movement sensors as it's likely a 0V trigger?
  18. I've done a workaround using Mirrorlink, a cheap Samsung phone and a couple of apps which lets you have any app on the display and will even output audio. The only think not working is the microphone which isnt an issue if you use bluetooth as hands free. With this setup I can run the AA app on the screen as well as Google Maps and any app I want.
  19. I fitted cross climates to my previous car (Ford Focus) and they were brilliant in the snow (I live on the outskirts of Sheffield in the hills) and they got me out and about when most other cars (including 4 x 4's) were getting stuck. So when my Auris needed tyres I went with Cross Climates again. We didn't get snow last year so can't comment on how the Auris performs in snow being automatic but they are certainly quieter than the previous tyres they replaced (Not sure what make but they had been on since the car was new). Not sure if you have a Costco near you but they have £100 off 4 Michelins or £50 off 2 at the moment. I paid £231 for 4 tyres when I had them fitted last year
  20. Here I am again... Unfortunately seems I started to celebrate too early... Namely, after support guy confirmation that Toyota Touch 2 Plus 17 MMToy is the same as Toyota Touch 2 Go (CY17) I've tried to update my maps in RAV4. The result was that system validated files on USB stick, offered me to update maps to the latest version 2019.1 and then provided Request Code. But, that code wasn't compatible with my Device ID, which probably means that these two devices (MMToy & CY17) are not really the same... I'we tried all via portal, as I always did for my Corolla, end received this error. Guys in local Toyota service also tried, but with the same result. If someone succeed to update this Toyota Touch 2 Plus17 MMToy device/maps in RAV4 2019, please share details. Thanks in advance.
  21. I'm surprised to read this, as if it has Safety Sense 2 then I'm almost certain it's the same system I have on my 2019 RAV4. The first generation RSA on the 2016 4th Gen Prius I had for the last 3 years was rubbish and like most people who've commented, I turned mine off. However, on the RAV, I've found it to be both highly reliable and slightly useful. Reliable because it uses a mixture of camera recognition and SatNav database to display the limit, so while it can be wrong for a brief time after, for example, misreading a 20 mph limit sign on a roundabout exit that you pass rather then take, it quickly corrects itself. I've done almost 4½k in the car now and find it's very rare to see an incorrect display for more than a few hundred yards/metres. Useful as it can be used to program the Adaptive Cruise Control. For example, if the ACC is set to 40 mph and you pass a 60 or National Speed Limit sign, if you press and hold the "+" ACC button it jumps straight to 60/70 mph, and so far has been clever enough to get single and dual carriageway speed limits right when the National Limit applies. The same can be done when going into a lower limit, but there's a problem in that you pass the sign at the higher limit then slow down, which could be risky. Like I say, I'm surprised because my experience has been positive. And I was quite vociferous in my criticism of it in the Prius, especially as until I switched it off permanently it masked the Hybrid System Indicator in the Head Up Display whenever I was exceeding an incorrect speed limit. [No such problem in the RAV - it's not available with HUD - my biggest annoyance in the car].
  22. This is due to a defect within the self-parking mechanism in the wiper motor. Easiest solution is probably a secondhand wiper motor.
  23. When I fitted mine, I just put screws in the original arch liner clips and they sat there perfectly fine. Still tight after more than three years.
  24. Thanks I watched a video on YouTube where an American guy uses a syringe and injects gun oil past the seal to lubricate the shaft. What other oils/grease have people on here found cure the problem? How did you manage to get past the rubber seal?
  25. I’ve purchased some mud flaps from a breaker and have no fitting instructions and wondered if you guys could help. I’ve fitted the rears easily enough with the screws already in the rear bumper and 4 additional sell tappers and washers. I just need help with the front. Is the idea to remove the clips what currently hold the arch liner in place and then put these through the mud flaps and then arch liners? Only reason is that the holes in the mud flaps don’t look big enough to take the plastic clips? Some of them are small and circular and the clips are square.... also there is just a hole in the actual sill on the underside with noting in it, this looks like it will take one of these square clips, so do I just need to purchase another? i have had great difficulty trying to remove these arch liner clips too, are they not reusable? There the worst clips I’ve come across Thanks
  26. Hi for a long time I have been saying how bad the road sign assist is, so to remove something that is right 99% of the time for something that is wrong 60% of the time is a sign of the contempt us car users are held in by car manufacturers.
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