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  2. What is economy like? I am still trying to find someone who tows with one to find out about towing experience.
  3. As above, fascia adapters available for standard single din stereos. When removing the original radio remember to remove heater control knob and screw hidden behind it then the standard stereo and fascia just pulls out/off. Your vintage Aygo should have standard ISO connectors, so fairly easy to plug n play to new stereo. Depending on your budget, maybe consider upgrading the front speakers and/or add rear speakers to make full use of new stereo and if he cranks it up to 11 a decent make more channel amped stereo will only ruin the standard weedy paper speakers.
  4. You're not the first and won't be the last, they do it to save costs and just swap the wiring and led's over (RHD vs LHD)
  5. A mate of mine had an old beetle and in fact was very generous in letting me drive it long before I was 17 😏. The floor rotted and working in a concrete plant with “free” materials, he filled it up to sill level with concrete. It cured the rotten floor but did nothing for fuel economy.
  6. I've only had the car for 2 weeks. For me, its best features so far are... Zero road tax The turning circle The 'fun factor' feeling I get when I drive it - it's like a go-kart with a roof. The fuel economy - 50mpg from a 14-year-old car isn't bad. The ease of working on it. I don't even care that my son laughs at me 🙂
  7. After the direct injectors went awall at 25,000 miles I was wondering if anything else is looming.... I now know of 4 other 2.0 hybrid ts that have had injectors... But still very little info on the Web.
  8. It doesn't work that way, it's only 2 wires if the timing was out, it would run rough and throw codes for the cam/crank, the P1346 is showing an issue with the cam timing when under vvti (actual vs expected) I would double-check that ocv filter, check the oil level (make sure its near max), too thin/thick an oil (5w30), a bad or leaking Vvt pulley may be an issue disconnect the battery for 15-20 mins it may have learnt some bad habits
  9. Had it been the tourer, it would have been a certainty. As it’s the 2.0l hatch doubtful. Can’t see many taxis advertising airport runs, for single passengers with a toiletry bag only. The hatch boot is laughable but still better than our first choice of a Yaris.
  10. Awesome thanks, I was so into thinking that everything comes in 2 🙂 after closely looking into, the passenger side is reverse indicator and driver end is fog lights. Probleam solved. Its all working fine already
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  12. Are you sure those are traditional bulbs and not LED's in which case I'm sure they will not be a serviceable item (they should never normally fail as they have 10's of thousands of hours MTBF or mean time before failure) I do see screws in your picture so no harm in seeing what is in there.
  13. There are a few different types of underseal available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wax-Based Underseal Wax-based underseal is one of the most common types of underseal used on cars. It is easy to apply and provides a good level of protection against rust and corrosion. However, wax-based underseal can also attract dirt and debris, which can accumulate over time and cause the underseal to become less effective. Oil-Based Underseal Oil-based underseal is another popular option. It is thicker and more durable than wax-based underseal, and it provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion. However, oil-based underseal can also be more difficult to apply and can take longer to dry. Rubber-Based Underseal Rubber-based underseal is the most durable type of underseal available. It provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion, and it is also resistant to oil and grease. However, rubber-based underseal is more difficult to apply and can be more expensive than other types of underseal. Normally it's done by garages who have a car lift as they can clean the underneath and apply it to all areas you can't do without proper access.
  14. You only get 1 reverse light on the passenger side fog on the driver's side
  15. Just curious, what should the OCV wiring harness voltage be at at idle? Pete
  16. The best use of glass bottles was with milk deliveries - The bottles just got washed and reused; No need to waste energy melting them down - Recycling uses a lot more energy and resources than just reusing. I don't know why milk deliveries suddenly took such a nose dive - It was the most popular way to get milk, then it seemed over a year we were suddenly all buying from the supermarket instead! It's so strange to me as it would be the poster child for ow impact sustainability now - Milk floats all electrically powered, bottles reused with minimal energy cost, direct deliveries etc.
  17. Wasn't the reason we moved away from using paper bags the impact it was having on cutting down the trees in the Amazon if I remember correctly. Glass will not be used again due to to the cost of energy to make and blow it. I remember talk about a rebate system for empty plastic bottles etc but haven't heard what happened to it since it was first talked about on TV. As plastic containers have been banned I wonder what fish and chip shops etc will do. Wrapping up in newspaper would probably be a health hazard today. That is of course if anyone can still afford fish and chips.😂
  18. The thing is, there is a reason we moved away from glass bottles and paper bags - Paper bags are uselessly fragile and tear easily whereas even the most flimsy plastic bag will stretch before it rips. Plastic bags also require a lot less resources and energy to make than paper bags. Same with glass - Glass is heavy and fragile, plastic bottles are not. The change to this stuff didn't just happen on a whim - The reduction of costs and increase of convenience has driven it all; Even plastic-wrap of food - People say it's wasteful, but they don't think about how much food waste it prevents. That said, I don't know why core charges for stuff, like they do in Europe, isn't a thing here - That would greatly increase recycling if you got money back for things like bottles being returned; As it stands there's no incentive, and it's even penalized - I had a friend who got fine by his council for putting the wrong thing in his recycling bin, so he stopped bothering to even try and just threw everything in the black bin. There is also a lot of Say One Thing Do Another - One really irritating thing that's happened in one borough I frequent is they paid for an advertising campaign about putting rubbish in bins to keep the borough tidy, but then they took all the street bins away to save costs. You can't make this up
  19. In this case did IT stand for "illicit tryst".😂
  20. The funniest thing I have heard (though not for the ones involved) was a press article of a guy who travels a lot in his job. He was supposed to be working abroad, but his wife happened to collect a brochure from a travel agents, and when perusing it she saw there a poolside photo her husband with a young woman. Instead of a holiday, the mood changed to one of a marriage breakup. Now there’s IT at its most embarrassing.
  21. Ha! Very creative! I also liked that the first tool listed was A Hammer
  22. Hi all, I'm trying to replace the reverse indicator light bulb, the youtube videos I found are of different models. I have attached pics (downloaded from ebay) which are similar to mine. Can the white enclosure be disaasembled to replcae the bulbs? thanks for the help
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