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  2. Something I’m over the moon about but I’ve never seen mentioned in reviews or Toyota info, is that you can play videos from a USB on the screen. Paid extra for this ability on my previous 2 Skoda Octavia’s and just assumed it wasn’t a thing with this car. The display turns off obviously when not in Park, but it’s good if your parked up somewhere waiting for someone or munching on a cheeky drive thru then you can watch. I find it good for long journeys on my own where I can listen to tv programs I’ve seen a thousand times and don’t need to watch to know what’s going on. 90’s BBC comedies like One Foot in the Grave, Porridge, Open All Hours, Red Dwarf, that kind of thing. Amazing how time flies when ‘watching’ tele
  3. I had a good one ( bad one) years ago. It turned out a malicious prank that could have been very dangerous. Some ex employee ****** put a piece of cling film down the filler neck of his old van ..I inherited said van and it could run ok for days then random power loss and cut out very dangerous on motorway etc..crank to no avail but if left for 5 mins or so it would start and run again for another random period... So obviously depending on fuel level / g forces and other factors the cling film would find its way to the suction stand pipe and starve fuel supply . Then when left the vacuum on standpipe would subside and cling film would drop away from pipe. The garage had head off injectors and pump refurbished etc in and out until this was found weeks later
  4. It was a dealer part ex and sold through trade on trade terms
  5. I thought that it was the sale of new cars after September. Thanks for mentioning that Philip and Frosty. I think for a diesel's to be Euro 6 Compliant it has to use AdBlue which I wonder why they didn't add that as not all people like petrol. But do you know anything about the old 2.2 and new one? Was it the same underneath as our one because it produces 150BHP and the old one produced 170BHP I think?
  6. yes I was very impressed . A friend of mine in late 1960s was a lift attendant on one of the queens , got promoted to waiter in first class went on duty slightly drunk asked the first class passengers in a loud voice “ hands up who wants soup” washing dishes rest of the voyage
  7. Ignition barrel or relay... Try wiggling key when engine running and stationary as a start
  8. Yes, watched that thanks. As you say, very interesting. I remember her taking troops to the Falklands, it was amazing how quickly it got there.
  9. I had a solar panel type trickle charger for an old motor I hardly used worked a treat. And your 10ish volts on ACC then 11ish volts when ignition lights on seems as if you have looked at voltage drop first when glow plug timer has been draining current. Then it has timed out when switching to second position.. but overall the battery does not have a deep charge and needs proper use
  10. I had same problem on my old car, which was non toyota, and now on a Toyota, tried putting different antena etc, still the same. I guess the FM stations got their output power reduced, when i go to non EU countries, radios are loud and clear for 2x the range that i would get in EU. If you want to fit another antenna, maybe better put it somewhere inside the dash or similar, instead of trying to use the old one, which you claim is not working anymore. Anyway in my case it's the same, as soon as you leave the city, radio is more or less useless.
  11. Personally, I would have considered one of those £20 solar battery maintainers from Aldi or Lidl, if the car is kept in daylight.
  12. What do you mean by you took a chance with no warranty? Did you sign some paper renouncing your 6 months period on used car?
  13. The SatNav receives traffic information from FM radio broadcasts, and if you have your phone connected and allowed internet access it will also download traffic information from the internet. It may have been routing you in a way as to avoid traffic congestion or to avoid road works, an accident, and so on. Sometimes these things clear before the data is updated. Does it happen every time? Or just occasionally? The loud beeping and red sign is definitely the automatic emergency braking system. You were probably closing the distance fast on a car (possibly parked). This happens quite a lot. Once it realises you're braking or turning and will not crash the warning disappears. If you continue to head towards the thing it's seen it will really slam on the brakes VERY hard. Mine's only done that once, and it absolutely 100% prevented a real crash when a car in front of me on a slip road joining 60MPH traffic decided to chicken out and stop dead in front of me while I was checking my blind spot and not looking ahead. Anyway, I commonly get false alarms if I am travelling towards a parked car on bendy roads. The system only looks straight ahead. Also the camera watches for what it thinks are people stepping out into the road. I've had it beep when kids have ran towards the kerb from the pavement and stopped suddenly, or people have stepped out from behind parked cars. Again - it's never needed to actually brake, but it definitely saw a real hazard most of the time.
  14. Hi all New member and first post. Bought 06 Rav4 xt4 d4d last week. Trade terms from dealer. 98000 miles and full history. Wanted one for ages so took a chance with no warranty. First day drove quite a few miles with no problems. Second day took a few seconds to start but was ok all day with lots of stop/starts. Next few days starting became more difficult to the point of running the battery down and having to jump start. Always ran ok after first morning start. Today decided to change fuel filter and the old one was full of black pieces, not solid but some as big as 8 -- 10mm. New filter fitted and primed but car will not start. Took it back off and topped up with fresh diesel but still the same. Sometimes fires as soon as key is turned but then carries on cranking. Any ideas? No fault codes showing. Is there a electric pump in tank to aid high pressure fuel pump? Will have another go at it tomorrow.
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  16. Hi, I have a late 2012 D-Cat, AWD, very low mileage and my fuel economy is less then 30mpg and it doesn't seem to matter how I drive it. They drink far more fuel than I ever imagined. It's certainly not slow but drink diesel about 28 mpg is normal ggrrrr! Regards, Mike.
  17. Last Friday travelling south on A34; south of Harwell Sat Nav wanted me to leave A34 and go to Compton and other villages. I ignored the Sat Nav but had to reset the destination at the next stop. Last Monday returning on the same route but travelling North the same thing happened at the same place. It was necessary to reset the Sat Nav once clear of that area. Has anybody else heard of this happening on the A34? (Sat Nav has latest update). There was another strange "happening" on the same return journey on Monday. Turned into our street. There was a loud "Beep" and a red sign flashed across the MFD. Could not tell what the sign read as it was gone in a second. Since then there have been no issues with the car.
  18. Hi. Like Frostyballs has commented on is about the tailgate gas struts. Can you disconnect each one and see if the tailgate is any different as if you disconnect one and the boot (Tailgate) is the same it means that one has lost it's gas and needs replacing. Regards, Mike.
  19. I appreciate your help with my problem. I apologize for my English. I have a 2006 RAV4 (4.3) with 2.2 diesel engine. I bought the car more or less 2 years ago, and since always I have problems in the reception of FM radio. In the city I get a reasonable FM radio, but when I leave the city I almost stop being able to listen to the radio stations) I went to a workshop and they told me that the problem was from the source radio that I should put a new one. So I did, I had to install a new radio (Kenwood DMX7018BTS) but the problem remains the same. I have tried to measure the continuity of the antenna wire, but it has been interrupted and the electrician said that the car has an antenna amplifier in the middle of the installation so that I can not check the proper functioning of the antenna. Can someone help me by telling me where this antenna amplifier is located and if possible provide an outline with the wire path of the antenna? Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Thank you very much
  20. Thanks paul9, I'll have a look at that.
  21. Keep waterfowl in there. Then you'll be reminded to duck 🙂
  22. Hi Sam. Mars above has made a good suggestion with the CTEK MXS7.0 battery charger and the 2.5 metre extension lead if you live in a place where you can keep the car on charge. CTEK battery chargers are very good as they work the battery, sort of draining them and recharging them making the battery work rather than just topping them up. A friend of mine has an Aston Martin and they have a charging point in the boot as Aston Martin's 'eat' batteries so they sell a trickle chargers to keep the battery at it's best and they are actually CTEK battery chargers but they put their own Aston Martin sticker on them so the car will always start in the morning. The jump pack you have bought is good and should keep you out of trouble, just keep it charged up normally via your computer via the same lead in my case that charges my mobile phone and I think you will find your jump pack will have very good Lithium batteries in it and they are not too big to store in your boot or garage? I have this jump pack, just in case, and it is very good, if you can open the link that is? Always ask away as this is the best Toyota site on the internet in my opinion. All the best, Mike.
  23. Any kind fellows give me a part number or diagram for a t25 2003 2.0 d4d nearside driveshaft seal / gearbox seal (1cd-ftv on a 5 speed manual) I ordered from the febest site what they had listed as a shaft seal for my car and took a punt but its far too small FEBEST 95GAY-25370808R (90311-25016) as I have no parts diagram to view against I don't even know what or where this seal would be on the car? correct number appreciated for me to order online also correct gear oil and quantity too thanks
  24. OK, I'm lost - added the 2019 update to my 'MyToyota' account but there is no way to download it to USB (not that I can see?) Any help appreciated here...
  25. and if you put a handbag or something on passenger seat on the cusp of being heavy enough to think someone is sitting on the passenger seat without a seatbelt!!!! it will intermittently beep
  26. Hey OC, when you get the chance, I'm having a little bit of a problem, I just want to quickly ask you about it. Ill probably end up making another new thread if you havnt replied by the time I wake up. Talk to you soon!
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