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  2. Anthony Poli

    Yaris Hybrid EV button

    At the moment I am driving in Germany, with the warmer temperatures ev and ev mode is lasting longer than back home. Having the aircon on has a big impact though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Solidtop

    iQ Undertray Fixings

    Glad to hear that , mines the same so normal thx for posting.
  5. TP49

    Three Word Story...

    To the kitty
  6. furtula

    Auris 1.33 - which oil?

    I'm driving on 5W30 in my 1.6 Auris which just turned 100k, oil is Champion New Energy. Any oil that falls within the standard from the owner manual is good, but i agree with you on using 5W30. You can check similar topics for recommended oils that other people used, if you are looking for any special brand recommendation. In my case, the oil consumption was 1L per 10k KM, which i consider pretty normal, with 50% of that being on highway speeds.
  7. QuantumFireball

    Gen 4 Prius Plug In

    I don't have a good point of reference for fuel economy as I changed the tyres soon after buying the car (some Chinese muck on the front when I got it, and random stuff on the back), but I find the noise, grip and handling OK. I had to replace two of them due to uneven wear after about 16k miles (two on one side affected due to being rotated), but the other two are up to about 20k now. From what I've seen, the EU tyre label ratings aren't that useful at all.
  8. YarisHybrid2016

    Gen 4 Plug-in

    I'm waiting for a project to complete before getting one! I wish the glass roof was available on the Prius! I definitely missed it (I understand why it isn't an option). The seats in the Excel (leather) were not quite as I thought they'd be - they felt as if lacking in padding, yet ended up being the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. They made the Yaris seats feel positively hard! The car I had second time, didn't have the tonneau cover, but the first one did. The dealership were going to charge it for me, but the sales guy who used it left the cable at home! I charged it using charge mode. The ride quality alone is worth the price of admission, and I got used to the side display. I agree with the comments of the speed limiter and adaptive cruise hijacking the display - annoying! I got used to hitting "Return" on the steering, though it was an unwelcome distraction. For me I thought adaptive cruise worked well. It seemed to ignore the traffic in the other lanes, which I was looking for specifically. I thought it might detect them and react inappropriately, but it behaved as I expected. Note I ran it at far distance (3). Maybe it is less paranoid due to braking distance? My only concern with the system is whether dirt on the sensors affects operation. I could see me cleaning the front often, to be sure. I'm also unsure if where it "looks" is steerable, e.g. when going around a long corner, whether the cruise looks to the side slightly. It would be very impressive if it did. Overall I liked/loved everything about the car. The only negative I found (roof) was due to already having it on my current car. The auto headlights weren't a problem 90% of the time, but they did struggle on hilly roads with detecting oncoming traffic. It dimmed, but didn't cancel high beam, causing traffic to flash me. I also found it wasn't quite sensitive enough to tail lights, so at a long distance it would use high beam. The auto switch was easy to operate (IMHO), and once I learned where to feel the switch, I could switch it off when necessary. I wish it was possible to set the speed below which it went into EV mode. With any electric charge (not hybrid mode) it tried to use it all whenever possible. It would have been better if it could remain as a hybrid above 60 MPH (or even 50 MPH), and only use electric mode below this speed. I think I could have got even better economy as a result. As it was I was easily achieving a computer-reported 80+ MPG. I've glanced at Lexus a few times, but the Prius seems unbeatable.
  9. Ten Ninety

    Gen 4 Prius Plug In

    Like I said, pay no attention to me! Noise is such a subjective thing. To be honest, tyres in general are a really subjective thing, and here's a perfect example... It''s a funny old game, isn't it? I ran those on my Gen3 when I moved to 15" wheels and absolutely hated them. I found that as B-rated 15" tyres they delivered worse economy than I'd got on C-rated 17" Michelins, I thought they made the car drive like a blancmange and I found that they wore out ridiculously quickly. To be fair, they were quieter than the (noisy) Michelins when I first put them on, but even that didn't last once they were scrubbed in! Yet clearly, your experience is different, which suggests again that none of us should pay any attention to anything we each say about tyres! In the interests of accuracy, I should perhaps point out that I didn't have sidewall failures on those particular tyres - that was with the 17" F1s I put on my wife's Auris. Two were lost to bulging in less than two years and a third destroyed itself completely after an encounter with a pothole on the A11, because of catastrophic sidewall failure. Sadly I also put F1s on my GS before the above happened, but frankly I'll be glad if they start self-destructing because the terrible, terrible rolling resistance (yeah, the same rolling resistance that scored highly in all the 'independent' reviews) is costing me £5-10 a week in extra fuel compared to the Bridgestones (with the same official Eco rating) they replaced. So no more Goodyear for me, ever. Of course, quite literally, your mileage may vary...
  10. Mick F

    rust near reversing camera

    Had ours serviced yesterday, and they asked me if I would like them to wash it. I said, "Yes please, and if they could clean the inside and put the vacuum cleaner it there too that it would be nice." They did ................ and the car was like a new pin when I picked it up. 🙂 Mick.
  11. YarisHybrid2016

    rust near reversing camera

    I hate pressure washers! I did request at my last service that they do NOT wash the car, but they washed it anyway. 🙄
  12. Catlover

    Spirited Aqua - Not For Me!

    Sounds like a good colour for you would be the light silver - that hides road dirt very well - perhaps you only need to wash the car once every 12 months. 😀 Pearlescent white is good. My 3 colours were the Red, Silver and Pearlescent white. Had silver cars for a long time now so a change was on the cards and the Red came up for sale first.
  13. monkeydave

    water pump pink gunk

    well Madasafish i just been down to the dealers with these pics and guess what they said, "what makes you think you have a leak?" well the lower coolant and the pink crust isnt enough ? really ? and they fitted me in the middle of sept so a month of this and i need to use motorways i just hope it doesnt get worse. i bet they could fit me in tomorrow for a service i really dont like this dealer and all the other dealers are the same company and are far away too, really pathetic service and i have my £295 service in mid october, i dont want to give these clowns any more money so i will either ditch this car for a jazz before the service or find another garage for the service
  14. Ten Ninety

    Spirited Aqua - Not For Me!

    Hypersonic red is a great colour - it's classy without being boring and sets off the shape of the car really well. However... I just don't like red! Which leaves two whites or a grey from the stunningly limited Plug-In palette. To be honest, I don't know why I'm so bothered about the colour. I really shouldn't be, given that half the year I only ever see the car in the dark. And whatever colour it starts out as will soon become matte beige as I'll be too lazy to wash it and too tight to pay someone else to wash it for me.
  15. HedgeCutter

    The Word Association Thread

  16. HedgeCutter

    Three Word Story...

    could pitch in
  17. PinkyFloyd

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Peter, my 1.7 Puma also did the slight burn smell when I really pushed her. She didn't drink oil and never missed a beat though. In fact, I think all 3 of the puma's I owned did the same thing! Those were yamaha engines and were just delicious above 4k rpm. Such a shame Ford stopped making that car. Idiots.
  18. mrpj

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Enjoy the car Mark.👍 On a couple of occasions, with mine, if I push the speed a bit (don't tell anyone) when circumstances permit, I have detected a slight smell of burning oil. Probably, as you say, burning off some accumulated crud. My engine has not used any dipstick detectable amount of oil between changes either.
  19. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius Plug In

    I have 17" Toyo Nanoenergy tyres on mine and they are very quiet. I have heard said that the 15" Toyos are noisier though.
  20. QuantumFireball

    Auris 1.33 - which oil?

    Not my car, but I'm looking at changing the oil in an '09 Auris 1.33. I know the recommended is 0W20, but since it's done over 100k miles would it be wise to use a thicker oil, like 5W30? The service history is a bit of an unknown - I know the oil was changed last year, but no idea what was used. My concern would be putting in 0W20 now, only to see significant oil consumption.
  21. QuantumFireball

    Gen 4 Prius Plug In

    I'm on my second set of Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance and haven't had any problems, though they are 15" tyres.

    New member!

    Hello George - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  23. Anthony Poli

    Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    Can finally say I have tried the car flat out on the German autobahn. 115 showing on the clock and yet it still felt smooth and steady. I had to overtake some slow Germans and the others weren’t lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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