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  2. Petrol, diesel or hybrid? Which engine?
  3. A 2020 Yaris will still be within the 5 year new car warranty.
  4. Should be approx 8.3 litres left in the tank when the low fuel light comes on.
  5. Try to get that noise on camera and post there. Is the car still under warranty? If yes, show that to a certified garage and have it fixed. Good luck!
  6. I got the low fuel light on for the first time the other day. As I recall the remaining range was given at 25 miles at that point - but that's really not a very useful figure. I drove on for a few more miles to get to the next filling station and brimmed the tank - with 47.75 litres of fuel. Given that the RAV 4.5 has a 55 litre tank this implies that there were around 7.25 litres remaining in the tank - that's about 1.6 gallons. If we assume, conservatively, that the RAV 4.5 can achieve around 45 mpg that gives an actual range to really empty (and in a bad way) of about 72 miles ...
  7. Hey everyone just on my Catloc today. Thinking of fitting it Saturday as I have the day off. Have 3 more to fit on friends cars. Ordered 3 cost me £200 inc
  8. Forget what ANY "master Technician" tells you and change your oil at the manufacturer's recommended intervals.
  9. Hello! Any particular problem with your car? Perhaps someone there can help you. Good luck!
  10. If you go to a Toyota main dealer he should only give you a genuine Toyota filter.
  11. Today
  12. Hi, the fuel low warning light came on the other day. That’s the first time it’s been illuminated. I drove about 15 miles before refilling. Does anybody know the fuel remaining quantity in the tank when the warning comes on. Alternatively what’s the farthest you have driven with the light on. When the low fuel light is on I lost some information that would have been of use to me. The range to go was the important one. Whilst the owners manual may give me some info it’s some actual users knowledge I’m after. Thanks
  13. Just for clarity if I get Oil and filter change what type of Filter should I be asking for at the Toyota dealer. I also seen on a Toyota master technician stating at 1000 miles get oil changed as there could normally be small metal parts in it... Where does it stop!!!
  14. The apec pads sorted mine but perhaps it’s because they are new .
  15. I have a similar problem on my 1999 Corolla. @Jayn5 ... Does your speedo start at zero, or does it show 10-15 mph when you are stopped? Myspeedo reads 15 mph when the ignition is switched on and not moving. It then treats that as virtual zero , so when I am doing 30 mph it shows 45, etc. (I haven't checked if it drops when reversing.) I suspect it could be a faulty resistor, if the speedo is electronic and activated by Wheatstone Bridge type arrangement. Has anyone else had this issue, and how do we resolve it?
  16. Pattern and OEM are not the same thing.
  17. Hello new to the group chat...I have. 2009 Toyota Noah SI. It's got the wobbles at around 60-70 mph but sometime as low as 50 especially on an upward gradient of motorway. Has a few after market upgrades like new from spoiler and side skirts has higher rims and low profile tyres. Has been checked and alignment was out and balancing too....still wobbles .....it has adjustable.suspension good bit of kit I've been told by my garage....I've had this only a few days as a Japanese import .....any other things to suggest I'll.ask.about engine mounts thanks. derry
  18. This is slightly more complicated than you’d think. Toyota don’t make filters, they subcontract it Nippon Denso who used to be part of the Toyota group, but were separated and Toyota now only own 25% of the business, so in effect it could be argued Toyota do make filters.
  19. By the way - forgot to mention that my bust Prius only had 37+k miles on the clock - genuine.
  20. With all the potential problems with the ZZE I am taking no chances. When the Honest John forum took a selection of filters apart they found a wide variance of the filter core material. And some had no relief valve. ive had pattern air filters which disintegrated and drop into the carb on my daughters old polo , stranding her in the fast Lane. Another example was a main dealer who ran out of oil filters sourced one from a factor and the engine ran out of oil on the M1 as the seal was not a good fit. Why risk your engine for a £10 part ?
  21. Well, I have taken out the extended guarantee on my 3.5 year old Auris, starting when the 5 years guarantee is up. Felt it worth while after my Prius (yes 9 years old I know) went bang in a big way. Resistor system within the Hybrid went bust. Total cost would have been something like £3k up to £6.5k (from a new resistive board through a new Hybrid system to a new gearbox computer or all of that) depending on the damage and what caused it and what needed replacing. Eventually paid £1.1k but the cause of the fault not found so I got rid of the car in case it happens again - or perhaps w
  22. Had lots of noise problems with a Bosch wiper blade so I took advice from a Toyota engineer who suggested fitting a genuine Toyota blade. They are a little more expensive but I notice it is not as long as the Bosch one. So maybe Bosch have not supplied a blade the same as the one fitted at the factory. Result no scraping noise !
  23. Ah ha - What you need is a nice 2010 Citroen C5 - no reflections in the windscreen at all. If they can do it so can Toyota. My Prius had reflections my Auris suffers from the same problem. Buy a good pair of Polarising sun glasses but with the lightest darkening you can get = problem gone. I have a couple of pairs that fit over the top of my normal glasses and they work well. They are a bit expensive but I have had mine of more that ten years so were a worth while buy. Being Polarising they only let light in at one plain and that reduces the reflections to nill effectively. No g
  24. Today I called in to a garage that calls itself a Toyota specialist for a front nearside wiper blade ,and to see whether the outfit seemed professional and well run with a view to future servicing. The first thing they asked for was the key to the car so that the car "could be driven to where the wipers are" the car stayed where it was while a "mechanic"removed the wiper blade and disappeared for a while. Anyhow a little while later I was handed my key back and gave them the £10 asked for. Driving home I tried the wash wipe and noticed an unswept area on the screen ,got home mea
  25. I purchased a new iPhone 12 mini, I have paired it with the Sat Nav but I cannot get it to load the phone contacts. I have checked the phone blue tooth settings and they are OK. Contacts are set on the phone for downloading. Sat nav volume is not very loud I can turn it up on the steering wheel volume control. Can the volume of the sat nav be set separately from the audio? Any suggestions gratefully received.
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