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  2. I have done something very similar to your 'changed seat' suggestion. Our Icon drivers seat had an annoying click when accelerating and braking (a known potential fault on this model/age of car due to poor tolerances in the height adjustment mechanism). Also the seat is not particularly comfortable after an hour or so. I bought a seat from a facelift 2016 Auris from a breakers, it was one of the later, different trim designations but not with leather, and the cloth was a different colour/relief, but it had the electric lumber support. I then made one seat from the two. So, original seat covering removed and reused, lumber adjust fitted, and the non-clicking base. That was about 10 months ago. The seat is better, but not a complete fix for us. It still needs adjusting occasionally, which I never need to do in other cars. But if you are uncomfortable it helps to be able to adjust it to somewhere else! The power is straightforward - I tapped into the rear 12v socket, but that means the lumber adjust is only moveable when the car is 'on', which suits us fine. There is no unused socket forthe new lumber motor to plug straight into. A bit of diy is required. I don't think the airbag is a problem - there is just one on outside of the r/h vertical seat back.
  3. Standard spanners, you can see it here, should be size 24mm, for both plugs. Remember to undo the refill plug first.
  4. I've found it ok, but only after you spend ages adjusting it. Moving the seat back and forward adjusts the height, adjusting the height slightly alters the back angle and also getting the back angle right makes a difference! So it's juggling 3 settings until you find a combination that works. I don't think much of the lumbar adjustment, so don't use it. On other cars I've had it made a difference. I'd much prefer an adjustment wheel for back angle rather than the fixed settings.
  5. Good morning all, Have any owners found how the driving modes effect their MPG, does it make much difference ?
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  7. boom

    Led Headlights

    I had to remove the front bumper of my Aygo completly as the working space behind the headlamp is limited. After removing the front bumper, I was able to remove the headlights and change the bulbs. Removed the 3 screws underneath the front bumper and one screw in each wheel arch above the tyre. Clipped the bumper out where it meets with the fenders and that was it. Replacing it was the reversal of removing it.
  8. Keith, what do you use the WiFi connection for? I haven’t grasped the reason for it - yet.
  9. anyone know the size of spanner or socket is to undo filler plug on aygo 2010,or is it a toyota tool
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  11. My wife and I both find the shape of the 2014 (icon) seat pretty uncomfortable. Shape deteriorated a little since new of course. Now zero lumbar support. Spoke to a dealer and they said the excel seat had electric lumbar support. I’d like to get one installed. But dealer has concerns related to airbags (interference/position?) and presence/absence of wiring for the electric seat... Would be great if anyone has experience they could share of fitting the seat from an excel into an icon.
  12. That's true it could be left shorted if not careful, I'm not sure how the system works, if you short it briefly is the vsc off until ignition reset or is vsc only disabled while the short is in place? Would there even be anything on the display to tell you it's disabled? I also read something from Toyota saying that if you get stuck off road, turn off vsc and you'll get more power to rock yourself out of the predicament! But they didn't (in this model at least) fit a way of turning it off. It's all a bit strange and possibly unnecessary.
  13. I've used these people before. They are in Japan but it was still much cheaper than buying it here. I bought one of these 77641-02010. It's showing now at $36, Toyota wanted over £100 for it. Even with shipping and import duty it was only half the price. It was a genuine Toyota part with "Made in Britain" written on it, crazy.
  14. A switch could be forgotten in the wrong position 😧
  15. My comment just bought a dose of realism. Toyota Owners Club has no connection with Toyota. Toyota may or may not visit the forums, but they certainly won't comment on any topic within the forums. If people have an issue with a vehicle they've ordered (whether that is an Aygo or a Landcruiser) the only way to get any resolution is to contact either the dealer the order was placed with or Toyota Customer Services. Fortunately it isn't your place to dictate to another member or a moderator what they can comment on.
  16. Of course it does... My, you have become so full of your own self importance.... I won't comment further... However, I still think my post was valid despite your rather obvious disdain... Not that I'm at all bothered to have annoyed you, I just want my vehicle!! Oh, wait for it... I should contact Toyota about that... Blah.. Blah Again, may I respectfully ask that if you have nothing to say other than inflammatory excrement that you decline to comment...
  17. I saw the thread on the guides page and thought it was some sort of problem, I've only just got the rav so I don't know the details but I just thought to solve it an easy way would be an on/off switch, on it's shorted off it's not. Not really sure why there is a guide to something that doesn't really matter then! Thanks for the replies though.
  18. Have to agree with you, Frosty comments were harsh and rude!
  19. Got a Vogtland suspension kit this week but have realised I need new top mounts, along with the seal that sits between those and the plate above the top of the front springs. Any ideas on part number or links for cheap parts? Could also do with the plate above the spring due to corrosion, but hopefully cheaper than £18 which Toyota quoted. Also, I am a little unsure on the set up of the rear shocks. Am i correct in thinking this is the part I need for top mounts, and nothing else: Do the rear shocks have bump stops and dust gaitors also? I rang Toyota today regarding the front mounts etc and the prices are just silly, around £120 per top mount.
  20. And you need to properly read a post before twitching.... Had you bothered to read it you would see that I said I could wait.... Merely stating what I thought.... Isn't that to be expressed in a forum without attracting juvenile comments such as yours....?? Frosty is very apt..... Full of friendly comments and happy to help....
  21. Hello I have a 1.8 valvmatic avensis 2010 . Recently over the last 3 days I have had these 2 codes come up . First p0420 so I put some cata clean in with the fuel and seemed fine then I today p0301 missfire cylinder 1 . I have tested the o2 sensor and it's switching back and forth rich and lean also the temp of the cat on the scanner but I'm struggling to understand the readings there's 2 cats or sensors on 2 parts of the cat ? PLS see pic below
  22. also & no doubt plenty of others incl. Toyota's own ebay store
  23. Thanks buddy I’ll give that a go
  24. Parts-King is a club sponsor - can be contacted by personal message (give details of your car - regn number as a minimum - and what you want). can also provide genuine Toyota parts.
  25. For roof bars you could try and find a Paddy Hopkirk 405u. This isn't a unique-fit pair of bars, it's a general model. It attaches to the roof guttering, which is very 'old school'. I have used a pair of these on an E11. They were very reasonably priced when new, about £25 in 2006. Thinking about it, Paddy Hopkirk have changed their name to Mont Blanc since I bought mine.
  26. Hello Charles - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  27. I'm still interesred in the new Corolla. This years holiday took us to Switzerland and Italy, and a lot of driving in the alps. Now my own CVT powered Auris can be quite a struggle up hill for mile after mile after... Revs sits at 2500-3000 rpm at 30 mph or higher when accelerating. But is the hybrid much better, becaurse the battery will drain much faster than the car can regenerate, leaving the 99 hp engine to do the job - or what? We like the alps, so if we choose the Corolla hybrid, we will go there for sure. Any experiense?
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