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  2. the exact same thing happening with my Toyota Corolla 2016, I used Rainex defogging spray, I used everything, but the fogging comes back after 10 -15 minutes, I live in Regina Saskatchewan, this is too much headach for me, I don't know what to do. I set all the environment temperature , but still my windows and windshields get white with fog or ice.
  3. The car is dated 03/2007 and has a timing chain. Does that mean I’ll have to replace all 4?
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  5. Hi All 👋🏻 So only one day to go before the final round of the 2019 Japanese Sprint Series & RRG Toyota Sprint Series, and a big thank you goes out to Flywheels for supplying these awesome Speedlines for the mk3, it's ready to go just needs another quick wash.
  6. No the injectors do not share across engine sizes, they also vary by build date and you cannot mix different age injectors, for example injectors on 2.0 1AD built before 12/2007 are no longer serviced you can only get post 12/2007 injectors and they have to be fitted as a set not a mix of old and new. I'm also assuming you have the later 1AD 2.0 with timing chain and not the earlier 1CD 2.0 with timing belt
  7. Yeah that was my thoughts the only thing that put me off the starter was no noise at all from it
  8. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club. Moved to the Avensis club.
  9. A new engine type would probably need some of the ECU's, sensors and wiring harnesses to be changed. Possibly even to the immobiliser and ignition key transponder chip. Not as straightforward as engine swaps used to be in the days of carburetors and points ignition.
  10. I am wondering if getting the 99 Paseo/Cynos is worth it, as the age might be a problem for parts, i.e. Gearbox, clutch, and as some of my family said, the engine itself. I'm in Ireland, and wondering if you guys would know any thing about these queries like what models of gearbox is compatible and if the engine and everything is hard to come by. I love the look of the car, its more queries from my family.
  11. So hopefully it'll get built over next 2 weeks and I can pick up from dealer Dec 1st...not confident about this however! Shall just have to wait and see...hope it will be worth it!
  12. Hello everybody. I briefly introduce myself. I am an old Toyota 14 D4D owner, with a TNS400 system. The car is still working fine. Since my son is now using it, he's asking me to arrange something so that he can play music from his Iphone (from the hearphone connector). I resume this tread to find infos about the famous 13 pin connector (AUX105 cable) which can be connected in the rear of the unit. Actually I can find a lot of 13pin connector on Ebay and others Chinese E-shops, but after reading this tread I believe that at the end I will waste my time. I would rather like to build my own cable starting from a raw 13 pin connector like this: The matter is to know which is the correct mapping of pins to ling the hearphone plug from the phone. Mecheng46, I would be really grateful if you can send me some details on it. Many many thanks. Corrado from Italy.
  13. For UK Customer deliveries of MY20 Icon/Icon Tech/Design & Excel commence 1st December GR Sport dealer launch vehicles in dealers commencing 16th December Customer deliveries of GR Sport & Trek commence 1st January
  14. No, just the right foot on the throttle and brakes.Just been to the garage and was told it maybe a data prob and that maybe the gear box needs to be reprogrammed by Toyota😟. Sad!
  15. Without the fault code it could be 100's of things, we need the fault code
  16. I have an injector needing replaced. I ordered one but I got one for a 2006 2.2L I was to get the car fixed tomorrow, would this one still work?
  17. you mean you think you checked the power steering fluid thinking it was the transmission fluid.???...if so then check the transmission fluid as I suggested and see what you get...have a look at the fluid on the dipstick and if it's virtually black and possibly has a burnt odour about it then it's ready for a change. It may be worth checking with your local Toyota dealer as to the correct is important you get the right may well be a Toyota Type-IV (JWS-3009) auto transmission fluid.
  18. Welcome, Declan.....whatever you do with it...enjoy it.!!!
  19. What issues are you referring to with the manual? I can't say issues with either manual or auto boxes on the Avensis get mentioned very often on here.
  20. Hi a few weeks a go, the engine light came up on my aygo. I took it to the garage and they put it on the diagnostic machine and couldnt find a fault, so they reset it and set me away. Today it came back on and they put it back on the machine and it came up with a fault code (not sure what it was) They said it could be the crankshaft or the camshaft sensor but they're not sure as they engine sounds ok, and there is no rattling. The car itself drives ok, other than the light. Sometimes when i put the aircon button on to demist the windows, the cars lights will flicker. Any suggestions? Thank you :)
  21. I have an amended date of Nov 20 (from Nov 18) subject to the usual conditions, presumably that is with the dealer? However I have been told by Toyota Redhill that the 2020 variants are not to be released to customers before Dec 1 Not sure how accurate the Order Tracker is but am keeping an eye on it hopeful of some movement on it from 20th onwards
  22. I was a bit surprised at how long mine took! I had the My Toyota email on 9th Sept when I was on holiday in Italy to say build had commenced and it was more than two weeks later before the dealer called to say it was ready to collect.
  23. Thanks very much Tony, will do!
  24. Hi how are yous all? My name is Declan, I own a 2012 Auris TR 1.4D-4d, thanks for the welcome few photos below of my baby, please post suggestions for alloys, exhaust etc would appreciate it
  25. Hi, from your explanation it’s a good idea to check clutch and flywheel, transmission fluid, and driveshafts, pretty much everything in the drivetrain. Just visual inspection for beginning, some test for worn clutch , noises on idle from the same area. Engine mounts too. Good luck
  26. Its normal tbh unless its awful like a being hit from behind or a learner driver learning clutch control, has it had a clutch in its life ? I take it you're using 1 foot for the throttle and brake and not both
  27. i think this will be the cheapest option for you at less than £100 delivered if its only the bumper thats been damaged you'll just have to fit it
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