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  2. Hi , i want to change some settings using TechStream on my 2020 corolla hybrid , is this void the warranty? setting i wanna change it : rear seat belts alarm opening/ closing windows on pressing Lock/unlock from remote button.
  3. You can use the MOT history check website to determine whether the mileage seems to be correct and see what failures and advisories the car has previously had -
  4. Good to see it on there...really looking forward to it!
  5. Hello all! i need to replace the motorsport rear coils on my auris SR180 however toyota have discontinued this part. Can anytime tell me how low the TMS rear coil springs are as i an looking for aftermarket part with similar height
  6. Hi, here we have a brilliant answers given already. I just want to add something. That particular car it’s 7 years old and only 25k miles, this is a warning sign and few more checks needs to be done prior to taking ownership. First it’s to establish if the mileage it’s real, second to double and triple check the service history if the car has all it’s service and if they are done on time, battery health check on both high voltage and 12v battery, in general batteries likes to be in use, leaving battery not used for a long time has negative effects. Check for accidental repair. Good to check all 4 tyres and brakes too, tyres might well be the original one that will require replacement due to their age. Brakes also can get faulty due to the lack of use of the car plus hybrids suffer of rusted brakes more than any other cars. That’s pretty much all of it and the second key if available. Good luck 🚗
  7. It's a B23TA 89070-0F022 or 89070-0F021 feel free to double check that number
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  9. It's a very cheap car as an 'emergency' vehicle. dealer prices aren't justifiable in this case unfortunately. I'm not that worried about getting the key cut. If I'm completely locked out the keyed lock entry is easily pickable. It's more the plip and transponder function that I'm looking to duplicate. re programming - with my RAV4 this was achievable via a convoluted method of pressing the start/stop button whilst scratching one's head and patting one's tummy. Is there a similar method for adding transponders and remotes on the corollas from that epoch? photo of the fob is attached. thanks.
  10. Hi, definitely something wrong with the air con. The green light should stay ON all the times when air con is turned ON no matter if the compressor works or not, if there is no gas in then will light up for a,second and goes out, or no light at al and the compressor will not start. When settings are at Low use a thermometer and put it on the vents and readings should be between 4C°to 6C°. You can also ask the dealer to open another Corolla for comparison., only compare at the Lowest settings, not actually temperature like 20-22 or whatever degrees. Good luck 👍
  11. it will be a main dealer or used item off ebay, you will then need to get the key cut and it programmed A pic of the fob would help, there should be a code on it eg. B23TA, I'm sure the smart remote is B75EA (89904-0F010)
  12. the car i have just bought doesn't have any reversing camera and the stereo has no aux socket nor bt connection. any recommendation for a reasonable aftermarket screen assembly for the dashboard that does the rear camera and provides a bluetooth connection for alexa auto/phone? I've got an old bt module i can wire in but that doesn't give the reversing camera, and for some reason i find the rear visibility less good in this car than in my previous. or it could be age ... cheap is also a requirement ... ideally around 100£. audio fidelity is not a must!
  13. Hi I just bought a 2nd hand 2008 corolla verso (the 130bhp d4d) yesterday and the seller only had one key. It's the keyless variety where you slot the fob into the dashboad. is there an aftermarket for this type of key? if so, any recommended buying choices? thanks Justin
  14. The USB stick may have corrupted i take you have it in song listing, not artist or album with repeat/shuffle off, are all the tracks in the same format eg. MP3 ?
  15. Yes, the usb is plugged in into the Navi, I've managed to successfully update it using usb stick.
  16. Wouldn't like to think it has a fault given bullet proof reputation of the brand, i am a bit OCD about cars being silent inside, suspect would be one of these things that a garage couldn't hear! Radio on now most of the time
  17. They get you on the delivery charge, i wonder if the aygo part is the same Edit. it's used on everything from an iq to a Hilux and no end of lexus cars - i wonder if there is anything aftermarket
  18. Do you have the usb cable plugged in to the navi-box and not the touch2 ?
  19. shufman


    According to Autocar road test of the wagon it’s 3.3 😊


    The topic has had 80+ views, so perhaps people haven't seen the 0-30 times published.
  21. I know, I did the same last night. Who'd a thunk it?
  22. IG - Ignition (switched live) On the 24 pin plug see if you have 12V when in reverse (it may only be a quick 12v pulse) on pin 12 Also check and see if the hidden menu is the same as the touch2 Connector terminals are Sumitomo NH series 064 (0.25) the 28 pin housing is custom to Toyota the 24 is a standard item
  23. TheTJW


  24. Just out of curiosity, to see what these look like, I googled that part number. It also fits an Aston Martin Cygnet (so, a heavily reworked Toyota iQ) for £3.22 + vat. Assuming that that is an up to date price, then it is way below half price of the Toyota dealer item. Who'd have guessed? Toyota price is dearer than an Aston Martin specialist?!
  25. The two main lights , when on dipped beam is it the one on the left that is on and the one on the right off .and the one on the right is full beam only and when switched to auto lights should come on automatic when getting dark , basically is this right as the dipped beam light is not that bright
  26. Not sure what part you are referring to. That's not the price of a single copper washer. Maybe the double washer? They appear to be £8.51+VAT ?
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