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  2. has anyone altered the default 0 setting for the Light sensor sensitivity on their corolla using the online settings from +1, 0, -1, -2
  3. does the hybrid solely run on the Atkinson cycle to reduce heat and be more efficient or does it switch to the Otto cycle through variable valve timing to create more power in certain conditions
  4. I believe the latest system software to be 1530 and maps to be 2019 v2
  5. I sort of hyjacked another topic under the DRL topic I started, so I thought I'd start a proper separate one. I just had a thought about the omission of the reverse cameras screen guidelines on the 2014 Aygo x-pression I have just bought. What if I got hold of a replacement camera from a breakers yard which was breaking a Toyota Aygo, one of the later models, say from 2019, is it as easy as I'm thinking to just unplug the existing camera and plug in the new camera. Surely the connector is near the camera and surely the access to it is easy on such a small car ? I read earlier that the guidelines are in the camera itself and not on the cars head unit ?? Does anyone know from which year Toyota put the cameras guidelines back on the camera ? What do you think ?
  6. With my old manually stick shift Skoada Octavia, a really fast overtake would be something like ...shifting into 3. gear....3500 revs.....wait for it.... and BAM!! - Pedal to the metal. I got the feeling of beeing prepared, engine sound going up - but the Corolla is not like that. Maybe the manually override using paddels can help getting the old feeling back?
  7. Have just read an article about a recall on the toyota corolla but cant work out if it's just the USA market or EU countries as well. Here is the article if you haven't seen it I have done a check here and my uk vehicle isn't listed so must be usa only
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  9. Our 2008 Aygo also has a full size spare wheel and a jack.
  10. I would never drive a car without winter/snow tyres on icy road. It is asking for trouble and it just needs one bad slide or braking issue to have a bad accident and loose life. Not worth it when all could have been prevented with proper winter tyres (not just all season or all weather tyres) that cost just a couple of hundred pounds. The winter tyres for Aygo are quite cheap because of the small wheel size and besides the winter tyres will spare the wear and tear on your summer tyres. Worth every penny and if you have some where to store them during summer you can change them by your self. It takes max one hour to change all 4 tyres in Aygo, the pleasure of having a small car. Yes I do have proper winter tyres for our Aygo and I change them myself. Remember the true winter tyres have a different rubber compound that is soft in winter and has a far better grip than the hard rubber of summer tyres. Besides the true winter tyres have sipes for even better grip, braking and acceleration in snow and ice. There are lots of videos in you tube testing cars with and without winter tyres.
  11. Sorry that it did not work the way we wanted it to. At the time of MOT just pull out the DRL fuse and it will not come on during the MOT, so no fears of failing the MOT because of the DRL.
  12. Thanks for the reply Flash22 I've an update, I tried clearing the DTC using a SST check wire. It was unsuccessful but i did get the flashing seat belt light codes of 31 and 62. So far I'v not been able to find out what these mean. The car hasn't been in an accident where the airbags have deployed, but it was hit whilst stationary in a car park. this has displaced the front valance. Would this impact be sufficient to trigger the fault codes do you think ? If the SRS Module needs reset is this a DIY task do you know ? If so can you advise where is it located and how easy it is to access ? Would the front crash sensor need to be replaced also ? Sorry to be a pain but any light you can shed is greatly appreciated
  13. I feel the same pain every time I have had a flat or disconnected battery. The alarm resests, so keep a copy of the instructions. Annoys the heck out of me when a passenger unclips the belt before the car stops and that !Removed! noise starts, lol.
  14. Well, the first video had a Italian (I think) car and the second video is a UK (Edinburgh registered) car. It may be a regional market thing?
  15. Of course is aftermarket not genuine. Reason for sale has been written already at Toyota Auris o2 sensors topic, please read it there.
  16. I’m considering a Camry for my next company car. Some markets already have Apple CarPlay as standard. Does anyone know if this is planned for the U.K.?
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  18. Garth-1

    Winter tyres

    On my main car I have Nokian all-season tyres and can recommend them. On my "occasional" cars, which do a low mileage, I keep winter tyres on all year round. I would never go back to having summer tyres on any car in the winter - too much of a risk, too many slippery episodes.
  19. Catlover


    The hybrid engineering is rock solid. You will find it a very relaxing car to drive. I had, and now the wife has it, a 2010 Auris Hybrid. The main components will be the same in a newer Auris. You will get better mpg in the summer then the winter, maybe 7-10 mpg less in the winter. This is because the computer will keep the engine running or maintain its warmth, plus you have cab heater, demister, heated rear window non more in the winter. Wife’s Auris does about 62mpg summer, 54 winter. A hybrid is a compromise, it has the benefit you don’t have to worry about plug in like you do with all electric. Electric cars have no engine but heavy battery. Hybrid has a heavy engine, plus a big battery not weighing as much as a full electric, but cannot go as far as a big battery electric only vehicle. Hence you heard a Auris hybrid will not do a great distance on battery only. And yes, around 21mph the engine kicks in, but just think that as long as you have enough charge in the hybrid battery you can go a longish way under 21mph ie town driving, queues etc. What you do find that you can be travelling at up to say 55Mph and with the right conditions, be travelling on hybrid battery power. Personally I don’t find high speed Mway driving (national speed limits) very conducive to good mpg, but it’s relative. I would think 55 maybe a bit more mpg. I don’t use cruise control on a Mway, I can ease more mpg by me controlling the right foot. Easy relaxed driving...... yes. The CVT gearbox cant really be compared to any other auto box, and it is well engineered. Driving the Auris hybrid is easy as a computer does all the thinking re hybrid battery/engine use, and you can barely feel the change between engine and battery drive and back again. Best move I did, and until battery cars can go longer before charges, and there are more charging stations available, hybrid is the way to go IMO.
  20. Could it be as simple as an HT lead? I had this issue with my Suzuki. Swap one lead over and see if the problem migrates...
  21. As this topic subject is specifically about retro fit, you should raise your question about Carplay becoming standard spec as a new topic in the Camry club -
  22. I don't have any answers to your questions, but I'm happy to chuck in some suggestions off the top of my head:- Were you the original owner of the Leon? Could it have been re-mapped by the previous owner, making it more rapid than standard? Some owners judge the VAG horsepower rating to be quite conservative, could the Leon EA888 make more than the claimed power, it certainly has a good reputation for smooth, energetic power delivery. (Just don't mention the oil control rings or the camchain tensioners...) Although the Toyota eCVT has an infinite number of 'ratios', has Toyota limited in software the lower gear limit for some technical limitation in the planetary gears, so the Hyundai can pull a lower bottom gear? The Ioniq electric motor is probably easier to cool as it is a much larger diameter, is there an potential cooling problem with the Toyota's electric motor as it is small and compact, rather than wide and thin? Perhaps on account of this Hyundai can use an 'overboost' operation on the electric motor without fear of damage? The Hyundai electric motor runs at engine speed, so keeping it at a safe rotational speed is easy, but the eCVT has defined maximum MG speeds that could easily be exceeded without software control. To achieve a safe MG rpm, but still deliver a fast road speed under electric power, perhaps the eCVT has some internal gear ratios which are optimised to a faster (road speed) EV operation, rather than acceleration. The Ioniq is not bound by such criteria with its dual clutch gearbox. Perhaps Toyota are running with larger engineering 'safety margins' to maximise engine and transmission life, the Hyundai is a bit of an unknown in that area... Although their reputation is good, of course.
  23. Hi, Well on most cars there are various untermnated plugs where a host of add on extras could have been fitted, but as your is 12 years old its asking a lot for others to know about such detail. Most such comment on head units is when they are replaced so perhaps using the Search tool for this section and the Audio sections for folk who have done such mods might show some mention about those connects. Usually the whole Toyota forum is quiet well used, but bear in mind that Toyotas biggest strength is the reliability factor so far fewer folk need to use it.
  24. Would be an idea to state whether this is a genuine Toyota part or third party, and reason for sale.
  25. As the OP appears to be a Toyota dealer... and as you can buy a Camry in other markets with CarPlay... my question isn’t so much whether a retrofit is possible as I don’t own one... the question is are Toyota going to make it available as standard equipment in the U.K. No technical reason why not as far as I can see.
  26. If you read the first post of this topic, it states there is no retro fit solution for the Camry.
  27. Can anyone tell me what the software versions for a 2019 car should be? Mine are currently: Audio: 1000 Navigation: 1512 navdb_version: 943 Its going into the dealer at the weekend and I want to make sure they update any which are needed.
  28. Any idea when this will be available for the Camry in the U.K.? I’m seriously considering one as my next company car but no CarPlay is a bit of dealbreaker for a £30k car in 2020... especially as it’s already available in other markets...
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