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  2. I don’t have INT or AUTO on the wipers control but I do have this box at the top of the windscreen.
  3. Hi there I’m having trouble finding a new wiper arm drivers side for my Corolla estate 2002-07. Anyone know if they are compatible with any other models? Cheers
  4. Hi Oscarmax, I have towed our caravan (1600 Kg) for 1250 miles with our Excel AWD hybrid since getting it in May. I think it is a great towcar, better than my previous 2017 Excel. The most impressive thing is the massive torque from start courtesy of the characteristics of the electric motors and its responsiveness covers the entire speed range (up to 60mph of course), much better and quieter than the previous model. It has proved very stable as a towcar and has averaged 25mpg, although this varies with road conditions and headwinds. It is factory fitted with the vertical detachable towbar. In 42 years of towing and 36000 miles I can state it is the best towcar I have had. Enjoy your towing Dave
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  6. That's impressive. I ordered mine 27th September (Excel AWD JBL/PVM in Obsidian Blue). I was at the dealers on Saturday to complete some paperwork - the latest for date for mine is showing 13th March. Have you gone for JBL/PVM?
  7. Don’t know if this is relevant but on Saturday morning my 2016 Yaris d4d was idling at slightly higher revs than normal when I pulled into Tesco for my weekly shop, I thought it might be something to do with the dpf so I sat and left if running, maybe a good 20 minutes later (and some strange looks from passers by) it began to idle normally again. When I came out after shopping the exhaust was still ticking as it cooled, must get incredibly hot.
  8. Ordered excel AWD in Tokyo Red yesterday.. was quoted feb 15th 2020 delivery
  9. I added a tilt sensor to the factory alarm on my Auris Hybrid (goes off it's jacked up). I used the method and parts listed in the video below (except for using piggy back fuses for the live & switched live rather than directly tapping the wires). Using a bolt-on straight pipe until you can get a replacement cat like Furtula says would be an option.
  10. Ebay or gumtree, its called the X-touch new it around £2000 from a main dealer the post above yours has the part number
  11. Replace the CAT with straight pipe (bolt on), and install CAT when going for MOT.
  12. Bloody Hell! How did I miss that when inputting a postcode!! 🤥 Ta 🙂
  13. Out of curiosity I went looking for the @ sign today - you need to "Change type" and select the "123" screen where there are numerals and a few other unusual characters. For English language speakers all we appear to need are the ABC and 123 screens. Other screen "types" appear to be for various foreign language keyboards.
  14. Remon146, can you tell me where you were able to get one of these replacement head units? i have a 2018 Aygo, but no talk button. If it’s just a case of replacing the head unit, I just need to get one. Rogue-Friday
  15. I'm towing with mine tomorrow, 200 odd miles, not a caravan but wieghts the same. Shame its only new today
  16. Recently had my Catalytic Converter stolen and after waiting for a long time got them installed by insurance repairers. I am getting a Catloc installed , in addition to that is it possible to add some kind of loud alarm deterrent when someone lifts the car or touches the catloc component ( Basically make it difficult to steal without creating a scene ) ? . Toyota / Third Part/ Ali Express kind of ideas welcome.
  17. This is how it should look like, check right under the door lock (on the chasis), they are usually around there somewhere.
  18. I have a 2003 Avensis and the driver door open sensor has stopped working, however I can't see a physical switch anywhere. Does anyone know how this works? Thanks Alan
  19. A lot of people in the trade refer to the "quib" but actually mean the spiral cable just behind the steering wheel, not the airbag inflator.
  20. What really boils my blood is drivers with DRL's who THINK their lights are on, trouble is they have no rear lights on and blindly carry on in the dark, a real pet hate of mine, and it's not a one off, very many cars drive along like this every day
  21. I have a letter from Toyota GB, surely they know what vehicle model I have. I have a Case opened at Toyota GB, giving my vehicle reference numbers, and the advisor confirmed the CatLoc suitable for my vehicle. The garage have written information that says, no CatLoc isn't and won't be available for my vehicle. That's what I mean by right and left handies....
  22. Was approaching a MR2 coming the other way without lights. It was getting dark. I flashed the driver who realised and switch on his lights. We both gave thumbs up to each other. 👍👍 This was in the Bexleyheath area.
  23. No couldn't have been impact as parked in a place where nothing could have fallen, checked cctv too. It did shatter into lots and lots of pieces😞
  24. In the feedback they don't say which 'other models', so it isn't necessarily a case of left and right hands.
  25. Not our experience highlighted above.
  26. Which was highlighted in Devon Aygo's post of 26th Sept.
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