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  2. im_ka

    Rav 4 2.2 d-cat injectors

    Hi,Maybe somebody has list of Denso piezo injectors numbers what I could use?Original I have denso 23670-26011 injectors.And does any injectors what is suitable for Toyota 2AD-FHV engine I could use or only with wire?Thanks
  3. mrpj

    Auris1.4 d4d oil filter

    Oops, apologies! However, it was spot on for my old D4D Yaris with the plastic housing cover and also fits my present 1.33l Yaris with aluminium cover.🤔
  4. wass

    Wheel nuts replacement

    Hi Catlover, I heard that too but as an engineer, I questioned it. When the wheel and nut are brand new and freshly machined with lovely smooth surfaces, the coefficient of friction between the two surfaces will be lower. After a while, when the nut and the wheel have got dirty and corroded that coefficient of friction will be increased. This eventually leads to studs shearing off since the force required to undo the nuts will be greater than the force which was originally required to do them up since corrosion between the parts has developed. So what if I stop the corrosion between the parts from developing? Then the force required to undo the parts should be far closer to the force required to do them up and the studs do not shear off because they are working within their design parameters. Try it! Clean up a nut, taper and a stud and copper slip them, torque them up and then do the same with another stud, taper and nut clean them up but dont copper slip them. Run them all through the winter , in the spring time compare the torque required to undo them both. The reasoning behind my questioning the idea of having to increase the torque lies in experience with morse tapers on drill bits in machine shops. The morse taper is used to hold and drive drills in machine tools, they mostly operate in extremely oily environments and yet only ever slip when the taper is very severely damaged. As the taper engages , it displaces anything which would impede contact with its mating socket. The taper on the wheel nut and the wheel does not self grip like a morse taper does but the use of torque on the nut to displace any lubricant whilst at the same time building building a water and grit tight seal where the taper isn't engaged. In the case of the wheel application, the taper is there to assist with centralising the stud and nut within the hole in the wheel but the displacement of lubricant is still a characteristic.
  5. kithmo

    Wheel nuts replacement

    I use coppaslip on the threads but not the tapers, that's where the nut holds onto the wheel, I don't want that to slip. I've never used a torque wrench yet on a wheel nut and never had one come loose in 45 years of motoring.
  6. phillev

    Creaking noise.

    I'm thinking it could be the ARB's but it's been so dry just lately I can't answer that question. My work car park is also full of potholes that I try and avoid but even crawling along and letting the car basically roll in and out of one doesn't induce the noise. I've also not found anything on any of the latest triplets regarding any front suspension issues at all they seem pretty bullet proof, my car has done so few miles that all my suspension components look nearly new.
  7. Vitor Pereira

    Thinking of buying a rolla

    I own a 2005 1.4 T3, never had any oil consumption issues.
  8. m456an

    Volume of Brake Fluid? 1Litre?

    I know you are not supposed to use it. I am not using logic, but it sorted out my break vibration.
  9. Bob110023

    Creaking noise.

    Hi Phill. Does the noise go when the weather is wet. If so it could be a rubber on the anti roll bar which has dried out or something similar.
  10. bathtub tom

    Volume of Brake Fluid? 1Litre?

    Are you aware WD40 contains oil (not much) which is the last thing you want on braking surfaces?
  11. Catlover

    Wheel nuts replacement

    Why not look at these covers to Geof - I heard that if you use copper slip type stuff then you need to increase the torque when tightening
  12. phillev

    Creaking noise.

    Obviously I've stumped everyone, trust me to have a unique issue 😞 I had another listen yesterday and you can even pick the noise up faintly from outside the car it just sounds like an old door being opened really slowly a muffled creak but it only does it going into the sunken tarmac not going out of it. I've tried bumpy roads speed humps all at low speed and can't get the car to replicate it under normal driving conditions.
  13. IanML

    RAV4 Key Fob Remote Programming

    The first link in this post should be of help.
  14. tony_j

    RAV4 Key Fob Remote Programming

    Many thanks for your replies and I will try the Techstream if I cannot get it working. I have a key (which I think will work) from the USA which will be with me Wednesday. Fingers crossed.
  15. m456an

    Volume of Brake Fluid? 1Litre?

    If you are worried about corrosion try this I got 5 litres, I know too much but it is 5 litres of 4+ with oxygen and corrosion inhibitors and it is a big name with an air tight top. Though I did check the specifications for my avensis from the hand book, probably OK for the yaris. Though you might need a flexible funnel to put it in, I did it the easy way and just disconnectes the pipe underneath the reservoir, as my break pedal was too stiff. But I still had some vibration in the petals which I got rid of by spraying wd40 onto the alloys as I found break cleaner to be a much weaker and feeble. But they all are OK except for 5.0 which is for planes.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Jeff fae Scotland

    Gear oil change

    I would like to change the gear box oil and clean the filter if it has one.Is this possible,is it a big job, and would it be better to leave it to a garage?. I have an automatic box...thanx.
  18. Jeff fae Scotland

    More Air Con Woes

    Mine smelt like sweaty socks or a wet rag that had been in the car for days. Boy did it stink but like what was said a "Bomb"took care of it.
  19. Heidfirst

    Dashcam hardwire kit install

    Hi Sam, don't know off the top of my head where the aux power socket fuse is but there is a fusebox behind the glove compartment & another below it.

    Dashcam hardwire kit install

    Helooo RE: 2010 T27 2.0 Diesel 6 speed manual Does anybody know where i can find the fuse relating to my cigarette lighter so that i can tap into this for my dashcam as a power feed? I believe i simply need to twist the power lead coming from my Cobra hardwire kit around one leg of the fuse and it should work Cobra tell me! Thank you in advance

    Hard wiring a dash cam

    Helooo Does anybody know where i can find the fuse relating to my cigarette lighter so that i can tap into this for my dashcam as a power feed? I believe i simply need to twist the power lead coming from my Cobra hardwire kit around one leg of the fuse and it should work Cobra tell me!
  22. James..

    Propshaft centre bearing split - 1300 quid

    ian - I've tried the independent route, but they all tell me the entire assembly is needed.. so I think a propshaft specialist is needed. You're right though, the kit is available for 30 quid to replace the whole bearing, mount, rubber bushes and support. Nobody seems to know how to fit it though - that's the problem!
  23. James..

    Propshaft centre bearing split - 1300 quid

    Thanks I'll check them out...:-)
  24. Shid786

    toyota specialist Manchester

    Thanks for the replies greatly appreciated.
  25. Shid786

    Thinking of buying a rolla

    Hi my Toyota Yaris 1.3 is a write off after an accident and I am thinking of buying a rolla 2006 so not to have issues with oil consumption. Any comments on whether to buy 1.4 or 1.6 and anything else to look for will be greatly appreciated.

    Tapatalk problem

    Have contacted Admin and they will come back to the topic directly.
  27. Duxdeluxe

    Cannot install Cyclops

    I have the same problem here........ anyone at all???
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