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  2. Hi, My 2007 2.2 D4D Avensis will not go into reverse or first at standstill. I can push will all my might, and the gear will not go in. Once on the move, it's fine. But sometimes, at traffic lights, it will happen again. It doesn't always do it, sometimes first gear is silky smooth, and it seems to be fine when the engine is off. Pumping the clutch makes no difference, there is no slipping, and I have to move off in second. I had the gearbox replaced under the Toyota warranty about 18 months ago, the clutch was also done at the same time. However, dual mass fly wheel was not replaced, as it was judged to be fine. Could it be the dual mass flywheel? Thanks
  3. 2001 Avensis

    Hi Ian. Thanks for your response. Amazingly, the car never displays any problems while being with my mechanic, even when I left it with him for a week. His scanner showed no problems whatsoever. Something that I noticed is that the last time this happened, the car had been sitting for about 30 minutes, and when I tried to start it, the temperature gauge did not register anything. Given that it was a warm day, and only 30 minutes had passed, there should have been enough residual heat left in the engine to at least make the gauge move a little. After the car sat overnight, it started perfectly, like it always does. It seems most likely that a sensor related to the temperature gauge is sending a faulty message to the computer and thus denying the car to start. If this problem would only happen when the car is connected to the scanner, the problem would probably be obvious. Until then.....Uuf!
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  5. '09 Auris 1.33 - rough idle

    Yes, idle control and throttle is all 'fly by wire' electronically controlled. There is no point wondering what's going on at this stage until you try a reset. If it is still not right after that then I suspect you will need professional advice and help rather than a simple diy fix... but you must try the reset first. As to the reset... best done on a cold engine because then it can relearn from scratch when started. Disconnect only the battery negative cable and tuck it out of the way for a few minutes so that it can not accidently brush or touch the battery terminal. When you reconnect do it smartly and decisively. Push the terminal hard down onto the post and while holding it down tighten the clamp. Do not overtighten.
  6. Avensis 2012 On Headlight Issue

    In the first instance you need to contact the Toyota importer for Macedonia - which is different to your dealership. If you have an extended warranty on your car, it probably doesn't cover bodywork, only mechanical - but you need to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty you have.
  7. rev counter

    That's fairly normal I think. If the car is coasting then the engine is still going to be running, except instead of the accelerator providing power, the residual motion from the car is transferred to the engine via the gear box. Only thing is that during this phase the engine uses little to no fuel.
  8. A newbe to the forum, just a general enquiry/ suggestions to buying dealer or aftermarket parts. My 2012 rav4 ( 43000 mls on the clock )is getting ready for a set of new front discs and pads, and already knowing what toyota charge, was looking to other forum users about what would be a good aftermarket alternative or to stick with toyota's quality but not so cheap prices. Thanks.
  9. Engine dies suddenly

    My mechanic said he is pretty sure it is the switch for the diesel pump, a regular problem with this 3 liter engine. Let's see, I will keep you posted
  10. P0138 DTC toyota auris 2009

    This code appeared. I put in a new after market lambda sensor and cleared the ECU. After driving a while it returned ned. The o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 reading was flat line on 0.8 v. Then a new genuine lamda sensor was put in. P0138 code returned. Now the bank 1 sensor 2 reading is not on flat. line on it does move up and down. Any idea what is causing p0138 code to return? Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Procedure When Stationary

    More info on HID lights and MOT changes
  12. Procedure When Stationary

    Am I reading it right ? It seems to say that aftermarket HIDs will be a failure, regardless of whether they are adjusted correctly or not, i.e. only factory fit will pass.
  13. Avensis 2012 On Headlight Issue

    I found taking off cleaning and re seating the boot seal solved my water ingress issue to the spare wheel well.
  14. Procedure When Stationary

    Indeed, you also have those projector lights that almost appear to be flashing at you from a certain angle, with a kind of blue tint from the prism effect
  15. Procedure When Stationary

    I know the one's the mean, and it's not just limited to aftermarket HID's, lots of people have misaligned headlights. On a similar note, there does seem to be a misconception that LED headlights are misaligned by oncoming drivers, whether it's because they have a flat beam pattern, or are just brighter / whiter than most people are used too means that (I) get flashed way too often, even though I've had my headlights checked at the dealer, and I am not carrying anything (and yes, the auto leveler is still working!!!)
  16. D4D Which Engine? Which Year?

    Just stick with the 130PD units. They are the best of all worlds - power, economy and pretty much bullet proof. If on autotrader then it will tell you on the economy and performance section. The final check to confirm everything will be on the sticker in the boot around the spare wheel well. The engine code will be on that. Don't forget the obvious Superb Mk1 plus Audi A4/6 as alternatives
  17. T27 headlight replacement

    Once you know where the bolts are they aren't too bad to get off and swap. Take all the bolts holding the bumper underneath off, there is 1 half way up each wheel arch behind the liner and small plastic pin you give a half turn and pull out on each wheel arch. under the bonnet remove the from plastic by taking out all the pins, if I remember rightly there's 3 bolts holding the bumper at the top, after the it should come off by tugging at the bumper by starting at the wheel arch. once the bumper is off there is a bolt holding the headlight near the wing and one down by where the top of the bumper just came off, the unit should come out with a good tug. all using a 10mm socket.
  18. Procedure When Stationary

    Indeed it should, but in my experience, rather like dodgy spaced number plates, people swap back to "proper" plates before MOT and put the dodgy ones back on later. Lately there seems to have been an explosion in these dodgy, out of focus headlamps, probably made all the worse by the winter nights. The problem will go away over the summer
  19. Procedure When Stationary

    Won't the MOT changes due 20th May, directed towards aftermarket HID's help to reduce this?
  20. The MMT has a tendency to change between 1st and 2nd gear when in heavy slow moving traffic which can overheat the clutch. When I’m stuck in heavy stop/start traffic I put it manually into 1st gear and I don’t let the car creep forward which slips the clutch, just accelerate then stop when the gap is big enough. Every time you completely stop the clutch is disengaged (even in D or M) which allows it to cool down.
  21. Thanks for the picture. Icon 20 suggests there is a gearbox issue. It can come on when the clutch overheats due to heavy stop/start traffic or some other issue.
  22. Hi Cjohnston, It showed me icon similar to 20 here in red: And once I shut the car down for 15-30mins and started, it acted like normal and I shifted from N (Neutral) to E (drive). Not sure what a gear symbol looks like in a dashboard, all I saw was 20. Then I parked in the hard shoulder and shut the car down for 15-30mins until traffic was cleared.
  23. How long was you stuck in traffic for? Now that I know it’s a MMT gearbox what did the display show? Did the gear indicator flash when the car wouldn’t move? Final question is do you put it into N every time you stop?
  24. Sorry it was my fault that I took an uneducated guess that it was a battery issue in my first thread. It sounds like a transmission issue from both of you? I am learning about cars so a transmission (my car is automatic with Manuel options) shifts gears for you. The car also jerks a little bit when going from braking to accelerating, I don't know if this is expected behaviour but the car always has done that since I bought it. I have owned it for 2 years and it has been the best car I have had and runs so perfectly, have take it out for very long 3+hr drives without a problem many many times and even in congested cities with traffic so I don't know what's happened lately. I've had it full serviced last week and all they said was the brakes and air conditioning filter needs changing. I am taking it to a dealer.
  25. I have seen some poor garage work and like Dave I was brought up on simple cars, very repairable, once they went super computerised I decided to come out of the game and do other things. Your top of your engine just left on the back seat, well I couldn't believe my eyes, it appears they have made no attempt to protect your car or care for it, I am mortified! Wishing you better luck! Mike.
  26. '09 Auris 1.33 - rough idle

    I'll try disconnecting the battery, thanks. It needed a jump start a few months ago (lights were left on), but was probably driven immediately after that. I think it was idling around 600-650 RPM when warm, and closer to 900 when cold. What would be the cause of it idling too low? I didn't see any throttle cable in there so assume it's all electronic?
  27. Procedure When Stationary

    My other half works for a well known spectacle saving brand There are a LOT of drivers who have problems with bright lights, glare etc. I started to see headlights with a kind of flare or starburst effect a few years back, and thought I had a problem with my sight, but after a sight test and checking my glasses, it appears the "coating" was breaking down causing this strange effect which had been there for some time. I got new glasses and all was well. These coatings don't last forever, in fact, mine only lasted a few years On another rant over lights, why is it nothing is done about cars with wonky, out of aim, intensely bright HID's that tend to blind you when just one headlight is out of focus? Rant over, it's another subject altogether
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