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  2. I can tell by the Rev counter you have a 1.33 Petrol, there is a TSB for this issue: BE-0070T-0514 Subject: Combination meter lights flashing after Ignition OFF Models: AURIS; URBAN CRUISER; VERSO-S; YARIS Model codes: NRE150; NSP110; NSP120; NSP130; NSP90 DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may experience and report that the lights of their combination meter start to flash after the ignition is switched to OFF. PRODUCTION CHANGE The ECO RUN Converter assy has been improved. Part numbers of the modified ECO run converter: G92C0-52050 ECO run converter £93.82 90159-50385 Screw £0.85 F1334-52020 Bracket assy £10.37
  3. To set the screen to dim with headlights on: Turn headlights on Press Menu Toggle Day mode on/off To increase outgoing call volume Whilst in a call Select "Transmit volume" from LH menu and increase as required. OM12L35E.pdf OM12L60E.pdf
  4. The so-called eCVT transmission in Toyota Hybrids is generally regarded as bullet proof and nothing like the CVT system in most other cars (including most Honda Hybrids) that have it. The Toyota system (sometimes called a planetary transmission) is fairly uncomplicated with a single central cog (Sun Gear), 3-5 (Planet) cogs around it in a carrier with a ring on the outside with its teeth innermost and meshing to the planet cogs. One is connected to the main electric motor, one to the petrol engine, the other to the wheels. Nothing slips, engages or disengages, swaps cogs etc. There's no clutch or torque converter, it's so simple it's beautiful. If one of the three pieces changes speed, one or both the others must change to compensate - for example: car is stationary, engine starts to charge the battery, the main Motor/Generator (MG) must spin the other way. car starts to reverse (engine not running), MG turns the other way. using cruise control at 60 mph, come to a steep upwards hill: engine revs increase (car stays at 60), MG must reduce rpm proportionally (or even spin the other way). hard acceleration, car speed increases, engine revs stay constant - MG slows (possibly reverses direction) proportionately to car's speed increase. Some nifty graphics are in this page: Conventional CVT gearboxes contain a system of cones with a flexible steel belt and as the cones move closer and further apart the band is squeezed and changes ratio continuously, but this systems needs a clutch or torque converter to handle being stationary with the engine running while in gear. There is a simple diagram in this explanation: I've driven a number of cars with 'conventional' CVTs, including Mk2 Nissan Micra auto, Honda Jazz CVT, Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Insight Hybrid and they behave uncannily like each other and the technically different Toyota eCVT in response to accelerator operation.
  5. Have you mentioned this before? If so can you remind us of your issue? (again there will be a full manual for the infotainment available to download foc)
  6. do you have the full manual ? Check page 57.
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  8. Hi. I suggest you find out the exact name of the gearbox as there is one system that is troublesome and costs fortunes to repair. Regards, Mike.
  9. Hi. I really would like to suggest to you to phone Adrian Flux either phoning them directly or contacting Dan@AdrianFlux, his contact details are at the start of this thread. I drive a normal standard Rav 4 and Toyota insurance for some reason doing less than 4000 miles per annum and Toyota insurance virtually doubled my premium even though I have full protected NCB so I contacted Adrian Flux and they quoted £300 cheaper than Toyota insurance, it was a win/win situation, Dan and Adrian Flux insurance were very professional it doesn't matter which you choose, Dan or the company the price is the same, I personally went directly to Adrian Flux but looking back I wish I had gone through Dan as he is very active on this club as he is easy to message if you have a question. Regards, Mike.
  10. 17s won't help with roll as that's a suspension function. What does the manual give as options? I would expect 17s with a lower profile to keep the same rolling radius should fit though it will make the ride harder.
  11. Gentlemen I've no idea what you're talking about, its Chinese to me, but wish you were closer! I'm in Lisbon, Portugal. My 2008 DCAT is being troublesome since I replaced the DPF (with trusted but non-Toyota part), I get bursts of white and sometimes blue smoke. It's been to Toyota twice if not three times, they can't find anything wrong with it, they say all readings are correct. I can get clouds sometimes and have been flashed by cars following, other times it's fine. The only thing I can start to work out is that most of the clouds are at varied speed and more often than not in suburban environment; at constant speed on motorways it seems OK, and particularly over 2500rpm (4th at 120kmh); at 2000 (ie 6th, 120 kmh) I get a regular white puff every five seconds, which I assume is DPF regeneration.
  12. Drove both and only a minor difference on a short test drive. How about the CVT transmission? Nice and simple. Does it work well and reliable?
  13. Hi Peter. Here's something I would consider and it's not that expensive and I believe they will come to your house or if you Google them it should show you a local trusted garage that can do this treatment , also the technician might be able to give you some advise that I feel could benefit you. Keep us posted on here to let us all know how you are getting on. Regards, Mike.
  14. Hi. Glad we could help out with your insurance. Regards, Dan.
  15. Never heard of purge fluid. This fluid you've got: could you not just add it into the fuel tank?. Any fuel pipes you remove might, I say "might", actually allow air into the system, which you'd then have to bleed out. I used to use a Millers diesel fuel additive, which amongst other things, claimed to clean the injectors. It was added when filling up the tank.
  16. Great idea! Does it fit tightly in the original cup holder?
  17. TP49


    Good you got the MOT. I've got Bosch wipers fitted I change them every year anyway what with all the crap off the roads. So don't expect them to be good after a year.
  18. 2005TSpirit


    Good to see that Toyota engineering and reliability is making for happy ownership. Went through the MOT a couple of weeks back. Passed with an advisory about rear brake pads wear. No mention of the front suspension arm rubber bushes at all. I'll do the rear brakes in the summer. Thinking to flush the coolant too, it's supposed to be very long life but not sure when it was last changed. Maybe the brake fluid too. I have a couple of minor niggles with the wipers. Front wiper blade rubbers (Bosch fitted) so-so. Has anyone found anything better and a source? Rear washer arm spring seems not strong enough to ensure the top of the screen is properly wiped. I fitted a new arm/blade a couple of years back though it's a third-party part. Any suggestions?
  19. Hi mike169 thank you for replying to my topic. I appreciate your advice and will use it. I have some diesel purge fluid which I want to run through the engine. It apparently cleans injectors and removed a any build up of carbon on pistons/piston rings which I understand can lead to head gasket issues if left to build up on my engine. I’ve seen it performed on YouTube. 2 fuel pipes used from the top of the fuel filter and both submerged into the liquid cleaner creating a fuel/purge circuit. The engine is run for about 20 minutes or so at different RPM. That’s all I want to do. Thanks again mike169. peter
  20. I have just realised the answer is that the bolts are "step" bolts i.e. have a shoulder that takes the specified bolt torque and sets the springs at a pre-determined length and tension onto the exhaust gasket. Amazing that the Haynes Manual does not make this clear. I just set the bolt so that the spring compression looks about the same as the side with the proper bolt. The exhaust fitters that did my exhaust must have snapped one of the special bolts and replaced it with an ordinary bolt.
  21. I'm interested in buying a 2005 1.6 Toyota avensis petrol just wondering if it has a timing belt or chain
  22. I'm axt very impressed with the response someone from the Sheffield branch rang me. Apologised.. assured me they will make changes to the car park layout and the service dept. Offered me a 10% discount on my next service or spare part purchase I make. Gd to see a company that act show care.
  23. Hi. It looks like the pipes come off quite easily, poring them with hot water will make them more pliable and make them easier to remove, one by one i'd remove each pipe and refitting each one once you've purged that one just by cranking the engine over so one pipe will pour diesel out, the one from the tank and another will pour diesel from the pump and I am guessing the 3rd pipe will be a return back to the tank, a return pipe if you like. You may have to purge/bleed out the air at the injectors once you have purged the fuel pump as you will of introduced air into the system. Mike.
  24. I'm not so good at expressing myself in English but I hope that it's clear/appears that low fuelconsumption and less CO2 comes first and is most important to me. That's why I did ask about this.
  25. I couldn't agree more. I was very pleased to be able to chose the top trim on my current Prius, and still order it with 'sensible' (IMHO) wheels. My last Gen 3 Prius was the most basic version (to get 15" wheels), but still had everything I really wanted (once I'd paid my dealer to install the switch to get the otherwise fully fitted cruise control system working!). My Gen 1 Prius had 14" wheels with Low Rolling Resistance tyres, and though I don't drive like I'm on an interview to work for Top Gear, I do sometimes drive in quite a spirited (but safe and legal) fashion, and I've never found these 'normal profile' tyres lacking. I choose plain white paint whenever possible, because I won't pay extra for something that does nothing for me, and it saves a little on a/c when the sun is on the car. It never ceases to amaze me just how much cooler mine feels to the touch even in low power spring sun, compared to my friend's dark grey Yaris, which often feels almost too hot to touch. Having said all of that, despite my 4th Gen Prius being the best car I've ever had (apart from auto headlights that seem determined to cause an accident when they come on suddenly at inopportune moments), it has one other big drawback that has forced me to go against the grain and trade it for a car that is far less frugal (when the damn RAV4 Hybrid finally arrives) - one downside of the world beating aerodynamics is the low stance of the car, that has exacerbated (maybe even caused or aggravated) a problem with my hips that has arisen since I got it. Getting in and out has become a painful (and often noisy!) experience. Before anyone says bigger wheels might have helped, the 17" ones are actually the same diameter at the outer edge of the rubber, just more metal and less air/rubber. It's a step backwards, but at least it drives as nicely as the Prius, has all the Hybrid benefits (but massive 18" wheels* and the aerodynamics of a house brick). At least with the updated Hybrid system it's environmental and energy consumption performance is relatively good for a vehicle that's in most respects unnecessarily large (for my needs), though is as relaxing end involving to drive as the Prius, has a spare wheel and digital instruments... AND doesn't make me shout when I get in and out! Like my Prius it should also manage around 600 miles out of a single tank (admittedly because it's a much bigger tank!). [* the space saver on the RAV4 looks bigger than the mains wheels on my Prius!]
  26. Hence my question. Glad it's sorted though.
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