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    The Android option would probably be better if you want to connect phones and Bluetooth sources. Also, the map apps can be a lot better. And don't even look at the potential price difference compared to the OEM options. The Android units can be really poor in build quality, though, so be careful on that point.
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    Toyota's recall checker - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-information/recall-checker
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    On sale the second half of 2020 - https://blog.toyota.co.uk/introducing-new-toyota-yaris
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    Hi All, A 1997 Mk1 3 door RAV has just come up for sale very local to me in the UK. It's kinda interesting as it's a lowish mileage for age (95,000 KM), Japanese import with air-con and half leather. I've not seen a 3 door Mk1 with half leather before. Anything unusual to note about this or is it standard Mk1 RAV with a bit of bling? I heard a rumour some Japanese home market RAVs were available with the 3S-GE BEAMS 177 HP engine. It's got to be worth checking it out just in case..... 🙂
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    I thought it would look really 'crappy' but actually not so bad! (I must admit a strip of black correx would be even neater - if I can find some) But the pipe insulators do the job... As I drove home tonight I used Hybrid Assistant to keep an eye on the temperatures - both in town and on the dual-carriageway. Even with the greatly reduced air through the grill, ( the lower grill is almost totally blocked off) the engine temp can drop very quickly if you slow down, or start using the heater. Anyone else doing this in the colder months? It does puzzle me that a hybrid would not come as standard with a radiator blind, or shutters. Also, why on earth are they not fitted with LED lights as a matter of course???
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    I've had my new Corolla for 2 weeks now, and have done some commuting, plus one reasonably motorway journey. First impressions, well it's a LOT noisier than my previous car, almost entirely due to the 40 profile 18" Falken tyres. On a stretch of the A41, which was chip and tar sealed some years ago, it made conversation an effort. Not great. On smoother surfaces the noise was tolerable. This was quite a change from the 17" tyred Design that I test drove. Lane departure warning / steering assist. Well, that's been turned off, probably permanently. I was travelling round a long curve on the A41, and the damn steering assist kept nudging me left, to the point it was so distracting as to be IMO dangerous. Then there was the bleeping if you changed lane without indication. Or when it picked up stray chevrons. Navigation. Not bad. Map detail not great, but the turn by turn display on the instrument cluster was good. As note previously though, the nav voice prompts don't mute / reduce radio volume, nor do they increase with speed/interior noise level as they did on my last car. Speed limit recognition. Pretty poor really. A local road had been 40mph for 20 years, Toyota (well their map supplier) think it's 60. It also decided large parts of Kingston on Thames was 20mph, when it's 30. And as for the variable limits on the M25, it was all over the place. I'm assuming it was recognising the speed from the overhead gantries? But it certainly didn't seem to register the "Nation Speed Limit" sign to revert to 70. Not to be relied upon. Seats. Not bad at all. Not sure why Toyota haven't used a rotary control for the backrest angle adjustment, but thankfully one of the "clicks" is right for me. Wheel is fully out and fully down, but again just ok for me, and I can still see all the instruments, with the seat right down. A bit short on the squab for my long thighs though. Visibility. Well typical for modern hatchbacks I guess, limited over shoulder and through the rear screen. Fortunately for me there isn't really a blind spot in the door mirrors, so I don't miss the blind spot warning system. Economy. I got 48mpg over 75 miles of mixed rural, motorway (mostly) and urban driving, including half an hour of stop-start into Kingston, without bothering to try to be economic, and driving in "normal" mode, which had enough get-up-and-go for motorway joining. Radar Cruise Control. I've had this before, on a Honda, and I liked it. It works well in the Toyota too. Pan roof. Maybe it's me, but the last time i had a sunroof it was a "tilt and slide" with two opening positions - first press you got the tilt, then it stopped. second press a slide. The pan roof doesn't seem to have that intermediate tilt stop position (mind, I haven't looked it up in the manual to check, just pressed the buttons!) Edit: I have now read the manual, and no, there isn't an intermediate tilt position, although you can stop it yourself in that position. I haven't had the opportunity to try the park assist - I really thought Kingston would be just the place, but the first and only free space was right at the end of a row :-). And the auto dip beam, because I've not been out after dark yet - that'll be soon though, when the clock go back. Gradually getting things customized, like display and instrument brightness. I think the "eco" screen / display animation, whilst fun for a while, is very distracting though, will have to hide that somewhere Oh, and my wife thought is was comfortable, and not too red, and she could get in and out more easily that on the lowered Quattro!
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    Had an argument with a stone pillar yesterday. I now need a new moulding for the rear door (the one which follows the wheel arch). I tried the local (Jersey) Toyota dealer - £56 plus sales tax of 5%. Would be a lot more in UK because VAT is 20%. I then tried eBay - local offerings much the same, plus delivery costs, but Partsouq in the UAE for only £36 including Fedex delivery (genuine Toyota part). The actual cost of the part was only £19!!! Why pay more?
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    I prefer the existing look in bi-tone. This looks just like a Ford Ka to me. But that wouldn't put me off if the doors open wide and the seating height is still relatively high. Our current Icon Hybrid is, frankly a fantastic car, now almost 5 years old. It has not had a single fault and with it retaining its £20 tax there isn't a lot of incentive to change yet as it is not our long journey car but my wife's (and mine) short journey runaround. Of course it has a good deal more modern tech in it which will be nice and will get Android/iPhone mirroring. (Hooray!) The 4 miles on EV only and 75mph on EV (for 20 secs?!) sounds brilliant. But I believe the new Renault Captur hybrid (non-plugin) will have even more EV mileage. To me this is a fantastic thing and the way forward because burning no fuel on all those winter school and shopping runs in a small car will be brilliant, especially for in town air pollution reduction. Update after reading the AutoExpress link:- Oh dear "You sit lower in this Yaris - the ‘hip point’ of the driver’s seat is 36mm lower than the previous car’s " I'm afraid that's done it for us. This is the big attraction for "older" people or those with mobility issues. The current version is great for getting in and out and better than most hatchbacks including my Audi A3. You wonder if the designers do any market research with existing owners to get their views! I mean I don't see you average Yaris owner saying I want it to be wider with lower seats and less leg room in the back but the same size boot !! There is rumour of an SUV version in the future so we will have to wait a couple of years.
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    Got my Dynamic AWD yesterday evening, long story short it was ordered by a colleague in May and he has since decided to retire at the end of the year, so I got it and he gets my 91k 2017 Tiguan. So far 500 miles done and towed for half of them and I’m impressed.
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    bit tricky when you are doing off a mobile phone, I never at any point said "as I posted earlier" I clearly stated "From an earlier Post" didn't realize it was a copyright issue, or even a possible disciplinary issue, seems somewhat draconian, anyone who had read the thread who have already seen it anyway, I was merely reproducing it.. without a claim
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    For a few quid more you can get one from a uk supplier Mvci or mini-vci, PM Me if you want to discus TS and Mvci further I posted some pics in the wrong thread earlier today Here are some snips from TS, click on the thumbnails for the larger image
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    I will do, most people on here seem genuinely nice, and ultimately have one aim, to enjoy our cars and to share infomation
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    How many people blank their EGR's or remove the DPF rather than fix/ replace them? I am not saying it's right but if someone stole your cat and you had a potential wait of over a month not being able to use your car until Toyota could replace it then I imagine it would be tempting to 'temporarily' bolt on a section of pipe? Personally I would go with a cheaper third party Cat section replacement. Best option would be if the police had the resources to nick the thieves in the first place.
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    ..... and - https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/toyota-cuts-co2-emissions-new-yaris-hybrid-lithium-ion-battery
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    Also https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-2020-toyota-yaris-revealed-ground-redesign https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/toyota/yaris/106619/new-2020-toyota-yaris-supermini-revealed-with-all-new-hybrid-tech
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    the latest version of TIS is at https://www.toyota-tech.eu/GTS/Wizard/step2-intro.aspx The software download itself is free but you will require an activation licence - from €5 for a day.
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    Do you notice any loss in power? Service history? Have the plugs been changed recently? And the air filter? Are the brakes binding (those are my GoTo questions for this type of question) Mileage?
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    Could be a number of things. Checked your tyre pressures lately? Clipped any kerbs/ potholes and knocked the wheel alignment out. Does the car feel the same, acceleration etc?
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    Cold weather, car takes longer to heat up to operating temperature, using more fuel. You will notice a drop in MPG, especially if you do a lot of shorter trips.
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    This is how it should look like, check right under the door lock (on the chasis), they are usually around there somewhere.
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    Toyota are not prescient (they certainly didn't foresee people using industrial grinders to just cut them off) & cat thefts were not an issue when the car was designed.
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    They have. They have introduced model-specific catlocs, and got their supplier to increase production to meet demand (3 shifts per day instead of 1), which has increased by 2000%. Plus they have reduced the cost of replacement cats, which may not directly help owners where insurance is used, but does reduce the costs to insurers, which may help in keeping renewal premiums low by lowering the cost of repairs. No manufacturer is going to be able to change the location of cats on obsolete models (Prius gen 2 and 3, and Auris), and, as cat thefts are not a safety issue, they don't come within scope of the DVSA recall system. Other manufacturers which are being targeted for cat thefts include Honda (Jazz and Accord) and Audi.
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    My 2006 Aygo has just gone over to 162,000. Runs like a dream fantastic car.
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    The manual is playing safe but it sounds like you would be better getting a 10m EV lead rather than using a mains extension lead. You will only need a 16A EV lead because the 2015 prius only takes 10A max. No need to waste money on a 32A lead.
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    Hello from Ireland. New to me 2009 T4. Very pleased so far. Love the colour combo and panoramic roof
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    Certainly by 2012 MY facelift. Other than the stupid position of the button by your left knee it's not really an issue especially on later cars (i.e. 2012 MY facelift on) - fear of failure seems to really outweigh actual failure rates although if they do go then the actuator is expensive (Toyota cs seems to look quite favourably on "goodwill" with many of these). All medium & above sized cars seem to be going over to EPBs.
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    Hi, best place to buy oil is from a reputable sellers like opie oils, Eurocarparts, but you can buy through eBay and amazon, you will get best prices there. www.carparts4less.co.uk also have good prices, it’s basically same as eurocarparts, Shell helix ultra 0w30 or 5w30 but make sure is ACEA C2 or C3, as already noted by other members. This is important for the life of your DPF if fitted one and the catalytic converter. If you use C2 you may get better fuel efficiency but may get higher oil consumption where if you use C3 spec you may have slightly lower fuel efficiency but also lower oil consumption. The difference in fuel consumption it’s absolutely minimal. It’s up to you which one you want to try but both are suitable for your car. You can get 2x 5l and have some extra in case you need to top up. 5w30 C3 is cheaper option too. More for the oil types here: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-acea-car-engine-oils-specification-explained.aspx Good luck
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    If that is to route the wire, can you not push the wire carefully under the trim carefully. Did that with my Prius all the way from top of windscreen down to the lighter socket near the centre armrest, tucked in all the way, in parts I used a blunt instrument just create a gap.
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    Hi guys. I know it's an old thread but thought I'd just share anyway. I have a 2009 Avensis Estate with 215,000 miles. Electronic brake has never given me any problems except for at very random times when pulling away in 1st gear it won't disengage which leaves me stuck in traffic nearly dragging the back of the car. It's only happened about 4 times in 5 years I've had the car. The red parking brake light is off on the dash but the epb is still on. Then it releases a few seconds later. I've replaced pads, discs and calipers over the years due to normal wear and tear with no issues after reinstalling all the hardware. The car is getting a bit tired now but as a commuter it's fine.
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    Your engine should be 1AD-FTV. According to owners manual, it takes 6.3L when you replace the filter, or 5.9 if you do oil service without replacing the filter. You can buy any oil with grade ACEA C2, preferably 0W30, or 5W30, check the compatibility chart below.
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    I am loving this car. 2019 Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Design:
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    Is this what you are after https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909252616933?make=TOYOTA&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&transmission=Automatic&radius=1500&year-from=2014&sort=relevance&postcode=da51ne&model=IQ&page=1 up in the miles but not bad for the year
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    Two things to consider when changing tyres - tread depth and ageing. Advice from tyre manufacturers on tread depth varies. Some say 1.6mm (eg Michelin) - tyres become more economical as the tread wears and changing tyres too early costs more in terms of energy used in manufacture and pollution. Some say 3-4mm (eg. Hankook) - better grip with deeper tread. Ageing - evidenced by cracks in the sidewall, between tread, or both - can result in weak areas, which may be more prone to puncture, etc. It is recommended that tyres over five years old are examined annually by a professional. Tyres over ten years old should be replaced.
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    Hi Tellboy, without trying to be nasty at all the Toyota MMT gearbox is more trouble than it's worth. My advise would be sell the car at the earliest you can. Regards, Mike.
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    Interesting that I was on the email list of the 'Talk to Toyota' activity until recently. All seems to have ceased. maybe they read some of my responses and it didn't fit with their ambitions for technological advancement and use of IT solutions for every possible activity. Where I'm going is that I (I'm sure there are others too) welcome the use of technology to make my complete motoring experience better. However, I'm not desperate to adopt IT at almost any price. When I'm serious about buying a car I might choose to order online (done once, low satisfaction) or actually visit a Toyota centre, sit in the car and talk to a salesman (high satisfaction). Why the difference? Simple, my rear end still doesn't fit the seat in my second Avensis, Likewise my head brushes against the roof. Neither of these problems I did I have with my first Avensis. IT solutions simply don't offer the user experience. Amusingly sitting in the new Camry I'm still brushing my head against the roof. So please Toyota, if you're listening, don't hamper us all with IT solutions. They may be efficient and enjoyable to play with after the local Toyota centre has closed for the day but IT really isn't the real thing.
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    Current cars are 1.8 hybrid excel chr 1.5 Yaris non hybrid (for now) any help needed with parts or images or instructions let me know and I’ll help where I can
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    Apparently the software for the apps hasn't been licenced by the software developers for the corolla so no apps available via the estore. Until then we have to wait. Hopefully android auto and apple play will come along soon I have worked out a way to play spotify youtube and a few other apps on the screen via an android phone Download 2 apps rockscout and floating apps £4.99) Start both apps and connect the phone to the usb slot on the dashboard near to the aux port This then brings up the apps on the screen. Not perfect but a start
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    Presumably the standard HIR2 bulb. The standard HIR2 bulb is already supposed to be approx 70% brighter than standard halogen, so comparing the Optiwhite HIR2 to standard halogen would be a nonsense. Extract from a post from CPN in the following topic after he fitted the Optiwhite HIR2's yesterday - "BTW, the new bulbs are excellent! What a massive improvement in both the headlights (dip and main) and the front fogs which are now actually useful (which they were not before IMO...)."
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    Dash light now sorted and working fine. As the BBA REMAN wanted the car left with them for a week ( £178 ) which I was not going to do and Autotronics seemed a bit a bit vague on when they could do it ( £153 ) I did a search on Google for dash light repairs and found Scorpio Electronics in Kings Lynn Norfolk that's about 50 miles from me, gave them a ring and arranged to take the car in yesterday morning, when I arrived I expected a business premises but the address was a private house. No worries as the owner, Mark removed the dash which I had left the cowel off and only one screw holding the dash in place and he tested the wiring to the dash and confirmed the problem was the LED he then took me with him indoors and allowed to watch him fix the problem. As he had not got the same Green LED as needed he took one from one of the load of printed circuits he has. The new LED is slightly darker shade of green than the original but the difference is only noticeable when using the hazards when you can compare. but as Toyota don't supply spare LEDS it means wherever you get a new LED from there is no guarantee it will the right shade of green. I am very pleased with how the job was handled by Scorpio electronics and it was fixed within an hour. Mark has a fully equipped repair shop for all things electronic and fully recommend the company. The cost was £60 which is a lot cheaper than the other quotes. As TAVY says, once you know how, its quiet simple. all I would need for soldering is a smaller soldering iron, Mark used a adjustable temperature soldering set up and looked an expensive piece of kit as did his other equipment.
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    Have found another company that will repair dash problems in Leicester called Autotronics that will fix the problem for me while I wait at a cost of £153 including VAT which is much cheaper than a replacement one, as they can test the dash just incase its not the Led or whatever but an wiring fault is useful. I did try emailing BBA REMAN as yossarian247 kindly suggested but as yet had no reply, anyway as I live in Norfolk Leicester is closer than Derby plus Autotronics appear cheaper and reviews are good. Now have to sort out when I can go there.
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    I use petronas engine oil and have done for some years and it's great
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    The key fob battery for my Plug In Prius needed replacing at 3 years 3 months old. I don't recall seeing a battery replacement showing on the dealer invoice for the second year service. In my case the battery was difficult to source locally so was bought from Amazon @ £2.35 for a pack of two Panasonic CR1632.
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    Its not like Cruise control... But I use it all the time Probably the best way to describe it is to compare it to cruise control Cruise Control: Usually you set a speed, and the car accelerates or maintains that speed (some advanced systems will also apply the brakes if the speed is considerabley over that of the speed set or if an object interacts with the radar some cars have fitted). One the cruise speed is set you can remove your feet from the pedals (or normally cover the brake, as you can adjust acceleration/speed with cruise stalk). If you brake or accelerate (hard) the system cancels automatically, and you have to set it again to enable it. How the Aygo's Speed limiter works: You set a speed (lowest is 20mph) or if your already moving above 20mph whatever your current speed is, again you can adjust the speed on the stalk afterwards. Whatever speed you set the car will not accelerate past in normal throttle control, but you must keep your foot on the throttle to maintain that speed. Now you can drive however you like the limited will stay set until you manually cancel it (so you can brake or accelerate and if you set it to 30mph, as soon as you hit 30mph the revs will die and the engine will only do as much work as is required to maintain that speed). There are a couple of extra bits of info: If you set the limiter and then depress the throttle hard(you can feel a slight click in the pedal) then you can continue accelerating beyond the limited speed, but the limiter will remain set for a further 30 seconds or so, so if your speed drops once more then your back on the limiter. The other thing is if you are going down hill and have your foot on the accelerator but aren't accelerating aggressively the digits on the dial will flash and it will beep to alert you that your exceeding your limited speed. tl;dr: Cruise control doesn't require you to keep your foot on the gas, speed limiter does, cruise control cancels if you hit the brakes, speed limiter doesn't It works great around town, where your in a 30mph zone for ages but your stopping at traffic lights and roundabouts all the time, as it removes the need to look at the speedo and you can concentrate more on the suicidal pedestrians. It also works quite well on the motorway too as the wind and road resistance is enough to !Removed! the car with small downwards adjustments and it just accelerates normally with upwards adjustments. The only issue I have with it is that you have to keep your feet on the pedals, which after an extended journey might leave them feeling a little numb (a problem you wouldn't have with cruise control) Hope that helps
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    Can we make this into a sticky it saves me uploading the pdf's everytime the questioned is asked?
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    For those who miss having a sunroof in their car.. you can have one fitted !! Found these pics of a RAV with Webasto 900 fitted.. Does this RAV belong to anyone on here ? Anyone else tempted ?
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    The upper brake light seal was the problem with my Aygo sport, unscrewed the lamp, bit of seam sealer has never leaked since, and that was three years ago.
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    Hello all, just an update on the airbag ECU. Sourced a replacement from a breaker, the same model and year, for £25. Removed the battery and left for 2 hrs. Removed the trim panel located between the centre console and the dash, folded the carpet back on the left foot well and removed the round clip from the right foot well - then pull from the front to release from the two front clips on the panel. The ECU now sits in front of you. Three yellow connectors in a line, with the square ones on the left and right being the sensors and the one in middle feeds through to the main car ecu. Remove the connectors by pushing down the retainer lug and pull back, noting the sequence. Unbolt the four torx bolts, easy for the front and fun for the back, Now simply replace with the replacement unit and reverse the steps back to reconnecting the battery. So with keys in hand this is the point that had me wondering. Deep breath and ignition on. Airbag light on and with the car running, imagine the surprise when the light went out and everything settled down. No bangs. No codes to clear down. Just a car MOT'd at 4pm and a clean pass.
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    I don't know if the Avensis is the same, but here is the diagnostic test for the RAV4 auto A/C system: CHECK MODE PROCEDURE 1. PANEL DIAGNOSIS (INDICATOR CHECK) (a) Turn the ignition switch to LOCK. (B) Turn the ignition switch ON while simultaneously pressing the A/C control AUTO switch and the REC/ FRS switch. © Check that all indicators and the display area are turned on and off 4 times in succession at 1 second intervals. HINT: After the indicator check is completed, the system automatically enters sensor check mode. (d) Press the OFF switch to terminate the panel diagnosis. 2. PANEL DIAGNOSIS (SENSOR CHECK) (a) Perform the indicator check. HINT: After the indicator check is completed, the system automatically enters sensor check mode. (B) Press the REC/FRS switch to enter actuator check mode. © After the actuator check is completed, press the AUTO switch to enter sensor check mode. NOTICE: The sensor check must be performed again after the actuator check is completed because sensor check mode, which starts automatically after the indicator check, cannot fully detect malfunctions. (d) Check the sensor check results displayed on the set temperature display. HINT: • The illustration shows the display when code 21 is output. • When 2 or more sensor check codes are detected, the codes are displayed in ascending numerical order. • In cases with 2 or more codes, if they are difficult to read, press the DEF switch to activate the step operation and display them one by one. • The codes are displayed in ascending numerical order as the DEF switch is pressed. (e) When any sensor check codes are displayed, refer to the DTC chart (see page AC-39). (f) Press the OFF switch to terminate the panel diagnosis. HINT: Pressing the REC/FRS switch returns the system to actuator check mode. 3. PANEL DIAGNOSIS (CLEAR SENSOR CHECK CODE) (a) Inspect, and repair or replace the malfunctioning parts. (B) Clear the sensor check codes. (1) While pressing the DEF switch during sensor check mode, press the Rr DEF switch. HINT: Sensor check codes can be cleared by removing the ECU-B2 fuse from the engine room No. 2 relay block for more than 60 seconds. © Perform the sensor check and confirm that normal code 00 is displayed. 4. PANEL DIAGNOSIS (ACTUATOR CHECK) (a) Start the engine and warm it up. (B) Perform the indicator check. © When the sensor check is started after the indicator check, press the REC/FRS switch to start the actuator check. HINT: Perform the actuator check with the engine running. (d) Check the temperature and blower levels by hand at each step while the actuator check proceeds from step 0 to 9 at 1 second intervals (continuous operation). HINT: Each step number is displayed on the set temperature display. (e) To display step numbers one by one manually, press the DEF switch to activate the step operation. The step number changes each time the DEF switch is pressed. HINT: • Each step number blinks at 1 second intervals during the step operation. • The illustration shows the display when step number 5 is displayed. (f) Press the OFF switch to terminate the panel diagnosis. HINT: Pressing the AUTO switch returns to sensor check mode.
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    One guy on another group I belong to has just had his cat stolen for the SECOND time. Not a happy bunny.

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