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    Hi All, We decided to service our Avensis ourselves yesterday, first diy service since ownership in 2015, and our first diY DIESEL service ever!!! The first 2 years were serviced by the main dealer due to the extended warranty we purchased, but at 260.00 plus for this years service, and no warranty remaining, i thought lets give it a bash. I purchased all the service parts from the main dealer by the way at a cost of 85.00 or there abouts. It was an experience ill never forget, and bad luck seemed to prevail lol. For example, at the start, opened my drivers door to remove keys and i knocked the drivers on the jack, small dingy, partner wasnt happy, we worked on this one togeather btw! For some odd reason the front number plate fell to one side, plastic bolt decided to go, strange! And at the end of the service i dropped my oil drip container and oil went everywhere, by then id had enough, and then we noticed the passenger side mirror indicator lens was smashed, NIGHTMARE, no idea how or when it happened, does ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THESE GO FOR AT THE DEALERS? My partners impatient for after the bank holiday to ring them, he is very particular about his vehicle, we assume it was the neighbours kids and their footy ball !!! Anyway, process: We already had the vehicle on axles btw since we had just replaced the front discs and pads (see my last thread), okay, so, poured in some Wynns engine flush, ran engine till warm, removed bottom covers ( only window for sump area and not for oil filter on our 2010 model so had to remove whole tray, not fun! ), removed sump plug and drained oil ( very messy job and intend never to diy that again), removed oil filter ( used a big shifting spanner for this off a neighbour luckily, we assumed it’d be hand tight on and off, wasnt an easy job ), refit sump plug, assembled oil filter with new filter remembering to oil new seals and refit, didnt change air filter as we have a k&n panel filter, then went about the diesel filter which Toyota told us is scheduled for this years service ( removed air box complete, 2 bolts, 2 or 3 electical connectors, and 3 or 4 pipes later it was off, assembled new diesel filter, poured disel from old filter to new, wiped diesel on rubber seals, wasnt fun at all doing all this, put everything back including air filter housing, primed by pumping that top black thingy on top of diesel filter unit ), poured in new engine oil....this bits frustrating as TOYOTA SOLD US A 5L BOTTLE and it drank the lot, however after checking the dip stick we’re just ABOVE THE MINIMUM MARKER, how much oil does this vehicle take??? And how much more do we need??? AAGHHHH! Toyota should have known and sold us more if need be, wont be using the car until after the bank hols to get more oil and get it sorted. Moving on....we started the car, and away she started, no cut outs but the eml came on and went off after awhile, removed axles, job done. Finally finished by replacing the cabin filter with a new one. So that is my story, othe than needed more oil, it took us in all, from 11.30am till 12.30am to fit new front discs and pads and a service with a few half brakes in between, we didnt enjoy it, and hope never to diy it again, it’ll be garage services from now on in the future, unlike my likkle Aygo, thats an easy peasy one for me lol. Hope this thread will help somebody someday, AND please do let me know about a. The wing mirror lens replacement b. My oil top up issue if anybody is kind enough to do so, thank you. Sammy
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    Auris name being retired and replaced by Corolla - http://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-corolla-enters-an-exciting-new-era
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    I don't find acceleration a problem with mine at all, and I often leave it in Eco mode. Flooring it will make the wheels spin fairly easily, and it can get up to motorway speeds quickly enough.
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    I have the x shift and use the flappy paddles on the wheel in manual mode most of the time. I find if I release the accelerator just before a change the change is much less jerky. In fact it’s not jerky at all. If I drive it in E mode from start it changes far too soon and in the lower gears from 1-3 it’s quite a jerky auto shift. But E is great in traffic.
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    Just Put a fuel additive in .. I used Wynn Formula Gold Petrol Treatment 500ml £16 Been for a long drive ..... worked the car hard .... did up to 50 in 2nd gear to get revs high , then into 3 rd I'm normally in 4 th at 30 mph .... felt strange ...but the car was responsive and not crying for a gear change it's driving a lot better and certainly back to Normal .... maybe I need to do this more often and it's just a round the town car mostly thanks for all the help everyone.... much appreciated
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    As long as everything goes to plan and there's no obvious reason why it shouldn't I'll be picking up a sweet little 01 Celica 190 on tuesday. It has a one and a half months MOT and looks like a tidy motor although it's hit 186,000 miles on the clock. Funny enough, just a couple of thou more than my Avensis has right now. I will probably enjoy driving it until October, quite a bit I suspect. That is when the horror show begins and it may well start next weekend because against every last bit of advice and opinion I've received this baby pocket rocket is in truth nothing more than a sacrifice being made to the greater glory of my Avensis. As my next project and a massive one at that is to taking that magnificent 2ZZ-GE heart out and make it beat anew in the body of my 02 Vermont vvt-i. Possibly it's my imagination or perhaps a degree of over sensitivity but I'm sure I can feel the bemusement, disbelief and even scorn of a number of purists and realists alike. Do I have any appreciation at all of the potential complexities and pitfalls of such a mad idea, or that's what I'm sure most who read this will be thinking. It's impossible, it's just plain pointless not to mention stupid beyond belief and at best why would you even want to do such a thing because if you did pullnit off you'll be left with basically what's still a well past 15 year old £600 mk1 Avensis. All I can say is I've considered the arguments deeply and the complexity and practicalities aside I can't think of a single good reason not to forge ahead with it as if it all comes off I'll still be the owner of my faithful old Avensis but she'll be rather unique and quite trick indeed which to me is better than any expensive, fancy alternative. As for the engineering, modification and most of all the roadworthiness and safety side of things that is where the true satisfaction and sense of achievement lies. I have a long history of car modifying, of researching into my ideas and of being very realistic about what is both possible and impossible so have good solid grounds to feel confident in attempting the task plus seeing it through. I fully intend to chart my progress and post updates along the way although once I have removed what I require from the Celica I'll be at least rebuilding it and mildly modifying it too before the actual transportation stage begins. Even then I'll be not only strengthening and preparing my car for its new innards but taking a lot of time to size it all up before anything begins. Wish me luck 👍👍
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    I have just done a pig of a job. The lighter socket on my Camry packed up and I use it for charging my phone, I thought well there must be a fuse somewhere, so I looked through them all under the bonnet, wasn't there, I knew there was another little fuse panel hiding behind a little fold down storage flap low on the right side of the dash. I looked there and sure enough there was the fuse, but it was ok and it had power on it? Ended up stripping the centre unit out to get at the socket and found that the power comes in on a spade connector and then there is a short bit of wire linking it to the centre pin of the socket and it was broken. So had to take it all out and solder a new wire on. seems stupid to have a bit of wire that fails before the fuse! Anyway working now.
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    The switch mentioned by olddriver goes in series and breaks whichever circuit you put it into. A manual mechanically operated immobiliser.
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    127k total, i've done 123k of it since sept 2010, 92 miles a day 4 days a week, never had to top the oil, changed the battery and thats about it apart from tyres.fridays and weekends just knocks around town.
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    Hey John, how come pictures of your car are always outside a pub
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    I'm still inclined to think that it might be the engine who is at fault here. Have you changed the spark plugs recently, if ever? Cleaned MAF sensor, put a new filter? I know that those things would usually throw a code, but it's behaving so weirdly without any code, so anything is possible.
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    As Catlover says, tne main cabin area is very much the same. I can't remember any significant change from Gen 2 to Gen 3 to Gen 4. However, Toyota seems determined to progressively reduce all the incidental storage over time. There was some loss between Gen 2 and Gen 3, but I can"t remember the details. However, the change was more significant from Gen 3 to Gen 4. The double glove box is now single and much smaller. The underfloor boot storage is non-existent in the Gen 4, where it has been replaced with a very expensive slab of polystyrene foam. Door pockets in the Gen 4 seem to have shrunk, especially in the back. On the other hand, the Gen 4 is a much better car to drive than both predecessors. It also gets much better mpg, while the Gen 3 only had marginal improvement over the Gen 2, probably due to the increase in wheel size from 16 inches to 17 inches.
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    Yeah, standard mid model life upgrade, so 2006 to 2012 will be fine.
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    Are you specifically talking about automatic transmissions? Because this is a good practice in mechanical transmissions, especially going downhill since this way you don't overheat your brakes with very serious consequences. Engine braking is a good thing guys.
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    Ah, Sutton Bank.. one of those awkward hills. Depends very much on the vehicle when you have a steep hill plus hairpin bends.
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    Konrad, you’re a star and thank you so much for taking the time out to put in your input, its members like you that make this forum an amazing place to gain knowledge, and provide people like me with the confidence to achieve tasks. So bless you. I aim to carry out the rear discs and pads this week, weather permitting. I achieved the front discs and pads yesterday, i wouldnt say tgat i enjoyed the task, but its done, process: jacked front end, removed front wheels, sat vehicle on axle stands either end, removed calipers, removed carriers ( i managed to mix these up from left and right, luckily i took photographs prior and could identify which was which), noticed the sliders were pretty sticky so i removed all of them in turn and regreased with multi purpose although i noticed white grease previously installed, wire brushed whatever needed doing under the arches, sprayed brake cleaner to the new discs and installed, put in new pads after copper greasing the end bits and metal slider thingys on the calliper themselves and following the arrow indicators facing downwards as per the old pads, pushed the piston back ( put a little multipurpose grease around the front of this afterwards ) each end whilst siphoning off a total of 35mls of brake fluid using syringes ( found this annoying ), painted the callipers silver using hammerite smooth, refitted alloys, removed axles, pumped brakes, checked brake fluid level, job done! Hope that helps somebody someday, and shows that females are capable of such jobs everybody lol ! With the help of my teenage son admittedly. I then moved on to my very first diy service which ill be starting a new thread on.
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    The T22 Avensis has used 8 engines - 6 petrol from 1.6 to 2.0, and two diesels. Hopefully the mounting solution will not be a problem. The electronic side (ECU and wiring) is for the experts, like yourself. I have years back been in a 3.0l Mk4 Cortina and a 3.0l Landrover with a rams head on the front bumper. That Landrover is still running and my friend will never part with it. Bob your car will be unique.
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    Bob, that is a big and interesting project. I will link you to a post where a Celica 6 speed gearbox was fitting to a 1.8 Avensis - I am trying to find another post where someone else (I think from Scotland), Also installed a gearbox into a Mk1 Avensis 1.8 vvti. What you should do is make a video of the Celica and how it drives with it engine, then Avensis before and after the running gear swap. Obviously the 2ZZ and gearbox combo will drive differently, especially in lift mode. In a way, it is like having a much more revvie engine and closer ratio gearbox, compared to my current Mk3 1.8 manual Tourer. Anyway Bob, this has to be the most unusual project.
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    try beat sonic. http://www.world-beatsonic.com/ Not 100% sure but they do kits for the Alphard so maybe estima too?
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    He's got to wait until he has collected enough beer cans to join together
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    if she puts a claim in with her company they will share the information so your company will find out anyway, better that you tell them.
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    The BM kits don't always have gaskets - you will be able to match up to the old ones if there is an exhaust fitting centre nearby - but given the cost, I'd simply order from Toyota. The two bolts with long plain shanks are for the connection to the exhaust. They're fitted with springs (use the old ones) to give some flexibility. The three nuts are for the heat shield studs. I'd be inclined to leave the lambda sensors at this stage - if being fitted by a garage, they will be able to check for correct response when the job is done - and in any event you're not experiencing cat issues currently. With respect to the cause of failure - DPF's do have a finite life. Other causes of failure include inadequate driving regime for regeneration and excessive engine oil consumption.
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    Yes, here you go: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01GHR36VY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    With my last three Toyotas, the service plans were based on Toyota's fixed price service costs - so no more than I would be paying if I'd not had the service plan - and this is how it should be. Plans aren't set in stone and costs can be negotiated. One difference was I negotiated the plans with service rather than sales. As well as fixing the cost for the period of the plan, the plans gave me 10% off any parts, accessories and labour (for work done outside the plan). As service costs haven't increased since April 2016, I suspect there may be an increase in the near future.
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    hi i was talking to a mechanic today he looked under the bonnet and said it has a sealed metal housing so it will be a chain, if it has a plastic housing it will be a belt any comments welcome cheers happy

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