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    Hmmm, maybe they've changed the calibration since my very early model. I only use ECO to accelerate if people are behind me when on a dual carriageway and I'm not causing bunching, as virtually everything passes me while I'm accelerating (away from a roundabout, for example) - even some very low powered cars. I think governments of both parities have shown unbelievable levels of incompetence with things like VED, plastic bags, pollution control (look how many court cases they've lost!) for more than 15 years. Government (and other) scientists warned way back that the VED favouring diesels would cause more problems than they solved, but were ignored. Many bought the cars influenced by lower VED, which only saved the the equivalent of one or two tankfuls a year, if that. A few friends who bought them when the were wholly unsuitable for their low annual mileage and generally short journeys were shocked when I did some sums and showed: they got worse mpg (and therefore probably emissions) than their petrol equivalents the diesel versions were about £1,000 dearer to buy than the petrol equivalent (at that time) servicing was more expensive resale values were lower (and that was before the current backlash!). For two of them, I reckoned they were £1-1½ thousand pounds a year worse off taking all that into account even with the slightly cheaper VED! Also, one of the carers looking after my Mum a few years ago bought an Astra diesel and found her battery went flat every 3-5 days. She did lots of ¼-½ mile journeys each day with just enough time in between for the engine to get nearly cold. Diesels generally need more electricity to start because of their higher compression and sturdier (heavier) components and therefore need more driving time to put the charge back. She ended up getting her husband to charge her battery twice a week! VED rules from April last year make me think the whole government barely has any brain cells between them! Whilst I agree EVs should be encouraged, vast proportions of the population simply cannot use them at the moment because they have no off-road parking where they could charge at home, and insufficient charging points elsewhere to make up for it. Surely, it should be a no-brainer to give some incentive for the next cleanest bands of cars, but obviously not. An extreme example is the BMW i3 REX (Ranged Extended) which attracts the same tax as the dirtiest petrol diesel car currently available, even though it's almost a 100% EV, but with a device to get you out of trouble in an emergency. If anything, this is ideal for people for whom range anxiety would otherwise prevent them from buying EVs. For many, PHEVs are a brilliant solution, allowing all or nearly all EV only driving for most daily commutes, but give the ability to make long road trips with no inconvenience. Again, after 1st year taxed like any other petrol/diesel. Before buying my latest Prius, I even shortlisted a Tesla Model S with over 300 mile claimed range. I ruled it out for a few reasons, but a significant one was even that range and lack of charging stations on the East of England would have made some of my less frequent journeys nightmarish, and in the absence of Tesla's very fast Supercharger stations, take an awful long time to charge up. I worked out that on a trip from the Norfolk/Suffolk border to Hull and back, if I could only use a domestic socket, I'd need a 30+ hour charge - a pain on a day trip! And it gets £310 VED because of its price. The charge point situation has improved a little since then, but not enough.
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    You need to make an account to see the images as well as part numbers. I use this sight along with http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota Toyota are very consistent with each generation of cars, so fixes for the Celica, are the same for Avensis using the same engine. Also the OBD jumper wire/paper clip tricks are the same across most the cars for ABS, SRS and EML until OBD2 standard and VSC systems came along. Then you need a diagnostic scanner that supports these later functions.
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    You are right though, Bob, a clean and sanitise of the a/c system, occasionally must help. I do mine annually and for the cost of a £5 aerosol is hopefully not going to break the bank and kill a few bugs. That's probably all the dealers do and quadruple the price!
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    The Gen 4 must be about as good as it can get for 21C transport. We had a meeting just the other side of Birmingham, and despite the car park situation of the North Circular, and the heavy load on the M40, with the radar cruise set to 65, the car returned 77mpg over the 120 miles on the way up, and ridiculous 81mpg on the way home. Radar cruise seems to do better than I can with careful right foot, despite me flicking my right foot off the throttle to bring in EV mode on flat or downhill sections And on flat section of road, the mpg does not seem to vary whether the cruise is set at 65 or 70 mph all this on 17” wheels, so who needs to look sadly at a set of buttons when such economy is available with proper sized rubber
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    Someone sent me this picture a day ago.... just cant resist posting sorry, too much of a co-incidence .... apologies in advance :P Yaris on a transporter....10 of them... white.... :)
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    I'd say wheels need to be balanced. That's why they put those tiny wheel weights on them, maybe some fell off.
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    I don't own an Avensis, but, the parking brake (handbrake) warning light is often also used as a 'low brake fluid' warning light. This would fit in with your symptoms. The sensor is almost certainly in the brake fluid container lid. Some very gradual drop in fluid level follows on from normal brake pad wear being accomodated by extra fluid behind the caliper piston. But, (when the brakes were last checked?) I would get this looked into with some urgency. It may be nothing more than worn brake pads and a lack of someone topping up the fluid. But if the fluid drops too far then you will have no footbrake. This is your early warning.
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    it will be an automatic filter rather than a moderator. Try putting in the name of a large town in Lincolnshire on the M180 ... 🤣
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    It would seem a moderator objects to the common abbreviation for a cigarette - sheesh!
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    DOT 4 will be OK, DOT 5.1 is for later cars that have ABS/TRC etc, its has a higher boiling point. DOT 4 and DOT5.1 will mix, HOWEVER please note DOT 5 does NOT mix as it is silicone based. So, either get another bottle of DOT 4 or upgrade to 5.1
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    Good for you.Hope its another year before you look up the old girls skirt again 😉
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    Update: I work with IT and I thought "What's the standard solution for 90 % of all IT problems?" The answer is a reboot, so I decided to disconnect and reconnect the battery. Worked like a charm! I no longer have to fiddle with the key in the dark 😁 Thanks to all of you!
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    You missed the context - it is a mistake if you want to be efficient (use less power) and, I would imagine, a person that buys a hybrid has their eye on efficiency.
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    My own mechanic recommends replacing the pump just in case it leaks after the belt is replaced, U just bought the car I think better safe than sorry, and get year's of trouble free motoring by replacing all the bit's. I think.
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    Great thanks. Working now for me. [emoji106]
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    Yeah that’s normal. Most cars have a least two speeds for the engine/aircon fan. I wouldn’t worry
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    If it a clean break, find a welder in a local garage. They will be able to repair the exhaust at a fairly cheap price. Saves on messing with the sensors.
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    Only if you buy the camera from them plus not all Halfords are competent ...
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    Hi Gerg, Thanks for your comment! I actually got this fixed today, and as you say it was the break fluid, that just went below the (Low) marker. So everything is fixed now! 🙂
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    I had a car (yonks ago) that suffered from carburettor icing. Found someone had drilled the, metal, filter housing, bypassing the hot air inlet. Drove me mad for a while. All I had to do was stop and light a !Removed!, by which time the engine had warmed enough to melt the ice.
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    Hi. From what you have said the hole sounds suspicious and perhaps gaffa tape would be a stronger repair if it needs one at all...….the photo will of course show better. Mike.
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    I have driven Camrys in the US very recently for 1000s of miles (not the brand new version though). Cabin cubbies/storage etc. was better than current Avensis & cabin seemed noticeably wider although the external dimensions that I can find say that there is only an inch in the external dimensions. Internal plastics not as good as current Avensis but I believe that is improved on the latest version. 2.5l hybrid power train would suit me fine but if there is no estate version it will be a non-starter for me next time I am in the market (might have to be a RAV 😜). I wonder where "our" Camrys will be built? Presumably Japan as RHD?
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    It's a bit over the top though - all they need to do for that is disable being able to take it out of P. It's a nuisance if you want to wait in the car while charging, e.g. using the radio or aircon.
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    You certainly don't need A/C on all the time...use it frequently YES...as it keeps the system in good condition. As for the extra fuel useage.?...minimal surely and well worth the "cost" for the benefit it gives WHEN you need it.

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