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    I'm surprised you say that, I had a 2000 and 2011 Yaris and with the rear seat slid fully back there was loads of room for four fair sized adults. Even when we went for a weekend away with 2 friends and we all had overnight bags, with the rear seat half way back all the luggage went in the boot and everyone still had enough leg and head room. Sadly, the same cannot be said of Yaris from 2012 onwards, I simply couldn't consider one as there's too little legroom in the back and headroom even worse. Not to mention the generous interior oddments space of earlier models became one very small glovebox and virtually nothing else.
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    I got my Gen2 new in Jan 2007, and 12 years & 107K virtually trouble-free miles later have just handed it on to my newly-married daughter. I say virtually as a couple of years ago the ABS warning lights came on, but this turned out to be a problem with the sensor and not an ABS fault. I've replaced the 12v battery once and the exhaust system once. There's no way I would give my daughter a car that I didn't think was totally reliable. No technical info to share, but for what it's worth in my view if you've got £5K to spend on a 2nd hand car, you could do a hell of a lot worse than a Gen 2 Prius.
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    No I am NOT going to break out in song........ Its what a difference this nice summer type weather in February is making to my mpg Here is my very latest Prius Gen4 mpg. Sunday 24th Feb was a return journey of 8.5 miles each way. Tuesday 25th Feb, we travelled about 18 mile to Warrington, then moved around that town, Wed 26th Feb Was a return trip to Sheffield area. Today 27th Feb Was 2 return journeys in the local area, largest of which was 5 mile each way, so mostly on cold engine starts. I very impressed with these figures, cant wait for the real summer to come. I just love my Prius.
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    Hi, Your garage should not have made you a quotation or told you 'to keep an eye on it'. On my mk1 Aygo, the water pump started to leak very early. One day, I brought my car for regular servicing and I was asked to schedule a day rapidly to have the water pump changed. It was replaced under warranty. Your situation is usual with car dealerships. As long as the car is under warranty, there is nothing to worry about, it can wait. And as soon as the warranty has expired, everything needs replacing urgently 😄
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    The displayed range after a full charge is not directly proportional to your battery capacity, it is based on previous journeys and other data. Your efficiency will be down during winter due to lower ambient temperatures. The battery will generate heat while charging, but that's not enough. Li-ion batteries like operating temperatures closer to 20 degrees.
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    The rear seats have great flexibility I agree, but I'm over 6ft and passenger space is limited compared to my previous auris and avensis. Good point, there are so many storage compartments in this model. Even one behind the steering wheel! How does this model hold up to rust? All I can really see is the rear beam has surface corrosion all over it but nothing a rub down won't cure. Also does anyone have a recommendation for a set of spark plugs? I've seen Bosch and ngk for sale around £30 for a set. Thanks
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    Great purchase 👍 You don't see many of these Yaris these days, if your going to tinker with it the guys to talk to are Se7en Motorsport great guys and with the engine been a celica one they know them very well.
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    our 04 Yaris 1.3 is due its test next week. The previous test showed advisories for rust just about everywhere underside. However the tester was very picky in this as he also listed as an advisory the bottom edge of a rear door that had a few rust bubbles in the paint. That definatelt should not have been an advisory. I have worked away with a finger sander and chipping tool on the rear halfunderside of the car and after cleaning it up have mostly done it with Hammerite and then Bitumin Underseal. Lots of superficial rust but no holes so the back half should be ok, No time to do the front but visually the back was much worse than the was worse than the front. So my question is who has had a Yaris fail the MOT through rust in the structural bits and where abouts on the car was it. Also was it possible to repair it?.
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    The latest episode of The Carina Journey has just gone public on my YouTube channel. Feel free to take a look, thanks.
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    Don't know where to post this as I found advice in several of the RAV4 sections of the forum, but having had the RAV4 dashboard light up like a Christmas tree, and having looked at all the excellent posts on here, was able to alert my mechanic to the fact that just because the ABS and brake system and VSC warning lights were on, this did not mean a complete breakdown of the entire ABS system, and that they might check the brake pedal actuator no matter what the code fault reading was. And the brake pedal actuator was indeed the culprit ... it makes such a difference even if you don't fix these things yourself to be able to walk into the repairers with a hint of where they might start looking. Thank you all contributors. 😋 Btw, having paid for the diagnostic and the minimum 1-hour labour (a reasonable total of £64), I had fitted the £28 Toyota genuine article rather than the £7.99 option. Didn't seem worth paying for the cheap option if I had to fork out another £64 sooner rather than later ....
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    it's a Nextbase 380GW so you can Google for reviews of that. Obviously it's a front camera only so if you want front+rear or if it doesn't have features that you wanted it's not suitable. If you go for it I would definitely get the dealer to fit rather than Halfords.
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    Hi we took out the new Toyota Corolla 2.0 for a test drive last week and we loved the drive. So we went to place the order for a Corolla Excel 2.0 in Bi tone red then the dealer said no spare wheel comes with the Excel hatchback even though there is space for a spare. The dealer said if we order a Corolla Design model or lower models in Corolla you can have a choice of a tyre repair kit or a space saver. We even tried the parts department and we found no spare wheel available. We have contacted Toyota asking if we could order or in the Corolla at a later date a spare wheel will be a option at a later date and the answer no as this will change the CO2 emissions because of weight. Which we can not understand as you can have a panoramic glass roof as a option which weighs more heavy than a spare wheel kit. So at the moment we walked away from the Toyota dealership without ordering a new corolla as we wanted a spare wheel get even from the parts department.
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    Hi I have had a test drive today in the all new RAV4 it was the 2 wheel drive Dynamic full leather. In a word brilliant. Ultra quite in EV mode apart from a slight wine from the electric motor on moving off and on stopping, it wasn’t a problem AT ALL to start with I thought it was an emergency vehicle in the distance, I kept looking in the mirror expecting to see police/ ambulance . On the dual carriageway. It was very quite on full acceleration noisier in sport mode , back to normal driving mode and I was pleasantly suprised by the lack of engine noise that was present in my 2014 Prius Plus when flooring the throttle ,there was always lots of engine noise whilst waiting for the CVT to catch up. a vast improvement in the new RAV4 . When the car goes from EV to petrol engine and back again you can’t tell ,even if your listening for the change The cabin was very well screwed together the driving seat was easy to get my ideal driving position (6ft) comfortable and very supportive . Back to the dealers and parking up so quite in EV mode full rear camera . Very good test drive with dual carriageway and town work . next test driving Lexus NX on the same route, followed by the Audi Q3 Sport 35 TFSI S tronic They have quite a lot to do when you consider the RAV4 5 year warranty and 2 years interest free finance . Plus the RAV4 is an all new design
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    As Konrad said they are excellent cars to buy used for someone that intends to hold onto them. very reliable naturally aspirated engine to minimise potential expensive issues down the line & reasonable economy very reliable auto box estates very flexible/practical long manufacturer warranty that is transferable to new owner cheap to run The downside for someone looking to buy is relatively few petrols around & even fewer available for sale 😛 Hopefully for an owner that translates into an easy sell when one does want to. 😄
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    They do hold their value, I bought my 2012 Prius+ T-Spirit at 6 months old for £24k (IIRC new was around £29k) and still got £17k trade in 3 years later for it, well pleased, it meant I got my brand new Gen 4 for £11k. 6 months old seems to be the sweet spot for value, it lost £5k in first 6 months then only £7k in the next 3 years.
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    The Prius+ is quite a bit more expensive. But you will get much more back when it comes to selling it. Taxi drivers and other professionals are keen to get their hands on them. It is such a solid car. We have both Toyota and Lexus hybrids. The Prius+ is the one that has held up the best. After 130.000 miles it still drives like new. Nothing has broken on it so far. Several previous comments on fuel economy. I can say that we have done a fair amount of mileage on the German Autobahn with the Prius+ fully loaded with and without roof box and winter tyres. The worst I've managed is 41MPG. That was cruising long stretches at 90-100 MPH. On UK motorway speeds, expect to get around 50. The only downside of the plus is lack of towing and that it's a bit dull to look at. But it is good to drive, in a relaxing way (it certainly is not fun) and you can munch through the miles on motorways or navigate city centres without effort. The TomTom derived built-in SatNav works but is not very good. Oh, and I almost forgot. I've used the plus for band gigs. Fitting drum kit and amps and cabs. No problem when you fold both second and third rows.
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    depends on insurer - always best to check beforehand.
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    I have now modified the Vac Gauge to suit connection to my Inlet, using std 4mm pipe. I forced a steel nipple into the main body with a piece of old Morris 1000 dizzy rubber elbow (never throw anything away!) Here is the new 4mm red silicone pipe I will re-do my carb and dizzy with (nice tight fit onto the gauge) 2sav
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    That to me is totally unacceptable from the dealer and Toyota Greece. Who did you contact at Toyota Greece...... go higher up the management chain...... to a high level. Dont ask if 4mm is acceptable.....TELL them it is NOT acceptable
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    Hi, It was indeed the same problem. This is what I found after removing the air filter box: No gear position sensor as far as the eye can see! After some searching I found it a bit further to the left and down, below the grey cable: (you can see the attachment point lit up in the bottom part of the picture). After reconnecting it the error vanished and everyone is happy :)
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    Funny how things turn out - I had a test drive in an NX in 2014 and eventually decided against partly because the ride and seating were just too firm for comfort (odd for a Lexus - perhaps because it was the F-Sport version?). I wrote up some notes at the time: http://www.biwel.com/pmb01/PeteBs Lexus NX Test Drive.pdf - they were aimed at a Prius owning audience to some extent so some of the comments relate to that. At the time, I wasn't interested in a RAV4 for a number of reasons, but the new model does appeal, partly because as I get older my hips are starting to protest at how low the latest generation Prius sits to the road. A big downer for me is the lack of a Heads Up Display - something I've grown to use extensively for the last 7 years and almost 100,000 miles. One saving grace is the new digital dash on the RAV4, which means I can choose a digital speedo (I hate old fashioned dials - not had them for 19 years and over 300,000 miles), although I wish the speedo digits were as large as those on the Prius. That's something I'll have to weigh up carefully once I get a test drive in an AWD RAV4. It's a shame we don't get some of the features the US market gets (even at extra cost), like heated screen and washer nozzles, heated rear seats, ventilated front seats and digital rear view mirror that isn't blocked by luggage or rear passengers. US reviewers have generally been complimentary about the ride comfort of the new RAV4, but said the road and wind noise at higher speeds is higher than they expected or would like. Something else I'll be considering careful (and measuring with my decibel meter). Once I get my test drive I'll try to post some notes here too.
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    Thanks Jeff 👍 aren’t forums great,like minded people helping each other . POLITICIAN’S please note
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    Doubt it would bother them to be honest, have you seen the video? Low life thug prepared to pull up in the middle of the road, hold the traffic up while he steals the cat, not bothered in the slightest, plates on his car probably cloned so the chances of finding him would be slim
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    Oh they do! Battery powered angle grinder, sod the noise it makes, several can be stolen off the likes of Hilux etc in a minute, just grind through and gone, causes thousands of pounds of damage. We keep all our Hilux locked up in the workshop at night
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    The 1.33 can suffer from carbon build up on the valves/valve seats causing poor valve sealing and a lack of cylinder compression, symptoms can include: Poor startability / extended cranking Poor / unstable idle Engine stalling Lack of power Excessive oil consumption Engine rattle The official fix/modification was a big one consisting of modified: Rocker cover, Piston oil Jets, Piston Sub-Assy, W/ pin, Ring set, Piston and a strip, clean and rebuild of the Cylinder head in all about 20 + hours of work in a workshop.
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    Bear in mind regard;less of other factors, the range will decrease in colder weather and should improve again in warm,er weather. So when comparing EV range, you need to compare with range figures produced (or estimated) at similar temperatures. I've spoken to a few (first generation) PiP owners who said they got 12 ish in the summer and 8-9 on cold winter days even when their cars were fairly new.
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    It's stated in the manual that reduction in capacity is expected over time and use, and the warranty also states that this is not covered - unlike other manufacturers (maybe Nissan?) who do state a specific loss in capacity that will be covered by the warranty. I don't think the health check really takes loss of capacity into account. One thing I would suggest is to check your brake calipers are moving freely and lubricate the guide pins (slide pins?) at least every 2 years, especially the rear brakes. I gained nearly a mile in range after sorting out mine, though I had to replace all the rear pins as they were badly corroded. Regarding fuel consumption in its current state: I'd recommend starting the ICE during some higher speed/low traffic section to avoid any unnecessary idling during the startup phase. @altocumulus I'd say your observed reduction in range is down to the change in ambient temperature and road conditions in winter. It should go up again in the coming months. I don't know how you're putting up with no heat up there!
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    What is covered under each service is detailed on Toyota's website - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/service-mot-maintenance/servicing - and this has been the case for a number of years. I've had service plans on each of our last three Toyotas, and have been aware from day one of each service plan, which services were included. A plug change is included as part of the Full+ service, but if your service plan was only for Intermediate and Full services, a plug change would be extra. To know what one is paying for, in my opinion, is an essential part of any purchase. Aside from the above, as your car is over five years old, you could have taken advantage of Toyota's Essential Care scheme, which reduces the servicing costs quite substantially - for the Auris £120 for a silver (intermediate) service and £200 for a gold (full) service. Also til the end of 2019, there is an offer of a silver service and MOT for £99. See the link above.
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    Surprised how little interest there is on here, in the motoring press and in general. It is a good looking car with a very high spec even at the bottom end. Considering it's actually in the showrooms it is surprising there are no decent reviews yet in the main motoring press.
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    Hi my first post and new to toyota after 10 years of owning 4 different Smart cars i picked up a new yaris icon tech hybrid in chilly red yesterday i must say so far what a great car it is so nice to drive , Top marks to Maidstone Toyotas sales staff a totally different buying experience to Mercedes Smart who could not cere if you bought a car or not , i normally change my cars every three years but i have told myself that this one is my last new car 🙂 . I was looking at a EV but i have no off street parking to charge a EV and where i live in Kent there is only one charge point so i went for a Hybrid , i will keep you all posted on how i get on with the car over the next few months but so far so good
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    That’s we drive Toyotas. Not like the Vauxhalls we used to have or fiat like the gf used to have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Give it a proper high-speed run so as to burn off all the carbon and other crud that's clogging up your engine. A diet of low-speed urban traffic will do that sort of thing to any car. 70 miles up the motorway at 75mph, and 70 miles back at the same speed ought to be enough. (Keep it down to fifth or even fourth gear if you can't go that fast.) An Italian tune-up like this will also do wonders for your emissions in the MOT test. But obviously, do make sure that water, oil and tyre pressures are all OK before you set out on your carbon-busting run. Returning to your point, I have a 64 reg Touring Sport 1.6, about 60K on the clock, and my normal mpg varies between 38 and 44. (More in summer, less in winter.) If it's doing city stop-starts, it might only manage 33 mpg. But the Italian tune-up will always add 3-4 mpg, sometimes more. On long journeys in France, the car might average 46 mpg. That isn't very good in comparison with more modern engines, which is why Toyota have stopped making it now - but the 1.6 is a simple old charmer - no turbo, no gimmicky electronic tricks, just an honest to goodness lump that will still be running when all the 1.2 turbos have whizzed their little bearings off and left their owners at the mercy of their dealers. You also have better rear suspension than most other models in the range, and it'll have improved the ride more than somewhat. Nice reliable car, enjoy it.
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    Hi All, It's OK cleaning it after you leave the car and walk away, but isn't the problem reversing before you're finished with the car, and the lens being dirty.. I found that some sort of rain repellent works best.
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    You will need to visit sites like Connects2 http://www.connects2.co.uk/ and Autoleads - https://autoleads.co.uk/ . They supply the fitting parts you require. As for the stereo, you need to do a Google search. Some Android systems don't use standard connectors, and I advise not to cut any wires in the loom! I rather have adapter cables because if the Android unit has a problem, the wiring and plugs will be there to put the original unit back. Also makes for a better plug and play, and safer too.
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    I don't know what E11 Corolla spares availability are like in Scotland but in Birmingham they're non-existant. The only place breaking them in droves properly is in Ireland. Plus, you've the issue of whether or not the tank you're getting is up to snuff as well. However, I remember there was an episode of Wheeler Dealers where they got the tank of a Triumph Stag repaired, so that can be done. They braise/braize a piece on to the patch and it's good as gold. This might be an option for you, and with the labour combined with the purchase of a second hand tank I don't think it'll cost you more and would maybe be a better option?
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    I had a squeak, think it was my Yaris. I lifted up the rubber gearstick cover, dropped a few drops off oil and worked it around.
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    How gratifying it must be for the learned members on here who answer the many questions posted on these forums to see a post like this. Nice one Keith
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    i'm sure the water pump will be covered under warranty, like others have said get it looked at sooner rather than later, the original mk1 aygo had their water pumps warranty extended to 5 years as there where issues with them so i cant see why the mk2 aygo would have a shorter warranty. since there is a weep then something has started to fail and this should be covered you shouldn't have to wait for total failure before something is done for you. get back to your dealer.
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    You're in London. It's flat there. Take your time and relax and use the hybrid gently but firmly. Here, it's hilly. We can get as low as 30mpg locally sometimes. If I were to state our overall average MPG, it would be the mid 40s but going further it would be the low 50s. Motorways we can get 60mpg but we have to keep the speed down. Mick.
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    See https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-corolla-gr-sport-and-trek-models-to-debut-in-geneva
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    Enjoyed the trip back more in daylight. I did have one brief burst of speed to overtake a over cautious mere driver. Let’s just say the car picked up speed from 40 to 80 going downhill in just a couple seconds. Then some serious regen lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Various manufacturers call it different things, it's been called VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) by Toyota since 1995 when it was introduced.
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    Hi, Two options, if its a once only EML then you can disconnect the battery for a while and that should turn it off. If it returns straight away then its a hard fault. However in either case its best to first have the stored event codes read out so you can get some idea of whats likely wrong. The error code/s will say which sensor is detecting an error, but that does not always mean its the sensor at fault, it could be something else going wrong causing the sensor to detect a problem. You can ask most garages to do it for you, though check what the cost is first, or buy yourself a code reader, from £10 on the usual places, but make sure its compatible with your model.
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    That's a bit disappointing, Tony...hope they get their act together and sort it.
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    Yeah, Anthony. We'll be a two Yaris family tomorrow, as my wife has got a 62 plate 😂
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    Fully agreed with Byzii, absolutely right about diesels. If you a doing a high mileage just get an Hybrid one. I am currently driving Auris Hybrid gen1 , covering excess of 60000 miles per year and I am doing 60+mpg in summer and 50+ mpg in winter , mostly motorways plus some country lanes and some town driving in heavy traffic where diesel manual it’s a full stop. Diesels are now difficult to sell but in few years time would be impossible, nobody would like to buy them , where Hybrid and electric vehicles will be easy come easy going. Also diesels not as nice to drive as Hybrid or petrol unless it’s straight 6 bmw or merc, Audi or jag. All it’s up to you, we only suggest. Good luck with the new car 🚙
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    Hi, I agree with Mick F. Take your car out for a good run. Once warmed up, race it in each gear, and watch in your rear view mirror, when you dip the clutch you should see sparks coming from the exhaust, as any carbon deposits get red hot and break away. Best done at night, for a spectacular showing.

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