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    I don't have the version numbers off hand for you but I will just mention that the update takes some time to do so to anyone who still needs this doing do be prepared for this. I had my car's first service a couple of weeks ago, which took an hour and 20 mins while I waited. I asked about the software update (I'm still on the original 2019 first version) and was told this can't be done while being serviced so it has to be done afterwards. The update takes a further 90 minutes. As the wait that day was already so tedious I didn't bother getting that done and will wait for the next service when maybe I can leave the car with them for the day and get a courtesy car.
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    New generation Yaris will be available as Icon, Design, Dynamic, Excel & Launch Edition. Icon will feature: •16" Alloy Wheels •Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 •Adaptive Cruise Control •7" Multimedia + DAB •Smart Phone Integration •E-call/DCM/Voice Activation •Driver Seat Height Adjustable •Reversing Camera •4.2 Coloured TFT Display •Leather Steering Wheel •Front Power Windows •Power Heated Mirrors •Automatic Headlights •Automatic Wipers •Rear LED Lights •Rear Spoiler •EPB + Armrest (Hybrid) •Auto A/C (Hybrid) Design will feature Additional to Icon: •16" Machined-face Alloy •Rear Privacy Glass •LED Headlights •Full Rear LED Lights •LED Fog lights •Rear Power Windows •8" Multimedia •Binocular-inspired Display •Painted Front Grille Dynamic will feature: Additional to Design: Additional to Design: •17" Machined-face Alloy •Black Partial Leather •Smart Entry •Push Button Start •Dual Zone Auto A/C •Passenger Seat Height Adjustable •Piano Black Interior Style •JBL® Premium Sound System with 8 speakers Excel will feature: Additional to Design: •17" Machined-face Alloy •Light Partial Leather •Smart Entry •Push Button Start •Dual Zone Auto A/C •Passenger Seat Height Adjust •Auto Fold Mirrors •Blind Spot Monitor •Satin Chrome Interior Style •6 Speakers •Front/Rear Parking Sensors and ICS with Auto Breaking Launch Edition will feature: Additional to Dynamic: •Tokyo Fusion & Eclipse Black Pearlescent Bi-tone •Auto Folding Mirrors •Blind Spot Monitor •10” Full Colour Head Up Display •Clear Blue Ambient Lighting •Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
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    The drain on the 12v battery is possible to do with telematics which the Corolla has linked to your My Toyota app as it works similar to a vehicle tracker which also puts a drain on the 12v battery
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    Little update here. She went for that tyres and they look amazing on the car, never seen a tyres with that large rim protector, lol if you about keeping your wheels safe from kerbs these are the tyres to buy👍 Haven’t try them yet myself but once I do I will update with review here and on the tyres review website. The rubber feels soft and nice to touch but let me drive the car first and then I can share some more information. Hope someone else with same tyres share his view about them.
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    I have an European Yaris 2016 model without cruise control. On AliExpress I found part 84632-08021, which is the cruise control module for the 2015-2016 Yaris. I assembled it, but it doesn't turn on. At first I checked if the module was being recognized by going into service mode (press the music button and turn on/off the lights 3 times). All the buttons are registering, except the cruise control module. This made me think that I missed the additional wires for the ground and ECM, but those are already connected. I didn't check if pin 40 is free on the ECM as I couldn't undo the connector. As you can see in the pics below, I have quite a few more connected cables in the connector compared to guides from other people (with different yaris or prius cars). https://imgur.com/a/UarzCik I was thinking of getting a mini VCI and check it that way using techstream, but I'm not sure if this is the correct next step. What could be the problem and how can I fix this?
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    This item AURIS Hatchback Oct 2012 Onwards Got these from amazon uk they are just like the originals £19.99 they’ve been great for me HTH
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    Toyota list them on their eBay store https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Genuine-Oil-Filter-Assembly-90915YZZJ1/322352370487?epid=645163305&hash=item4b0db2d337:g:0XcAAOSwdqNcSQcK £10.75 inc post https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Lexus-Oil-Filter-90915-YZZJ1-OE-Petrol-New-Original/254374688597?epid=645163305&hash=item3b39e9b755:g:P4QAAOSwB8NdkbdL
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    Its 25Nm/18 ft.lb. Replace the washer. With sump plugs I also put a couple of turns of PTFE plumbers tape. That guarantees no leaks. You don't need to fill the filter.
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    wow that's extreme, luckily from my parents, I always knew a car needed an oil change every year.
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    Many thanks to you both - I've had a look and there is a rubber pipe section to the breather pipe, and a chunk of it is missing! It looks like something's taken a bite out of it. It's secured at either end by hose clips, so will be a cinch to fix, but I will have to find a replacement hose from somewhere. My local garage won't do petrol tank repairs and no way am I using the main dealer again. So thanks again - I was able to go straight to the pipe thanks to Devon Aygo's exploded diagram, and Kithmo's response pointed to the likely problem area. Glad I posted!
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    I had this once with the Gen 3 I had, it was overflowing down the breather pipe on to the back wheel. After than I never did a "second click" fill just stopped at the first and it never happened again.
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    i have a similar problem with my 2008 2.2 diesel estate new discs and pads all round cleaned and installed properly, but, solid pedal when stood , engine off, start car press pedal and if i keep pressibg it will travel to floor, but still got a brake, travel in car and got a brake but pedal travel is about half way, weird and they have been bled properly, so im thinking is master cylinder seals on way out? and can you buy a seal kit? i am the member but forgot pasword.john.
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    May only be affected if a warranty claim arises which is dependent on correct servicing.
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    Toyota do offer an accessory gearknob for 2014> Aygo in a choice of colours: Part # PW466-0H001-## Replace ## with C0 - Bold black JF- Cyan splash BG- Electro Grey EG- Orange Twist DC - Red Pop BH - Silver splash A0 - White Flash Priced at £81.53 + vat Also available: 33504-0H050-P0 - Magenta fizz £129.33 + vat 33504-0H050-B8 - Yellow £129.33 + vat 33504-0H050-P4 - Mandarin pop £129.33 +vat 33504-0H070-B1 Chrome £129.33 + vat
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    Picked my car up today. £120 for the service (not bad) but he only stamped the no 3 box in my service history book, so 1 & 2 empty boxes. Paid another £300 for fixing the damaged wheel and tyre. But at least my car is safe and running perfectly 😃 and remember to put a reminder in my phone for the next one! Thanks for all your comments x
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    Lots of people buy service plans for many reasons including 1) you can pay monthly 2) it’s usually cheaper then paying for services annually 3) you know you getting main dealer service 4) warranty is kept in tact. My Prius and the wife’s Auris service books include an air filter inspection at 20,000 miles, and change the cabin filter at 20k. Of course you can ask the dealer to change them every 10k if you want. Filters only costing a couple quid, my search says even the cheapest cabin filter is about £8, but if you want a better quality charcoal filter you paying more. And as for recommending an owner with a car still in warranty to “ go to a local indie garage with some kind of good reputation”. It’s ok to go to an indie garage for service whilst under warranty, but you forgot to add that the indie has to be VAT registered and in case of a warranty claim it is on the car owner to prove parts used meet Toyota standard. Other main car manufacturers will be the same. You may have a grump against Toyota, it when advising others what they should do, don’t forget the facts need to be right.
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    Do you work for Toyota?
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    The part number is cast into the back of one of the spokes 14" ? New https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Aygo-14-Alloy-Wheel-6-Spoke-Silver-14X4-5J-05-14-42611YY360/223027832157?epid=671714688&hash=item33ed7ea55d:g:AyYAAOSwDw9bLKHz used https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Aygo-6-spoke-alloy-and-tyre-155-65-14-No2/153904790263?hash=item23d570baf7%3Ag%3AiogAAOSw-EZensXB&LH_ItemCondition=4
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    https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/toyota-carina-mark-2-saloon-full-car./1376303407?utm_source=ToyotaOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks I think a poster is looking for a 'chin lip'...... ? Bet the pricing is a bit 'life on mars' though 😞 2sav
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    Possibly because if the 12v were to drain the hybrid battery then you really do have trouble. Apparently to charge an hybrid battery requires a special device and there is only one in the uk (it is so little required and probably costs too much for each dealership to hold one) and needs to be booked. If you leaving your hybrid standing for so long - i understand removal of one fuse will stop the draining problem - good theft stopper as well.
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    Unless they have changed something from the Auris hybrid to the Corolla it should not be an issue. Last year we parked our Auris and flew away for five weeks, when we got back the car opened and started no problem. Had the person with the problem got something active in the car like a dash cam etc!
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    Thanks nice to meet you. I will check the links out..
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    Yes, I grounded the front end in a Devon lane a few days after picking mine up. Sickening! But luckily, it just grazed the bottom of the trim, not visible, Sort of made me realise why there are so many SUV's and 4 x 4's around.
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    My birthday Today...... 2sav
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    Looks even better, when she is all done she going to look mint Paul and i thought she looked canny in white but the stickers make all the difference.
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    Looks Even Betterer....... WootWoot 🙂 2sav
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    My wife’s 4 year old Aygo was in this morning for its service and MOT, she got a phone call regarding her front discs being badly lipped and rusty with only 12k miles on the car[emoji15] They quoted £314 to change the discs and pads!! They said it would be put as an advisory on the MOT but it wouldn’t fail on them this year [emoji848] Never had this before with a Toyota [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is buying a brand new car green though? It may pollute less but the pollution in manufacturing and shipping a new car is never taken into account in its official pollution figures. I bought a 5 year old Toyota Hybrid, and scrapped a diesel Lexus IS220D. My 23 year old Volvo 940 still drives great and has paid its pollution over and over again as lived for 23 years so far and not been scrapped at 10-12 years old. I think keep your cars driving for as long as possible. James.
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    You might notice a difference but think the ride quality is fine. Last Wednesday while picking up bags for my sister-in-law who had been on the HS2 'Rebel Trail' I drove up this lane. The low clearance caused a couple of scrapes on the underside when the wheels dropped into potholes but it wasn't a rough ride overall. Thankfully coming back we took a slightly less primitive route through The Lees but they were still low grade roads and the car was fine.
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    I like the estate, too, greats specs and a lot for your money when compared to others in the class. For me, though, the hatchback is the one. We don't have kids to transport - they grew up and moved on - just a couple of small grand-kids now and again. So we don't need the space and the back in the hatchback is perfect for small humans 😊 My wife doesn't drive much these days (roads full of loony drivers, she says, and she's not wrong!) so 90% of the time it's just me. I would add that the hatchback is definitely not a good choice if you want to transport more than 2 adults and bags, etc - the TS is a better choice. The HB is a perfect dad or mum taxi for kids (and grand-kids), though.
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    I so very much agree with you, i have the 17's which look nice (a bit too shiny for me though) but these 18's really make the car look so much better, it makes the corolla look even more sporty than it already is. I'm considering to get these wheels fitted to my corolla as well but i'm worried about the ride quality a bit, seeing that you also have the excel model how would you describe the ride quality? Would i notice any difference when going from the 17's to the 18's?
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    One of the best bits of the higher level trim are the wheels. Has to be one of the best designs for any manufacturer, ever.
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    Nice! I see the hatchback is more popular than the estate on here. I like the estate. For a laugh I looked at Carwow and you can get a new Corolla Icon Tech TS 1.8 hybrid for 26k so not bad for a new 2020 model. Used seemed around 22k so if I had the money a no brainer to go new. James.
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    Finally, the day came to collect my new Corolla, done early this morning from my dealer. Thrilled to bits obvs, and I do plan a post with first impressions in a week or so. Meanwhile, I posted a pic in this thread -
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    This morning June 27 I took delivery of my Corolla Excel 1.8 from my local dealer. Here's the first photo before I'd even opened a door! Quite smart, don't you think?
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    Car in for service today. My dealer has taken a picture of the cracks and is sending them to Toyota for review. The receptionist also has a Corolla, but says he has not seen the problem in his car yet.
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    Give the lock a good soak with gt85 (not WD40) and let it sit for a few hours occasionally giving it a bit more lube - work the key in the lock for a few mins your ignition key may be worn try the spare key
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    hi , what is the version of the filmware that works well on an avensis t27 year 2010, I have just ordered one, and can only change the personal settings with it, but cannot read errors or data greetings from belgium Luc.
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    Really nice, great to see more T22s still on the go.... I do sometimes wonder if they were ever any other colour. You can have any colour as long as it's silver [emoji4][emoji4] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    Was a bit sceptical when I saw the link. But have purchased one and its good! Well worth the money. Will be looking for other vehicles.
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    See https://blog.toyota.co.uk/find-the-right-oil-for-your-toyota Note that for the current 1.0 Aygo and 1.0 Yaris, engine oil is 0W-16.
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    I posted this topic a few years back. Perhaps this will be of use? The drained oil had some super-fine particulate in suspension, but as far as I could deduce, it wasn't ferrous - a very strong magnet didn't attract it at all after several weeks. I have kept some of the old transmission oil - if someone wants to offer a free oil analysis of it, that would be fascinating! The genuine Toyota WS-ATF is around £11 a litre from a Toyota dealer on eBay, probably similar from a dealer. It isn't much more expensive than generic ATF, so there is not much point not using the genuine fluid. The oil isn't hybrid-unique, it goes in most modern Toyota auto boxes. There are 2 identical aluminium drain plug washers, which are about £3 each. I think the photo makes the oil look a little more in need of a change than it was in the flesh. I have done another Auris hybrid (first change) at about 55,000 miles, it looked similar. Those hex/Allen bolts are very stiff to loosen initially! I would think about get a tool that goes onto a regular socket set, to save bloodied knuckles when it 'cracks' loose.
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    I do say. Not everyone around here read the manual. 😜
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    Oiling all door and bonnet hinges and catches and checking and cleaning the battery terminals should be done by every good service mechanic as routine at every service.
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    I have just been out to oil my 08 Avensis bonnet catch. Thanks for the "heads up".🙂
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    A vehicle breakers. Many advertise on Ebay. There are seven being advertised there right now. Of course, whether the parts are affordable depends on the breaker.
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    Me and a work colleague both ordered a Icon nav's FWD on 30th of of August and was told June 2020. We have now been given a date of the 20th of April and Confirmed they come with Apple car play. You need to speak with the dealer your lease company appointed and ask for a build slot date.
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    I spend about half of each year living and working in Thailand. As anyone who has visited Thailand will know, most taxis used here are locally-built Toyota Corolla Altis. From 2001-2010 the Thai Corolla Altis used the 1ZZFE and 3ZZFE (3ZZFE is very similar to 1ZZFE but with shorter stroke giving 1.6L capacity). Many of the 1.8's were fitted with the U341E automatic transmission. The vast majority are converted to run on gas (LPG, or these days CNG) - its cleaner and a lot cheaper than petrol. In 2010 there were about 90000 taxis registered in Bangkok - nearly all being Corolla Altis. Around 70000 on the road at any time! Normally they are run to about 600 000km - around 7-8 years old. They seem to be incredibly reliable and over the years I have probably only seen a couple that have broken down. I've chatted with many drivers and never heard even one complain about the car. Given the heat and harsh driving conditions these models seem to have been astonishingly reliable! Parts are extremely easy to get and pretty cheap. E.g. 1ZZ coil pack (Denso) is £20. An Aisin radiator (tropical spec. - double UK thickness) is £40. All the mechanics know the cars backwards. There's a huge area not far from Bangkok international airport where secondhand parts are available - literally hundreds of sellers. A good used 1ZZ engine is about £200 and an auto transmission about £250. Rebuilt with new parts is about double the price. Fitting will cost about £50. Subsequently Toyota introduced newer Altis models with 2ZR and then 2NR engines and CVT. The CVTs don't have such a good reputation as the older style autos. There are now about 140 000 taxis in Bangkok...along with about 10 million private cars (eight times the estimated road capacity...).
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    My uncle used to have a Carina. Will check out your channel.

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