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    As far as I'm aware the third generation Yaris D4D may weigh up to 185kg more than the first generation. That and the additional emissions control equipment will have an effect on economy compared to the first generation. According to the Honest John Real MPG info on the third generation, owners get between 47mpg and 75mpg, with an average of 61.4mpg - https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/toyota/yaris-and-yaris-hybrid-2011/14-d-4d Ignore the official EU fuel consumption figures, as these are based on laboratory testing and don't bear much relation to real world fuel consumption. One thing to bear in mind with the third generation is that the fuel gauge, in common with other recent Toyotas, operates in a non-linear way - the bars of the gauge extinguish more quickly as the tank empties. Also filling up with less than 15 litres may give false readings. It may help to disconnect the battery for a short while to clear any fuel consumption data, etc from the ECU. The only realistic way to measure fuel consumption is to use the brim to brim system, record the miles travelled and manually calculate the consumption when one next fills up.
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    You're welcome - this is what it looks like...
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    I personally think it will happen more so with cheaper ones off eBay as they are only plated metal, and as soon as you put a wheel nut socket on them, it will scratch the coating and let moisture into the metal and rust the surface. You might be better fining some covers, off eBay for the right size bolts which are 17 or 19mm i think.
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    You make a valid point about the weather, although I've been checking it and it's just going to be cold around me. That's always subject to change, but it'll be fine! The driveshafts are fine, it's just the boots that were cracking up. So it's just a case of taking the boots off, cleaning it up, re-greasing and using proper clips with the proper tools to secure them. All of it I've got, so it's just a matter of doing it. I think I'll attempt the wood, I've got plenty of that. Would love to know where my big pry bar has gone though.
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    I had this with my Corolla, if you look for the "Paddy the Corolla" thread you'll see my battle! It's a hateful fiddly job, but basically the pivot bolt is corroded in place. So it's difficult to extract. Spend a week or spraying it with PlusGas and working it forward and back. I then had to take a centre punch and a hammer to get the pivot bolt out. It can be done though, it's just very tight for space.

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