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    Yes, a great sense of satisfaction, once the job is finished. Although a very tight fit, I'd be tempted to apply a smeer of an anti-seizure grease such as Copaslip, although I'd hope not to have to repeat the job! Well done. Great photos.
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    And maybe the sky will fall down.... The only way Toyota will listen is if they hear a collective voice as the can just "fob off" an individual and frequently roll out the stock answer.. Truly, it is NOT good enough, if they have agreed to retro upgrade for free in Oz they shouldbedoing the same here!!!
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    @AndrueC, dealer was Stephen Eagle in Aylesbury. I haven’t checked£ to tyre pressures yet, will pop out and do it after my post gardening cuppa. Further observations; Wind noise is almost entirely absent, even in excess of motorway speeds. Very good. Unconvinced so far by the JBL audio, not as good (or perhaps just harder for me to adjust to my liking) as the Bose and B&O I’ve had in my last two cars (both Audi). Grip - I’ve managed to spin the front wheels twice already, once in a car park, once pulling out of an uphill junction, both on damp roads. Maybe down to EV torque, maybe the tyres aren’t that good. ETA: Well, thanks to AndrueC are due. I just popped out and checked the tyre pressures. All 4 tyres were in excess of 50psi 😲. That’s as high as my tyre pressure gauge goes, so it could have been 55psi. That explains the noise and poor grip then. Coincidentally I was in the dealers yesterday picking up a part, and the sales guy saw me, but couldn’t stop. He left me a voicemail today to call him. I wasn’t going to bother - but I will now! That’ll make his day 😎. In all seriousness though, that was dangerously high and should never have happened.
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    But people don't know that the facilities exist and I don't think that wishing to use a keyless entry system 'keylessly' is 'being lazy'. The feature is advertised and sold as allowing the user to operate the vehicle without holding their keys whilst implicitly not compromising security. Clearly the system fails. It either requires that the user put in more effort than the manufacturer claims (thus largely negating the feature) or else that the user put up with compromised security. It is clearly inadequate and needs improvement and I contend badly implemented.

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