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    I think the Toyota dealer is offering their 'to the taxi trade' service kit, it's an 'off the peg' deal if you know to ask the right service person at the dealer. It is discounted over the separate parts, obviously. On the Prius one (when I looked) the (0w/20) oil gets costed as free on the invoice. So maybe not worth looking at anything beyond the total, as it probably only comes as that complete set, with the individual prices being a bit arbitrary. I would expect that Toyota have carefully priced that bundle to be competitive with, say, EuroCarParts. The quality will be top-notch, but you may not need to replace all the filters at every service (oil excepted, of course).
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    Hello all! Ordered yesterday - my first Aygo, absolutely beyond excited. X-Trend in Silver as I have a massive downer on Red cars which is the only standard colour. Got a fantastic deal from Carwow, the dealership didn't realise they'd registered the trim and had to honour the 1.5k off retail - coupled with nil deposit and 0% APR was an absolute bargain.
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    My 2005 petrol auto does 24-26 in Jersey, which is mostly slow driving, with a fair bit of start-stop, and lots of short journeys, a bit less in Winter. If I drive very gently, I can stretch it to 27-28 in warm weather. For the journeys you described, I would expect at least 32 in a manual in warm weather.
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    I think the idea is that having it in the car means the A/C is likely to be on if it's very hot, so the HV battery cooling system sucks in cooler air than it would from the outside.
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    Hi, There have been a few thefts of cats in my neighborhood as recently as last week. My car has so far been left alone but given the general rise, I want to fit a tilt sensor so if it's jacked up I will get an SMS. My house has CCTV that's visible so maybe this is acting as a deterrent. It doesn't help however for the times I'm away from home. Does anyone know of such a device that's not too expensive?
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    Its only the mk1 and mk2 yaris's, the cat in the hybrid is well hidden, iirc it's tucked up between the engine and firewall and the cat is part of the exhaust manifold eg. https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/exhaust-catalytic-converter/-/98813/ no matter what you do thieves will take what they want
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    Absolutely, very well explained. If the gearbox is damaged at the end which I don’t believe, you can buy and fit second hand one of eBay or scrap yard they cost anywhere between £300-£1000 and are not that difficult to be fit by a garage. Please seek another garage opinion.
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    Before you condemn the car it might just be worth getting a second opinion on that diagnosis from another garage. On a Toyota hybrid the transmission really isn't a CVT in the normal sense. It behaves like a CVT would, but the internals could hardly be more different. No belt, no pulleys, no special oil. The transmission is the same as fitted to a Prius gen3, the taxi driver's favourite!, and they are reckoned to generally last ~ 250,000++ miles. Basically the mechanical part of the transmission is the most reliable part of this car. Plenty of owners can elaborate on this! When they do start to get old (much, much older than yours!) then the usual high-mileage transmission gear whine is as close as they get to failing. If you car had been running without enough oil in the box then I would have expected this as one of the symptoms. The electronic control for the transmission can fail, but this would normally throw an error message on the dash, and would render the car almost unuseable, from what I understand. There is no oil change interval at all for the transmission in normal use, and no reason for the oil level to go down unless it is leaking. I have done an oil change on 2 Auris hybrid boxes (just to see if the oil had degraded at all), and very carefully measured the oil volume that drained out. Toyota list the box as having a ~ 3.3 litre capacity, but on both cars, the first drain from new (by me!) showed 2.95 litres. I think if you dig into the Toyota spec. for this it says the capacity is 3.3 litres, plus or minus 10%. So it would possibly appear low if checked (by removing a level/filler plug underneath the car - there is no dipstick), when actually 'normal', and the same level as it came with when new. How does the garage know it was under-filled, I wonder? By the way, Some Toyota garages have been known to almost refuse to do an gearbox oil change on these when it is requested by the keen owner, "because it doesn't need it!" they say. You obviously have a problem on the car, but the gearbox diagnosis is blaming an incredibly reliable part. This might sound harsh, but, I would speculate that that is a judgement from someone who doesn't really have a thorough Toyota hybrid experience, but I'm happy to be corrected on this, of course, I'm commenting on this long-distance after all! The diagnosis you have been given would fit much better with a car using a regular CVT - the reliability of the hybrid box (properly called an eCVT by Toyota) is in a completely different league. But then - 'There is always a first for everything'. 'Never say never', etc. etc. etc. And I definitely wouldn't blame yourself. Excuse the long post. I should point out that I'm just an Auris owner, I only get to check out my own cars! Oh, and thanks for the update!
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    Here we go my friends, a new episode 😄
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    I have had the variable boot floor on my Yaris for a couple of years now. Got it so I can easily load my wife's mobility scooter. Apart from that I rarely remove it as it provides extra secure storage space underneath for maps, tom tom etc. Do not expect much change out of £100 when buying from a Toyota dealer.

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