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    The day finally came on 13th July 2019. My new car arrived to the dealership on Friday and after they added the Toyota protect to the outside and the inside, we picked it up on Saturday. I have to say, the pictures don't do the car justice in this case. I'm so glad we went with the red color because it's stunning! It looks great on pictures but has an extra WOW effect in person. I went all in on the car, 2.0 hybrid, panoramic roof, HUD. JBL and Adaptive suspension were the only things I didn't go for. I'll add some pictures so everyone can see 🙂 As for the car itself, coming from a 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi, this feels like a space shuttle 😄 The level of noise in the car can't even be compared, the ride comfort, acceleration, ease of driving. I really feel like I'm driving in a premium class and brand car.
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    You are all overthinking this. Firstly, Toyota don't make brake pads - like most Toyota parts, they are sourced from an outside supplier. Secondly, there are really only two big friction material suppliers in Europe, they supply the friction material which is pressed and bonded to the backing plate. Within the braking industry there is lots of rebranding, so the pads branded as 'Bosch' are manufactured by a third party - most likely Pagid. The Pagid brand is owned by TMD Friction, which also owns the Textar, Mintex, Don and various other brands. The upshot of this is just make sure that the components meet R90 standard (means they are within +/- 15% of OE spec). Personally I have never had a problem with TMD parts (Mintex, Pagid, branded).
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    Collected last night, all seems good. Enjoyed using the adaptive cruise on the M25 !
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    Every time you turn the car off the odometer is displayed on the MFD screen. It's not difficult to work out when the next service is due, by just looking at the odometer each time you turn off the car, when it's a 10,000 mile interval is it. 🙄
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    Here we go, this is this weeks video 😄 again a huge thank you for watching.
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    3-4 hours sounds about right for all of that. The A/C system will be discharged and the refrigerant recovered for recycling, then the system is pumped down to a vacuum to remove all traces of moisture (as pressure is reduced any water boils at lower temperatures... room temperature and below). Finally the system will be refilled with the correct weight of refrigerant together with a little oil to replace the very small amount that will have carried out along with the old gas. Then your good to go 🙂
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    Your Clio was certainly a shining example of what can achieved. I've had the my A/C recharged twice, once at 4yrs and once at 8yrs, not because of issues but just as preventative maintenance. I felt after the first recharge that it was genuinely better and then didn't really notice any difference after the second. Like you I keep it on 24/7 I suppose we should all check the vent temperatures on our new and recently regassed cars and then keep that as a baseline to see if deterioration has occurred at any future point in time.
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    Did you scroll down the page? £59 is for an 'air con service', £39 for just a regas. Personally I would be inclined to get it done because if it is slightly low on charge then it will only get even lower over the next 12 months. Published figures for 'natural' leakage for R134a A/C systems seem to vary from 5% to 20% annually so even at the lower end of that scale the loss adds up significantly over time.
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    I have had mine since May and I am delighted with the fuel consumption. Mine is Excel spec AWD version (one of the first to arrive in the UK). The computer is showing 53.1 mpg with about 1800 miles driven. I use tank full to tank full figures and keep complete track of everything that goes in the tank. So far at the 1676 mile reading when I last filled up the cumulative calculates as 51.8. OK I have been driving in eco mode and have been consciously trying to drive economically but overall I think this is an excellent result for such a heavy car. My mileage has included a good mix of rural, urban and motorway driving to date. The car was delivered with Dunlop GrandTrek PT30 tyres. When I fill it right up as usual the range now shows around 550 miles. I have never had a car that would go over 500 miles without filling up before!
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    What you have there is known in the industry as 'creep-groan'. Its a low-frequency high-intensity self-excited oscillation of the pad-disc system. Its due to stick-slip between the pad and disc and depends on the pad/disc characteristics. It is a very common phenomenon and not a defect. You may find that as the pads bed-in and glaze slightly the noise will diminish. Don't worry about it.
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    In the interests of dodgy science, I've done some more playing with Charge mode as well. 1. It appears to be a terrible idea to do the 'fifty-fifty' approach of charge/EV mode on normal journeys away from motorways/dual carriageways, if you are seeking to maximise economy. That makes sense, because by doing so you will actually reduce the time spent in EV mode. I routinely see well above 60% of the journey with the engine off when in HV mode, so forcing the engine to run for 50% of the time is bound to have a negative effect. On my commute of 32 miles, it seems to trash economy by 10-15mpg. 2. It is a far less terrible idea to do 'fifty-fifty' on the motorway, which is the approach Tony has posted about. A brief experiment on a mainly dual carriageway journey netted me 85mpg on the way out using HV mode and 81mpg on the way back doing a 'half and half' with charge mode. That's not a saving, but it's close enough with all the other variables involved, and far closer than what I managed on my commute. It should also be noted I am sad enough to have spent years learning how to maximise HV mode economy in a range of hybrids. For someone who is less interested in all that nonsense and just wants to drive, I could well imagine switching between Charge mode and EV mode would yield better results to the point of it being more economical.
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    Cars already have a manually operated noisemaker if someone looks like stepping in your path - it's called a horn!
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    Had these EBC on my Kia and hardly any dust came out, not cheap but long lasting. Mine was from their Ultimax range. No affiliation just good product imho https://www.ebcbrakeshop.co.uk/ Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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    I'd like one that I can select when appropriate that sounds like very loudly shrieking tyres!
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    R134a is conventional AC gas and not particularly expensive however being a Hybrid you must ensure whoever recovers and regasses the AC system uses the correct ND11 oil ( usually means a separate AC machine just for Hybrids or a machine that can recover and inject multiple oils ) as a hybrid uses an electric compressor and requires ND11 oil as it is not electrically conductive, normal cars with belt driven compressors generally use ND8 oil which is electrically conductive and will most likely short the compressor.
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    I always thought this was a daft feature on my old third gen Prius. Not surprised they ditched it.
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    On the underside of the bonnet is one typical place. You shouldn't need to hunt for it.
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    I start by using decent fuel, usually shell but not the expensive one. Over the years I have always found that cheaper fuels equals lower miles. My car is used as a taxi and apart from being cold in the the morning the engine never becomes cold again for the rest of the day due to picking up fares and driving in stop start traffic When accelerating I back off the pedal when the engine cuts in then apply again after coasting for a few feet My fuel drops by around 10% if I use on faster A roads but I do use the pulse and glide technique on these types of roads and tend to read the road conditions so never usually end up using the brakes If people want to go faster than me they can burn their fuel and go round me but usually ending up at the red traffic lights not long after them I just find driving this car is so relaxing and quiet that it makes you alter your driving style
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    YES: It is NOT a normal gas, see my earlier post, it has 1234YF gas, have a deal with your dealer, they are best placed to do it properly as they will have the correct equipment
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    I'd accept nothing less than animated fireworks! 😄
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    Make sure the car is up to temperature, set the AC as low is it goes, put the fan on high through the vents, place your thermometer in the vent. It should be 10C or less, if it is less then it's working as it should be, if it is over 10 degrees it needs servicing, one of the checks after servicing is to do that same test. When serviced, the refrigerant is recovered, and the correct quantity of gas AND oil is put back in, this is important to keep everything lubed.
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    Measure the temp at the vents, it should be 10C or lower, any higher and it will need gassing, which should be done every few years anyway. The gas used is 1234YF which is very expensive to purchase, and one of the reasons it is a little more expensive to service your Hybrid A/C
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    The symptoms point to the system being slightly low on refrigerant which I suppose after 5 years isn't unexpected. I would suspect nothing more than a simple regas is needed... Hybrid 2014 model year, I wonder if that will use R134a or R1234yf. Have a look under the bonnet and look for a sticker. The later is much more expensive and as such might be worth shopping around.
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    Given that we have shown errors/inconsistencies from readily available resources I might be forced to go looking & see if I have an Avensis brochure still for reliable figures ... Fairly sure that the estate has always been slightly slower than the saloon in the published acceleration figures though. What I can say with confidence having had a 2007 2.2 T25 estate, a 2012 2.2 estate & now a 2017 1.8 estate the 2.2. is definitely quicker to accelerate & does so in a less frenetic way. There is no point in going past 4,000 revs in the 2.2 turbodiesel whereas for the 1.8 Valvematic if you want max performance you really need to get up to the likes of 5,500.
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    I would not remove it, but use some hot glue to set it even firmer in place, it is flexible enough to have some give, and should hold it just fine, but if the time comes, could be easily removed.
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    I got fed up with the thin floor on my 2016 Rav4, every time i put the pushchair in the floor in the boot felt a little cheap and also not something i wanted to get dirty. So I made a boot mat from Axminster Carpet, edged it in black and now looks smart (if you like tartan) I am gonna do the rest of the mats, throw those cheap ass mats out and have some quality in there. Will update when done.
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    If you've got the new model with All Wheel Drive, you might have come across this display that sits below the "Drive Info" & "Energy Monitor" displays in the speedo's screen. As well as showing the direction the front wheels are pointing, which wheels are providing torque and whether any wheels are spinning, if you select Sport Mode it gains an additional g-force meter with a trace showing g-force history. Don't suppose I'll ever really need it, but looks cool!
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    It was in response to Frosty. Your post slipped in just before mine.
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    You notice it more on the older engine and I am coming from 1999 focus zetec, and that has done a couple of steep hills without little stain. My avensis seems to struggle up curbs, but once it is going it is a fast car.
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    The majority of brake discs these days are made in China, regardless of the name on them. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the same for pads. European legislation ECE R90 is there to ensure that the pads are as good as or better than the original equipment. Any new pads supplied in Britain must have E11 in a circle stamped on the back. If I'm fitting new discs, I try to fit pads from the same manufacturer but, if I can't get a brand match I'm happy to fit any of the other known brands. Discs from Quinten Hazel, Mintex, Bendix, Comline, Juratek, Borg & Beck, Blue Print, Motaquip etc are all excellent brands and they all have matching pads.
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    On the many posts about HV battery fail because of dirty HV Fan at priuschat.com, there is none inverter fails because of it. If HV battery is too hot, car goes to protection mode and use HV battery less and more engine. This should basicly take also work load away from inverter.
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    Was this legislation driven by visually impared people? What about other quiet vehicles? What about the law on vehicles making artificial noises at unsociable hours? This has all the makings of something that hasn't been thought through. 😞 That said, i want the Flying Scotsman noise.
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    I don't think it can be related to your choice of filter then. This type of filter uses a spring loaded mechanism inside the plastic housing which I think is what acts as the non-return valve. This is permanently fixed inside the housing so isn't replaced each time the filter is changed. The paper element which is changed during a service is purely a filter on these so it shouldn't have an appreciable effect on oil draining back to the sump, or start up noise. For what it's worth, my Auris has been run on nothing but non-OEM oil and filters since it was around a year old and doesn't appear to have suffered because of it.
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    Perhaps linked to the pedestrian identification camera of the autonomous braking system?
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    All three of the names you mention with reference to dashcams have at various points in history re-branded 3rd party hardware such as the £30 eBay tat. It amazes me that if you print a western brand name on something, people will pay 2-3x the price, but it’s the same with CCTV, TV’s, laptops etc. even Alienware/Dell used to buy in its high end chassis from a brand you’d likely never heard of and sell them at twice the price with minor cosmetic changes to the case, it was the same OEM PC world used for some of its high end stuff. Black box wise it still doesn’t prevent a drunk or uninsured driver getting behind the wheel, but it could reduce the disputed liability scenarios for insured drivers. Front and rear recording, basic telemetry data, enough to show who brakes and who didn’t, who’s indicator was used etc. and some basic speed info. The issue is, do you really want every single journey you take to be monitored? Car companies can’t even get keyless security right, what are the odds they’ll protect your full travel history from anyone. The current generation of black box hardware is flawed, a young driver had his insurance revoked when telematics said he was doing nearly 70mph in a 30 zone, problem being about 10m away from the NSL road he was actually on doing NSL, was a estate access road with a 30 limit, the GPS data was a few meters out and suddenly he’s a dangerous driver. Based on that single action, he would have been forced to declare having had insurance cancelled on all future applications... for life. Also let’s take it to the next stage, part of the VED process requires you to pay a fixed charge per occasion you exceeded the speed limit, or your insurance provider has access to your driving data to decide what loading/discount they will apply based on when/how you drive etc. or your car’s warranty being voided because you’ve driven outside of the intended usage by taking it on a track etc. As you say double edged sword, and once you start down this road, it’s very difficult to stop.
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    I was chatting to an AA recovery driver a while back and he said the only time he gets called out to a Toyota its always a failed MMT gearbox/clutch!
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    The Auris hybrid does not have multidrive transmission, it has the same cvt as the Prius range, which is e cvt. Never read of any vibration problem with e cvt units - solid as a rock I think.
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    I assumed it would be like the service indicator on my old Merc, where the car advises you when it’s due based not just on time, mileage etc but also factoring in the kind of driving that the car has been subjected to. The Toyota version requires you to just manually enter a reminder. You could put that in your diary!
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    Real world off road test of the Hybrid AWD. As reviewer said, not really the terrain the RAV4 is built for, but good to see how it coped.
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    Ok filled her up to 2nd click after 340 miles Cost me £26.15 to fill Averaged 75.01 mpg Great savings
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    I've the same problem with my non-hybrid. Main dealer wanted to give it an air-con service, but I baulked at the cost. Did some research, measured the temperature at the vents and found it to be 11 degrees cooler than ambient which was within expected range. Asking around, it seems the air-con on Yaris is considered to be carp!
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    an update on this for anyone Googling in the future. I discovered that these two wires should be connected together. One goes to the fuel cut-off solenoid, which requires a switched 12v and the other is a switched 12v. Turns out the Townace wouldn't start because the starter motor internals had all melted together. Not sure if that was caused by the short or if it's just coincidence.
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    In episode 40 of #TheCarinaJourney, I change a side light bulb lol..
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    Since getting my Gen4 11 months ago I kept it in Eco unless needed elsewhere. However maybe 3 months ago I put it into Normal mode and kept it there, apart from the odd occasion I thought Power mode was needed. I not noticed any difference in mpg, but feel comfortable with a more positive throttle response, though I know how to be more gentle with the throttle for “normal” situations.
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    You should be able to use that cable on any public charger that has a Type 2 socket. Even if they're three-phase they should be able to provide single-phase power to cars that require it. The car will only draw as much current as it is capable of using, which I think is 10A @ 230V (about 2.2 kW).
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    Hi I think you have surpassed yourself. Carry on with your present, past and future. Regards, O
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    Yes, any Type 1 to Type 2 cable like the above should work. Don't bother with main dealers, there are plenty available online.
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    Hi Jack, DO READ my last attachment and at LEAST TRY blocking the fuel feed to the fifth Injector it's a simple cheap job and must be worth a try because if it does not cure it just convert it back I have only had one car start to smoke again after this mod and that even stopped on it's own accord so I suspect an intermittent Injector. As for getting a complete rebuild for £1,500 I would say TAKE EXTREEM CARE as there are a lot of con artist in the Engine Rebuild market and you will have to pay a fair bit more than that to get a really good quality guaranteed rebuilt engine fitted, personally I would prefer a second hand engine with good documented history. AS for a rebuilt one do research the company you choose to use via Google and Trust Pilot etcetera looking especially for unhappy customers if they have masses of good feedback and just a few bad ones then they maybe ok especially if the bad feedbacks do seem unreasonable. Best of luck, Mel.

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