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    My Toyota avensis 2004 d4d 2.0 with 1.005.000 kilometers without rebuild engine,only with regular service!!!
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    What really boils my blood is drivers with DRL's who THINK their lights are on, trouble is they have no rear lights on and blindly carry on in the dark, a real pet hate of mine, and it's not a one off, very many cars drive along like this every day
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    After reading all the posts on this I have fitted a Samsung smarthings motion sensor in the car. this connects to the smart hub in the house. if the car is moved it will turn on the lights at the front of the house and the bedroom light (set to blue so I know what the problem is). If this happens at night I will just open the bedroom window and throw the wife at them. then they will be sorry
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    I've had my new Corolla for 2 weeks now, and have done some commuting, plus one reasonably motorway journey. First impressions, well it's a LOT noisier than my previous car, almost entirely due to the 40 profile 18" Falken tyres. On a stretch of the A41, which was chip and tar sealed some years ago, it made conversation an effort. Not great. On smoother surfaces the noise was tolerable. This was quite a change from the 17" tyred Design that I test drove. Lane departure warning / steering assist. Well, that's been turned off, probably permanently. I was travelling round a long curve on the A41, and the damn steering assist kept nudging me left, to the point it was so distracting as to be IMO dangerous. Then there was the bleeping if you changed lane without indication. Or when it picked up stray chevrons. Navigation. Not bad. Map detail not great, but the turn by turn display on the instrument cluster was good. As note previously though, the nav voice prompts don't mute / reduce radio volume, nor do they increase with speed/interior noise level as they did on my last car. Speed limit recognition. Pretty poor really. A local road had been 40mph for 20 years, Toyota (well their map supplier) think it's 60. It also decided large parts of Kingston on Thames was 20mph, when it's 30. And as for the variable limits on the M25, it was all over the place. I'm assuming it was recognising the speed from the overhead gantries? But it certainly didn't seem to register the "Nation Speed Limit" sign to revert to 70. Not to be relied upon. Seats. Not bad at all. Not sure why Toyota haven't used a rotary control for the backrest angle adjustment, but thankfully one of the "clicks" is right for me. Wheel is fully out and fully down, but again just ok for me, and I can still see all the instruments, with the seat right down. A bit short on the squab for my long thighs though. Visibility. Well typical for modern hatchbacks I guess, limited over shoulder and through the rear screen. Fortunately for me there isn't really a blind spot in the door mirrors, so I don't miss the blind spot warning system. Economy. I got 48mpg over 75 miles of mixed rural, motorway (mostly) and urban driving, including half an hour of stop-start into Kingston, without bothering to try to be economic, and driving in "normal" mode, which had enough get-up-and-go for motorway joining. Radar Cruise Control. I've had this before, on a Honda, and I liked it. It works well in the Toyota too. Pan roof. Maybe it's me, but the last time i had a sunroof it was a "tilt and slide" with two opening positions - first press you got the tilt, then it stopped. second press a slide. The pan roof doesn't seem to have that intermediate tilt stop position (mind, I haven't looked it up in the manual to check, just pressed the buttons!) Edit: I have now read the manual, and no, there isn't an intermediate tilt position, although you can stop it yourself in that position. I haven't had the opportunity to try the park assist - I really thought Kingston would be just the place, but the first and only free space was right at the end of a row :-). And the auto dip beam, because I've not been out after dark yet - that'll be soon though, when the clock go back. Gradually getting things customized, like display and instrument brightness. I think the "eco" screen / display animation, whilst fun for a while, is very distracting though, will have to hide that somewhere Oh, and my wife thought is was comfortable, and not too red, and she could get in and out more easily that on the lowered Quattro!
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    They have. They have introduced model-specific catlocs, and got their supplier to increase production to meet demand (3 shifts per day instead of 1), which has increased by 2000%. Plus they have reduced the cost of replacement cats, which may not directly help owners where insurance is used, but does reduce the costs to insurers, which may help in keeping renewal premiums low by lowering the cost of repairs. No manufacturer is going to be able to change the location of cats on obsolete models (Prius gen 2 and 3, and Auris), and, as cat thefts are not a safety issue, they don't come within scope of the DVSA recall system. Other manufacturers which are being targeted for cat thefts include Honda (Jazz and Accord) and Audi.
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    In a word yes, off the top of my head im not 100% on the key alarm but there is definitely an option for it I can have a look later today
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    On sale the second half of 2020 - https://blog.toyota.co.uk/introducing-new-toyota-yaris
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    ..... and - https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/toyota-cuts-co2-emissions-new-yaris-hybrid-lithium-ion-battery
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    Do you notice any loss in power? Service history? Have the plugs been changed recently? And the air filter? Are the brakes binding (those are my GoTo questions for this type of question) Mileage?
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    Cold weather, car takes longer to heat up to operating temperature, using more fuel. You will notice a drop in MPG, especially if you do a lot of shorter trips.
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    Hi Oscarmax, I have towed our caravan (1600 Kg) for 1250 miles with our Excel AWD hybrid since getting it in May. I think it is a great towcar, better than my previous 2017 Excel. The most impressive thing is the massive torque from start courtesy of the characteristics of the electric motors and its responsiveness covers the entire speed range (up to 60mph of course), much better and quieter than the previous model. It has proved very stable as a towcar and has averaged 25mpg, although this varies with road conditions and headwinds. It is factory fitted with the vertical detachable towbar. In 42 years of towing and 36000 miles I can state it is the best towcar I have had. Enjoy your towing Dave
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    Replace the CAT with straight pipe (bolt on), and install CAT when going for MOT.
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    I have a letter from Toyota GB, surely they know what vehicle model I have. I have a Case opened at Toyota GB, giving my vehicle reference numbers, and the advisor confirmed the CatLoc suitable for my vehicle. The garage have written information that says, no CatLoc isn't and won't be available for my vehicle. That's what I mean by right and left handies....
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    Ordered my Rav4 yesterday on the understanding that it will have Andoid Auto and car play and was informed that "GEN 3" systems are now being fitted at factory which support both , and has has written on the order that when I take delivery it will come fitted, I have tried to post this on the officicial site and it never actually makes it to the board but other posts of mine are posted ok
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    In Europe, yes. However, Toyota GB introduced a 5 year/100,000 mile new car warranty for new vehicles from June 2010, and this same new car warranty applies to new vehicles today. The 5 year/100,000 mile new car warranty was introduced to bolster customer confidence in Toyota products following the accelerator pedal recalls of early 2010, which affected a number of US and European market models. For Europe these included the Aygo MMT, Auris, Avensis, Corolla, IQ, Verso, Yaris and Rav4.
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    Several owners on Toyota UK blog have raised the same question, only to be told it isn't a design fault. The fact that thieves have found they can steal cats on some cars (and note that Toyotas aren't the only vehicles to be targeted by cat thieves) doesn't mean that the design is the issue. The same applies when cars are stolen. Owners don't get refunds from the vehicle manufacturers when either cars are stolen, stolen from, vandalised or accident damaged - that is what insurance is for. So why should they in the instance of cat thefts.
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    Looked at the hyundai but was put off by the sloping roof over the rear doors and would have customers constantly moaning about banging there heads The toyota was a nicer drive and I believe over 20 years in the hybrid sector was a better option than Hyundai's limited time with them
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    It depends on the system, if it hasn't changed it will be the standard Toyota power and speaker plugs, later model info is hard to come by unless you pay for it via toyota tech See the pdf in the last post, don't go cutting into the loom but use a SOT lead what are available cheaply
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    I didnt try any that I was going to buy in direct comparison but I have driven friends/family cars in the past. RX450h, IS 300H, CT200H and 2nd gen prius, Yaris Hybrid. I always feel that CVT has been unfairly treated by car reviewers many of whom repeat same same rubbish. For me I enjoy the CVT and there is also the fact that Toyota is known globally for reliability and quality was enough for me to not bother with Hyundai/Kia and of course Lexus is more than I wanted to spend.
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    Funnily enough, I was exactly the same. 😊 and tbh it never entered my head to consider other than Toyota (I knew I wasn't going to get a Lexus) once I'd decided on hybrid.
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    As far as I'm aware, this facility isn't available on the (first generation?) Auris. Think you would need to explore whether there are third party fitments for this.
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    Having done some dark country roads, particularly the very low drivers side was downright dangerous. the cutoff on LEDs is so sharp! Anyway I will get them properly set but for now have tweaked them myself, just went to a very dark carpark and a bit of a tweak with an 8mm ring spanner to lengthen the range a bit, nothing drastic. Much better.
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    You can tap in to power outlet this powers down when the ignition is turnsd off. But if you are using a piggyback fuse connector you will not be able to put the fusebox cover.
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    If you can turn the hazards on without turning the ignition on, then HAZ is the one I’d go for for a permanently on feed. If you don’t have a parking mode, then washer or wiper, which I think are only live when ignition is on.
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    Check the diagnostics in the hidden menu if in doubt hit the init button (factory reset)
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    You should see some of the quotes for updating the Hard Drive based SatNav in the pre-face lift Gen 3 Prius! Someone from a Toyota HQ had to visit the dealership with a computer of some sort that they connected to the car for an hour or two - quotes were in the £400-£800 bracket IIRC.
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    A dealer could do it but they'd charge. The problem is that if you choose to update everything it takes about an hour during which time the engine has to be running. They can't do it during the service so that's an extra hour while the car is sat blocking a service bay for which they'd charge. Updating is a bit of a faff but it's something we're expected to do for ourselves. The exact steps are (from here ) register satnav (https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/) "purchase" map update (https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/) make note of activation key (important, although it should appear in a confirmation email) download zip extract zip copy FMU folder to the USB (requires 11.2GB) start car put in usb nav system will verify the update acknowledge the update put in the activation key wait an hour at the end take out usb when directed the nav system will reboot. Note that purchasing the app will be free during the first three years but you still have to click through several pages including a statement of the tax you owe (20% VAT on zero is of course zero).
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    Welcome, that’s a great numbers! Well done! Another reason not to clock a car and keep it as long as you can if it works fine for you. 👍🍻
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    ligo (a grandfather was from near Kalamata).
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    Ya sas, Christos! welcome to TOC 🙂
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    Got it, thanks! I just clicked the pdf. 😞 I find the numbers very interesting, judging from the attention it has received I expected the numbers to be higher. Still a problem though, a tilt sensor would at least provide an alarm should the car be jacked up. Brainwave.......As the car has a motion sensor how about hanging a woolly monkey / dice or similar that would activate the motion sensor if the car is jacked up?
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    The silence speaks a 1000 words. LOL
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    Hi Jon, I not a fan of cruise control, it’s a convenience I can live without, and especially since I got a Auris hybrid about 30 months ago (now with a Prius). I find I can get better economy without ccontrol, by accelerating smoothly up to the speed I want, then lifting foot off throttle just for a moment, then lightly squeezing throttle. This usually forces the car to use the hybrid battery (assuming there is battery power available). Over a period of time you may slow down somewhat, but then you repeat the smooth acceleration followed by taking foot of throttle momentarily. It’s called “pulse and glide”, one of the techniques used to get good mpg from hybrids (see You Tube). I view Norfolk to be a flat county, don’t know if that is true on the journey you make. I find flat roads driving more difficult to get good mpg then roads with gradients, that’s my experience of hybrid driving. I used to get about 62mpg during the summer in my Auris. The wife has the car now and she does about the same. During winter this drops to early-mid fifties. My experience of using eco mode, normal, of PWR is similar to yours, it doesn’t make much difference to economy. I find the difference is the sensitivity of the throttle alters. In PWR mode, just a touch will mean sharper acceleration, whereas in eco mode more pressure has to be applied. lots of tips on You Tube on how to get best mpg from a hybrid, I found lots for Prius, it Auris hybrid principles are the same.
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    My charger came with a five metre tethered cable. However, there was an option for an eight metre one for a few pounds more. So I don't think you will have any problems using an 8 metre cable, as long as it is rated for at least the 3.5 kW the car needs. It shouldn't be a problem, as I think that is the lowest available rating. If you get a 7 kW rated cable, then you will really have no problems, but that should really be unnecessary. Also, I had to wait about a month to get the charger installed. During that time I used the granny cable, plus a 13 amp extension lead to charge the car from an outside power point without any problems. However after a week to reduce the continuous load on the house wiring, I reduced the maximum charge current to 8 amps, using the car settings.
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    Hello Sean - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
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    if the whole centre panel was red then it was Toyota Safety Sense
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    I have seen 10m cables. They cost a bit more than a 5m cable. Like this https://shop.evchargersdirect.co.uk/collections/cables/products/home-charging-cable-16amp-schuko-eu-to-type-1-portable-charger-evse-10-meters-nissan-mitsubishi-ford-kia-citreon-opel-peugeot-toyota-honda If you know what you are doing you can use a mains extension lead instead of paying out for a longer EV lead. Why do you need a longer lead?
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    MDB2257 fronts MDB2596 Rear MDK0229 front pad and disk set mintex list all the 1.8 t sports the same Power in KW 1.8 VVTL-i TS 01/01 - 09/06 140 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123) 01/02 - 02/07 141 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123_) 02/05 - 02/07 165 1.8 VVTL-i TS (ZZE123_) 10/05 - 12/06 160
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    If that is to route the wire, can you not push the wire carefully under the trim carefully. Did that with my Prius all the way from top of windscreen down to the lighter socket near the centre armrest, tucked in all the way, in parts I used a blunt instrument just create a gap.
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    Only heard of the next gen GT86 and Granace but its about time Toyota released a full EV, the new EV platform (e-TNGA IIRC) has 5-6 new cars planned
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    Have you got any photo's? And are you willing to post kits out with fitting instructions?
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    A PHV option would have a lot of extra weight from the batteries (IIRC 150kg). Add the extra 60kg for the AWD, it becomes a two seater😁. In that case, you have a nice large boot😂🤣.
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    I am loving this car. 2019 Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Design:
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    Is this what you are after https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909252616933?make=TOYOTA&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&transmission=Automatic&radius=1500&year-from=2014&sort=relevance&postcode=da51ne&model=IQ&page=1 up in the miles but not bad for the year
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    And the whole "My Toyota" experience is just toilet!
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    Interesting that I was on the email list of the 'Talk to Toyota' activity until recently. All seems to have ceased. maybe they read some of my responses and it didn't fit with their ambitions for technological advancement and use of IT solutions for every possible activity. Where I'm going is that I (I'm sure there are others too) welcome the use of technology to make my complete motoring experience better. However, I'm not desperate to adopt IT at almost any price. When I'm serious about buying a car I might choose to order online (done once, low satisfaction) or actually visit a Toyota centre, sit in the car and talk to a salesman (high satisfaction). Why the difference? Simple, my rear end still doesn't fit the seat in my second Avensis, Likewise my head brushes against the roof. Neither of these problems I did I have with my first Avensis. IT solutions simply don't offer the user experience. Amusingly sitting in the new Camry I'm still brushing my head against the roof. So please Toyota, if you're listening, don't hamper us all with IT solutions. They may be efficient and enjoyable to play with after the local Toyota centre has closed for the day but IT really isn't the real thing.
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    I'm very late replying but hopefully this will help others. Have to second Scarlet Arrows advice that there is no superior aftermarket light compared to the OEM lights. However, you can polish up even the most badly faded headlights! I got myself a foam disk drill attachment kit for about £7 on Ebay and with some cutting compound went over it with a cordless drill. It's worth noting the light on the right has been gone over by hand with two headlight polishing kits I had bought from shops and still wasn't happy with the results. the light on the left is after about 10 minutes with the foam disk drill attachment...

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