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    I purchased two pouches from E-bay; one for my set of car keys and one for my wife's set.. I tested both pouches on receiving them. Keith has already pointed out with the keys in the pouches the car doors would not open. My wife forgot her keys were in the pouch in her handbag and after shopping tried to open the car. the car would not open. They are very effective. There are two sections in the pouch the keys must be in the "gold" cloth rear section. The front section "white" can be used for credit card.
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    it's probably theoretically possible if you have enough cash, there is enough room for it, you can get someone to reprogramme or replace the car's ECU etc. etc. - probably cheaper/easier to just sell it & buy a faster car to start with ...
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    Yep! Mine's going to my dealer today for the swap (and I'll be borrowing a RAV4 Hybrid demonstrator for 24 hours from them at the same time).
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    'Parking lights' in the traditional sense seem pretty rare on UK spec cars. The only makes I have come across that had this feature were VW group and Vauxhall/Opel cars where the indicator lever can be left up or down with the ignition switched off to illuminate just the sidelight and tail light on the appropriate side of the car nearest the road. On other makes its a case of leaving the sidelights on, which of course then lights the number plate and sometimes the dash too. The only consolation is that whilst this may be law, the police don't appear to ever enforce it nowadays.
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    I have recorded the steps I used to drain and replace the oil in my noisy CVT transmission. Hope it helps others. oil change.pdf
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    The second generation Yaris' auto gearbox option was only the MMT. However, the third generation Yaris went on sale in the UK from July 2011 had the Multidrive-S, CVT gearbox. So your friend could concentrate their search for late 11-plate third generation.
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    Just as an update:- I was working on another 13 plate Auris with the suspension creak. It was worse than the first one and was particularly prone to creaking whilst braking over bumps, even light braking caused it. No work had been carried out to cure this beforehand. The car had done 54,000 miles. I sprayed silicone oil over the suspension bushes located at the front of the suspension lower arms, one on each side of the car. This improved the situation but definitely did not stop it completely. A week or so later, I applied more spray to the front bushes, but the noise persisted. A week or more later I sprayed the silicone oil over the rearmost bushes on the front lower arms (these ones are a much more accessible rubber disc, lying horizontally). This has stopped the noise, I have not heard it at all in the last two weeks. I have not applied any oils or greases to the anti-roll bar rubbers or the rubber strut top-mounts. HTH.
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    Hmmm, ended up using a paperclip in the end!
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    Well, no more noise. I drained old oil and replaced. Lovely once again. i have posted the procedure on a separate thread.
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    Far more important is if you are unfortunate to be involved in a collision is how safe and strong your car is to withstand the impact. A collision can happen at any time no matter how safely you drive. Unfortunately I was involved in a collision in a Prius Gen 3 a few years ago. The car was recovered and repaired by Toyota. The cost of repair £10,000. There was a lot of damage to the car but nobody was injured thanks to the build of the Prius. The police who attended the collision stated that accidents are avoidable so these type of incidents are classed as collisions. No driver can state that they are never going to be in involved in a car crash. it does not matter if you are the best driver ever it can happen to you. I think that the Toyota safety Pack is one reason that Prius cars are so popular. With more Prius cars on the road then there will be more reports of collisions for the Prius cars.
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    I've bought a pack of two, from Amazon. They are effective, so should do the job.
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    PeteB I agree with your comment on spare wheel. I remarked on this in an early post test driving the Honda CR-V Hybrid , no spare wheel no way of buying, I mentioned this to the salesman his reply “ I can get you a spare wheel “ great driving around with a spare in the back 😱 . Another reason Toyota have a vast experience on Hybrid they must be the world leaders on this technology
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    You could ask your garage to do a pre-mot/check, see what they think...but personally I would have replaced the bushes straight after the advisory..they aren't going to get any better after all and you could be looking at a fail this time As for anything else...who knows.?..parts wear out all the time. All you can do is check the obvious culprits like external lights, wipers, dash/warning lights, tyres et al.
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    I will be looking at both the new Corolla TS & RAV4 when my car is in for it's next service in June - gives me something to do whilst I wait! 😛 Hopefully won't need to buy a new car for at least another 3 years (5+ would be better).
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    I thought I better wash my car it's been a while!
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    Sorted! Thanks for the inspiration! After parking 2 wheels on the kerb, I just managed to squeeze myself under. Fortunately, it has only rotted away at one point (I think), and I managed to fix it with a washer. I've no idea if the washer is carbon steel, or stainless steel, if it'll react with the aluminium, or just keep it held up, but for now at least the car is once again rattle free 😄 Before: After:
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    That car was not designed to a performance hatch. When toyota was building it, it was meant to be a daily Point A to B car. Don't fiddle with that good reliable car, rather sell it and buy a car that is turbo charged from factory. Sent from my SM-A500F using Tapatalk
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    Oil in the spark plug tube suggests your rocker cover gasket is leaking, replacement is a fairly simple task and the rocker cover gasket is a one-piece design which incorporates the rocker cover and spark plug tube seals, Part number 11213-0D030 £16.39 from Toyota
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    No point in remapping a normally aspirated engine.
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    I am guessing that you have the "low" version of Touch 2? If you had the "high" (what used to be called Plus) you would have voice recognition so afaik you could have the module replaced but it would cost an arm & a leg. I had voice recognition in my last Avensis - never used it ....
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    "Defender" - chuckles, don't tell Land Rover....
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    They're not dodgy if you use them correctly and check if it's working. The owner of the Range rover probably had their spare keys somewhere else in the house and not in a pouch. The pouches have two pockets, one for the keys or phone or whatever you want to block and another one that is not protected. If you put the keys in the wrong pocket then they are not blocked. The other thing is. as I said above, some owners forget about their spare key and don't protect it. It's easy enough to check if the pouch is working, put your keys in and go to the car and see if you can open it, doh, it's not rocket science, although it might be beyond the intelligence of Range Rover Evoque posers owners 🙄 I have two cheap pouches, bought off Ebay £6 each, one for my spare key and one for my every day key, both work fine. I can't open the car when standing right next to the door, with the key in the pouch and I can't start the car if sat inside with the key in pouch, even holding the pouch up near the start button.
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    there should be several pages in the full manual covering the conditions under which this may/may not work. I wouldn't worry.
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    Note - it is only models with keyless entry that are vulnerable to relays (because they are constantly scanning for the presence and distance of a key fob) Store your keys in a metal key locker overnight and/or in a 'faraday' pouch.
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    Covered earlier today in the following -
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    M&S sell a version of Altoids in a similar sized tin - M&S Curiously Strong Mints.
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    Hold the down the lock button and press the unlock button twice whilst doing so turns off the fob. Or get a faraday pouch.
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    Cars are not accident prone. Drivers are.
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    I'm now tempted to have a go at this myself... Is this the type of repair I could do with two wheels on the kerb? (I don't have axle stands, and know that just using a jack is incredibly dangerous) Also, where did you get the aluminium? Would cut up beer cans work, or large washers - assuming they are galvanised?
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    Hi folks, I swapped from Skoda to a 66-reg Prius Business Edition+ just before Christmas. It's on 15" wheels, but had a can of gunk in the boot. Said that was a deal-breaker so nice dealer provided spare wheel and rest of gubbins within the price. But, it does eat some boot space, which I can live with. Absolutely delighted with the ride, space, economy, kit and, well, just about everything. The LED headlights are simply superb compared to the candles on my 2015 Skoda. Auto headlights? Had them for years on Peugeot, Volvo, Skoda and wouldn't be without them, or the auto full beam. Was very dubious at first but now trust it. HUD is new to me and wouldn't, now, want to be without it. Speed limit sign recognition is good, if not perfect but, to be fair, I still use the Eyeball Mk 1. The very polite lasy who chastises me with "You are over the speed limit" grates a bit, but I have found that this Prius is far easierto drift over the limit that any other car I've had. Maybe the absence of engine braking? The transmission is a gem, as opposed to the Skoda's DSG device which, latterly, I was really just expecting something very expensive to happen...despite being in warranty. Skoda have a bit of of a rep for blaming DSG clutch failures on the customer. People talking of swapping 17" wheels for 15" will certainly get you better ride, cheaper tyres and much more tolerance of potholes. BUT the V5 will still show the CO2 that the car was originally registered with...it's fixed for life, I'm afraid. Tell your Insurance folk and they'll be fine. Interestingly, the 15" alloys stay cleaner for far longer than any other alloys I've ever had. I also love the fact that I can set the climate control for driver preference or all seats. Satnav ? Faultless. As I say far too often...It's a great car and has more useable toys than Hamleys.
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    I shan't lose much sleep over it Neil. I've done all the driving in London over the years so certainly don't miss it. I wonder how Japanese car importers local to London will get on as the imports don't come wth any emissions details so there's no Euro standard of emissions. Probably have to source the details from Japan time will tell.
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    Hi Matt, this is very similar to what my car is doing. Have you sorted the starting problem out yet. I have not had time to get to the bottom of what's causing my problem and keep carrying out the same starting procedure that gets it started - pressing the fuel priming button and allowing the glowplugs 2 tries before turning the key fully clockwise. I also keep the battery on trickle charge. I'll get round to fixing it when I've had my kitchen fitted - soon I hope. Thanks for the video clip.
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    steve i have used a part of this price range in our Auris 2 years ago and we havent had any issues with it, dont forget it is only a momentary switch nothing special
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    I've got a 2002 Estima I looked the reg up on the LEZ web site and that can go into London with no emission charge mines an eight seater. If that's any help.😀
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    A little lady who lives nearby, and a former customer of mine is of similar age to your mum had me look for a car to replace hers recently. Whilst ( like any car ) the Yaris and Aygo both have their merits and faults she is delighted with a Honda Jazz that I sourced for her. They seem to be favoured by folk of advancing years mainly because they are easy to get in and out of, and whilst you indicate that boot space is not paramount there is a very generous amount of space in them. This was important to my lady as she needs to carry a wheelchair, and the flat loading floor makes this easy compared with the need to clear the "lip" on both the Toyotas. There seem to be plenty available if you look around with reasonably low mileage and in good condition. (from experience) I would avoid the Panda ( belt driven cam for a start!), and the later models with 1242cc engines need a special tool to replace them (no timing marks !) - time consuming and at best not a cheap or easy job if you're into doing - it - yourself. Their NCAP ratings also leave a bit to be desired, if I recall correctly. I do hope you find something for Mum that suit her needs and keeps her mobile !
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    A few years ago, I bought Michelin Aplin tyres on 14" rims. I searched Ebay for steel rims but got four from my Toyota dealer in Knaresborough for less; about £80 I think. The difference in traction in snow is astonishing.
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    I've had my Aygo Blue since new in March 2010. It has been plagued by a water leak into the boot area since new. (This is a very common complaint about this otherwise excellent car). It went back under warranty several times but was never solved. It could go for weeks with no problems but the leak would return. I even had it back after the warranty and paid for another go but to no avail. The cause was always thought to be either water getting in around the rear lights or a vent behind the rear number plate. Now I think I've solved it. Together with a friend and many warning cans later, I'm sure that the water was entering via the roof! It gets in under the black strips that run either side of the central section. It then, probably, flows across the headlining and down the back behind the trim which remains dry. (Clue was that which side got wet was dependant on the angle the car was parked in). We have had very heavy rain and high winds and the boot remained dry. Any change and I'll let you know. So just the nine years to sole that one :-)
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    Hi. Regarding the Aygo... Pros: -nimble in town, short steering radius, easy to park anywhere -cheap to run, insure... Cons: -the clutch can be a little strange to handle, with its very high biting point, this might annoy a senior driver (no offense), and this part has always been a weakness on this car, check the amount of ads with a clutch replaced very early -a rather low sitting car, I noticed that the seat foam tends to collapse with time, I weigh 180 pounds and after a few years, I was sitting a few centimeters lower ^^ -the trunk has a high loading level forcing to lift up shopping bags, take a 5-door to load on the back seats -everything is cheap, although it is more recent than the 97 Micra, it might seem lower in quality I love the Aygo but I would go for a Fiat Panda or a Yaris, even a Yaris mk1 😃
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    Here are some photos of my GT86 i took this Easter weekend while in the lake district. DSC_7727 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7683 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7702 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7570_1_2_Enhancer by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr
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    Hi all I'm putting this information on here for people who may wish to fit an aftermarket camera to their TNS510 at a fraction of the cost of an, IMO MR T's ugly one. The reason for putting it on here is that it gets picked up by the google search engine. I could find no information what so ever about the TNS510 so all the work has been done by me and many hours of experimentation to see how it functions. OVER VIEW For the TNS510 to accept a camera input, a few things have to occur. Firstly, there are 4 connections at the rear of the unit pins 27,28,29 and 30. They are colour coded, RED, WHITE, BLACK and screen (braided wire) Now you would think that they are obvious connections but they are not. When the unit is powered up from !st and /or 2nd stage ignition, the unit produces 6v on the BLACK wire and the negative side being the WHITE wire. Now unless you are going to feed MR T's camera which is an unusually 6volt camera, these 2 wires can be ignored,either taped up or left in their connector sockets. The one's your interested in are the screen and the RED wire. The RED wire is Video In and the screen it what it is, the shield for the video signal. This is not the end of the story. For the unit to switch into camera mode, a 12volt supply is fed from the ECU via control function by actuating reverse gear. This is where I had problems and upset my ECU.Normally 12volts would have been switched when the switch in the reverse gear lever was actuated rather than a low level command the ECU. By just using the RED and screen wires and powering the camera from a switched 12volt supply (i.e the auxiliary socket below the A/C consul via fuse) all works fine when you choose reverse. The problem was I wanted to switch the camera on whilst not in reverse. When the gear is put in reverse, the 12volt switching voltage is sent from the ECU on a green wire in a grey socket to the unit. One would think by emulating this 12volts you could switch the camera on.Well that is what happens except it brings up engine management light, air bag light and VSC alarms!!! whats worse is that by removing this 12volts the alarms still remain and switching the ignition on and off doesn't clear them.!!!. Fortunately, by removing the battery for 30mins resets the ECU and resets stored memory. So what do we do? You need to make sure you have cut back and revealed about 4inches of the green wire and cut it. Solder a 1n4006 diode between the 2 ends you have just cut. Anode towards the ECU feed and the Cathode (stripe) towards the unit as in my diagram. Also soldered to the unit end is the switched 12volt feed again via a 1N4006 diode as per my diagram. Now with the first stage of the ignition on you can operate your bypass switch (which i mounted on a spare blanking plate on my dash board and illuminated it) and the camera will come on and no nasty alarms. Works perfectly. The diodes are included to stop your switched bypass 12volt feed going back down to the ECU and upsetting it but only going to the TNS510 to switch it into video mode. A couple of other bits of information. The 6v that you are not using, is only active for 30 seconds. I suspect MR T must think you must of reversed by then. Also the screen will not switch into video mode even with the 12 volts on the green wire if the TNS510 doesn't see a video signal from the camera So if your fuse blows feeding 12volts to your camera, you won't get a blank screen, you will see no change on the screen All clear? Good I'm not expecting lots of comments its really up hear for people to search and find and hopefully help them David
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    40$/year for disabling annoying beep? It's crazy 🤪
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    Two connectors under the seats, different colours. Ones the seatbelt the other the airbags. Disconnect the seatbelt one. Sorry cant remember which colour it is. The airbags won't deploy if the belts not being worn, however if you unplug the connector the car thinks you have the belt on and will deploy the airbags, this can cause serious injury as your heads in the wrong place (too far forward) due to not being restrained in an accident.
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    Toyota withdrew the IQ from the UK market in 2014 due to the high cost of the Yen, which made importing expensive, low sales and the fact that impending new legislation would have meant significant alterations to the car - see The IQ was withdrawn from sale in the US in 2015 due to falling sales. Production ended in December 2015. Aston Martin didn't buy up IQs to make the Cygnet. They needed to reduce the average fuel consumption of their range, and came to an arrangement with Toyota covering the supply of IQs for conversion to the Cygnet. This involved new front panels, wheels, instrument cluster and a re-trimmed interior.
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    If only you had taken the photo at exactly 5:00:00 AM 😄
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    Well, I know an awful lot about the Tns 510 and the Tns 350 which i understand is being fitted into new iq's and have modified them for various uses, i.e non standard rear camera with option to view the camera whilst travelling forward and added extra video inputs for portable video players etc. I did cost your question out as it has been previously asked and without labour and buying one from ebay it came to £1100, Depending on the iQ model a short 4 plug wiring harness has to be got as well as the top cover and brackets. Also required is the GPS module and the most difficult part to obtain as they seem to come with a new one only is the microphone. I changed my 510 for a 350 mainly because it has road speed and traffic camera alerts, better audio, Down side for some , no CD player but Upside for some others, full iPhone integration . Mind you Toyota head office said I could not fit a Tns350 in a UK iQ . Well Red flag to a bull, it works perfectly thank you. P.S the 350 doesn't require a microphone on the steering wheel cover, its built into the front of the unit David

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