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    Hi James, you must be one of the sensible drivers to get those sort of mpg figures. More then a few of the new Corolla drivers seem to want to put their foot to the floor every journey they make then grumble when they can’t achieve anywhere near the officially quoted mpg figures.
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    I have always used the lighter/12v socket to power my dash cams mainly as it is a very convenient and easily removed installation, and personally I would not be too keen on someone like a Halfrauds fitter messing about with my car, as they are not expert on any particular make. I could hard wire them myself but it is not really worth the bother. It is simple enough to lead the wire across from the socket, hidden behind the panel under the steering wheel and then up behind the A pillar trim, across behind the front edge of the roof lining to the camera. Using wire ties as necessary to keep the wire from being loose, although the A pillar trim and roof lining hold the wire securely on their own.
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    Replace the Prius badge with a Corolla badge? 🤣
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    Agreed Catlover! It is generally known that publicised MPG figures are a guide and usually achieved in ideal factory conditions. In the real world, just enjoy having good mpg figures. But I found if I just drive normally, like I always have, I get better mpg than if I bring up the hybrid indicator, and get paranoid about not going into the "PWR" zone! If I just forget all that, I am always surprised that when I look out of curiosity, the mpg is best. At the end of the day, Toyota know you are going to drive the car, not drive with an egg under your foot. So the set up must be maximised for normal driving, that's my take on it. Whenever it says "use hybrid indicator to improve" , and I do, my mpg plummets. Obviously, if you floor it every time away from the lights, and use the paddles constantly, you will be on a non stop race to the bottom of the mpg scores. Just drive sensibly .
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    stumbled across a oe fitment for the american market while browsing epc earlier i work for toyota so i can check the price tomorrow and report back if any body is interested
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    The fact is I was still keeping to the 30-40mph limits in Birmingham but still getting good MPG. I would back off when in power mode and re apply the accelerator to get me to the speed limit and almost roll down hills accelerating as needed to the speed limit. I keep to the limit. Hills definitely affect the MPG but get good again as once level battery power kicks in and MPG increases. The best MPG was from my Sisters house to my Nans house of around 3 miles as mostly level or slightly down hill and had 94mpg for a while until settling to 70+! Today drove 3 miles into Burton on the A38 at 70mph from cold to do a quote and only a few islands to go round in the 30 mph limit and came back and MPG 53mpg. I did go into the power range though. James.
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    Congratulations on your new car David 👏. I live in a neighboring county, with the Toyota guarantee you will not have to worry about spare parts for a long time. Happy motoring 🚘
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    Well, I picked the car up Friday. Ask me if I am happy and the answer is a definite yes. I am still learning but, it is smooth, I can not tell which engine is being used if I do not look at the display, no problem with the gearbox, in a nutshell, very pleased. I did ask the dealer about where the spare parts come from and was informed that the majority came from Belgium, (I think), but that of course, may only apply to Ireland.
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    It's that time of the week again folks, so please tune in to my Youtube car show, and see how I wash my tyres lol.
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    Just some more wee pics of the carina in action - these where the days! :) scan0016.pdf
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    So nice to feel the warm weather again, makes you feel good whilst trying to get head around this virus thing. With the warm weather comes better mpg too. Sunday did a 50 mile return journey and averaged 75 mpg dead on, last night did a 18 mile return and averaged 77.6 mpg. What are others getting?
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    As long, they don't add a trim called "Virus" to it....
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    Good idea, I did ours the other week and not been out much so stayed pretty clean, but I may have to up the anti and go for show n shine levels due to boredom. As you say keep safe in these worrying times. Best wishes to all.
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    There is a TSB from Toyota for this ref: BE-0072T-1016, you can find it HERE however access is chargeable ( you can pay by hour, day etc and download and save content ) no you can't swap in a later unit and there is no need, the bulletin includes instruction to install a heater pad, harnesses to connect the heater and reflash the TSS unit software which adds heater control and TSS improvements.
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    Cool It was about £1k above what I wanted to pay (compared with what was on the market) - but that Panoramic Roof was sooooo hard to find included, I just had to have the car (even if meant sacrificing the colour and folding mirrors) 🤣
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    Hi guys, no one should worry about removing the badges, there are many cars that comes from factories without badges, no future buyers will be put off that for sure. I always like cars that hasn’t state what exactly under bonnet or specs, it’s not 80s-90s when turbo cars had a massive turbo badge or ABS , even though soon any Toyotas will be hybrids, but when thieves are looking the badge hybrid means - check it out, where No badge means drive past or drive away , that’s the whole point, plus for many road users hybrid means slow moving vehicle 😊🤫🇬🇧
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    You know what, I always get you and FrostyBalls mixed up I paid £8k for it Still not sure if it has heated mirrors - but I don't see it listed anywhere for a Yaris T-Spirit Just beware, my FoI (in the Prius section) did revealed 67 Yaris's were targetted for the 'cat' in just ONE police force. My dealer also mentioned one Yaris had it stolen And as Tony mentioned, you never know, the Hybrid battery may be targetted next (as in the states) I am NEVER going to sell my Yaris unless it dies/cost too much to fix - will keep it of SORN it or pass to my kids Then do really hold their prices the Toyota Hybrids ...apart from the Auris / Prius
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    2014 on models also have them features - they also suffer with the same scratches in the glovebox lid 😉
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    Its been warmer today in the Midlands. I have an Auris Hybrid and reset the MPG readout and driving round Birmingham had 70-80+mpg in eco mode and averaged 68mpg on my way home. Put £25 worth of fuel at £1.17 in and got 270 mile range. Showed 330 miles but still had 60 miles range left from previous fuel. I like it! James.
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    15,000km equates to 9,320 miles
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    It's like when you buy a new car, suddenly you see everyone has the same car! You have a new phone, and suddenly everyone has the same phone! So, I bought a DEEP AQUA Blue Yaris...and suddenly everything else is same colour! 1. My Deep Aqua 2. My mobile! 3. My jumper! 4. Even my sofa cushion!
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    Well picked up the car and had a 50 mile trip home and mpg showed 71.8mpg, I know that’s probably a few mile out but even so very impressive
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    Adding to the list, there saying when filling up with petrol wear disposable gloves as Covid 19 is being passed on by handling the petrol pumps. STAY HEALTHY one and all.😀
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    Reply 1 Reply 2 Reply 3 Reply 4
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    Closure of pubs and restaurants - 'Have a drink on me' by AC/DC
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    To the new owners, enjoy, a very relaxing car. I still get 50mpg+ on a longer run but less in town. Expect to see your mpg drop in the coming weeks when you discover its quite fun and quite a pokey car and it can be enjoyably hustled when your in the mood. And be careful of letting your cruise speed creep up, it does settle quite effortlessly into naughty and mpg unfriendly speeds. Don't be scared of ordering the Beige interior, after 15,000 miles of rough working and family life mine is looking good as new without picking up dirt, creasing or scuffs. My wife had reservations about my choice but its fine and looks much more expensive IMHO.
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    ^^^^ this, shine it from top at an angle and shake the brake reservoir, you'll see the fluid move and you'll be able to work out where the level is. no need to take cap off.
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    Get your phone, turn the torch on, put it to the side, you should be able to see the level of the oil.
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    When was the brake fluid last changed? Maybe it is so contaminated/dirty that the inside of the reservoir is coated with "muck"? My Yaris has, what looks to be, a very similar reservoir which is located in the darkness under the scuttle. Perfectly easy to see through the clean plastic at the clean fluid even in that location, in daylight.
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    Hi Jason I agree it can be difficult to visually see the fluid, even when the top is off. I give the reservoir a gentle shake (side to side) and you can usually see the fluid moving and then settling. If the fluid appears low it could be related to the wear on the brake pads being reduced.
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    A Catloc for the Auris will look something very similar to this:- There are much cheaper plates available - £30 plus £12 delivery - that look like this:- I don't think there is anything to be gained by covering more of the exhaust, it is just the one part that gets stolen. Although having said that, the thieves usually remove the silencer/resonator that is further along the exhaust as well as the catalyst unit itself for convenience and speed of removal.
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    Hi Konrad it's different on my vehicle as its set or cancelled on the vehicle setup on the screen. Setup/ Vehicle/ Vehicle customisation/ Door lock settings/ Auto unlock by driver door is ticked on the screen. Maybe the new drivers door lock that they fitted, as it was a different part number, is not compatible, don't know but I'll take it back to the Toyota garage for them to have a look, unless I'm missing something obvious.
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    Thanks. I have taken the plunge today and I am getting a 69 reg demo and it showed 54.6 mpg which I thought was slightly low but I am sure I can improve this.
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    Has a spare And thanks to Flash22, located the jack under the front passenger seat
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    Update for the Aygo ..... Standard silver trim to the black trim stereo surround and gear surround just need to swap over the hazard switch and the blank switch Led bulb upgrade before and after .... 5 minutes to fit .
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    If you buy from a Toyota dealer I would expect them to sell you genuine OE parts The term OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) actually boils my p**s, the most overused phrase in the industry which DOES NOT mean you are getting original parts. OEM means that supplier makes parts for the manufacturer, it does NOT mean the same quality will be used for the after market. OEM companies make parts with differing quality levels to suit the after market. If you want a quality part, use GENUINE parts or from a top supplier such as Ferodo/Bosch/Brembo etc. That phrase "OEM" should be banned
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    Having rear parking sensors in addition to a rear view camera can be useful when the rear camera lens is either wet, dirty or both, as the camera image may not be as clear as you'd wish. We have both on the Aygo and i20.
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    Hi Tony Toyota Yaris for piece of mind! But, a nice set of wheels, the boyracer in me says GOOOOOLF! 😅 Deffo Yaris.....🤔
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    I wouldn't expect the electric motor to be able to do anything useful at that speed and it might even be outside of its operating range. The hybrid system can't work miracles.
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    For 30-40 years I've followed the practice of filling after the clicks until I can just see fuel in the pipe. This is partly to minimise number of trips to the petrol station, but also to try to normalise my mpg calculations. Typically it gives me around 50 extra miles per tank. On most cars I've owned I've done over 100 miles before the gauge starts to move, and in the case of the old fashioned dial on the RAV4 the needle points to 110% until about 120 miles when it 'only' shows 100%.
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    Based on my 2 test drives in a Dynamic 2WD with Panoramic (heavier) roof, the second test being over 2 days, I think the figures will be very similar. Some Toyota blogs suggested the AWD would be about 2 mpg worse than the 2WD, but that hasn't been matched by my experience, as so far after 7 fills, my AWD Excel has been very closely matching the displayed figures on the test car (which admittedly was over a much shorter distance, but covered very similar driving to my norm). The AWD carries a little extra weight, but also benefits from extra regeneration from the rear motor/generator, which may partly explain why it's not more noticeably worse. My tank range could be between 614 and 659 miles IF the tank holds what the manual says and IF it's as full as I think it is, but based on miles covered plus what the car's computer estimates is remaining the range has been between 552 and 587. I'm assuming the car's estimate and the appearance of the low fuel warning light allow for a significant safety factor, and it's certainly not a good idea to run out of fuel in a Hybrid.
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    I've found the figures I'm getting from full tank to full tank calculations are much more accurate on my RAV4 (about 1½-2% optimistic on average so far) than any other Toyotas I've logged over the last 19 years/350,000 miles or so.
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    The figures from the Honest John Real MPG are close the same which are being mentioned on this post
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    If it helps, I can offer some real world fuel stats from my 2019 Excel AWD hybrid, both solo and towing 1600Kg caravan. Car received 3rd May. I record usage on brim to brim readings. Mileage at last top up 2342 Towing mpg av.25.6 over 625 miles, last tow 28.4 mpg over 159 miles Solo mpg 49.0 over 1717 miles, last solo 49.82 mpg over 442 miles The mpg is improving as the car loosens up, I now regularly get 50+mpg on journeys. I don't drive purely for economy, but try to be economical within the needs of the traffic I am in. These stats are a huge improvement over my previous 2018 Rav4 hybrid, about 25%, and I am sure this is helped by the seemingly much more responsive engine/motor/battery management software as well as the other improvements. Dave
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    If anyone is remotely interested, this is the panel in Techstream that caused the issue above:- If you change 'Auto Entry Cancel SW', it seems to turn off the keyless door opening. ***But***, also the keyless ignition function. This display above is how it should be set for the car to operate normally, if you set it to 'ON', then the car doesn't recognise the wireless key. If you are not expecting this to happen, it is more than annoying.
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    Last word. My mechanic is clever guy. This time put LUK`s 3 piece kit. So maybe will last longer thank 9 months... All The Best Tomas
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    Good you got it sorted.best buying a better make ie:LUK SACH''S
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    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Alan's "Brief Guide to Being Annoyed with a Forum"... Introduction Maybe there are new members to your forum-of-choice, maybe old members have left or maybe you just feel you've grown out of a place you were previously happy. This guide is meant to help you to come to terms with these issues and decide what to do without causing undue anger or offence to those around you. 1. Don't Let Yourself Get Wound Up Try to avoid sections of the forum and forum users who may antagonise you. If that's a certain sub-forum (possibly labelled General, Off-Topic, The Restroom or similar) then maybe its best not to visit it if you can help it. Remember, what you can't see won't infuriate. Perhaps its a certain user(s). If that's the case then a brief jab of the "Ignore User" button will suddenly stop their irritating little post from being flagged to your attention. 2. Tact and Diplomacy If you do find yourself in a disagreement, know when to let it drop. Sit at your screen and think "I know I'm right". This works well on both counts as if they're right thay'll have to come back and admit their mistake at some point (knowing you were correct) and if you were wrong... Well, you're not going to look nearly as big a prat as you would have if you'd argued for a further 2 pages, are you? The moral high ground is a comfortable place to sit. 3. The Past There is no point harking back to "The Old Days". In much the same way as the dead cannot, except under very special and disputed circumstances, be made to walk then it its impossible to somehow wind a forum back to The Glory Days where the posts were brighter, the conversation more sparkling and the banter wittier. Members leave, members join. Forum members should strive for new Glory Days. A forum is what it is now, not what it was 18 months ago. 4. Time Out If it gets really bad, take some time out. Spend some time posting on other forums. Maybe even speak to people or read a book when you would have been surfing. After a couple of weeks you'll have forgotten what all the trouble was about and you'll have so many posts to catch up on that you won't want to waste time squabbling. Weaning yourself back in slowly is a good thing too. Too many posts and The Anger may return. 5. Grand Goodbyes If it has all become to much and you've decided that the forum is - for whatever reason - no longer for you then you should probably leave. Grand Goodbyes are not a good way to go. They cry "Attention !Removed!" and make even the most respected former-member look like a petulant child. More to the point they make a return so much more difficult should, at some point in the future, opinions be sought or required. Better to slip away quietly and have people ask, "where's that old rogue gone?" than say, "Thank **** that ****'s left". 6. Its only the Internet Remember, above all else, that you're only posting on the internet. Nobody can hear you scream. It can be impossible, despite the most careful use of smilies, to relay your emotions or emotional state accurately. Take this into account and treat people as you yourself would like to be treated - surely then you can't go wrong. Good luck and happy posting, Alan edited for grammatical typo...

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