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    Already raised a query.
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    Hi Jammacat. I just looked on a website for car's local to where I live, bear in mind i'm across the water from you, and an 05 2.0vvti xt3 ,75000 miles two door is £3300 At a dealer with three month warranty. Ur we jeep is two year's older than that and very nice to, but it is 15 year's old. I can't guess a price because I think prices must be stronger were u are from. But do check the underside for corrosion around the area above the rear wheels - the chassis leg's. My 04 two door Rav had serious rust, ie rotten. Small miles also. Just a word of caution. Good luck. And ur we jeep looks class.
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    That's exactly what I've done after visiting the dealers and them telling me they don't know about the recall and they'll let me know when they do. Mine has signs of slight damage to the black insulation tape but none to the actual wiring.
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    There are loads of roof bars for the citroen C1 on Ebay which will fit straight on our Aygo's so a roof box could then be fitted.
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    In a word, 'no' ... 🙂 The outstanding question is trim level - is it an XT2 or an XT3? (I think that those are the trim options available at that time). As I understand, you are looking for a fair price for a private sale. Autotrader gives the following private sale prices for an RAV of that age and mileage: XT2 = £2,100 XT3 = £2,620 In both cases I've assumed that it is a 2003-2006 model year car - i.e. new rather than old stock when it was first sold in October 2003. The value will be somewhat less if it is an earlier 2000-2003 model year car. You do need to check for yourself. The Autotrader valuation site is here. There are, obviously different prices depending on whether you are buying or selling. Evans and WBAC are giving trade-in prices which are the absolute minimum that a seller can expect to receive. The car will then be turned around and sold through a dealer with some form of warranty at around £2,000 more.
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    The 2.0 petrol engine is bullet proof really ultra reliable. Only issues I ever had was the odd oxygen sensor which around £85 to replace. The only other thing to check is the 5 th gear as this was a problem on some, when bad the Gear lever would jump out of gear when in 5th. Put it in 5th when driving and see if the lever is vibrating badly, around £300-£400 to replace 5th gear but once done no probs. I would of thought £1800-£2200 fair price for age and mileage.
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    GK53JDJ when entered into the MOT history website checks out OK - https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history Only minor fails in the past - wipers, tyres, chip on windscreen and similar.
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    Hi Nigel, Have you checked the bulbs or do you have LEDs fitted? Ian
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    Here's the reply: "Photo sizes are limited to 8MB per batch upload, but it is always best to reduce the size as much as possible as they take longer to download and view on a mobile."
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    ..... first time up the ramps and total tyre width squeezed on 😉 >> Ramps >> Hole >> Wrap >> Tin I replaced the cambox gasket >> Gasket ..... The old gasket was crushed flat and brittle hard. I got new tophat seals and 4x Sparkplug tube seals >> the old ones were like polomints[hard!] The hylomar held the new one in + a squidge on the face should get it all oiltight 2sav
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    I can't help you on a part number but this has been covered before on here as it is quite common. I believe there was a thread about cleaning the screen and what to seal the seal with. In your case however your seal has gone awol. In my case both sides are loose and I just keep putting them back in place for now.
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    Springs look like they've not broken anywhere, usually happens on the top or bottom coil. Unfortunately, all car springs sag with age and the metal fatigues, which affects ride height and stiffness. As yours may have been sitting on the same springs for 12 years, then they could simply need replacing.
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    I can't help with that Michael I put few pictures up but didn't get any problems. Somebody on here will be able to help. Frostyballs sorted a problem I had. His name is Mike you could message him he's very helpful.
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    If you still need it check out, DoneDeal.ie or go to Mcg.ie I'm sure you'd find it on either website
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    Presumably one needs to adjust the dimmer for the instrument lighting. From memory - with the sidelights or headlights on, press the dashboard button that toggles the odometer display until a series of dashes is displayed, and then press the button and keep it depressed until the instrument lighting is bright enough for you. Turn the sidelights/headlights off, and that should be it as regards the lighting. Could try disconnecting the battery for a while to see whether that resets the consumption display.
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    Hi guys, I just want to thank you all for your replies and suggestions. Will talk with my mechanic and hopefully it's something cheap. No noise when the car is in full stop, just when I am driving.
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    I purchased these DRL Fog lights off of fleebay even though they are for the Aygo I took a gamble and they needed some modification and a few cable ties to secure into place. I originally replaced the stock fog lamps for LED ones but came across the DRL version. With a lot of help from Tarquin I managed to get them setup. These are road legal and E marked and look pretty decent 😎 Will be selling my old LED fog lamps which are much better with a cleaner white light than stock, will put them up in for sale section.
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    Picked it up today, you cannot see the grin but the run back was a joy. 50+mpg without trying all that hard. Seats are great (sciatica happy) and goes really well feels, brand new. Super low mileage, 28000 on a 56 plate, looks like its been owned by a female, no wallet dent in the drivers seat, minor scratches on the boot release from rings or nails. Never smoked in. Will take a few pics when it sinks in
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    You would be best to start a new topic, rather than post on a previous, unrelated topic.
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    Try holding the working key near the ignition barrel while attemptng to start the car with the new key.
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    A sub-forum to the Toyota MPV club has been set up for the Estima - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/209-toyota-estima-forum/ The same was done for the Alphard a few weeks ago.
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    Hi All I read somewhere here on the Auris Forum that there was no way to mute your music, well this might be old news but I discovered that if you press and hold the MODE button on the steering wheel, that mutes the sound. Phil
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    Totally unnecessary as long as a road legal replacement has been fitted correctly. It's a different story, though, with some of the retina searing aftermarket rubbish that people fit.
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    Moving on from my auxiliary fuse boxes (this is what actually spurred me on to fit them). Ever since having my old Mini I have always missed the Smiths gauges, I used to have four of them fitted in the dash, Volts, Amps, Vacuum and Oil Pressure. I’d been thinking about them for a while and bought a Smiths Volt meter with magnolia face and a twin gauge giving Water Temperature and Oil Pressure. So where to fit them, without having boy racer Pods stuck on the dash? Nothing wrong with that if you have a race or rally themed car. So, just going off pictures from the internet I bought the heater control panel for the manual Air Con model. I was going to drill my existing panel and make some bosses with a curve on them to match the panel, but with the bought panel being £50 +vat I opted for the easy option. The heater switch holes proved to be just too big for the 52mm gauges, so a small adaptor ring was needed, a bought two plastic washers used for plumbing that were the correct outside diameter. Luckily I had a bearing drift the correct size to cut around to get the required inside diameter. This look I wasn’t too keen on and couldn’t find my black sticky vinyl to cover them with. I then remembered my trepanning tool I made as an apprentice, so I got what was left from my A4 clipboard (remember my Auxiliary Fuse Boxes?) and set to with my trepanner. I screwed the clipboard to a piece of wood and drilled a ¼” pilot hole to suit the tool and cut the inside diameter first. Then reset the tool and cut the outside diameter And there you have it a nice perfect fit spacer Here it is just under the gauge bezel After that was my big heart stopping moment. Spot the difference? Yes, the V-panel is a different shape between the Auto Air Con and the Manual Air Con, Arrgggghhhhhhh!! As seen as I was so far in I thought I might as well cut it to suit, can’t take it back now!!! Luckily I got it right first cut. I just lay my panel on top of the new one and scribed round it with a pencil. But it does mean I have now lost the two lower plastic locating clips, but it seems to be held in ok, the bottom of the V panel is not loose or flapping about and no rattles. I did however have to take the V panel apart and just trim a little bit out to clear the chrome bezel of the top gauge, but you can’t see that when it’s all back together. Here is the finished look. The Volt meter is at the top with lower gauge for Oil Pressure and Water Temperature. The bulbs that illuminate the gauge are the small cap less wedge bulbs and I painted one with some Amber bulb paint (two coats) I think this gives the illumination a very good match to the original amber instrument lighting in the car. The lower gauge still has the clear bulb in, which will also be getting two coats of Amber paint. And finally a short video showing battery voltage with ignition on (first position), then you will see the voltage drop as the engine cranks and then settle to about 13v with the engine running. Don't know why Photobucket has rotated it?
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    Avensis 2.0 and 2.2 diesel only from July 2006 have chains. Models before that have belts. I have a 55 D4D, and mine needs to be done at 60k. Any idea on the cost from a main dealer? Cheers Grape.

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