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    It's hard to tell when my engine kicks in and out it is that seamless and smooth. The only way I can really tell (other than some engine noise) is when I see the rev counter needle move. I've test driven both 1.8 and 2.0 and the smooth transition when the engine fired up was the same for both.
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    With a weather of around 38 - 40 celcius i keep the ac on at 23 celcius at the eco mode, the cabin cools nicely and the ac doesn't make a lot of noise unless i of course increase the fan speed, it usually takes about 10 seconds for the cabin to cool down
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    Hi Werner. I've had my new Corolla 1.8 for a week now. To add to what others have said, my limited experience with a week's use of the car shows that the change from engine power to battery and vice versa is imperceptible. I don't hear anything nor feel anything in the pedals. Generally, driving in normal mode, I don't notice any change unless I look at the rev counter. If I accelerate swiftly, or drive in sport mode, then I'll hear the engine note. One thing I have been paying attention to is driving in and out of car parks. That's typically on electric power only so pedestrians don't hear any noise. Need to keep your eyes peeled!
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    Has the gauge always under read since you bought the car or is this something that only occurred recently?
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    The Petrol 1.8 VVTI are good, good on fuel 35/40MPG locally, no Dual mass flywheel to replace, no DPF problem, no turbo problem, i had no previosuly which i owned from 200K to 270K, no problems.
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    No subscription required, although you can register your Multimedia ( for updates ) via MyT desktop or APP, easier on APP . Camera database is included with Map updates, Latest being 2020V1
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    OP car is a Corolla not a Corolla verso? UK Corolla Verso ended production in 2009 and never had LED headlights, UK Verso ended production in 2018 and some models had HID lights but again never had LED.
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    Possibly easier than explaining to their loved ones why they went through your windscreen. Or indeed easier than explaining to your loved ones why you were flattened when your passengers went through the windscreen. To be fair I can understand the request if the alarms are being triggered by luggage as mine have been once or twice but seat belts exist for a reason and I refuse to move the vehicle until everyone is wearing theirs.
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    Hi all, greetings from Ireland. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with modifying a Toyota Celica I bought a few years ago.....wondering if anyone else has gone down a similar path. gen 7 celicas are getting thin on the ground these days. it frightens me every time I look at the list of modifications how much I’ve spent on this......but no going back now ha. started off fairly innocently like..... TOYOTA CELICA VVTLI SPEC New OEM wheel bearings F&R. New OEM hubs (rear). New OEM keyfob. New OEM track rod ends. New OEM fuel filter. New OEM starter motor. New OEM alternator. New OEM clutch slave cylinder. New OEM 2ZZ water pump. New OEM VVL & VVT filters. New OEM rear badges (red). New OEM bonnet release catch. New OEM oil pressure switch. New OEM PCV valve New OEM coolant temp sensor. New OEM knock sensor. New OEM 370cc DENSO injectors (supercharged Lotus Elise). New OEM injector insulators New OEM fuel rail spacers New OEM rear trunk cushions All OEM nuts & bolts replaced with A2 stainless steel wherever possible. All hose clips replaced with Mikalor heavy duty spring band clips. Diverse suspension technology complete chassis bushing set. Custom resin injected engine mounts (f+r) Cold air intake with K&N oversize filter. Cosworth thermal barrier Intake plenum gasket. Thermatec thermal barrier throttle body gasket. Competition clutch (stage 4). Competition clutch lightweight flywheel 4.5kg. Monkeywrench Racing (MWR)spec ARP high tensile flywheel bolts (8). ARP clutch cover bolts (4). HEL braided clutch hose. Speed source extended clutch push rod. Mocal 16 row oil cooler. Mocal oil cooler fitting kit. MWR underdrive pulley (alternator). MWR underdrive pulley (water pump). MWR company block off plugs. Gates serpentine belt for use with MWR pulleys (A/C delete). HKS oil filter. Custom PPE stainless exhaust manifold. Custom stainless straight through exhaust with D2 racing back box (spoon N1). MWR spec ARP exhaust header studs. Titanium exhaust heat wrap (engine back). Greddy magnetic drain plug. Magnetic gearbox drain plug. Speed source base bushing kit. Solid brass shifter bushing kit. Billet 2ZZ-GE engine oil cap. Burnt titanium gear knob. TRD low temp thermostat. Lotus exige NKG laser iridium spark plugs (HR6). NKG ignition coils. Walbro 255lph fuel pump kit. BC Racing external reservoir coilovers. STACK ST8130P display. Mishimoto aluminium radiator. MWR Cryo-Treated Titanium Nitride coated oil pump gear in new OEM housing MWR O2 sensor CEL delete. Laile Beatrush front strut brace. Laile Beatrush rear strut brace. Laile Beatrush rear frame strut bar. Laile beatrush under panel. Laine Beatrush drivers footrest. Gregs race parts valve cover block off plates. Custom coolant pipe block off (heater matrix) Custom center cold air feed. Throttle body coolant feed delete. Power steering delete. Rear fog lights delete. Side repeaters delete. BBS RG362 forged wheels x 4. BBS red center caps Maxsport rally slicks 205/50/16 MWR spec ARP extended wheel stud kit. Radium fuel hose with gauge. Radium fuel rail. Radium dual catch can. Radium coolant expansion tank. Radium dry break coupler. Radium banjo fittings X 2. Radium silicone coupler. Radium coolant tank cap MOMO Monte Carlo suede steering wheel with momo boss. MOMO stainless spring trunk clip. Recaro pole position FIA approved X 2. Recaro seat brackets FIA approved X 2. Recaro sliding rails FIA approved X 2. Cusco type RS LSD. Ultra Racing front torsion bar. JS performance silicone ancillary hose set. JS Performamce silicone coolant hose set. De-badged grill. Avensis caliper upgrade. M-tec C-hook front discs 295mm. M-tec C-hook rear discs 270mm Goodrich speed bleeders X 4. HEL stainless braided brake lines. EBC greenstuff pads all round. Takata harnesses Harness bar. Billet wheel spacers. Fully flocked interior. Revotec oil cooler duct. Superflex steering rack bushing kit. @celica_2zzge_build on Instagram
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    Hi again, Mary, As I said before, I didn't want to sound nasty and there was no wrist slapping intended. I have just had a look at my service book and I have nine stamps in it, as I said, four of those are 40,000 mile services and my Toyota dealer has never contacted me to remind me of any of them......To be honest the only time they got in touch was after two years of ownership when they rang to see if I wanted to swap the car. My local dealer doesn't exactly inspire confidence with their customer service or car servicing and that's why I went to a local independant garage as soon as possible. My biggest concern for you is that I worry for when you come to part exchange your car and the first thing that will be said is that it doesn't have a full service history as the first stamp is at 20,000 miles. I don't think it will work but if you explain the misunderstanding to your dealer, they might give you a letter, explaining their side and practices that you can keep with your service records. In saying that, don't worry or beat yourself up as you have acted quickly now that you know but please remember, as Joe (Catlover) says with some kind of memory jogger, to book it in again, next July. All the best, Mary and happy motoring!
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    Did you get a service plan with your aygo? Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
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    Hello all - my name is Ben and I live in Buckinghamshire. For five years I have been very happily driving a 2010 Auris 1.3. It has never let me down and it's enjoyable to drive. I generally cover approx 40 miles a day to and from work (or at least I was until March this year!) . However my Auris does have an increasingly annoying problem of burning oil. When starting from cold, I can see the oil coming out of the exhaust pipe as a black wet deposit. It makes things dirty in the garage. And I have to top up about a litre of oil every week or two depending on how much I drive. I understand this is a known problem with this engine. Is it also known with Toyota's larger petrol engines, eg the 1.8? I am about to buy a 2016 Verso 1.8 petrol and its exhaust pipe was a bit sooty, so I am wondering? Owners' feedback would be very welcome
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    I would expect that inset piece in your picture to be an integral part of the bigger door panel, so no clips that you can buy and replace. If it was made like an Auris door panel, then the fabric-inset-piece is attached by hard plastic pins (that are part of the bigger moulding) that are subsequently melted to form what looks like a rivet head. Like this Auris panel :- I think you have broken one of these 'rivets' (arrow) - perhaps by striking that panel hard. If the door panel is removed (10-15 minutes?), then carefully applying some epoxy resin, or even some hot-melt glue with a gun, should be quite easy, particularly for someone who has removed this type of door panel before. But, the Prius door could be made differently......
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    No - if you go on the Aygo page on the Toyota website, towards the top right of the page, there is a button 'show all grades', and all four grades are then shown.
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    Just to give an update. Had they car in for service and the garage said the scoring was nothing to worry about. Like you all said it from the lack of using the brakes and dust getting in. As for the Android auto that has been put back until later in the year in Ireland because of Covid
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    The fact you weren't informed is wholly on your dealer they would have known from the moment they ordered the car whether it was coming with AA/CP or not and there is no excuse from your dealer for not informing you correctly
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    if you Google the issue you will find articles from this forum going back quite a few years, amongst others articles out on the web. There are references to the potentiometer potentially (no pun intended) throwing an error, pin hole in the float issues, initial setting of the float being too high/low which explains why the needle takes ages to drop from full (float too low) to having loads left in the tank when indicating empty (float too high). There are also various reset procedures that can recalibrate the potentiometer but obviously are vehicle specific. Any and all of these issues are things any service department worth their salt should be able to test for and identify the culprit. Ask what other tests they have done other than them plugging in the fault code reader. If you get no joy with your dealer/service dept you can always try another Toyota garage, or raise a case with Toyota UK and ask them for assistance with the problem. Has the issue only arisen recently or has it always under read?
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    When the battery charge is low and i am doing speeds of 10 - 30 km/h i can definetly hear my engine (99% of time i have my windows up and use the ac), or when i switch my car on and again the battery is low and the engine has to turn on i definetly can hear it and feel the engine kick in. In higher speeds however the transition is totally seamless and you can't really tell that it went from battery to engine or from engine to battery.
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    I don't I keep the nozzle near top and fill up slowly to the brim and allow the air to settle down aswell. Tank was full but gauge reading only 3/4's. Tried it a few times now. I understand there are some issues with new Toyotas in USA same problem gauges stuck on 3/4's with a full tank of petrol. Seems that some Toyota petrol tanks like Corolla and RAV 4 distort in hot weather causing faulty gauge readings. See eventually what the dealer finds out-IF!
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    Oooffff...... ! Something is 'InBound' & it's Gunna B Epic..... 😉 2sav
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    Belay that request! I'm an idiot - I've just been out to the car and discovered that the steering wheel can be adjusted telescopically and I think I've found a seat height that suits me.
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    My Corolla is a 2l manual diesel. A few years back when choosing another car I decided it had to be an automatic. My approach, by the way, is to buy a car & then keep until it falls apart. That made me choose a Toyota hybrid as any other automatic's gearbox is far too complex compared to a hybrid's fixed sun & planets gears. So you ask how do the 2 cars compare. 1. Both are hatchbacks but the Corolla has a much bigger boot. Now I would go for an Auris estate 2.The diesel Corolla is now on 143k miles has been very reliable apart from needing new glowplugs & clutches. Being old it hasn't got a DPR. The fuel consumption is similar for both cars apart from motorway journeys where the diesel excels. Of course the automatic hybrid is doodle to drive in traffic 3. Otherwise they are very comparable with both having Toyota's trademark light controls and steering. 4. DIY maintenance on the Corolla is easy & I'm happy to do the oil changes & disc/pads changes etc. For the Auris I like Toyota's extended warranty; which means a Toyota dealer does the maintenance for now.
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    Toyota's 1.8 vvti engine could develop the oil usage problem until mid 2005, then was reportedly cured. The newer 1.8 valvematic engine has no such problems.
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    FYI i was able to buy an LED bulb kit for my car from Toyota Dealer for £33. For those of you driving abroad this summer
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    Is buying a brand new car green though? It may pollute less but the pollution in manufacturing and shipping a new car is never taken into account in its official pollution figures. I bought a 5 year old Toyota Hybrid, and scrapped a diesel Lexus IS220D. My 23 year old Volvo 940 still drives great and has paid its pollution over and over again as lived for 23 years so far and not been scrapped at 10-12 years old. I think keep your cars driving for as long as possible. James.
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    So, I am using waze on my phone (in the phone holder) and listening to spotify over bluetooth in RAV4. But today, I took Auris for servicing and got new Aygo as a loan car and it had ACP. Forgot how good it is and how easy it is to control waze and spotify on the big screen, also less clutter on the dash. Hopefully we will get the retrofit this year, just have to wait.
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    Oh now, hang on. Maintaining a database of the locations of potholes which after all don't move and using it to warn drivers is trivial. It's a minor extension of the basic feature set of any navigation system (potholes are just features of roads the same as junctions are). Being able to warn someone that they previously came into close contact with someone who has subsequently discovered they are infectious is a whole other undertaking. It requires telephones to do something they were never designed to do (measuring the distance between each other). It requires them to maintain a list of telephones that that they have come into 'close' contact with (something they'd never normally do). It requires some system to notify telephones of their historic close proximity to a suspect telephone. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for calling our government stupid (not just over track and trace and covering every government I've ever known which is all of them for the last forty years). But holding Waze up as an example is simply not valid. Waze isn't doing anything nearly as complicated as track and trace and is using your telephone exactly as it was always intended. Waze is basically a trivial application, that uses long established techniques. Track and trace apps are non-trivial and are on the cutting edge (probably beyond the cutting edge) of what current mobile telephones are capable of.
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    I would replace them all, if it were mine. I would expect to find other things wrong with it. i.e. rusty brake pipes and siezed bleed nipples. You might end up biting off more than you can chew. Maybe it's one for the experts.
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    Yes, I was done on my 2019 RAV, and yes it's very useful when the car's hot and you're walking towards it. Also handy if you notice a window open after switching off. I spotted it in the manual and asked my dealer to do it before delivery - fortunately my dealer is one of the most helpful I've ever encountered. They did say they'd not heard of it before, and I was the first person to ask for it. After reporting it here, a number of other owners said they'd got their dealer to do it too. I gather too some have bought Bluetooth dongles for the OBDII diagnostic port and done it themselves. See also here for info that may help persuade your dealer. Be aware that one or two dealers have tried to charge a fee for making the change, but if done at the same time as a service it would be extra mean of them.
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    I like the estate, too, greats specs and a lot for your money when compared to others in the class. For me, though, the hatchback is the one. We don't have kids to transport - they grew up and moved on - just a couple of small grand-kids now and again. So we don't need the space and the back in the hatchback is perfect for small humans 😊 My wife doesn't drive much these days (roads full of loony drivers, she says, and she's not wrong!) so 90% of the time it's just me. I would add that the hatchback is definitely not a good choice if you want to transport more than 2 adults and bags, etc - the TS is a better choice. The HB is a perfect dad or mum taxi for kids (and grand-kids), though.
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    Yes very reliable. Just mind that thief are targeting the cat from this car.
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    see my post above https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/4ad1988e-d731-4be4-89d5-fbcab20c370a/Yaris_TAS500_PW600_0D001_AIM_004_322_3.pdf
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    Does it have any faults in the hidden service menu, is it detecting the reverse signal Was it a straight swap ? sat nav ? what firmware is it running ? What is the part number of the TAS500
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    Hi Andrew. I've been using the website to track progress. I ordered my car at the end of January, about a month before you. From then the portal showed nothing but "Processing Order" until a few weeks ago when it quickly progressed through the various factory build stages until today's display of "Arrived at Retailer." So my experience is 5 months or 20 weeks from order to delivery including nearly 3 months or 12 weeks in lockdown and factory shutdown. I guess that's not too bad under the circumstances. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary! But here's hoping you get yours very soon.
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    What connectors does the car have ? Do you have steering wheel controls ? http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/adapters/toyota/aygo/connects2-ct24ty57-single-din-facia-plate-for-toyota-aygo http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/adapters/toyota/aygo/connects2-ctsty006-2-toyota-aygo-2014-steering-control-adaptor http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/adapters/toyota/aygo/ct27aa78-aerial-antenna-toyota-din-adaptor
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    DIY updates can be done, however they are at the owners risk and if something should go wrong you would have difficulty making a warranty claim. For the audio update: Determine the model ID of your DCU (SETUP -> General -> Software update ). In the following link, replace the placeholder " <DCU-ID> " with your DCU-ID. So "streamtechdoc.toyota-motor-europe.com/techdoc3/audio_navigation/ <DCU id> _Latest.zip" for example, to "streamtechdoc.toyota-motor-europe.com/techdoc3/audio_navigation/17TDT1EU-DA01 _Latest.zip" Put this URL in your browser in the URL address bar, press the return key and the latest audio update will be downloaded to your computer. For the navigation software update: Determine the model ID of your MEU (SETUP -> General -> Software update ). In the following link, replace the placeholder " <MEU-ID> " with your MEU-ID. So "streamtechdoc.toyota-motor-europe.com/techdoc3/audio_navigation/ <MEU id> _Latest.zip" for example, to "streamtechdoc.toyota-motor-europe.com/techdoc3/audio_navigation/17TMT2EU-FA00 _Latest.zip" Put this URL in your browser in the URL address bar, press the Return key and the latest Navisoftware update will be downloaded to your computer. The DCU/MEU ID's must be taken from your own car do not use ID's from elsewhere. Once downloaded extract the files on your PC then copy the file to the root of an empty USB, the updates must be done separately.
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    What you say links into my thoughts. I would have thought additives, to work correctly, would need to be measured for strength in the tank in order to work correctly. Seems a bit hit and miss just adding a bottle, when you fill up. Premium fuel with mixed additives seems the way to get a consistent strength in your tank. I remember the trials of getting 2 stroke oil and petrol strength right, it was a faff, and you knew when you got it wrong, which was most of the time.
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    Oiling all door and bonnet hinges and catches and checking and cleaning the battery terminals should be done by every good service mechanic as routine at every service.
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    I have just been out to oil my 08 Avensis bonnet catch. Thanks for the "heads up".🙂
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    Hi there Rohail, my Estima is a 2002 so couldn't comment on later vehicles or hybrids. Had my car three and a half years only engine fault was an 02 sensor which was a minor problem. I have also had front discs and pads renewed. Not had any gearbox problems touch wood make sure to check transmission fluid it wants to be a nice clear pink colour. If it has a Japanese radio and you want to change it to an English one you might loose your front and reversing cameras something to be aware of some people have had that problem. The 2.4 engine has a timing chain the 3.0 litre v6 has a timing belt. Just like any other car have a good look over it see, if it's been undersealed have a good test drive.
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    On both the 1.33 and 1.4d the oil filters are the replacement element type 1.33 Oil filter = 04152-YZZA7 Sump washer = 90430-12031 Requires 3.4lt 0w20 oil 1.4d Oil filter - 04152-YZZA8 Sump washer = 90430-12031 Requires 3.9lt 0w30 ACEA C2 ( preferred ) or 5w30 ACEA C2
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    Aside from DVSA recalls, Toyota highlight issues which may affect their vehicles either by the issue of Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) to their dealerships or via a Voluntary Customer Service Campaign (VCSC). One can raise a query with one's dealer re whether one's vehicle is affected by a TSB. One can also use Toyota's recall checker to establish whether one's vehicle has any outstanding recall or VCSC - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-information/recall-checker-info.json#/iframe/https%3A%2F%2Fforms.toyota.co.uk%2Frecall-checker In both instances TSB or VCSC work is free of charge to the owner.
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    I'm 4 years of my aygo toyota only want to call when they want to try to get you into a newer car or if on finance if you want to end of renewal on finance Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
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    Will you be paying for it? Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
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    HI can anyone help when I turn on the headlight the cigarettes lighter turns off so I cannot charge my phone but when I turn off the headlight it turns back on, I checked the fuse it’s okay

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