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Might Be Getting A New Iq3

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Hi all

Will be test driving the 1.33 on Sunday and will more than likely buy one.

At the moment I have a white iQ, and found when polishing how bad the front bumper looks because of stone chips. Quite a few chips in the front bumper, so all I know is that the next iQ will not be white.

Can you let me know in your replies what colour you have, and if the stone chips stand out as much as they do on the white.

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Has nothing to do with colour............maybe wuth your new one keep some more distance between you and the car in front?

Typical driver error. :crybaby:

Not driver error, live in rural area where I commute and generally have to pass a lot of oncoming farm traffic on not great roads.

The White iQ has black primer paint, so small stone chips stand out quite badly on the front of the car. Out of all of the cars I've owned, the iQ seems to show stone chips far more than the other cars I've owned.

Only have about 4 after a year and a halfs driving, but they stand out far too much. I think silver has a grey primer so think it would look better after stone chips. Does anyone know what colour primer goes under each car colour available for the iQ?

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I have a silver IQ and I too have noticed that I have recently obtained lots of stone chips.

The front seems really prone to them, and I don't sit right behind other cars. I have also got a few on the rear quarter panels. These have come from my commute on country roads. After the excessive salting of the road, there has been so much broken surface material which you just can't avoid.The primer is a dark grey colour, so the chips show up badly.

I have just got a touch up paint kit from the dealer, so I will have a go at them tommorrow.

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I've had a black one for just over a year, and don't notice any chips. :rolleyes:

Living in a rural area, though, I've got plenty of twig marks on the passenger side that stand out rather. No bugger seems to cut their hedges anymore. :(

I think that silver would probably be the best compromise. :)

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