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1St Year Review

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Hi, just thought I'd write up a quick 1st year summary for anyone who's waiting for or thinking of buying an iQ...

I only test drove a 1.0 but I was looking for the cheapest buy anyway...

I bought my iQ 1.0 in early July last year and waited 3 weeks for it to turn up... got a good deal on the scrappage scheme.

It's standard but I managed to get mats and the boot mat liner thrown in.

Basically, it's a fantastic car... cheap to buy, cheap to run... got my road tax reminder last week (£0.00)

I drive about 200 miles a week, most on a dual-carriageway and I get 50-55 mpg... hoped for a bit more, but it's heavily dependent on speed... (if I do 60 all the way and change when I'm told to, I can get 60+ mpg).

It had the notchy 2nd gear and I heard about the technical bulletin so it went back to have that done.. it's better but still not as slick as the other gears.

Didn't have the accelerator problem... that seemed to be reserved mainly to the multi-drives.

It also went in for a road damage check in Feb and came out all good (and I had driven over a fair amount of pot-holes).

I find that for the vast majority of the time, the 1.0 is adequate on the motorway... hills mean I can't accelerate much and I've used 4th with a heavy foot sometimes.

Not many gripes really... the interior light is (as we all know) very poor, the dashboard could be better/more ergonomic (why don't the numbers on the speedo sit on the horizontal?) and why doesn't the rear wipe have intermittent??????

It's very handy in town... parking is easy anywhere... the air-con is great... fold down seats make a great instant boot space

I have had a bike carrier on the back and roof bars on top but only to see if it's possible ;)

So it's due its first service any time now..(done just under 10000 miles).

Hope this is helpful... I'd be pleased to answer any queries...


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Nice review. Very similar experience with mine. I have just booked my first service as mine is just coming up to being a year old. Time flies when your having fun :D

The only niggles I have are the fuel economy( not as good as the Aygo I had before), and I don't think the seats are as comfortable as the Aygo either, especially on longer journeys. But, I suppose the IQ is not really designed for that, being an urban commuter.

I do like the rarity factor though. I still don't see that many IQ's around. I just hope that doesn't effect the trade in value in a couple of years time. :(

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