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1998 Camry 2.2 Idle Speed And Engine Starting Problem, E10 Suspected

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I have a 1998 Toyota Camry Automatic with 2.2 engine. I started to use E10 (added Ethanol fuel) and after second time filling up with E10 I started to notice that the engined almost stalls when starting to accelerate from Idle speed (for example from traffic lights). The next thing what happens is that I started to have problems sometimes when starting up the car. The engine starts barely (about 50 percent of the engine starts are ok) and also after having problem with starting the engine there is a smell of gas so feels like there is too much fuel in the engine.

Also now I can see that the rpm is about 2000 on idle (N or P) but on drive (D) the rpm is about 1000 when I hold the break. Strange thing is that the engine problems do not occur all the time.

Also I noticed that the overdrive (4th gear) did not get shifted at all at some point. Now it is working again but I think it may occur again.

As I said I suspect E10 fuel to have caused the problems. At the moment I do not use E10 but problems are still seen.

Fuel filter was already changed and did not help.

Any ideas or similar experiences?


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