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New Shape Yaris Sr

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Hi guys

i just got a new shape yaris sr. Very pleased with it and glad i paid the extra for the sr. Looks great.

I havnt see many around yet. Does anyone else have one and having any teething problems ? The boot doesnt seem to close unless u slam it and 2nd gear is notchy at times

many thanks!!

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The hatch door is probably just a matter of adjustment. Get youself and the car to the supplying dealer for them to take a look. Don't let them fob you off with "it's a new car and will improve". 2nd gear shouldn't, nor should any other, be "notchy" even on a new car!

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I have a SR , the boot on mine you have to give it a bit of a slam , which isnt a problem i dont think for me.

Cant comment about the gear issue as i have the CVT version , which is very very smooth.

The economy on mine isnt that great compared to the specs , im getting around 44mpg which is not even close to the 53mpg stated and im mostly on the motorway.

The touch & go system while connected to bluetooth to my iPhone doesnt allow you to select tracks.

Also the on the steering wheel controls hasnt/doesnt light up at night.

Apart from the above i love my SR :) almost hit 3000 miles on it now after 2 months

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My wife bought the new yaris eight months ago. Very good car, the one trouble it has had is the headlights misting up with a milky white deposit when used at night in the colder weather. Car is now on its third set of headlights! Probably will not occur during the summer but come the colder weather something to keep an eye on.

Regards Geoff Peace.

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I have the T-Spirit, now nearly 2 months old, the boot does need a bit more force but I just follow it down with my hand instead of letting it drop and it shuts nicely. As for the gearbox, I find it so smooth, much better than the previous model, I did find for the first few miles that they were a little "stiff", really the gearbox just felt new and unused but they seemed to smooth out the more I drove it and now (1000 miles on) it's fantastic, even with the engine cold, no complaints at all...

The only negative I find about this model is that it's not as comfortable a ride as my previous 2010 model...apart from that I am very happy with it...

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