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2002 Rav4 Grease Points?

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Good afternoon learned gentlemen, doing a wee bit of maintenance this weekend, and want to know if there are any grease points (mainly @ the wheels) I need to check, I've also got a sqeaking front wheel (drivers side ) when full lock is applied and slight noise when travelling in a straight line.

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice

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No grease nipples unless you have a Land Rover. Ease your foot on the brake while driving to see if it stops. Sometimes the pads touch the disc - nothing to worry about as long as they are not worn out.

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Hi Anchs, No need to worry! its not a landrover,Its more comfy !!!,Thanx for the post, was begining to think it might be a wheel bearing

or worse, I dont think pads are worn down yet but will check again later in the week. PS is there ANY greasing to be done anywhere? what about the drive shaft?

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Sometimes the pads touch the disc - nothing to worry about as long as they are not worn out.

I have exactly this problem and having had a close look today, it looks like the piston is sticking, or the pins are not providing enough return force. I have cleaned everything, but there is still a sound like the brake binding slightly, especially when turning right - which is getting progresively worse, with the nearside brake occasionally sticking on momentarily.

There is a 'nipple' in top of the caliper, which I guess is for bleeding the system? The rubber cap is begining to disintegrate, plus the rubber gaiters on the pins are in poor condition. Is it time to replace the whole caliper, or is there any way to assist the pads in clearing the discs?

Thanks for any advice.

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Take the bolts out of the caliper and lift it off. You might need to use a screwdriver to ease the caliper back. The inner pad will stay with the piston side of the caliper. You can now slide the pins freely. If they don't you can clean them up and lightly Oil them. The piston should push back with spongy resistance. You can grease the piston face and all contacts with ceratec grease;


Build the caliper up and it should be OK. Kingo might be able to get the gaiters for you. You can use any little cap for the bleed nipple.

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