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Touch & Go 16 & 28 Pin Connections Fyi

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Just FYI attached below is a PDF listing the pin outs on the back of a Touch & Go, I am pretty sure they are all correct (let me know if you think otherwise) Also attached is a wiring diagram for most Toyota steering wheel controls and how they connect to the back of a head unit and also the spiral connector on the car side of the steering wheel. The PDF only outlines the connections for the LHD controller, but if you add a RHD controller to the LHD controller with the Wire Sub Assembly below, it adds the Hands free functions as well.

This is information I have compiled for a project to fit a Touch & Go Plus to a 2005 Toyota Landcruiser LC120 LC4.

I am also retrofitting the steering wheel controls for audio and handsfree as the car doesn't come with any controls on the steering wheel at all.

The project requires the purchase of the following parts (all exclude VAT):

LHD Switch Steering Pad 8424758020E1 £89.39

LHD Controller (VOL+, VOL-, Track+, Track-, MODE)

RHD Switch Steering Pad 8424460061E0 £84.64


Cable Sub Assembly 8420458010 £30.23

Wire Sub Assembly (to connect the RHD controller to the LHD controller, the LHD then connects to the spiral connector on the steering wheel along with Cruise Control stalk)

AirBag & Cover 4513060321E0 £431.58

Cover Only - eBay (From the USA around £50)

New Airbag cover or new airbag, but this is the expensive route (see above), you can purchase new covers, but have to do some careful DIY and remove the current airbag from the current cover and fit the new cover that has the cutouts for the RHD & LHD controls.

The Airbag is attached to the cover by 4x 16mm rivets, you will need to drill out the old rivets, buy some matching rivets and attach the new cover to the airbag with the new rivets.

NOTE the airbag is an explosive device, detach car Battery for at least 30mins before disconnecting airbag. Undertake at your own risk. If due care and diligence is undertaken then it is a relatively safe and straight forward procedure.

TNS510 Mic PZ4450033302 £46.70 (non returnable)

I will post some pictures of the steering wheel controls installation when I get all the parts together and commence the project.


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