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Keyed Yet Again

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Hi All,

Its good to be back guys, finally online at home again, its been ages, but seriously missed you all. Now i can keep in touch with you all and share my problems lol. Here's my first!!!

Anyway, my baby's been keyed once again, don't know if any of you remember when she was 1st keyed a few months after i bought her, passenger side rear door, it was so deep i had to go via a bodyshop and then all the hell that bodyshop caused...anywayyyy

a few months ago, my neigbour caught em on cctv, couple of lads just strolling past keyed every car on my road, sad to say but atleast i wasn't alone, this time its the drivers side on both doors in a sqiggly line between the lower window rubber trims to just below the door handles,so its just in that section. I've lived with it for months, although i did wet sand it and polish it back up so now its very viewable but you can hardly feel it.

I'm thinking whether i should get that section vinyl wrapped rather than have it sprayed again, something like a 10cm heigh stripe maybe...any ideas???

At this rate i'll be spending £££ every year on body repairs, the car itself is amazing, no issues what so ever...true when they say you can't have it all!

Please let me know your thoughts guys, wonder if there's more lassie's on this site now lol.

Love, Sammy X :doctor:

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Hey Sammy,

Welcome back. its sure been quiet without you... :flowers:

Bummer about the scratching, had a few car door dinks and small scratches as well, too small to do anything about them but as always big enough for me to notice.

Why I could never get a brand new car, would be going around it , checking twice a day for marks !

Are your scratches down to the metal or just though the clear coat ?

These links might help...? - see the second one to the end, he uses a clear coat cream ?

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HI OldCodger

Now how did i know you would be my 1st responder! lol, So good to hear from you.

True say about even considering buying a new car, saying that i have been doing a lot of thinking, been looking at a 2.2 d4d t spirit avensis on a 2011, and a 2.0 d4d verso t spirit...need a larger car with the 3 kids now lol...BUT hey they're only thoughts for now...doesn't feel like i've owned my baby Rolla for long enough yet even though its been just over 2 years!

Thanks for the vid...but i already did what he's doing, but my scratch is gone through the clearcoat AND the paint but NOT to the metal...its a lot lighter than my 1st vandal scratch, now that was even through the metal! This one feels a lot lighter, just a shame it went through the paint, and we all know 1c0 Silver is a pain to work with or match. I'm thinking vinyl is my only chance of a cover up or some ridiculous stripe or large logo decal.

I've surprised myself how patient i'm being about it, its been nearly 3 months since, and i have to look at it every day i open my drivers door, they say good comes to those who wait, (the 1st time it happend...i panicked...and it was in the body shop days later lol!) i'll come up with something i guess.

But any ideas would be most welcome.!

Takecare mate.

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